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Martial Peak – Chapter 5893, The Small Stone Race’s Charge

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On the battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s situation became even more dire as the Small Stone Race Army continued their assault, tearing apart many of their defensive lines. Meanwhile, the Human Race Army took advantage of this opportunity to hit the Black Ink Clan, forcing them to retreat.


On the top combatants’ battlefield, the Pseudo-Royal Lords were still holding their ground; however, when Yang Kai used Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability to suddenly appear behind one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords, and pulled him and two other Pseudo-Royal Lords who were in Battle Formation with him into the Space-Time River, the rest of the Pseudo-Royal Lords lost their will to fight.


Mo Na Ye timely adjusted his strategy, issuing one order after another. The Pseudo-Royal Lords and the Black Ink Clan Army began to shrink their lines once again, concentrating their forces to resist the combined assault of the Small Stone Race and the Human Race Armies.


Putting aside how effective this strategy was, at the very least it shrank the battlefield, which would definitely restrict the movements of the Human Race Army further.


Fortunately, the Human Race had no way of effectively coordinating with the Small Stone Race Army. Before this, the Human Race just had to follow behind, filling the gaps that were created; however, once the Black Ink Clan’s perimeter shrank, if the Human Race Army were to advance recklessly, it was highly likely they would be disrupted by the Small Stone Race Army.


This instantly exposed the disadvantages of the Small Stone Race who acted completely on instinct, but this was within the Human Race’s calculations. Compared to the benefits brought by the Small Stone Race Army, the disadvantages could be endured.


While the Small Stone Race Army had achieved brilliant results, their casualties were also quite horrifying.


They had no intelligence and acted purely on instinct; furthermore, as they were born by absorbing Yin and Yang Energies, they had a very keen perception of the Black Ink Strength. Yang Kai had already discovered this characteristic when he acquired the first batch of the Small Stone Race Soldiers from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.


On the battlefield, as long as the Small Stone Race sensed the existence of Black Ink Strength, they would immediately swarm towards it like cats smelling the scent of a fish and fight to death.


Advancing like this would inevitably result in a large number of casualties among the Small Stone Race.


By the time Yang Kai made his way to Pure Yang Pass from the No-Return Pass, the Small Stone Race Army had lost about 10% of their forces. By the time Yang Kai returned to the battlefield, that number had grown to 30%.


If this continued, the 100 million Small Stone Race Soldiers wouldn’t last for more than half a day.


Had these Small Stone Race members been refined and controlled by the Humans, this kind of situation would have never occurred. Unfortunately, Yang Kai had brought too many of them from the Chaotic Dead Territory this time, so many that even if each person was given 10, they wouldn’t be able to use all of them up. Rather than leaving many Small Stone Race Soldiers idle, it was better to deploy a massive batch to the battlefield to catch the Black Ink Clan off guard.


Although the Small Stone Race Army suffered heavy casualties, the results they produced were excellent. The Black Ink Clan would have never imagined that such a variable would appear in the second attack of the Human Race on the No-Return Pass. Caught unprepared, all of their previous arrangements and contingencies had failed to achieve the desired effect.


Without any strategy, the Small Stone Race Army that only knew how to charge forward and kill the enemy couldn’t last long. Mi Jing Lun had naturally noticed this long ago, so when he felt that the time was right, he ordered his troops to retreat.


The Human Race Army withdrew in an orderly manner, and during this entire process, the Black Ink Clan could only helplessly watch. They were unable to give chase like last time because there were still many Small Stone Race Soldiers that had yet to be killed. If they didn’t kill all of them, there was no way they could leave the No-Return Pass.


As such, when the Human Race Army withdrew this time, they didn’t even need to cover their retreat.


While the Human Race Army was retreating from the battlefield, Yang Kai headed into the No-Return Pass. Under the watchful eyes of a group of Pseudo-Royal Lords, he casually strode into the Territory Gate and returned to the Barren Territory.


When Mo Na Ye witnessed this, his already unpleasant mood became much worse.


Previously, Yang Kai had summoned 2 million Small Stone Race Soldiers and used them to condense a massive burst of Purifying Light, allowing him to kill several Pseudo-Royal Lords and even injure Di Ya Luo. Immediately after, Yang Kai released 100 million Small Stone Race Soldiers directly onto the battlefield. Now, no one could guarantee that he did not have more Small Stone Race Soldiers on him; or rather, he definitely had many more. Combined with his fearsome personal strength, who would dare stand in his way?


Even Mo Na Ye didn’t dare to face him head-on anymore. The fact that Yang Kai did not do much on his way back to the Barren Territory already made Mo Na Ye give thanks to the Supreme One.


It wasn’t until the Human Race Army had disappeared from their sight and Yang Kai had returned to the Barren Territory that the Black Ink Clan’s forces finally retaliated in anger, completely surrounding the Small Stone Race Army that only knew how to charge forward, then wiping them out. Of course, they still paid a price in order to achieve this.


At this point, the Human Race’s second attack on the No-Return Pass had come to an end. For the Black Ink Clan, the result of this battle was even worse than the previous one.


Last time, the Human Race had used the Universe World bombardment tactic to catch the Black Ink Clan off guard, causing them to suffer heavy losses.


Although the effects of the Universe World bombardment had been reduced during this second attack, the Small Stone Race Army brought by Yang Kai had become the hidden dagger that caused the Black Ink Clan to suffer even greater losses than before.


