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Martial Peak – Chapter 5907, Chance

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After the Giant Spirit Gods, shrunken to the size of small giants, stepped out of the Territory Gate, their body expanded rapidly back to their original size. Then, they charged and crashed thunderously into the No-Return Pass.


The massive remnant Great Passes shook and the aftershocks swept out in all directions. The Black Ink Nests, which the Black Ink Clan had been carefully tending to all these years, instantly shattered into dust.


If this scene had occurred a few days ago, it would have undoubtedly been a great heartache to the Black Ink Clan, but at this moment, none of them had the heart to care about such things anymore.


The Black Ink Clan had brought out all their strength and the entire No-Return Pass had become an empty shell. This battle was the one to decide the life or death of the Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass. If they won, they could continue to survive, but if they lost, everything would end for them, so who would still care about the Black Ink Nests?


The two Giant Spirit Gods raised their feet and started running through the No-Return Pass; however, it only took two or three steps before they reached the battlefield where they flew straight towards the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods.


The Black Ink Clan Army that tried to stop them suffered catastrophic losses, and the defence line that they were able to maintain through gruelling effort was smashed apart by Ah Da and Ah Er, creating two unimpeded passageways right to the heart of their lines. Countless casualties occurred in an instant.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods, who were in the midst of mercilessly slaughtering the Humans, naturally noticed the situation. They immediately assumed defensive positions, but in the next moment, they were each hit squarely by Ah Da and Ah Er and tumbled over with them.


Ah Da tackled his opponent’s waist and swung his fist fiercely. His opponent was also unwilling to appear weak and smashed down with his elbow, fiercely hammering Ah Da’s back. He even grabbed Ah Da’s neck with his other arm and squeezed tight as if he were trying to twist Ah Da’s head off.


The battle between the two Giant Spirit Gods was extremely simple and crude, making it look almost like two children fighting, but every one of their strikes caused space to shake and become unstable. Terrifying shockwaves that were visible to the naked eye rippled out in all directions.


All living beings nearby, regardless of whether they were Human or Black Ink Clan, ran and cleared a space large enough for these behemoths to fight.


Even though Ah Er’s side was not as explosive, it was still extremely rough. He and his opponent exchanged punches, each first reaching the other’s body, causing both sides to stumble.


These two were old rivals who had fought for thousands of years in the Barren Territory, but neither had ever defeated the other. This battle was simply a continuation of their previous struggle.


If nothing out of the ordinary happened, it was unlikely that there would be a clear winner in the fights between the Giant Spirit Gods.


The Masters from either side could not interfere with a fight of this level. More than that, simply being caught in between these four would have dire consequences.


Only Yang Kai waited in the shadows as he watched on from the sidelines, waiting for the right moment to strike.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods were finally moving, something which he had been eagerly anticipating. Ah Da and Ah Er also arrived promptly to restrain them, so there was no need to worry about them posing a threat to the Human Race Army. Now, all Yang Kai had to do was look for a suitable opportunity to strike.


However, when this opportunity would rear its head, or if it would even arise to begin with, was uncertain.


Even though Yang Kai had carefully instructed Ah Da and Ah Er beforehand, Giant Spirit Gods were simple-minded, so there was no guarantee they would do as they were asked.


Rather than getting between the Giant Spirit Gods’ fight, Yang Kai continued to roam the battlefield while keeping an eye on them. With Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability, the Pseudo-Royal Lords could hardly even sense his presence before he launched an attack on them. By the time they did notice, danger was already upon their heads.


After reaching this point in the battle, Yang Kai was not content to just kill Pseudo-Royal Lords. If the opportunity presented itself, Territory Lords were not spared either. Several dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords had died at his hand, and there were likely more than 1,000 Territory Lords dead even as a conservative estimate, and that was because they were killed merely out of convenience. Yang Kai hadn’t deliberately targeted them.


Thanks to the gap in the defences created by Ah Da and Ah Er’s charge, the Wolf Fang Army and Twin Instrument Army had already breached the Black Ink Clan’s main forces. The two Human Armies cooperated smoothly as they constantly expanded the gap in the defence line. Although the Black Ink Clan tried their best to retreat and regroup, they were unable to do so.


Victory seemed to be within grasping range for the Human Race. In this chaotic and brutal battlefield, despite the constant reaping of lives, the soldiers did not stop throwing themselves in.


To Yang Kai’s surprise, the opportunity he was waiting for came quickly. 


From the battlefield, a roar suddenly erupted. It was Ah Da’s shout mixed with a hint of excitement, “Little friend, come quick, I’ve got him!”


Almost at the same time he shouted these words, Yang Kai, who had been keeping an eye on their movements, had already arrived at Ah Da’s side.


At this moment, Ah Da had managed to pin his opponent in the void. Ah Da’s arms had constricted one of his opponent’s arms, stopping it from moving. His legs were also like ropes, wrapped around one of his opponent’s thighs. In this posture, two of the opponent’s limbs were completely immobilized and unable to break free.


