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Martial Peak – Chapter 5906, Great Sun Explosion

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Pure Yang Pass was the only Great Pass of the Human Race left. It was currently the command centre of their Grand Army. Its symbolic and strategic significance was greater than its role as a weapon.


Other than the first battle for the No-Return Pass, where the majestic, impregnable Great Pass battled the Black Ink Clan Army, it had always stayed outside of the battlefield during the fights happening over the years.


It wasn’t until now that the Great Pass rushed over and the lights coming from its various artifacts were released, bombarding indiscriminately into the Black Ink Clan’s defence line. Its fierce and unceasing attack quickly tore a gap into the defence line and the Azure Sun Army nearby immediately took advantage of the situation to charge in.


The Masters from the Black Ink Clan quickly noticed the situation and immediately, more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords rushed over. At the same time, over 100 figures flew out from Pure Yang Pass to meet them. These were the Eighth-Order Masters who were responsible for standing by on Pure Yang Pass and maintaining it all this while.


100 Eighth-Order Masters definitely would not be able to stop this number of Pseudo-Royal Lords alone, but they had Pure Yang Pass behind them to act as reliable support. Holding back and delaying their enemies was still something they could manage.


The exchange between both sides soon began and the light of both the Secret Techniques and artifacts blossomed incessantly.


On one side of the huge battlefield, the front the Burning Moon Army was in charge of, both sides were constantly exchanging blows. However, the Burning Moon Army were unable to break through the tight defence line of their opponent from beginning to end, so it did not matter how intense the fight became. Only by ripping a gap in that tight line of defence could the Humans gain some ground and charge in and slaughter more of their enemy.


In the fierce exchange, the Black Ink Clan managed to repel the attacking Humans time and time again, and both sides were suffering great casualties.


At a certain point, the Black Ink Clan on this front suddenly noticed that the Human Race’s attack had inexplicably become much weaker, and while they were confused, they saw the dense forces of the Human Race Army suddenly split up, moving to the left and right while a dozen Warships that were clearly different from the usual ones came forward. Moreover, there was a giant Warship following right behind them.


A Purifying Black Ink Battleship!


The Masters from the Black Ink Clan on this front instantly recognized the Warship as one of the Purifying Black Ink Battleships created by the Humans.


Their eyes showed puzzlement at this move as they had never seen a Purifying Black Ink Battleship on the frontlines of a battlefield in all the times they battled each other. After all, this Warship itself was not meant for charging into battles, it was a support craft used as a fallback point.


What was the purpose of the Humans bringing in this Purifying Black Ink Battleship?


The next moment, those from the Black Ink Clan seemed to have thought of something and a look of great horror emerged on their faces. Divine Sense surging, as someone roared, “Don’t let them get close! Sink them!”


A heavy barrage of attacks that covered the sky rained down on the Warships, and even though the defensive arrays of the dozen Warships in front of the Purifying Black Ink Battleship were activated to their limits, they were still destroyed in a very short time with the Warships being blasted to pieces as well, alongside the members of their Squads.


Even more attacks came towards the Purifying Black Ink Battleship. The defensive arrays glowed brightly, but it quickly dimmed down and was shattered.


In the next moment, the massive Purifying Black Ink Battleship was also completely destroyed.


However, there was no hint of joy in the face of those from the Black Ink Clan, especially from the one who was commanding the battle. Instead, he appeared greatly shocked and hurried to pull back almost as soon as the Purifying Black Ink Battleship exploded.


Like a great sun shining in all directions, the Purifying Black Ink Battleship exploded, its dazzling light illuminating the void like daylight.


The light gradually dissipated, and a large circular area in the battlefield, which was originally filled with Black Ink Strength, was now presented clearly in everyone’s vision. All of the Black Ink Strength there had been purified, and the Black Ink Clansmen struck by the light were all howling in pain. Some of the weaker ones had even died on the spot.


Even those who quickly retreated earlier still failed to escape being struck by the Purifying Light in the end, and now the rich Black Ink Strength their bodies was leaking out uncontrollably as if they had been tossed into a wok of hot oil. The pain was so intense that their expressions became distorted. Even more to their horror was the fact that their strength was dropping sharply as their Black Ink Strength leaked out.


When the Black Ink Clan Commander turned his head and looked back, he saw the Human Race’s Army charging in and his heart went cold. He knew that this defence line was as good as gone…


The same scene of a Great Sun exploding was playing out in every corner of the battlefield. The continuous bursts of light were the greatest nightmare of all Black Ink Clansmen.


This was the final battle to conquer the No-Return Pass. Even Mo Na Ye dared to go all in on this fight, so as the attackers, how could the Humans not rise to meet the occasion?


As soon as Mi Jing Lun gave the order to attack the No-Return Pass, a secret directive was sent out to every Army.


Use the Purifying Light sealed in the Purifying Black Ink Battleships to force open the Black Ink Clan’s defence line!


The Humans had many Purifying Black Ink Battleships in their arsenal, with each Division having at least one of its own. The total number of such Warships they had with Purifying Light sealed in them had already exceeded 1,000.


