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Martial Peak – Chapter 5909, The End Has Come

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There were pros and cons to having a large body. First of all, there was the difficulty in moving around in a fight and the lack of dexterity, but a large size also allowed one to take much more damage without being critically wounded. Fatal attacks could often become just mere scratches from the size difference alone.


Yang Kai had a deep understanding of that fact as he had experienced it himself many times in the past through fighting using his Dragon Transformation Secret Art.


In terms of size, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God surpassed even his Divine Dragon Form, and thus the advantages that came with his massive size would also be amplified to the extreme.


The flayed wounds on its neck that were spouting black blood may look horrific, but in truth, it was nothing much for a Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


Despite its strength being greatly weakened by the Purifying Light, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was still undoubtedly worthy of being the so-called Supreme One’s Soul Clone. The flesh at the wound writhed and rich Black Ink Strength poured out, then the injury was quickly stabilized. Only Yang Kai’s Dao Strengths were not that easy to disperse and remained stuck to its wound, constantly changing and evolving, continuing to cause damage.


Seeing this, Yang Kai made an instant decision to retrieve his spear and escape. Before the Black Ink Giant Spirit God could swing its palm over again, Yang Kai stuck to its shoulder and rushed in the opposite direction.


In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai reached the stump of its severed arm, which was still oozing thick black blood, but in just a short moment, the terrifying wound was greatly relieved. It would likely take no more than a couple dozen more breaths for the severed arm to scab over just like its neck, leaving only a closed wound behind without black blood oozing out anymore.


Its regenerative abilities were truly shocking.


Yang Kai raised his spear, and as World Force surged, his body moved with his weapon, turning into a spiral that drilled into the wound at his arm.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God was instantly overtaken by an immense pain that caused it to hiss in shock and anger, “What are you doing?!”


Yang Kai did not answer. He had brought out his full strength and merged with his spear, turning into an unstoppable blade that broke through the thick blockade of Black Ink Strength, trying to penetrate into the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s body from its wound.


“Don’t even dream of it!” The Black Ink Giant Spirit God knew what was coming. No matter how strong it was, it still could not anticipate what would happen to it if it allowed Yang Kai to succeed. Its huge eyes were filled with fear and panic. It never thought that it would fall into such a situation in such a short amount of time since the fight began.


As soon as it finished speaking, it raised its hand and slapped it down at Yang Kai, as if swatting at a mosquito that was biting it. If that palm connected, then Yang Kai would die even if he were to transform into his Divine Dragon Form.


At the same time, it also exerted all of its power to form a viscous yet sturdy defence around the wound to stop Yang Kai’s invasion. As long as it could swat its opponent to death before he had a chance to invade its body, then the crisis would be easily resolved.


Yang Kai felt an unprecedented crisis fall upon him and as the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s palm descended. He could keenly feel death enveloping his body and mind, causing him to feel suffocated. Not a single part of him, both inside and outside, was not trembling in fear. Even though he had encountered many life-or-death crises throughout his cultivation journey, he had never encountered one as strong as this one. Death was so certain that it almost gave him the illusion that he had already died.


The defence that was formed out of Black Ink Strength at the wound was extremely sturdy. Even though Yang Kai attacked with full force, he was not able to break through it instantly. Moreover, his opponent did not just lay out a single defence; instead, it was constantly repairing and strengthening it.


Naturally, the best option here would be to just give up and escape in order to ensure his safety then search for another opening to exploit; however, after such an experience, it would not be so easy to get another opportunity like this as the Black Ink Giant Spirit God would definitely be on its guard.


In this life-or-death moment, Yang Kai’s lips curved into a fierce smirk, and his already terrifying aura climbed to even greater heights, causing the surrounding space to tremble in unrest.


“You court death!” The Black Ink Giant Spirit God roared furiously and swung its palm down even more fiercely. Everywhere its palm passed, space crumbled like a shattered mirror.


The huge palm suddenly stopped when it was only a dozen or so kilometres away from Yang Kai, as if it had encountered a huge resistance.


It was a severed arm extended across the void that suddenly blocked its fierce attack, an arm no different from its intact arm in terms of length and shape.


Ah Da had finally returned!


He had blocked the fatal blow for Yang Kai at this most critical moment.


Yang Kai had also seen Ah Da rushing over from the corner of his eye, which was what made him put his all into this decisive move.


Holding a severed arm in one hand and a severed leg in the other, Ah Da was furious, almost face to face with the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, and shouted fiercely, “What do you think you’re doing to my little friend!”


In this era of endless Black Ink Strength, as members of the Giant Spirit God Clan, it was difficult to even find food to eat. Their little friend was now his and Ah Er’s only source of food. If their little friend were killed, wouldn’t they have to starve in the future?


The simple-minded Ah Da had long realized that only his little friend could provide them with delicious food, so no matter what happened, he would not allow his little friend to be harmed in any way! Anyone who dared to hurt his little friend must die!


Faced with Ah Da’s fury, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God could only respond with a pained howl.


