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Martial Peak – Chapter 5898, Guess

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Throughout the entire battlefield, the Black Ink Clan had assumed a full defensive stance. Regardless of how aggressive the Humans were, they just focused on defending themselves, unlike the previous two times where they would attack whenever they found an opportunity.


Yang Kai found it a little strange.


It was true that the Black Ink Clan was able to reduce their own losses by completely abandoning offence and focusing on defence, but the Black Ink Clan wasn’t stupid. This would only prolong their death throes, and would also greatly reduce the risk the Human Race Army had to bear. In a huge battle like this, being completely on the defensive would definitely significantly reduce Black Ink Clan’s losses, but the Human Race would suffer even fewer casualties as a result.


This strategy was far worse than the last two battles, where they would still counterattack while defending, which would force the Humans to be cautious in their actions; after all, the Human Race didn’t want to suffer too much damage, which would be detrimental to their future crusade plans.


[How could someone as astute as Mo Na Ye use such a stupid tactic?] Yang Kai was puzzled.


Be that as it may, he did not have time to mull too much over it as Di Ya Luo was already charging towards him leading a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords. Even though Yang Kai had made the Black Ink Clansmen besieging him suffer great loss by sacrificing 2 million Small Stone Race Soldiers in the last battle and had killed several Pseudo-Royal Lords on the spot, it was not a tactic that could not be defended against. The Black Ink Clan was just caught unprepared last time as none of them had expected Yang Kai to summon so many Small Stone Race members at once. After having been caught off guard last time, they naturally wouldn’t let Yang Kai succeed once again that easily.


Yang Kai was entangled with these Black Ink Clansmen for a while, only displaying his strength as an ordinary Ninth-Order Master. Nonetheless, he still failed to find a good opportunity to break through. Helpless, he could only kill his way to the No-Return Pass and then rush towards Pure Yang Pass.


Just like before, the Black Ink Clan had received some prior instructions, which was why when Yang Kai attempted to kill his way to the No-Return Pass, it was smooth and easy. He basically did not face any obstruction from the Black Ink Clan. In fact, when he approached, they even took the initiative to open up a path so as to avoid provoking him into attacking.


This left Yang Kai completely speechless.


When he successfully arrived at Pure Yang Pass, Mi Jing Lun, who was waiting for him, handed Yang Kai the Space Ring he had prepared in advance and couldn’t help but ask, “Did you really finish all the supplies you took last time? That was quite a lot.”


Although the amount he had given to Yang Kai last time wasn’t excessive, it wasn’t small either; after all, it should have been enough for even a Ninth-Order Master to refine for 100 years.


That amount of resources was enough for a Human Division to fight a local battle.


“My consumption is relatively fast compared to the norm!” Yang Kai casually replied. As he checked the contents of the Space Ring, he found the amount of resources was twice what he received last time. Feeling satisfied, he carefully put it away.


Mi Jing Lun was also baffled by his reply.


It was enough for an ordinary Ninth-Order Master to cultivate for 100 years, yet Yang Kai had used them all up in two years. Under the current circumstances, it was naturally impossible for Yang Kai to waste even a little.


In other words, there was a high chance that Yang Kai had really refined everything he was given.


Mi Jing Lung was very curious about how Yang Kai cultivated, but he still didn’t ask; after all, matters about cultivation were always considered private. Yang Kai’s crazy consumption of resources was also not a bad thing for the Human Race as it meant he was rapidly increasing his strength.


“The Black Ink Clan seems to have changed their strategy,” Mi Jing Lun changed the subject, “What do you think?”


“Maybe they are just struggling to survive?” Yang Kai casually replied.


Mi Jing Lun shook his head, disagreeing, “With as smart as Mo Na Ye is, he can’t miss that doing so will only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. The Black Ink Clan’s current response will only increase the time it takes for the Human Race to capture the No-Return Pass. Originally, we could have seized it within five battles, but now, it may take 10 or more. However, in the end, the price we will have to pay will be much smaller.”


In a battle where the Human Race wanted to capture the No-Return Pass, the amount of time and price to be paid was inversely related. The longer the time the Human Race took, the smaller the price they would have to pay. This was especially true now that the Black Ink Clan had chosen to focus on defence, greatly reducing the threat they posed to the Human Soldiers.


If the Black Ink Clan focused on the bigger picture, they absolutely shouldn’t have used such a strategy; instead, they should have attacked the Human Race with everything they had! That way, the war here might have come to a conclusion in possibly two to three battles.


Of course, even if they didn’t use such a decisive strategy, it would have been wise to respond defensively and aggressively as before.


Since Yang Kai could see this, Mi Jing Lun naturally could as well.


“Then, there’s only one possibility,” Yang Kai firmly stated.


“What possibility?” Mi Jing Lun asked.


Yang Kai chuckled, “Senior Brother, since you already have a guess, why are you asking me?”


Mi Jing Lun waved him off, “Just tell me, I want to know if we’re thinking the same thing.”


Yang Kai nodded his acknowledgement and replied, “They’re buying time!”


Mi Jing Lun’s expression became solemn as he nodded, “It seems we’re indeed thinking the same thing.”


He also felt that the Black Ink Clan was simply stalling for time. If they were simply trying to prolong their last hour, it would be rather meaningless; however, if the Black Ink Clan had other plans, it would be quite alarming.