The Black Ink Clan’s defence was indeed solid. Even if the Humans could break through it with a forceful attack, they would still have to pay a heavy price. But with the Purifying Black Ink Battleships leading the way, the casualties incurred by the Humans could be greatly reduced.


The soldiers were gone if they died, but they could produce more Purifying Black Ink Battleships if they were destroyed. There was no way Mi Jing Lun couldn’t recognize such a simple thing.


This was a tactic that he had thought of long ago, but he would not use it simply before his hand was forced. Building 1,000 Purifying Black Ink Battleships was not exactly an easy task.


However, if they wanted to launch an attack on the No-Return Pass when they had not made full preparations, this was the only method they could employ.


Over 1,000 Purifying Black Ink Battleships exploded in less than a half cup of tea’s time, each one purifying a vast area. No matter how strong the Black Ink Clan’s defences were, they were helpless against this power that perfectly restrained them.


The once tight defence line was now filled with wide gaps, and the various Armies of the Humans, who had long been preparing for this moment, rushed forward at the opportune moment. They fortified their positions, increased their troops, expanded their advantage, and slaughtered their enemies!


In less than half an hour, the Black Ink Clan was in clear decline!


It was practically a miracle that they were able to achieve such immense results in such a vast battlefield, and within only a short time, but time was running out for the Humans now.


The explosion of such a large number of Purifying Black Ink Battleships meant that the Humans can no longer rely on the Purifying Light sealed within those battleships to disperse Black Ink Strength that invaded their bodies. Now, the soldiers could only rely on the Purifying Black Ink Pills they brought in advance to protect their Small Universes.


But the Purifying Black Ink Pills had limited medicinal efficacies, so this battle had to be fought and won quickly.


Many factors could affect the outcome in war, including the determination of the soldiers on both sides and the strength of their forces. However, the most significant determining factor was still the top Masters of both sides, the Giant Spirit Gods and Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods!


Even if the Humans could wipe out the Black Ink Clan Army entirely, it would be useless if they could not take down the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods. A creation of Mo was a threat to the Humans that the Pseudo-Royal Lords could not compare with.


Yang Kai continued his endless slaughter on the battlefield, his figure swift and elusive. Everywhere he passed, the auras of Pseudo-Royal Lords vanished. Since the start of the battle, as many as 30 Pseudo-Royal Lords had already died at his hands.


This was the battle where he killed the most Pseudo-Royal Lords!


The high-intensity battle left his body covered in blood and his aura unstable. The final struggle made by the Pseudo-Royal Lords before their deaths was not something that could be ignored.


However, his efforts were able to reduce the casualties for his people by a great margin.


Mo Na Ye burned all bridges when he realized that this was going to be the final, decisive fight, commanding all the Pseudo-Royal Lords standing by at the No-Return Pass to come out as well, completely giving up on defending the No-Return Pass. Despite how many Eighth-Order Masters the Humans had, they were still somewhat powerless when faced with these groups of Pseudo-Royal Lords in Battle Formations. Many Eighth-Order Masters suffered miserable fates under their hands.


However, as Yang Kai continued to slaughter the Pseudo-Royal Lords, the situation finally took a turn for the better. At this moment, the Eighth-Order Masters also gradually stabilized their positions, got into their own Battle Formations, divided their opponents, and clashed with the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


And with Yang Kai continuing his hunt, the Humans could slowly gain an advantage when it came to top combat power.


However, Yang Kai was not satisfied because the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods had not made a single move from beginning to end. They were still just guarding the No-Return Pass.


If the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods did not make a move, Yang Kai did not dare to reveal his true strength either. If they continued fighting like this, their casualties would continue to increase, and even if they captured the No-Return Pass in the end, it would be difficult to make the cost of the fallen Masters worth it.


Fortunately, after the total collapse of the Black Ink Clan’s defence line and further expansion of casualties, the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods who had been standing by finally could not sit still any longer.


A deep sigh seemed to come from the void, causing every living being on the battlefield to tremble.


Immediately afterwards, the two enormous creatures guarding the left and right sides of the No-Return Pass moved. They each arrived at the forefront of the battlefield with just a single step, and with a casual wave of their hands, both Humans and Black Ink Clansmen were silently reduced to paste.


It was not that they didn’t want to avoid Black Ink Clan members, but their bodies were simply too large. Once they launched their attacks, the area it passed through was too wide to achieve precise control.


In an instant, both the Human Race and Black Ink Clan Armies scattered wherever the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods went.


At the same time, in the Barren Territory, Ah Da and Ah Er, who had been paying attention to the situation here, became excited.


Ah Da pointed to the Territory Gate, “Do we go now?”


Ah Er stood up and quickly nodded, “En!”


Before leaving, their little friend had told them that if those two big guys dared to move, they should rush in.


Previously, those two big guys had been remaining motionless, so Ah Da and Ah Er could only stare at them. Now, it was undoubtedly time for them to descend the mountain.


“Beat them up!” Ah Da’s face was full of killing intent. After his declaration, he took a deep breath and suddenly shrunk his towering and massive body, transforming into a small giant.


Next to him, Ah Er did the same.


Within 10 breaths of the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods taking action, the two Giant Spirit Gods stepped out of the Territory Gate connecting the Barren Territory and the Black Ink Battlefield.



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