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Martial Peak – Chapter 5904, Exchanging Pieces

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Even now, Mo Na Ye had not associated the turn of events in the situation to the fact that Yang Kai’s strength had experienced a Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering increase to another level.


That was because he knew just how difficult it was for a Human Race Master to cultivate. The stronger the cultivator, the more time they had to spend accumulating heritage to grow their power.


Since ancient times, there had never existed anyone like Yang Kai who was able to grow to such an extent in less than 1,000 years after advancing to the Ninth Order.


Ever since the Humans attacked the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai had been concealing his ability by feigning weakness. In each battle, he only ever revealed strength as should be expected from a newly advanced Ninth-Order Master like himself while trying to avoid head-to-head battles with any of the Royal Lords.


From Mo Na Ye’s perspective, Yang Kai may be stronger than when he just advanced back then in the Universe Furnace World, but such growth was still acceptable. Moreover, it was well known that Yang Kai’s abilities were greater than other cultivators in the same Realm to begin with, so it was difficult to understand Yang Kai’s bottom line without a proper fight with him.


Even if someone told Mo Na Ye about Yang Kai’s true strength now, he probably wouldn’t believe it. Such a thing was simply nonsensical.


The situation had changed subtly since Yang Kai showed up on the battlefield.


Though the attack of the Humans was still as tepid as before, the various Armies had already completed their secret deployments, getting all their forces into position.


Yang Kai soon reappeared, this time next to Xiang Shan.


Xiang Shan’s opponents were three Pseudo-Royal Lords who had formed a Battle Formation, which should make them strong enough to take on this newly promoted Ninth-Order Master.


In the first two battles, Xiang Shan fought two bloody battles with Mo Yu, which resulted in losses on both sides. Mo Yu had a unique method of healing, so he could recover quickly through the sacrifice of a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but Xiang Shan could not recover as easily. Even with the use of healing pills, it would still take him some time, so his injuries have not been restored completely even until now, causing him to fall into a disadvantage against the three Pseudo-Royal Lords from time to time as they fought.


This was especially noticeable during the days when Yang Kai had disappeared as Xiang Shan was almost one-sidedly suppressed by these three Pseudo-Royal Lords without having any ability to fight back.


But since Yang Kai’s emergence, the situation had turned around. These three Pseudo-Royal Lords now had to hold back 30% of their strength in preparation to deal with the event of a surprise attack launched by Yang Kai, which gave Xiang Shan some room to breathe.


When Yang Kai’s figure entered their circle of battle, Xiang Shan, who had received a heads-up prior, burst out with the power he had been accumulating and wielded a fierce blade towards the three Pseudo-Royal Lords.


His murderous intent spread almost palpably, and even the space around the three Pseudo-Royal Lords seemed to freeze, horrifying them all.


They had constantly been on guard against Yang Kai, but they never thought that this killing star would target them on such a vast battlefield! Their luck was simply the worst!


When the killing star attacked, Xiang Shan suddenly burst out once more, instantly disrupting the rhythm of the three Black Ink Clan Masters. In merely a moment of their panic and loss, life or death had been decided!


The long spear was like a Dragon, whereas the blade light was biting cold. Yang Kai and Xiang Shan’s figures passed by each other like the blades of a pair of shears, instantly cutting through the aura of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords.


When the powerful auras extinguished, Xiang Shan spat out a mouthful of blood and looked much weaker than before, Yang Kai’s body also incurred a few wounds, obviously from the Pseudo-Royal Lords’ final struggle before death!


At around the same time on the other side of the battlefield, an amazing aura burst out, accompanied by the annihilation of several powerful auras.


It was not the fall of Black Ink Clan Masters, but Eighth-Order Humans!


Yang Kai’s head snapped over, only to see a turbulent Black Ink Cloud moving about. More than a dozen figures had gathered in a large black tide that slaughtered everything in its way. Even in their Battle Formations, the Eighth-Order Masters could hardly put up a fight.


The reason for that was that there were traces of Mo Na Ye and Di Ya Luo’s involvement in this tide, whereas the rest were all Pseudo-Royals.


Almost at the same time as when Yang Kai looked over, Mo Na Ye turned his head over as well. Their gazes suddenly met, and they could both see the coldness in each other’s eyes.


Yang Kai instantly understood Mo Na Ye’s intention and praised him inwardly, [What a cruel and determined heart this guy has!]


Moments ago, when Di Ya Luo fled back to the No-Return Pass and returned crestfallen to Mo Na Ye’s side, Mo Na Ye made a snap decision at that moment. An extremely radical one at that.


On his command, a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords, who were standing by to defend the Black Ink Nests, flew out in a group under Di Ya Luo’s lead, heading straight towards the battlefield.


Mo Na Ye gave up the idea of tracking Yang Kai since he knew that he would only end up being pulled around by the nose by him that way. This fellow was a Master in the Dao of Space who could appear and disappear like a ghost. Trying to pin down his tracks would only waste time. The only way to change their passive position to an active one was to give up on defending and attacking instead!


[If you want to kill our Pseudo-Royal Lords, then I’ll go and kill your Eighth-Order Masters! Let’s see who will give in first and go to stop the other!]


This was Mo Na Ye’s decision.


