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Martial Peak – Chapter 5886, Stand Aside

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In the void, half a day later, Yang Kai was using Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability to conceal his aura and figure, staring at the egg-shaped mist from afar with a frustrated look on his face.


Originally, he did not regret the fact that he could not subdue the Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Master believing that there was just one such anomaly. He could do nothing about it, but since there was only one, he had no choice but to accept it.


However, Yang Kai later discovered that there was more than one of them!


After half a day of probing and dragging things out, Yang Kai was certain that there were no less than five such Masters! As for how many of them there were exactly, he couldn’t say for sure, because every time these Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters emerged from the mist and attacked him, they would return to the mist once they had exhausted themselves too much. And after returning, they would completely disappear like water merging into the sea.


This was also the reason why Yang Kai hadn’t seen the others before, as their existence was too difficult to detect.


At the very least, there were five of them, perhaps even more. Yang Kai stared at the mist with naked greed and frustration, so much so that both drool and tears almost trickled down his face…


If he could successfully subdue this force, it would be of enormous help to the Human Race in conquering the No-Return Pass; but right now, all he could do was stare from afar. He basically didn’t have the strength or means to subdue these Masters.


The Great Sun and Moon Marks were unable to control these Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters. Left with no alternative, Yang Kai tried to force one of them into his Small Universe to suppress it…


Unfortunately, it was impossible to communicate with them as their level of intelligence was too low. Even when Yang Kai managed to take one in and suppress it, it kept resisting, draining Yang Kai’s energy and strength. If he brought them to the battlefield in their current state, it might even cause some damage to the Human Race.


Helpless, Yang Kai could only release the one he suppressed.


Even when he was unable to subdue these creatures though, Yang Kai was unwilling to just leave like this, feeling extremely depressed.


According to his estimations, since they were created because Zhang Ruo Xi had harmonized both Yin and Yang Energies, only Zhang Ruo Xi could command them.


Furthermore, judging by their behaviour, they seemed to be protecting Zhang Ruo Xi, because as long as Yang Kai didn’t approach the mist, he was completely safe. However, once he got too close, they would immediately attack. This made it obvious they were guarding this place.


Yang Kai didn’t know what Zhang Ruo Xi, Big Brother Huang, and Big Sister Lan had done over the past 1,000 years, but by the looks of it, they seemed to be in the middle of something incredible. The birth of these Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters was simply unimaginable before.


After quietly observing for a long time, Yang Kai had no choice but to quash his greed. Some things in this world couldn’t be forced.


What was certain now was that Zhang Ruo Xi herself was safe, and she was using her Heavens Order Bloodline to harmonize with Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s Yin and Yang Energies. Although he didn’t know how long this process would last, once she succeeded, she might be able to step into the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm!


At that time, the power she would control would definitely surpass all Ninth-Order Masters.


[What was that energy turmoil, though?]


Yang Kai couldn’t help but recall the scene he had witnessed some time ago. The Yang and Yin Energies seemed to have gone out of control and exploded out into the Chaotic Dead Territory, causing a large amount of Yin and Yang Manifestations to appear, which were then subsequently devoured by the Small Stone Race.


Judging by the large population and the body sizes of the Small Stone Race in the Chaotic Dead Territory, this was not the first time this loss of control had occurred; it must have happened many times before.


At the same time, because Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were in a state where their energies were still harmonizing, the Small Stone Race Soldiers in the Chaotic Dead Territory no longer had any restrictions and had reverted back to their original nature, instinctually devouring resources, breeding new clansmen, then fighting to the death. This was the reason why Yang Kai saw so many Small Stone Race members fighting in the Chaotic Dead Territory.


[If the Yin and Yang Energies exploded with such frequency, perhaps I should observe it for a while. I don’t think it will take too long…]


Having come to a decision, Yang Kai decided to spend a year observing the situation here in order to obtain more information.


Time ticked by bit by bit while Yang Kai remained hidden all this while, observing the situation around Zhang Ruo Xi.


Just as he had expected, the frequency at which the energies went out of control was indeed very high. He didn’t even need to wait for an entire year. In just three months, the originally stable fog suddenly started fluctuating wildly. Right then, Zhang Ruo Xi, who seemed to be peacefully sleeping in the middle of the fog, unconsciously let out a groan. Judging by her voice, she seemed to be enduring incredible pain.


At the same time, the Yin and Yang Energies that were constantly flowing and fusing in the mist also became unstable.


In the blink of an eye, a dazzling light began to spread outward with the fog egg as the center


A moment later, just like what Yang Kai had seen three months ago, the entire Chaotic Dead Territory was filled with the manifestations of Yin and Yang Energy, causing countless Small Stone Race members to flock towards them.


After personally witnessing this scene, Yang Kai finally understood the cause behind it.


The Yin and Yang Energies had rampaged out of control simply because Zhang Ruo Xi was too weak…


Of course, her current cultivation in the Eighth Order could in no way be considered ‘weak’ in general terms, but compared to Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, she was still a slightly bigger ant at best.