However, this situation was extremely unfavourable for Ah Da because in order to tightly restrain his opponent, all four of his limbs were tied up, whereas his opponent still had one arm and one leg free for his use. When Yang Kai arrived, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was punching and kicking Ah Da viciously. The force of each attack sent shockwaves through Ah Da’s body, and rubble-like pieces were constantly smashed from his body, each piece the size of an ordinary city.


Since he had been keeping a close eye on the four Giant Spirit Gods, Yang Kai witnessed everything clearly.


After Ah Da rushed out of the Barren Territory, he directly grappled his opponent and went all out to restrain him. After some wrestling, they finally reached the current situation.


This was something he had repeatedly instructed Ah Da and Ah Er on before the battle. No matter what, they had to find a way to restrain the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods!


Yang Kai originally thought that Ah Er would do a better job at this since Ah Er had clearly shown more intelligence than Ah Da throughout the many years of Yang Kai knowing them. Therefore, when Yang Kai instructed them on this matter, he focused more on Ah Er and also placed his hopes on him.


But in fact, it was Ah Da who achieved it first.


This was something Yang Kai did not expect, but it still made some sense when he thought about it. 


Due to his lower intelligence, his thoughts were simpler, so he just did everything within his power to do what he was told.


It was not the first time that a Giant Spirit God and Black Ink Giant Spirit God had wrestled like this before. Previously, when Ah Er was fighting his opponent in the Barren Territory, a similar scene had appeared. Yang Kai had seen them entangled like this many times when he passed by the Barren Territory.


In the end, this struggle had developed into a stalemate, so the Black Ink Giant Spirit God did not feel the need to act defensive against Ah Da’s actions. After being restrained, it instead rained attacks down on Ah Da as it pleased.


Unlike the Giant Spirit God, which lacked sentience, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was Mo’s Soul Clone with a clear cleverness to it. Ah Da’s actions were seen as foolish in its heart. Even though it was caught off guard for a moment, the one at a loss here was not itself.


That was why it had no fear.


That was until Yang Kai suddenly showed up!


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God who was punching and kicking Ah Da instantly realized something and stared fiercely at the ant-like figure in front of it.


“Well done!” Yang Kai shouted and instantly opened the portal of his Small Universe while surging his Space Principles to the fullest at the same time.


Countless residual images appeared at once as if countless Yang Kais had appeared in that instant.


In just a short three breaths, the residual images dissipated and Yang Kai returned to his original position; however, where the residual images were located, stone giants with powerful auras appeared.


They were the Small Stone Race, and from the powerful aura that was flowing out of them, each one was comparable to an Eighth-Order Master.


The Black Ink Giant God who was being firmly restrained by Ah Da finally paled at this sight. It had previously eaten a similar loss before when it was restrained by Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing in the Barren Territory.


So, when these Small Stone Races Masters appeared, it knew that something terrible was about to happen.


But what puzzled it was where Yang Kai had amassed so many powerful Small Stone Race Masters from.


Not only had Yang Kai taken in a massive Army of hundreds of millions of them from the Chaotic Dead Territory, a large number of them were even in the Eighth-Order.


Even though he gave some Eight-Order Small Stone Race Masters to the other Humans, their numbers were not many. He had kept most of them for himself.


In all these years of war, Yang Kai had never used these Eighth-Order ones, and that was because they were the trump card he was saving to use against the Black Ink Giant Spirit God; he could not easily reveal them.


Now, at this moment, that trump card was finally going to be played.


As many as 2,000 Eighth-Order Small Stone Race Masters suddenly appeared on the battlefield, which shocked all those who were fighting here.


All eyes were instantly fixed on this side, and when they realized that the source of the surging aura was from this Small Stone Race Army, the Human Race Masters breathed a sigh of relief while those from the Black Ink Clan began panicking.


Especially Mo Na Ye, who instantly understood Yang Kai’s intentions. His pupils shrank in shock.


A sharp aura suddenly struck him and left a bone-deep injury on his body. Mi Jing Lun lightly waved the feather fan in his hand as Dao Strength surged, instantly engulfing his opponent in his attack, “You still have the heart to be distracted at such a critical moment? That’s not a good habit to have.”


Mo Na Ye gritted his teeth while defending against Mi Jing Lun’s attack, “Has he been hiding his trump card just for this very moment?”


“Who knows?” Mi Jing Lun gave a casual reply, but his attacks grew more and more aggressive.


Normally, Mo Na Ye wouldn’t suffer much against such attacks, but his mind was distracted at the moment, so his body became covered in wounds in just a short while.


Mo Na Ye thought at first that even if they lost this fight and subsequently the No-Return Pass, they would still be able to deal a heavy blow to the Humans; after all, the Supreme One’s Soul Clones were so powerful that no one could oppose them. Worst comes to worst, they would disappear into the depths of the void and meet up with the reinforcements that were rushing this way, then they would still be able to stop the Human Race Army.



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