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Martial Peak – Chapter 5897, Complete Defensive Posture

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This battle was both a crisis and an opportunity to the Black Ink Clan.


No matter the outcome, there was only one ultimate fate waiting for the Black Ink Clansmen at the No-Return Pass, and that was to be exterminated by the Human Race!


There was only one thing they could aim for: to weaken the Humans as much as possible. If they succeeded, the Human Race would lose the ability to launch a crusade to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Even if they failed, they would still weaken the Human Race, so whether they wanted to or not, the Black Ink Clan had no choice but to go all out.


In light of the current situation, the Black Ink Clan still had a good chance of severely wounding the Human Race Army.


In the last two battles, the Supreme One’s two Soul Clones had remained motionless. If the Human Race launched another attack, they might not have considered the possibility of these two also participating in the battle. At that time, as long as the two Soul Clones made a move at the right time, the Human Race Army would suffer a huge blow.


Of course, the two Giant Spirit Gods in the Barren Territory would arrive shortly after, but that was now an inevitability, so it did not matter. Furthermore, it wasn’t that Mo Na Ye had no plans to deal with these two Giant Spirit Gods.


He was confident that with enough Pseudo-Royal Lords, they could hold off those two Giant Spirit Gods for a brief moment, which would give Supreme One’s Soul Clones enough time to bring unimaginable losses to the Human Race Army.


In the Main Hall, only one Pseudo-Royal Lord asked a question, and after obtaining the answer, the Pseudo-Royal Lords no longer spoke.


Since the Supreme One’s Soul Clones were preparing for war, the next battle would definitely be the last for the Black Ink Clansmen at the No-Return Pass!


Mo Na Ye continued, “Judging by the timetable of the last two battles initiated by the Human Race, the next one will probably happen two years from now. The decisive battle is imminent, but both Sir Mo Yu and Di Ya Luo are injured, putting them at a disadvantage. In order to ensure that the final battle will proceed smoothly, the two of them must quickly recover.”


Saying so, he swept his eyes over the Pseudo-Royal Lords below, “So, I need your help. Who is willing to sacrifice everything for the Supreme One?”


Whether it was Mo Yu or Di Ya Luo, both had suffered heavy injuries. If they wanted to fully recover, they would have to slumber inside Black Ink Nests for several decades to a century. Of course, the Human Race would not give them so much time, so they had to resort to other methods to quickly restore these two Royal Lords.


Back in the Universe Furnace, when Mo Na Ye fought with Yang Kai, he was cornered in a hopeless situation, but just as Yang Kai was about to kill him, Meng Que sacrificed himself using the Source Fusion Technique, integrating his strength into Mo Na Ye, which ultimately helped the latter recover and escape.


This was a Secret Technique that only the Pseudo-Royal Lords and Innate Territory Lords could use. As Pseudo-Royal Lords were born with the help of the Source Fusion Technique, they could use the Source Fusion Technique to infuse their strength into other Black Ink Clansmen to help them recover.


Under normal circumstances, the Black Ink Clan would never choose to sacrifice Pseudo-Royal Lords, but desperate times called for desperate measures. They had no choice but to do so.


A Royal Lord in perfect condition would naturally be able to play a greater role in the upcoming battle than a Pseudo-Royal Lord.


After Mo Na Ye presented this question, all the Pseudo-Royal Lords remained muted…


This was also within his expectations; after all, not every Pseudo-Royal Lord had the same courage and resolve as Meng Que. Furthermore, the reason Meng Que helped Mo Na Ye at that time was because he knew he was already doomed to die, so he wanted to make his death meaningful.


This time, when Mo Na Ye asked if they were willing to die for the two Royal Lords, even the Black Ink Clansmen, who were known for their extreme loyalty to the Supreme One, had to think twice about it.


Although he had already expected this, Mo Na Ye was still displeased when it actually transpired before him. Thus, he coldly snorted before rebuking, “It seems that you still have to weigh things in your loyalty to the Supreme One. Since that’s the case, I will be the one to decide!”


Apparently, he was prepared for this and casually picked out two severely wounded Pseudo-Royal Lords.


The two Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been pointed out were naturally depressed. Nonetheless, they didn’t offer any resistance and immediately accepted their orders. They knew that they were picked because even if they participated in the next battle, they wouldn’t be able to play much of a role due to their severe injuries.


After picking two Pseudo-Royal Lords, Mo Na Ye seemed to be a little dispirited as he stated, waving everyone away, “Go and prepare yourselves. Everything will be decided in the next battle.”


All the Pseudo-Royal Lords bowed and were about to withdraw when suddenly, a profound wave of energy suddenly spread from somewhere in the No-Return Pass, quickly enveloping the entire hall. The next moment, a scene involuntarily emerged in the Royal Lords and even the Pseudo-Royal Lords’ minds.


They saw a massive shadow slumbering in the void, along with a massive number of Black Ink Clansmen swarming out of the gap in the giant shadow…


The Black Ink Clansmen who had rushed out of the gap split into two teams. One team flew off into the depths of the void while the other stayed behind to hatch High-Rank Black Ink Nests. Furthermore, the majority of the figures shuttling back and forth were Innate Territory Lords…


The Pseudo-Royal Lords who were about to withdraw were all dumbfounded, and the same went for the three Royal Lords. The expressions of each of the Black Ink Clansmen began to fluctuate.


Soon, they realized what they were seeing.


This was the scene of the situation outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction!


