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Martial Peak – Chapter 5890, Now It’s My Turn

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A dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords with Di Ya Luo in the lead stood near the No-Return Pass’ Territory Gate leading to the Barren Territory.


When they saw Yang Kai’s blurry figure through the Territory Gate, they knew that this guy was not willing to be left out and was about to come through, looking for trouble.


This was already within their expectations. The next moment, all the Masters from the Black Ink Clan started gathering their strength, preparing to attack!


A ripple appeared in the Territory Gate as a head suddenly emerged from the opposite side, revealing the face much hated by all the Black Ink Clansmen.


“Attack!” Di Ya Luo shouted before taking the lead and launching Secret Techniques towards the Territory Gate the next moment, the dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords following suit right after. 


Yang Kai had obviously anticipated this scene, so he simply stretched out his head before immediately withdrawing it.


If it was someone else, they really wouldn’t be able to do such a thing. An ordinary cultivator, even if they were a Ninth-Order Master, the moment he or she stepped into a Territory Gate, would immediately pass through it and arrive on the opposite side.


Only those who were proficient in the Dao of Space could voluntarily interrupt this process, allowing them to advance or retreat at will.


As such, when the group of Masters from the Black Ink Clan had their attacks reach the Territory Gate, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. One after another, the attacks fell into the Territory Gate and travelled to the Barren Territory. However, the attacks had become weak after moving through the folded Space of the Territory Gate and Yang Kai was easily able to block them with a wave of his hand.


Immediately after, he stuck his head out of the Territory Gate and smiled at the nearby Di Ya Luo, “So fierce!”


The response he received was the same as before, more merciless attacks. Naturally, Yang Kai just quickly withdrew.


Hence, such scenes repeated seven or eight times in a row in the next 10 breaths, making Di Ya Luo and the others feel both ridiculous and helpless, enraging them.


The veins on Di Ya Luo’s forehead were about to burst. Although he knew that the chances of failure were high when he accepted the mission to prevent Yang Kai from stepping into the No-Return Pass, as long as Yang Kai could withstand one round of attacks, it would not be that hard for him to force his way out of the Territory Gate with his strength, and the Black Ink Clan would not be able to stop him.


Worse, Yang Kai had the qualifications to do so. He was a Divine Dragon with thick skin and strong flesh, so an attack that was strong enough to severely injure or even kill an ordinary Ninth-Order Master would basically be unable to mortally wound him. At most, he would suffer some minor injuries.


As long as Yang Kai broke into the No-Return Pass, the Black Ink Clan would not be able to restrain him with their current means and strength.


Di Ya Luo had to at least inflict enough injuries on Yang Kai before he could break into the No-Return Pass! If he could do that, he would barely be able to give an explanation to Mo Na Ye.


As the defending party, it should not have been difficult to accomplish this; however, he never imagined that Yang Kai could actually come up with such a shameless plan…


Every time he revealed his head, the Masters from the Black Ink Clan would attack him with all their might, because if they didn’t do so, no one could guarantee that he wouldn’t really leap out of the Territory Gate.


Unfortunately, once they attacked, Yang Kai would just retreat to the Barren Territory and easily neutralize their attacks.


Di Ya Luo was disgusted by Yang Kai’s tactics. The Black Ink Clan should have been the ones with the initiative in this kind of confrontation, but after Yang Kai started doing this, the Black Ink Clan had basically turned into his puppets. If Yang Kai wanted them to attack, they would attack, if he wanted them to stop, they would stop…


[Damn it! Even so, I can’t stop him!] Di Ya Luo lamented in his heart.


Although he and the other Pseudo-Royal Lords could use this method to temporarily block Yang Kai, they couldn’t use it indefinitely as they were exhausting their energy every time they launched an attack. In fact, they had used up a great deal of their strength in just a few rounds of attacks. Although it was a brief confrontation, it felt as if they had been engaging other Human Race Masters for several days; they were both physically and mentally exhausted.


Facing the killing star, Yang Kai, if they didn’t have enough strength to protect themselves, they might be caught off guard once he saw an opening.


With this thought in mind, Di Ya Luo raised his hand slightly and made a gesture, whereupon the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords immediately moved towards him.


Soon, Yang Kai’s head emerged from the Territory Gate again. There was no attack this time, so he wasn’t in a hurry to withdraw and gazed at the nearby Di Ya Luo, grinning, “Not attacking again?”


Di Ya Luo remained silent, staring dead straight at Yang Kai and secretly circulating his strength.


“Since you’re not planning on attacking, I’m coming, okay?” Yang Kai said as he took a step out of the Territory Gate.


“I’m really coming over!” Yang Kai stated again with a teasing look on his face, as if he was playing some kind of interesting game.


Di Ya Luo still didn’t take any action while the Pseudo-Royal Lords too remained silent.


“Good,” Yang Kai didn’t waste any more time and walked out of the Territory Gate before taking a long, deep breath. Clearly, he was in the void and there was nothing he could smell, but he still wore an intoxicated look on his face, as if he had arrived at a wonderful place that he could only dream about.


“Attack!” Di Ya Luo really couldn’t bear it any longer. Knowing that it was the best chance to strike, he took the lead and charged straight towards Yang Kai with the dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords in tow.