Nobody could stop Yang Kai if he wanted to sneak up on them and stir trouble; Mo Na Ye deeply recognized that he lacked that ability now. Di Ya Luo had already failed, so in that case, he would just ignore Yang Kai for now and eliminate opponents he could kill.


He would slaughter until the Humans ached and despaired, then even if they were to lose some Pseudo-Royal Lords in battle, their deaths would have been worth it. At the very least, it was better than losing them to Yang Kai’s sneak attacks while gaining nothing in return.


The result was remarkable. With two Royal Lords personally leading the charge and a team of a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords behind them, they could easily break up the battle which had reached a stalemate, and within just a few breaths, at least 20 Eighth-Order Masters on the Human Race’s side fell.


This was not enough to make up for the loss of three Pseudo-Royal Lords, but it was enough to make the Humans reel.


[What will you choose?]


Mo Na Ye looked at Yang Kai from a distance, waiting quietly to see his response, but his hands did not stay idle. He continued leading his men towards the next battlefield, moving with momentum like splitting bamboo wherever they went.


Very soon, Yang Kai’s answer was revealed to them. That was because Yang Kai’s figure suddenly disappeared from his vision, and Xiang Shan, who had been standing together with Yang Kai before, also came flying in their direction.


All of them were alerted at this change, and their powerful Divine Senses were swiftly extended in all directions to guard against a possible sneak attack that could come at any moment.


However, rather than Yang Kai, whom they had expected to come, they were met with another person instead.


“As the Supreme Commander of the Army, it’s not a prideful thing to attend a battle personally.” Following the emergence of that voice, a figure stopped in the middle of the void. With a light raise of his feather fan, a fierce wind suddenly rose up, turning into a sharp blade that could even cut through space.


Mi Jing Lun!


Almost at the same time that Mo Na Ye moved, Mi Jing Lun moved as well, but he had arrived late since Pure Yang Pass was outside of the battlefield.


Even after so many years of war, Mi Jing Lun had barely stepped onto the battlefield. Compared to his abilities as a Ninth-Order Master, he was needed more by the Human Race to coordinate the overall situation.


However, after seeing through Mo Na Ye’s intentions to exchange lives with lives, Mi Jing Lun had no choice but to join the fray. That was because every single Ninth-Order Master had their own opponents to deal with on the battlefield and could not easily extricate themselves, so he was the only one who could subdue these Masters for now.


However, in the face of Mi Jing Lun’s provocations and attack, Mo Na Ye chose to ignore them and simply deflected the attack with the other Masters from the Black Ink Clan without getting caught up with him at all, immediately flying towards the next battlefield after that.


Mi Jing Lun paled slightly. Mo Na Ye’s single-mindedness was something he had not anticipated. Just as it was difficult for the Black Ink Clan to restrain Yang Kai, Mi Jing Lun alone could not stop such a group of Masters either.


Fortunately, Xiang Shan had also rushed over to join him, so they could at least harass their opponents.


The slaughter continued. Everywhere these Masters went, large numbers of Eighth-Order Masters would fall. Most of these Masters were already in Battle Formations formed alongside people that they were familiar with and were in the midst of fighting other enemies. When a large number of powerful enemy reinforcements rushed over, the original balance was broken, resulting in a disaster.


While this endless killing was taking place, Mo Na Ye was keeping a close eye on Yang Kai’s movements. Xiang Shan had already rushed over, but Yang Kai was still nowhere to be seen. This caused his heart to sink. Despite culling so many Eighth-Order Masters, he found it difficult to feel happy about this situation; instead, he was starting to feel worse and worse.


Under normal circumstances, Yang Kai should have come out to stop them, but now he seemed happy to continue showing off his strength even if it meant continuing this exchange of lives, which was undoubtedly a worrying issue.


As expected, Yang Kai’s aura appeared on another side of the battlefield, followed by three Pseudo-Royal Lords’ auras extinguishing.


“Has it come to this?” Mo Na Ye’s heart ran cold. He was even beginning to wonder whether the Humans had sensed something. [But, if not, how could Yang Kai have made this choice? How could they have possibly noticed? This makes no sense at all!]


In the void, Yang Kai pursed his lips, his body constantly flickering, cutting through one battlefield after another. When his Space-Time River came out, one by one the Pseudo-Royal Lords fell, freeing up one Ninth-Order Master after another, without daring to delay for even a heartbeat. In such a situation, various Eighth-Order Masters would fall for every breath that passed.


The only way to stop Mo Na Ye was to free up more Ninth-Order Masters so that they could go forth and contain the group of enemy Masters led by Mo Na Ye.


Of course, Yang Kai could have taken on the task himself, but without revealing his true strength, using Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability to launch sneak attacks from the shadows was simply more efficient.


Yang Kai could clearly feel the fall of the Eighth-Order Masters. Each one of them was a rare talent of the Human Race, and each of them had gone through at least thousands of years of cultivation to reach such heights, but on this cruel battlefield, their fall would become nothing more than a cold statistic in the records of history.


[Has Mo Na Ye noticed something? Otherwise, why would he have joined the battlefield himself?]


Before the battle, Yang Kai and Mi Jing Lun had expected great losses on their side, but seeing it happen with their own eyes still left their hearts bleeding.


Yang Kai tried his best to suppress the urge to stop Mo Na Ye and turned all his resentment and pent-up displeasure into powerful attacks, unleashing them from the spear in his hand.


[Kill! I need to kill more! Kill them all!]



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