Because the moment when its attack was blocked by Ah Da, a violent shockwave hit Yang Kai’s back like an invisible wall. In that instant, the bones in Yang Kai’s body could be heard cracking, but it was also that force that allowed him to break through the blockade of Black Ink Strength. Body and spear united as one as he plunged into the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s severed arm.


All light disappeared and boundless darkness engulfed him. Yang Kai felt like he had fallen into a pitch-black ocean, but he moved forward without hesitation, breaking through layers of physical barriers and diving straight into the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s body.


As his spear travelled through the body of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, it encountered significant resistance at first, but in a few breaths, the resistance suddenly weakened.


Ah Da who had launched a fierce flurry of attacks on the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, forcibly diverted its attention to protecting itself, which naturally meant that it could not fully focus on Yang Kai, who had invaded its body.


In the vast void, the battle between the two Giant Spirit Gods was extremely brutal, but Ah Da clearly had the upper hand. Wielding the severed limbs of his opponent as weapons, every blow caused the injured Black Ink Giant Spirit God to stagger and stumble in a pitiful state.


When the other Black Ink Giant Spirit God saw what was happening, it tried to come over and support its ally, but how could Ah Er allow him to do so? With everything he had, he kept it firmly tied down.


On a different battlefield, Mo Na Ye’s eyes trembled violently, his face filled with disbelief.


In fact, when Yang Kai unleashed his full strength, Mo Na Ye had already sensed that something was amiss and an unlikely scenario sprang in his heart. 


His intelligence made him doubt this thought, but now it seemed that his unbelievable suspicions were confirmed.


“He has been hiding his strength all this time?” Mo Na Ye asked while defending against Mi Jing Lun’s furious attacks.


“What do you think?” Mi Jing Lun replied casually while searching for his opponent’s weakness. Naturally, he would not be kind enough to answer his enemy’s question.


However, this response only made Mo Na Ye more certain of his own judgment, 


“Why?” He muttered in disbelief.


Yang Kai had been concealing a massive army of Eighth-Order Small Stone Race Masters. He must have possessed them for many years, yet hid them all so he could use them against the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, which was understandable since they could not be exposed easily as it would alert the Black Ink Clan, then it would be difficult for them to play their part as a hidden weapon.


But why would Yang Kai also conceal his true strength? Judging from the aura erupting from Yang Kai earlier, his true strength was absolutely terrifying. If he had such strength, then why had he been hiding it for so long? If he revealed his true strength during the previous 10-year war, how many Pseudo-Royal Lords would have suffered? Even he, a Royal Lord, might not have survived.


“Why do you think?” Mi Jing Lun gave an equally generic answer, his fan sweeping out fiercely, sending a violent wind blade that cut a deep wound into Mo Na Ye’s abdomen. He had finally found an opening. Perhaps it was because Yang Kai’s performance distracted Mo Na Ye, but the Royal Lord had truly lost his bearings at this moment.


Mo Na Ye reeled back as black blood spurted out, but Mi Jing Lun’s unending attacks followed him closely. Suddenly, Mo Na Ye gave a weary scoff, “I understand now!”


It was the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods. Yang Kai concealed his strength and hid his Eighth-Order Small Stone Race Army all so he could use it against the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods. Because whether it be the two Giant Spirit Gods of the Human Race or the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods of the Black Ink Clan, they were the key to determining the outcome of the war. Only by finding a way to deal with the opponent’s strongest Masters could they truly bring this war to an end.


Mo Na Ye had seen through that fact even before this war even began, so how could Yang Kai not be aware of it?


Moreover, his attempt to conceal his ability by feigning weakness was indeed effective. The Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods had not paid any attention to Yang Kai, only considering the true Giant Spirit Gods as opponents. As old rivals who had fought each other for thousands of years, they knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses, but they never would have expected to suffer such a big loss at Yang Kai’s hands.


Defeat was now inevitable, and Mo Na Ye’s heart was filled with sadness. He could not figure out just how Yang Kai gained such power in such a short amount of time!


Only about 700 years had passed since he ascended to the Ninth-Order in the Universe Furnace World, a paltry number that hardly amounted to anything in the eyes of Ninth-Order Masters. 700 years was barely enough time for a new Ninth-Order Master to consolidate their cultivation and make a little bit of progress.


But the momentum that Yang Kai displayed at this moment was basically no different from the strongest Ninth-Order Masters that Mo Na Ye had witnessed all those years ago.


If he considered that the abilities that Yang Kai showed had always been far superior to his peers to begin with, perhaps even the most senior and experienced veteran Ninth-Order Masters from back then would be inferior to him in terms of combat effectiveness.


When the Human Race was at its peak, the Ninth-Order Masters struggled to deal with the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods even though there were 100 of them. There was only a single time where they managed to kill a Black Ink Giant Spirit God, but that was only with Ah Er’s help and at great cost.


But now, with only Yang Kai and a single Giant Spirit God, the Humans were able to force a Soul Clone of the Supreme One into a desperate situation.



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