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Martial Peak – Chapter 5911, Killing the Black Ink Giant Spirit God

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Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Inside the body of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, an Army of millions of Small Stone Race Soldiers were scattered about. If they had been ordinary Small Stone Race members, they might not be able to withstand the corruption of the thick Black Ink Strength, but these Small Stone Race Masters had grown by consuming the extremely pure Yin or Yang Energy of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer, so they had a natural resistance to it.


Moreover, they were extremely sensitive towards Black Ink Strength and viewed it as their absolute enemy. As soon as they were released, they began attacking the Black Ink Giant Spirit God from inside its body, causing it to experience what the pain of being devoured by countless ants was like.


No matter how indestructible the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was outside, its internal defences were naturally much weaker. 


Yang Kai’s original plan was to summon all of the Small Stone Race Soldiers from his Small Universe, which amounted to around 30 million, but he had no choice but to stop because of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s Secret Technique.


The longer such an intense battle dragged on, the greater the variables became.


As soon as he sensed the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s unusual move, Yang Kai decisively activated the Great Sun and Moon Marks. The next moment, the tens of millions of Small Stone Race each shone brightly. Yellow and blue lights began to flow and blend in the extremely dark environment, turning it pure white, creating a mystical scene.


In the void, Ah Da once again swung down his opponent’s severed arm, smashing it fiercely towards the Black Ink Giant Spirit God and hitting it squarely in the neck until its head was slightly bent out of shape.


At the same time, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s face distorted in extreme pain, as if it was being subjected to unbearable torture. Then, a bright white light overflowed from its mouth and nose.


It howled in pain, and its roar echoed throughout the Universe, frightening all Black Ink Clansmen who heard it. 


The bright white light was not only overflowing from its mouth and nose now, but also from the stumps of its severed limbs and even from the wounds all over its body, creating columns of light like ten thousand swords piercing through its flesh!


As the columns of light emerged, so did a figure covered in black blood, rushing out with his spear. It was none other than Yang Kai. He turned his head to look at the pitiful appearance of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God and could clearly sense that its aura had weakened greatly.


This eruption of Purifying Light had an even more profound effect than the sacrifice of 2,000 Eighth-Order Small Stone Race Masters from before!


It made sense; after all, the previous blast of Purifying Light only enveloped the Black Ink Giant Spirit God from the outside, making it a purely external attack; but now, the Purifying Light was created by the fusion of an Army of tens of millions exploding inside its body, meaning almost all of the impact was absorbed by it without any escaping. So, despite the fact that the quality was somewhat lacking, the quantity made up for it, and the damage to the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was even greater than before.


Ah Da charged forward once again. Even though his intelligence was lacking, he was still a member of the Giant Spirit God Clan whose battle instincts were incredibly strong. Seeing his enemy in such a miserable state, there was no way he would miss this perfect opportunity. In just a few steps, he reached the Black Ink Giant Spirit God and, wielding its severed arm and leg, unleashed a flurry of attacks that left a bloody spectacle wherever they struck.


Following the weakening of its aura and the damage to its foundation, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s defence also became weaker.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God roared and struggled to resist, but it was simply no match for Ah Da at this moment. Faced with this barrage of attacks, it could only defend while being forced back step by step.


A Dragon Roar sounded abruptly and a golden light burst forth as a 100,000 metres Divine Dragon appeared. The Dragon shot forward, taking advantage of when the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was already overwhelmed, and wrapped around its neck, looping itself around it. Then, the Divine Dragon lifted his large head and looked the Black Ink Giant Spirit God in the eye right in front of him.


Despite his large form, the Dragon still appeared small compared to the massive Black Ink Giant Spirit God. From a distance, it was like a small snake wrapped around a person’s neck.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God loathed Yang Kai deeply. Knowing that this situation was likely to be disastrous, it directly abandoned its defence against Ah Da and reached out its one remaining hand to grab the Divine Dragon.


Yang Kai had taken on his Dragon Form, which allowed him to control his Time Dao Strength much better than when he was in his Human Form; after all, the Dao of Time was the Innate Grand Dao of the Dragon Clan. As such, the hand that was trying to grasp him was instantly surrounded by a profound field which made it become extremely sluggish.


Opening his Dragon Maw, a Dragon Breath spewed forth and smashed into one of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s eyes. In the next instant, the giant eye burst apart.


Repeating the same thing on the other side, Yang Kai quickly destroyed the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s other eye as well.


With both eyes gone, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God let out another miserable cry before unleashing all its power, breaking through the Time Principle blockade, allowing its stalled hand to regain its freedom.