The huge shadow lying in the void was Mo sealed by the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, and that gap was the breach in the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


The reason they were able to see this scene in their minds was all because of the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods were the Supreme One’s Soul Clones, so even though they were far away from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, it was impossible to sever the connection between them and their true body. As such, whatever transpired at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, the Supreme One’s Soul Clones were able to quickly sense it and then relay the scene to the minds of all the Black Ink Clansmen.


Witnessing their fellow clansmen bustling about outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, the faces of the three Royal Lords and all the Pseudo-Royal Lords in the Main Hall gradually looked excited and joyful.


A moment later, the Supreme One’s Soul Clones’ voice rang in their ears, “Our true body is about to awaken!”


As this voice rang out, the image in their minds gradually faded away and disappeared.


Inside the Main Hall, the Pseudo-Royal Lords were still in bowing position. Mo Yu, who was originally sitting on the bone throne with a dispirited look on his face, sat up straight. Di Ya Luo, on the other hand, was filled with unrestrained joy.


Mo Na Ye remained in a daze for a long time before bursting into laughter. His laughter was filled with joy at being able to escape from a hopeless situation.


Originally, he had planned to launch a decisive battle against the Human Race the next time they attacked. He had planned to sacrifice everyone and everything at the No-Return Pass to cripple the Human Race Army, but now it seemed that there was no need to be so anxious.


Moreover, judging by the current situation, the Black Ink Clansmen at the No-Return Pass still had a slim chance of survival in the face of the Human Race’s aggression.


So long as the No-Return Pass could hold out for a decade or two, their allies from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction would arrive to support them. When that time came, they might be able to pincer the Human Race Army and turn the tide, ultimately emerging as the winners of the battle!


Of course, even if they were defeated, it didn’t matter. The Supreme One’s Soul Clones had already said that the main body was about to awaken. Once the Supreme One was truly awake, no matter how strong and well-equipped the Human Race Army was, it would be useless. This Universe would eventually be ruled by the Black Ink Clan, and Black Ink would rule eternal!


“Sir!” Mo Na Ye turned around and looked towards Mo Yu.


Mo Yu’s face lit up as he nodded lightly, “I guess we need to change our strategy!”


After obtaining the news from the Supreme One’s Soul Clones, the original plan had to be altered drastically. It could be said that it was the best news they had heard in many years since the Black Ink Clan had withdrawn their forces from the 3,000 Worlds.


Among all the Black Ink Clansmen present, only the two Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been picked out by Mo Na Ye did not show any joy, because no matter how the situation had changed, it did not alter anything for them. Since they had been selected, they had to sacrifice themselves to heal the two Royal Lords so that they could still fight in the next battle. It had to be said that this was truly a tragedy for them.


Time ticked away, and soon two years had elapsed. As expected, the Human Race Army launched their third attack. Similar to the last two attacks, they started the battle with a bombardment of Universe Worlds which cleared the way and asserted pressure on the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line. The Humans then used this opportunity to press forward.


However, compared to the last two times, the effect of the Universe Worlds’ bombardment was negligible this time.


The first time, they had caught the Black Ink Clan off guard, and the second time, Mi Jing Lun’s tactics had proven superior, but how could the Black Ink Clan not be prepared against this strategy after having suffered two serious losses? As such, no matter what kind of tricks the Human Race used this time, the Black Ink Clan had an appropriate response to counter it.


As the Universe World bombardment tactic was not very effective this time, it all came down to a battle between the two Armies to decide the situation.


Fortunately, every Human Race Soldier had refined some Small Stone Race Soldiers over the past two years. Some had refined only two or three, while some had refined as many as several dozen. As for the Divine Spirits with the Great Sun and Moon Marks, each had several tens of thousands of Small Stone Race Soldiers under their command.


Under these circumstances, not only would the Black Ink Clan have to face the Human Race Army, but also the Small Stone Race Army which was several times bigger than the Human Race Army. The current Small Stone Race Soldiers also did not haplessly charge straight towards the enemy’s ranks like they did last time. All of them had been refined by the Human Race Soldiers and controlled properly like artifacts that the Humans could move like their own limbs.


As such, the pressure on the Black Ink Clan Army was enormous.


Yang Kai was also awakened by Ah Er from his cultivation and rushed into the Territory Gate to participate in the battle.


This time, the Black Ink Clan didn’t deliberately try to stop him, only Di Ya Luo was stationed at the vicinity of the Territory Gate with a group of Pseudo-Royal Lords. They were responsible for restraining his movements and preventing him from destroying the nearby High-Rank Black Ink Nests.


At a glance, Yang Kai could tell that the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line had shrunk further. Compared to the first battle, the current defensive line of the Black Ink Clan could be said to have contracted by 50%. Since the defensive line had shrunk so much, the sturdiness of each position had greatly increased.


Although the Human Race was assisted by the Small Stone Race Army, it was not going to be that easy to reproduce the same glorious results as the last two battles.


On the battlefield of the top Masters, Mo Yu’s opponent had changed to Wei Jun Yang.


The injuries Xiang Shan had suffered in the last two battles weren’t light either, so he was unable to completely recover after just two years and had no choice but to let Wei Jun Yang take his place.


What surprised Yang Kai was that Mo Yu had almost recovered completely. It was quite strange as Mo Yu was grievously injured last time, and it was impossible for him to heal so quickly with Black Ink Clan’s recovery speed.


Di Ya Luo’s situation was the same.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but recall his battle with Mo Na Ye in the Universe Furnace and form some speculations in his mind.



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