“How’s the progress of the Void Guard?” Yang Kai asked in a solemn voice.


“They are about halfway there, with nothing unexpected.”


“Ask them to remain vigilant!”


Mi Jing Lun’s expression slightly changed, “Junior Brother, you mean that the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction…”


Yang Kai added, “I hope not, but the Black Ink Clan’s current strategy is quite worrying.”


He turned his head towards the depths of the void as a hint of concern flickered across his face.


Just as he had said, the Black Ink Clan’s change in strategy made everyone think that something else was going on. If the Black Ink Clan at the No-Return Pass was simply stalling out of fear of death, it would be meaningless, but the situation would be different if they had reinforcements coming.


Where could such reinforcements come from though?


The Black Ink Clan currently had only one source of reinforcements: The Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction!


But if that was the case, something must have happened to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction! What about the Suppressing Black Ink Army then?


Su Yan and his other Wives, his Little Sister Yang Xue, and his three Legacy Disciples were all in the Suppressing Black Ink Army. Even though Yang Kai knew it would be a dangerous mission when he arranged for them to travel there, he still couldn’t help but worry now.


Had Old Tree not fallen into a coma, Yang Kai could have travelled through the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary to arrive at the Universe World he had placed outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction with his help. Unfortunately, Old Tree had consumed too much energy assisting Yang Kai previously and he could no longer borrow the former’s strength.


In addition, Yang Kai still needed to remain in the Barren Territory, so that he could cooperate with Ah Da and Ah Er at the critical juncture to take down the No-Return Pass. He could not leave the No-Return Pass until the battle here had ended.


Now, all they could do was wait for news from the Void Guard. Since they were already halfway to the Grand Restriction, if something had gone wrong up ahead, they would presumably find traces of it soon.


After bidding Mi Jing Lun farewell, Yang Kai returned to the battlefield.


Seeing Yang Kai coming back, Di Ya Luo promptly led the dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords out of the No-Return Pass to meet him.


The Black Ink Clan’s stance against Yang Kai was pretty clear, ‘you can come and go anywhere you want as we can’t stop you, but if you want to intervene in this battle, Di Ya Luo will lead our Masters and respond accordingly!’


Yang Kai found it very annoying. If he really went all out, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to take care of Di Ya Luo and these Pseudo-Royal Lords with his current strength, but if he did so, it would definitely draw the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s vigilance. The losses outweighed the gains.


Helpless, Yang Kai had no choice but to give up on getting entangled with Di Ya Luo. Fortunately, he still had Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability.


Before Di Ya Luo could arrive leading the Pseudo-Royal Lords, Yang Kai was already nowhere to be seen. Right that instant, all the Pseudo-Royal Lords on the battlefield felt insecure.


Di Ya Luo’s Divine Sense surged as he searched for Yang Kai’s whereabouts, but to no avail.


A moment later, a violent battle suddenly erupted in a certain corner of the No-Return Pass, followed by the aura of a Pseudo-Royal Lord vanishing.


Di Ya Luo suddenly looked in that direction and happened to see Yang Kai’s figure flashing past. What he saw next instantly made his eyes pop out.


No one had any idea when Yang Kai had snuck back into the No-Return Pass, but when all the Pseudo-Royal Lords were fighting, distracted by the opponents around them, he suddenly attacked and killed one who was stationed at the No-Return Pass, guarding the High-Rank Black Ink Nests while also destroying the surrounding Nests in the process!


In an instant, four High-Rank Black Ink Nests were reduced to dust, and the Mid-Rank Black Ink Nests and Low-Rank Black Ink Nests that originated from them soon began to wither.


Di Ya Luo cursed in his heart. He had already led his team over to intercept Yang Kai, so it was too late for him to return to provide aid. While it would only take a few breaths to return, Yang Kai could do unimaginable damage to the No-Return Pass in such a span of time.


However, a tide of Black Ink Strength surged towards Yang Kai’s location at that moment, whereupon Yang Kai’s disappearing figure strangely reappeared. Immediately after, a powerful aura locked on to him before reaching him and engaging him in battle.


Mo Na Ye!


Di Ya Luo and his team were specifically keeping a close watch on Yang Kai’s movements, Mo Yu and Wei Jun Yang were locked in a fierce battle, while Mo Na Ye had been overseeing the No-Return Pass, giving the latter a clear picture of the overall situation.


When Yang Kai flew over from Pure Yang Pass and disappeared, Mo Na Ye went on high alert. Although he couldn’t stop Yang Kai’s initial attack, he had managed to interrupt his Instantaneous Movement Technique at the right time moment and drag him out of the Void.


Annoyed and frustrated, Yang Kai could not help but click his tongue as he watched Di Ya Luo and the dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords rush back towards him. He had no choice but to fight while retreating towards the Territory Gate.


Mo Na Ye also withdrew his hand at the appropriate moment, facing off against Yang Kai from a distance.


Soon, Di Ya Luo arrived and stood next to Mo Na Ye, his face filled with anger. Yang Kai had so easily cheated him, causing the No-Return Pass to lose a Pseudo-Royal Lord and several High-Rank Black Ink Nests. This made him look incompetent.


Two Royal Lords and a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords, such a magnificent lineup was there just to keep an eye on one person. In the entire Human Race, only Yang Kai could receive such an honour.



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