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Martial Peak – Chapter 5878, The Battle of Courage

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The Black Ink Clan always wanted to use the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array to deal with Yang Kai; however, the Spirit Array was a bit troublesome to set up and could not be done so quickly. On several occasions, the Black Ink Clan would be in the middle of setting up the Array when Yang Kai suddenly dashed away or interfered.


They could only hope for Yang Kai to stay somewhere long enough for them to finish setting up the Array. For example, the first time the Black Ink Clan used the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array was in the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land. They managed to block the entire Divine Spirit Ancestral Land with it, and a Pseudo-Royal Lord personally led numerous Innate Territory Lords to attack and kill Yang Kai.


It would have been disastrous for Yang Kai had he not taken advantage of Ancestral Land’s favourable conditions and if the Pseudo-Royal Lord had been more measured.  


Without the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array, there was no way to limit Yang Kai’s Space Secret Techniques, and without limiting his Space Secret Techniques, they had no chance to kill him.


While Yang Kai was chatting with Mo Na Ye, some Pseudo-Royal Lords were sneaking around in the background, which Yang Kai naturally noticed.


Now, the Black Ink Clan had turned the entire No-Return Pass into a huge trap.


Compared to the previous Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array, the current Array was undoubtedly better hidden and covered a wider area. Without Yang Kai noticing, the Array had already been activated.


“Damn!” Yang Kai cursed in contempt.


Mo Na Ye coldly snorted, “Don’t you Humans have a saying, ‘if you often walk next to the river, how can your shoes not get wet?’ You went on three rampages in the No-Return Pass already. Do you really think that I won’t learn from those failures and prepare for today?”


“That’s why you always stayed in the No-Return Pass, so that you could trap me here when I came again. It’s unbelievable that the Black Ink Clan has a talent capable of this.”


This kind of improvement to the Array could only be done by one who had a high attainment in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. The Black Ink Clan had numerous Black Ink Disciples, but they did not have many who were skilled in the Dao of Spirit Arrays and Dao of Artifact Refining; thus, they were still vastly inferior compared to the Humans.


However, it had been so many years that if those Array Masters worked hard enough, they could achieve some gains.


“It’s too late now,” Mo Na Ye raised his hand and pointed at Yang Kai, “Today, you will be buried here!”


Yang Kai glanced around and said grimly, “Aren’t you afraid that the High-Rank Black Ink Nests in the No-Return Pass will be destroyed if we fight here?”


This was where the Black Ink Clan’s foundation was located. Although there were still a large number of Masters, the presence of the High-Rank Black Ink Nests here was also a constraint for the Black Ink Clan.


“That’s why I only let three Pseudo-Royal Lords come to assist me,” Mo Na Ye replied indifferently.


Yang Kai looked surprised for a moment before he nodded, “So that’s how it is.”


There were many Pseudo-Royal Lords at the No-Return Pass, but only three were participating directly in the battle together with Mo Na Ye while the others remained at their posts. They were responsible for guarding the High-Rank Black Ink Nests in their respective areas. None of them could stand up to Yang Kai, but they were more than capable of blocking some shockwaves from hitting the Nests. With them stationed here, the High-Rank Black Ink Nests would most likely not be affected.


“Of course, if necessary…” Mo Na Ye said with determination, “There can be more Pseudo-Royal Lords to deal with you. Simply said, I am prepared to do whatever it takes to kill you today!”


From these words alone, one could see Mo Na Ye’s determination to eradicate Yang Kai.


There was nothing left to say as everything was in place on the Black Ink Clan’s side. As such, Yang Kai simply decided to follow the flow.


He slightly raised his hand, summoned the Azure Dragon Spear, and clenched its shaft. As his Dao Strengths stirred, the Space-Time River began to coil around the long spear.


His fighting spirit began to boil and his killing intent surged. Yang Kai held the spear, pointed it forward, and proclaimed, “Then, let’s see how many of your Masters I kill before I fall!”




Mo Na Ye and the three Pseudo-Royal Lords lunged forward simultaneously and attacked Yang Kai from opposite sides.


Yang Kai immediately thrust the Azure Dragon Spear forward, sending out a spear shadow filled with Dao Strengths so powerful that it terrified the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


The spear sliced a Pseudo-Royal Lord’s body, drew some black blood, and continued its momentum towards Mo Na Ye’s face.


Mo Na Ye roared and his Black Ink Strength surged, turning into a protective layer covering his body. However, that barrier was directly pierced by the long spear. At the critical moment, Mo Na Ye raised his arm and managed to deflect the spear away from his body.