At the end of the last battle, the Black Ink Clan still managed to chase after the retreating Human Race Army, barely managing to save some face, but this time they were not even able to do that.


Shrouded in a rich Black Ink Strength, the No-Return Pass was filled with gloom as fear and despair ran rampant.


What made the Black Ink Clan feel even more desperate and worried was that the Human Race would surely commence a third and fourth attack soon. Judging by the results of the last two wars, sooner or later, the Black Ink Clan would definitely lose the No-Return Pass. At that time, the fate of the entire Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass would be doubtful.


Thousands of years ago, when the Black Ink Clan Army broke out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, conquered the No-Return Pass, assaulted the Barren Territory, and invaded the 3,000 Worlds with an unstoppable momentum. Every Black Ink Clansman was in high spirits back then. All of them felt that the 3,000 Worlds was as good as defeated and they were not far away from achieving the grand plan of unifying all beneath the Heavens.


Unfortunately, thousands of years later, the Black Ink Clan was now trapped in the No-Return Pass while all momentum was not on the Human Race’s side.


After the battle, many Pseudo-Royal Lords sought out Mo Na Ye, asking him what they should do in the future. Some of the Pseudo-Royal Lords also tried to persuade Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu to lead the surviving Black Ink Clansmen into the depths of the void; after all, it was not a good idea to just passively take a beating. If they were to retreat from the No-Return Pass and escape into the void, they might have a chance to survive.


Without exception, all the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had proposed this idea were harshly reprimanded by Mo Na Ye. After several examples were made, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had doubts didn’t dare raise any objections.


In truth, they also knew that if they left the No-Return Pass, the Black Ink Clan would be in an even worse situation, they were just desperate to do something, anything to survive.




In the Barren Territory, the Space-Time River had evolved into a pure Temporal River with a 30-fold difference in the flow rate. Inside the river, Yang Kai was refining the various materials he had obtained from Mi Jing Lun at a terrifying speed, steadily strengthening his Small Universe’s foundation.


The final battle was approaching, so he didn’t have much time to cultivate. Naturally, he was eager to improve his strength.


On the other side, after the battle, the Human Soldiers were all recuperating and refining the Small Stone Race Soldiers that had been distributed to them at the temporary camp of the Human Race. The few Divine Spirits who controlled the Great Sun and Moon Marks had also been given tens of thousands of Small Stone Race Soldiers each because they were able to control them to a certain extent using the Great Sun and Moon Marks and didn’t need to spend any time or effort on refining them in advance.


It could even be said that each of these Divine Spirits would be able to form an Army on their own with these Small Stone Race Soldiers. In the next battle, they would definitely play an extraordinary role on the battlefield.




At the same time, outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, the huge Suppressing Black Ink Fortress sat in the void, facing the opening in the Grand Restriction.


During the Human Race’s first crusade, this opening had been made by Cang, who had been guarding this place for millions of years. He had opened this gap mainly to alleviate the increasing pressure inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction; however, Mo was also waiting for this opportunity to escape, and its subsequent plans caused the entire situation to nearly spiral out of control. In the end, Cang was forced to rely on the hidden card left behind by Mu which put Mo into a deep sleep, finally sealing the gap in the Grand Restriction with his remaining strength.


However, in that battle, the Human Race suffered a great loss due to their lack of intelligence on the inside of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. The Human Race were dealt heavy casualties under the pincer attack of two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods, and had no choice but to retreat.


It was also after that battle that Cang, who had been guarding the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction all alone for hundreds of thousands of years, had fallen.


It was difficult to imagine how this Martial Ancestor had spent hundreds of thousands of years in solitude. Perhaps, to him, death was a form of release.


But as a result, the descendants had to take on the burdens and expectations of their ancestors. Later, Yang Kai brought Wu Kuang to this place and had him assume control of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Yang Kai then arranged for the Suppressing Black Ink Army and Suppressing Black Ink Fortress to be stationed here. After making all the necessary preparations, Wu Kuang once again opened a gap in the Grand Restriction. As before, this was to relieve the pressure inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, because the Black Ink Clan and Black Ink Strength was constantly increasing. Wu Kuang was ultimately weaker than Cang, so he was unable to forcefully suppress it and could only use this method to relieve some of the burden.


Unfortunately, there was no way to completely close the opening this time. The Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was set up in an era long ago, and had been opened a few times now, which had ultimately caused some irreparable damage to it. It was further worsened by Wu Kuang’s lack of ability to control it.


Fortunately, the Suppressing Black Ink Army was stationed outside the opening. Ever since the Suppressing Black Ink Army arrived here, they had fought countless battles against the Black Ink Clansmen that rushed out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Although the situation had nearly spiralled out of control several times, Wu Kuang and the Suppressing Black Ink Army had worked together to resolve these crises.


As Wu Kuang’s cultivation increased day by day, so did his control over the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


In terms of cultivation speed, perhaps no one in this world could compare to Wu Kuang.


When Yang Kai sent him to this place, he had only been a Seventh-Order Master, but now, his cultivation may be higher than Yang Kai’s.


Thanks to the Heaven Devouring Battle Law complemented by the Flawless Purifying Golden Lotus, and the inexhaustible Black Ink Strength, Wu Kuang’s cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds ever since he had arrived here. His cultivation had quickly risen from the Seventh Order to the Ninth Order, and was still continuously rising.


Of course, the biggest benefit of the increase of his control over the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was that the Suppressing Black Ink Army had to face fewer battles.



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