The next moment, powerful Secret Techniques rained down on Yang Kai one after another, instantly engulfing his figure and tearing it to shreds.


Be that as it may, no joy could be found on Di Ya Luo’s face, because he could tell at a glance that it was just an afterimage. His powerful Divine Sense swept out like a tide as he kept emitting his aura, locking onto Yang Kai’s erratic movements. While at it, he also led the dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords to chase after their target.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords’ auras had also locked onto Yang Kai’s figure and were constantly shelling the nearby space in order to prevent him from suddenly using his Space Secret Techniques to escape.


Everything that was happening here did not escape from Mo Na Ye’s eyes, but after observing for a while and confirming that Di Ya Luo had Yang Kai pinned down, he finally relaxed a little. In truth, he had no choice but to let Di Ya Luo be in charge of dealing with Yang Kai. If possible, he would rather personally deal with Yang Kai, but the Black Ink Clan Army needed someone to coordinate it, so it was really out of his hands.


Unless it was absolutely necessary, Mo Na Ye would not make a move, as it would just make him waste his strength.


Although he had been a little worried about this matter, by the looks of it, Di Ya Luo was doing a pretty good job. Although there was nothing they could do to stop Yang Kai from stepping into the No-Return Pass, a momentary hiccup was nothing. As long as they could successfully restrain Yang Kai, tasking Di Ya Luo with this would be meaningful.


After the last battle, Mo Na Ye had a rough estimate of Yang Kai’s true strength. He knew that a newly promoted Royal Lord like Di Ya Luo was definitely not his opponent, but with a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords supporting him, it was impossible for Yang Kai to escape from their blockade. In fact, if Yang Kai wasn’t careful enough, he might even get seriously injured.


After watching for a while longer, Yang Kai’s situation became more and more difficult. He was unable to use his Instantaneous Movement, and as the No-Return Pass was Black Ink Clan’s home ground, he didn’t just need to deal with Di Ya Luo and the dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords.


There were also many other Pseudo-Royal Lords stationed near the High-Rank Black Ink Nests, charged with blocking the fallout from the battle to protect the Black Ink Nests. Although they wouldn’t participate in the pursuit, if Yang Kai passed by them, these Pseudo-Royal Lords wouldn’t mind attacking him once or twice. Yang Kai, who was getting attacked from every direction, had no choice but to flee like a rat. 


He was in such a tight spot that he had already summoned his Space-Time River and had it circling around him like a Dragon. Many of the attacks landed on the river, causing it to rock and tremble.


When this scene entered Di Ya Luo’s eyes, he was a little bewildered.


Logically speaking, Yang Kai shouldn’t be so weak. He was even mentally prepared for a bitter battle, but after Yang Kai was surrounded by so many Masters, all Yang Kai could do was take the beating; he rarely had the strength to fight back.


[Have his injuries not yet healed?]


Considering the severe wounds Yang Kai had suffered at the last moment in the battle two years ago, it was understandable if his injuries hadn’t healed.


In fact, Yang Kai’s poor performance was not because of his injuries. After two years of recuperation, whether it was the damage to his physical body or the instability in his Dao Strengths, he had already completely recovered.


There were multiple reasons why this was happening. First, Yang Kai needed to conceal his true strength. Second, the number of Small Stone Race Soldiers he had taken into his Small Universe in the Chaotic Dead Territory was simply too great, with them numbering more than 100 million. Even with his Small Universe’s foundation, this many Small Stone Race Soldiers had become a burden.


In other words, he was dealing with all these Masters while carrying this burden. This made it hard for him to smoothly circulate his World Force, which prevented him from displaying his full strength.


Lastly, he was also making some arrangements, diverting some of his attention to deliver a great gift to the Black Ink Clan!


And at this moment, his preparations were almost complete.


The next moment, Di Ya Luo was shocked, because Yang Kai, who had been fleeing all this time, suddenly switched his strategy. The Space-Time River that had been hovering around him suddenly swept out and covered a vast area of the void.


Everyone within the range of the Space-Time River, including Yang Kai, Di Ya Luo, and the dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords, became isolated.


At the same time, Yang Kai changed directions and charged straight towards the Black Ink Clan Masters.


“Be careful!” A Pseudo-Royal Lord shouted.


As the distance between them rapidly shortened, Yang Kai stretched out his hands towards the Black Ink Clan Masters instead of taking out his Azure Dragon Spear. The next moment, the Marks on the back of his hands started glowing.


Alarm bells immediately started ringing in Di Ya Luo’s heart, faintly feeling that something extremely bad was about to happen. Although he had no idea what to expect, Yang Kai’s abnormal actions were definitely part of some sinister plot.


Without wasting any more time mulling over it, he simply shouted, “Attack!”


He immediately charged at Yang Kai, leading the dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords in a brutal, all-out assault.


“You bastards have had your fun attacking me for so long; now, it’s my turn!” Yang Kai roared as suddenly, the Space-Time River which had enveloped a vast stretch of void suddenly disappeared without a trace.


The next moment, a shocking scene appeared in front of all the Black Ink Clansmen in the No-Return Pass. After the Space-Time River disappeared, an enormous number of Stone Man-like creatures appeared where the waters had originally been!



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