The tip of the spear still scratched Mo Na Ye’s face and Yang Kai swiftly made a sweep with it, sending the former flying with a powerful strike.


Yang Kai was about to give chase when he felt a powerful force coming at him from behind. It was the three Pseudo-Royal Lords who attacked together, forcing him to draw back his spear to defend himself.


Mo Na Ye quickly regained his balance but still appeared bewildered.


The last time he faced Yang Kai head-on was in the Universe Furnace World when Yang Kai had just advanced to the Ninth Order and he had just become a Royal Lord.


He was almost killed by Yang Kai back then, but Meng Que sacrificed himself for the greater good and helped him to escape.


It had been hundreds of years since that encounter.


Now, fighting Yang Kai once again, Mo Na Ye suddenly found that this bastard seemed to be a lot stronger than back then…


Of course, Yang Kai would certainly become stronger after hundreds of years, but likewise, Mo Na Ye was also much stronger than back then. Both of them still had serious injuries back when they first fought, so neither was able to display their peak strength.


However, Yang Kai had now become much stronger than Mo Na Ye had expected.


He knew how Humans cultivated and understood well that a Ninth-Order Master required many years of accumulation to improve themselves; thus, he could not figure out how Yang Kai managed to grow so much in just a few hundred years.


Mo Na Ye thought that one group of three Pseudo-Royal Lords together with himself would be enough to deal with Yang Kai, but now it seemed that was not sufficient.


Unfortunately, he was not prepared to let more Pseudo-Royal Lords come forward to fight against Yang Kai as just adding more bodies may not help the situation!


The three Pseudo-Royal Lords who were already in a Battle Formation could only withstand Yang Kai’s assault for 10 breaths before they started to crumble under his relentless attacks.


They had previously fought with other Ninth-Order Masters and basically concluded that if they used a Three Fortunes Formation, they would be able to contend with the enemy. Even if they were ultimately outmatched, they did not have to fear dying. However, this killing star seemed to be far more powerful than other Ninth-Order Masters.


Fortunately, Mo Na Ye quickly came over to assist them.


Even then, it was just barely enough to contend with Yang Kai!


The Pseudo-Royal Lords who were tasked with protecting the No-Return Pass saw this and became concerned and gloomy.


It was impossible to realize how powerful Yang Kai was until one actually fought him.


Three Pseudo-Royal Lords in a Formation could compete with a Ninth-Order Master, that was the standard rule, but now, even with Mo Na Ye, who was a true Royal Lord, their power was barely enough to hold Yang Kai back. Yang Kai was even beginning to gain the upper hand over them which was a terrifying sight to behold.


The battle was fierce and ruthless. Several figures darted around as they fought throughout the No-Return Pass. Every single attack on Yang Kai was well coordinated and powerful, which showed how well prepared the Black Ink Clan was for this confrontation. The Pseudo-Royal Lords who were guarding the High-Rank Black Ink Nests were also able to block all the fallout, leaving the Black Ink Nests untouched.


As the battle dragged on, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords who were fighting became wounded and drained, causing their strength to drop.


At that moment, three other Pseudo-Royal Lords flew out from the perimeter, formed a Battle Formation, and joined the fight. Once that happened, the three exhausted and wounded Pseudo-Royal Lords made a feint and withdrew.


“Hmm?” Yang Kai remarked in slight surprise, “So this is your plan?”


Three fresh Pseudo-Royal Lords replaced the three who were exhausted. This tag-team tactic was easy for the Black Ink Clan to execute and sustain as they had enough Pseudo-Royal Lords to rotate into the fight.


As long as the three Pseudo-Royal Lord replacements joined the battle smoothly, Yang Kai would constantly be under pressure.  


“Since you’re using this tactic, why don’t you summon more Pseudo-Royal Lords and fight together?” Yang Kai asked as he thrust his spear at Mo Na Ye.


Mo Na Ye dodged, coldly snorted, and counterattacked, “There’s no need for that. The Array has been activated, and the No-Return Pass has been isolated.”


“You want to take me down with minimal effort? That’s a good plan,” Yang Kai raised his brow as he continued his rush towards Mo Na Ye, “Although I have to admit that this tactic is effective, you might have forgotten that there is a major flaw to it.”


Mo Na Ye asked indifferently, “What?”


Yang Kai replied, “The most crucial factor of this plan is you; after all, there is no one to replace you!”


“So what?”


“So…” Yang Kai’s aura suddenly changed and became exceedingly violent, “All I have to do is kill you!”



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