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Martial Peak – Chapter 5889, The Second Battle

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From this answer, it was clear that Di Ya Luo didn’t have much confidence. Mo Na Ye was well aware of this as well; in fact, even Mo Na Ye did not have confidence even if he personally took action. Unfortunately, since the situation had come to this, what more could he say?


Actually, ever since the Four Gates Eight Palaces Great Pagoda Array had lost its effect on Yang Kai, the Black Ink Clan no longer had the ability to deal with him at all. This was also the reason why Mo Na Ye knew that the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass would definitely be defeated. A powerful Ninth-Order Master, who could appear and disappear like a ghost and couldn’t be killed or even contained, brought too much pressure to the Black Ink Clan.


Sighing, he could only say, “Do your best.”


Assisted by a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords, even if Di Ya Luo could not stop Yang Kai from entering the No-Return Pass, it shouldn’t be a problem to keep him busy. As long as they could restrain him somewhat, the other Pseudo-Royal Lords on the battlefield would be able to use their full strength and not have to worry about sneak attacks.


This was also an acceptable outcome.


After instructing Di Ya Luo, Mo Na Ye turned his head towards the depths of the void and coldly snorted, “This move again!”


Similar to what had happened two years ago, the Human Race Army was attacking from left and right, while in the centre, massive Universe Worlds could be seen flying over from a distance.


The Human Race’s strategy of using Universe Worlds to attack was too dirty and despicable, but it was an undeniable fact that although this strategy was simple, it was extremely effective.


In the last battle, the Human Race had used this tactic to tear apart the Black Ink Clan’s defensive perimeter and open multiple gaps in their lines. After tasting the benefits, the Human Race was obviously going to use the same tactic again.


The Black Ink Clan had taken precautions this time however, contracting their defensive line quite a bit compared to last time. As a result, the defensive forces in all directions had become more solid and compact, making it impossible for the Humans to easily break through again.


The Human Race obviously understood this point as well. Over the past two years, a number of Human scouts had been constantly appearing at the periphery of the No-Return Pass, spying on the No-Return Pass. As such, the Black Ink Clan’s deployment and arrangements were no secret to the Humans. Since the Human Race was employing the Universe World attack strategy once again, they must have something to rely on.


“Hm?” As the first Universe World approached, Mo Na Ye quickly discovered that something was wrong.


This was because he only saw one Universe World shooting towards them! It wasn’t like last time when many came flying over together, overwhelming the Black Ink Clan forces in the area where they would strike.


But what could one Universe World do? Although seeing a Universe World come shooting at them was extremely oppressive, a single Pseudo-Royal Lord could easily destroy it with a single blow!


After taking a closer look though, Mo Na Ye suddenly realized that there was indeed more than one Universe World!


In other words, he could only see one Universe World, but there were definitely more Universe Worlds hidden behind the first one. If all the Universe Worlds were lined up, shooting towards the No-Return Pass one after another, it would be possible to create the illusion of there being just one.


[It’s a single-point attack!]


Mo Na Ye immediately understood the Human Race’s strategy. This time, they were clearly aiming at just one spot in the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line.


The Black Ink Clan’s defences were undoubtedly more condensed than last time, but if the Humans focused all their attacks in just one place, even the strongest of defensive lines would be broken.


Mo Na Ye’s heart was gripped with a chill as he secretly cursed the slyness of the Human Race. He quickly re-deployed his troops and powerhouse from both sides of the defensive line to the centre, preparing to face the incoming Universe Worlds.


The battle was about to begin. The atmosphere was extremely tense. The flow of time seemed to have significantly slowed down.


While countless Black Ink Clansmen were waiting anxiously, the Universe Worlds flying over from the depths of the void finally arrived.


Mo Na Ye’s arrangements had the desired effect. Thanks to deploying a large number of Masters from the Black Ink Clan to the location where the Universe Worlds were going to strike, the first Universe World was blown to smithereens before it could even get close.


Just as Mo Na Ye had expected, a second Universe World was revealed right after the first was destroyed.


The second Universe World was also destroyed by the endless Secret Techniques, followed by the third…


Then… nothing!


Mo Na Ye was dumbfounded as he stared at the empty void littered with Universe Fragments, unable to understand how there were just three Universe Worlds. Why weren’t there any more Universe Worlds shooting over now?


The next moment, his expression drastically changed as his black blood turned cold and goosebumps rose all over his body.


He suddenly turned his head towards the direction of the Human Race Army on the left, just in time to see it smoothly change its formation as it sailed forward. The vast number of Warships parted to the sides, revealing the void behind them which had previously been concealed by the massive fleet.


Much to Mo Na Ye’s horror, numerous Universe Worlds were rapidly shooting over from that direction. He could already see at least a dozen of them, but there were obviously more, most of them hidden from his sight. It was hard to tell exactly how many Universe Worlds there were.


Mo Na Ye then turned to look at the Human Race Army on the right, only to see a situation that was identical to the one on the left.


He had fallen into a trap! Mo Na Ye instantly understood what had happened.


The Human Race had deliberately arranged a few Universe Worlds in a straight line to mislead him into deploying more troops to reinforce the centre of their defence line.