Even though she possessed the Heavens Order Bloodline, it was still difficult for her to fully control the power of beings that were born at the creation of the Universe. So, when she tried to harmonize the primordial Yin and Yang Energies, some situations would occur that were difficult to control.


Once such a situation occurred, she would lose control of the Yin and Yang Energies, which would then disperse into the surroundings, resulting in the massive increase of the Small Stone Race in the Chaotic Dead Territory.


Fortunately, the Heavens Order Bloodline was truly amazing, especially when it came to harmonizing Yang and Yin. Every time the energies went out of control, they would be stabilized once more in short order.


After observing the loss of control of the energies from a close distance, Yang Kai was finally able to determine the exact number of Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters.


When the energies went out of control, the Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters who were hidden in the fog also became visible, at which point Yang Kai counted eight of them!


How many Ninth-Order Masters did the Human Race have attacking the No-Return Pass? Including Shi Da Zhuang and Tang Tao who had recently broken through in the last 20 years, there were only 10 of them in total, but there were actually eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters!


If Yang Kai could somehow drag these eight Small Stone Race Masters to the battlefield, who knows how many lives they could save!?


Wiping the corner of his mouth, Yang Kai ruthlessly squashed his greedy thoughts again before turning around and flying towards the depths of the void.


He had come here intending to bring Zhang Ruo Xi out so that she could play some role on the battlefield, but by the looks of it, this plan would not work. At the very least, it would be impossible for her to emerge until she had successfully harmonized the Yang and Yin Energies.


Until then, Yang Kai could not take these Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters to the battlefield either, he could only look at them from afar. Since that was the case, Yang Kai decided to take some regular Small Stone Race Soldiers, especially the Eighth-Order ones. This was the main reason he had come here.


His speed was extremely fast and in the blink of an eye after activating his Space Principles, Yang Kai arrived at a nearby battlefield.


At this moment, as the Yin and Yang Energies had erupted not too long ago and a group of Small Stone Race Soldiers happened to have surrounded a manifestation of Yang Energy and were constantly devouring it. Yang Kai teleported over, opened his Small Universe, and activated the Great Sun and Moon Marks, shouting, “Stand aside!”


He didn’t care if the Small Stone Race understood or not, he just wanted to vent his frustrations.


The Great Sun and Moon Marks might have no effect on the Ninth-Order ones, but it was always successful in commanding these ordinary Small Stone Race Soldiers.


With a single command, the Small Stone Race members stepped aside, revealing the Yang Energy Manifestation they had surrounded. The manifestation originally bore a resemblance with Big Brother Huang’s true form, albeit much smaller in size, but after being eaten by the Small Stone Race members, it now looked like a Phoenix Clan member with broken wings.


Yang Kai didn’t mind and directly took it into his Small Universe and suppressed it.


Immediately after, he rushed to the next location.


After so many years of constant war, the Human Race’s demand for Yellow and Blue Crystals had become extremely high. Yang Kai had originally wanted to ask Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan for more Yellow and Blue Crystals, but now that he couldn’t, he could only use this method to collect some.


As such, he had to act quickly, otherwise the omnipresent Small Stone Race would soon devour all of the dissipated Yin and Yang Energies.


For a time, Yang Kai’s figure shuttled back and forth through the void, borrowing the power of the Great Sun and Moon Marks to force all of the Small Stone Race to retreat and obediently hand over their food to him.


Even if Yang Kai was fast though, he had no choice but to stop after an incense stick worth of time, because apart from the Yin and Yang Energies he had taken into his Small Universe, the rest of the dispersed energies had been devoured clean by the Small Stone Race.


Many Small Stone Race members had become stronger, even breaking through their own limits.


Standing still, Yang Kai examined his harvest. Inside his Small Universe, the Yang and Yin Energies suppressed by him had already transformed into pieces of Yellow and Blue Crystals. Some were as small as a fist while others were as large as a house. His harvest was not small, but it was definitely not much.


The main reason was that Yang Kai was a bit slow as he had to carefully observe Zhang Ruo Xi’s situation first, which gave the Small Stone Race ample time to devour most of the dispersed Yin and Yang Energies.


Yang Kai naturally would not be satisfied with such a small harvest so he immediately began traversing through the void.


At the same time, he opened a portal to his Small Universe and kept it open all the while. In any case, Yang Kai wasn’t worried about his own strength leaking with the World Tree clone protecting his Small Universe. This would have been quite a risky move for any other Open Heaven Realm Master as every bit of energy leaking out of the portal was a result of arduous and time-consuming cultivation. The loss of every bit of energy would make one a bit weaker.


Yang Kai also left the Great Sun and Moon Marks on the backs of his hands constantly active.


Everywhere he went, he would collect all the suitable Small Stone Race Soldiers he could find into his Small Universe, just like how the autumn wind would sweep away the fallen leaves.


The selection criteria was simple, all those comparable to Human Race Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were taken. All the Small Stone Race members who didn’t even have such strength would be useless, even if Yang Kai collected them. If he were to let them out on the battlefield, he would just be sending them to their deaths, so he might as well let them continue to grow stronger here instead.



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