However, once he did this, he would fall into the Human Race’s trap.


The three Universe Worlds in the centre were just a distraction, while the real killing blow was hidden behind the Human Race’s left and right Armies.


At this moment, the Human Race’s two Armies had already closed to firing range of the No-Return Pass, and the Universe Worlds’ assault was about to arrive. Even if Mo Na Ye understood the Human Race’s schemes at this moment, there was nothing he could do to stop them.


All he could do now was issue orders at the fastest speed possible and send back the forces he had deployed from the left and right sides. Immediately, numerous powerhouses shuttled back and forth across the No-Return Pass, seemingly in complete chaos.


Of course, the oncoming Universe Worlds didn’t wait for the Black Ink Clan to get back into position. Massive shockwaves swept through the left and right side of the No-Return Pass as the Artifacts hummed and countless Secret Techniques burst out from the No-Return Pass, blowing many Universe Worlds to pieces.


If the Black Ink Clan had the same arrangements as two years ago, this kind of attack would have been enough to completely tear apart the defence perimeter on both their flanks. Once that happened, the Human Race Army would have driven straight through the breach and caught them off guard. As long as they could gain an absolute advantage on any of the fronts, the Human Race would then be able to continuously expand their advantage.


The last battle had gone exactly like this.


However, the new deployment of the Black Ink Clan’s defences had a certain effect. Even though Mo Na Ye had made some mistakes in his initial response this time, at least he had some experience in dealing with the Universe World attacks, so by the time all the Universe Worlds were destroyed, the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line was still holding.


The Black Ink Clan did not need much time to stabilize their defensive line back again, a cup of tea’s worth of time at most. After that, they would still be impregnable.


Nonetheless, how could the Human Race give the Black Ink Clan such an opportunity? Time was a critical factor that affected victory and defeat in war; and clearly, the Human Race had calculated the timing of their every move from the very start. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for the left and right Armies to make way for the Universe Worlds at just the right moment!


While the Black Ink Clan was still trying to reorganize their defence line, the Human Race’s left and right Armies had already arrived.


In a flash, a fierce battle broke out!


On the Human Race side, Divisions were used as a unit, gathering large fleets of Warships that shuttled through the void as one, bombarding huge swaths of the No-Return Pass.


Lives fading away could be felt from all over the battlefield.


The Masters of both sides charged across the battlefield, killing each other with fierce determination.


Xiang Shan still went looking for Mo Yu to continue their unfinished battle.


Ou Yang Lie also clamoured for Mo Na Ye to come out and die, but he didn’t obtain any results.


This time, Mo Na Ye didn’t participate in the battle at all, instead just standing at the centre of the No-Return Pass, observing the entirety of the battlefield. The Black Ink Clan still had a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords, but in such a grand battlefield, having one more Royal Lord wouldn’t change anything, so it didn’t matter if he actively fought or not.


By the looks of it, the Black Ink Clan was at a disadvantage because they had suffered more casualties than the Human Race, but it wasn’t a big problem. With the current strength of the Black Ink Clan, they still had the ability to defend themselves.


Mo Na Ye also believed that the Human Race didn’t have any intention of taking down the No-Return Pass in this battle. Their strategic intentions were clear at a glance; they would continue to grind down the Black Ink Clan’s forces until they were confident they could wipe them out.


However, Mo Na Ye still felt a little uneasy.


He knew where this uneasiness came from…


Yang Kai!


The battle at the No-Return Pass had already started, so Yang Kai in the Barren Territory would certainly not be willing to be left out. Although Mo Na Ye had arranged for Di Ya Luo and a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords to restrain Yang Kai, no one could say for sure how effective they would be.


Once Di Ya Luo and the others were unable to stop Yang Kai from entering the battlefield, the overall strength of the many Pseudo-Royal Lords would instantly drop by at least 30% because each of them would have to reserve that much strength and focus to guard against Yang Kai’s sneak attacks.


Under such dire circumstances, that would be a huge blow to the Black Ink Clan.


As such, Mo Na Ye was prepared to personally stop Yang Kai, which was one of the reasons why he had not participated in the battle.


While the flames of war had enveloped the entire No-Return Pass, Yang Kai was also palming his fists in the Barren Territory.


Through the Barren Territory’s Territory Gate, Yang Kai could vaguely see the various strategies employed by the Human Race and knew that this was definitely Mi Jing Lun’s handiwork.


Because even he came to the same conclusion as Mo Na Ye when he saw just a single Universe World shooting towards the No-Return Pass, that it wasn’t just a single Universe World, but a line of them aiming to break through the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line.


But who could have ever known that the Universe Worlds’ surprise attack from the centre was just a decoy and the real killing blow was hidden behind the two Armies.


This method of deception was truly masterful.


War, in the eyes of some people, was nothing more than a barbaric slaughter, but in the eyes of others, it was an intricate form of art.


Yang Kai sighed with relief in his heart. The Human Race had Mi Jing Lun, allowing them to reduce the number of losses they suffered in many previous battles.


Thinking so, Yang Kai stepped towards the Territory Gate. It was time for him to act!



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