However, its attack was interrupted by a fierce blow from Ah Da before it could reach Yang Kai.


Yang Kai took advantage of this opportunity to unleash one Dragon Clan Secret Technique after another, bombarding the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s face at close range.


Every Secret Technique was as powerful as an all-out attack of a peak Ninth-Order Master, and in just a short amount of time, the face of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God had been turned into a bloody mess.


Despite that, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God still refused to die, displaying a tenacious vitality that Yang Kai couldn’t help but marvel at.


Since the war between Humans and Black Ink Clan began, the Humans had only managed to kill a single Black Ink Giant Spirit God, which happened during the battle in the Barren Territory several thousand years ago. However, they also paid a huge price for that success with more than a dozen Ninth-Order Masters dying in battle. Furthermore, Ah Er was there to provide assistance and that Black Ink Giant Spirit God was already injured and had been prepared to be sacrificed. 


It could be said that the reason why the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was killed in that battle was partly because the Black Ink Clan was willing to pay any price to breach the Barren Territory and invade the 3,000 Worlds. Nevertheless, the Humans had also paid a high price to slowly wear down their opponent and kill it.


As to what they were supposed to do in order to quickly kill a Black Ink Giant Spirit God now, the Humans still lacked experience and ideas.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God in front of them had almost no ability to resist as it was attacked by Yang Kai in his Divine Dragon Form and Ah Da, but its extraordinary vitality still basically made it immortal and indestructible.


Seeing this, Yang Kai had no choice but to act ruthlessly. When his Dragon Jaws opened, a golden round bead emerged; it was his Dragon Bead.


The moment the Dragon Bead appeared, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was able to sense that something was amiss despite losing both its eyes. It opened its mouth and roared, trying to wriggle its neck free from Yang Kai’s hold; however, the force applied to it rendered it completely immobile.


The Golden Dragon Bead shook faintly before turning into a golden light and blasting into the hole where the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s left eye used to be, then bursting out through the back of his head!


As the residual energy swept into the depths of the void, a golden beam of light spanning 100 million kilometres was created.


Such a fierce blow caused the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s neck and head to be flung back as it lost all strength in the hand it was waving around. 


Thus, the aura of a powerful being, powerful enough to shake the Universe, crumbled and dissipated.


However, Yang Kai still could not be rest assured. A loud Dragon Roar echoed across the battlefield, and the Dragon coiled around the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s neck tightened its grip once again before soaring up into the void.


The immense pulling force ripped into the neck of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, directly separating its huge head from its body. At the wound, black blood erupted like a volcano, instantly dyeing a vast expanse of the void completely black.


Another endless flurry of attacks from Ah Da landed immediately after, smashing the Black Ink Giant Spirit God until its body broke into pieces.


It wasn’t until this moment that the aura belonging to the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was completely extinguished.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God had fallen!


From the moment Ah Da restrained this Black Ink Giant Spirit God, to when Yang Kai ripped its head off, only a short dozen breaths had passed.


In such a short period of time, a powerful Black Ink Giant Spirit God was killed by the joint efforts of Yang Kai and Ah Da.


Regardless of how tenacious its vitality was, regardless of how profound Mo’s creations were, there was no way it could have any vitality left after its body was literally smashed into paste.


Thousands of years ago, this Black Ink Giant Spirit God emerged from the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land and laid the foundation for the Black Ink Clan’s victory in the war in the Barren Territory. Its strength had been looming over the hearts of all the Humans all that time, almost like a towering mountain pressing down on their heads. After all it was an indomitable and powerful existence.


Today, when its aura finally dissipated, and its body shattered into pieces, that shadow was at last dispelled.


The Human Race Army, which already had the momentum advantage against the Black Ink Clan, erupted into cheers at this moment and their attacks became even fiercer.


The Black Ink Clan Army, which was already at a disadvantage, deflated even further at this sight.


This was especially so for the Masters from the Black Ink Clan. No matter what, they couldn’t believe that a Soul Clone of the Supreme One would be killed in such a short time. When the aura of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God dissipated, their minds all fell into disarray.


The Human Race Masters fighting against them took advantage of this opportunity to expand their advantages even further, while those who were in disadvantageous positions quickly stabilized their situations.


It could be said that the death of one of the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods was not just a loss of one of the Black Ink Clan’s top Masters, but it also had a clear and direct effect on the situation of the entire battlefield.


All the Black Ink Clansmen realised that all hope had just died and there was no way they would survive the battle for the No-Return Pass no matter what they did. All of them would be slaughtered ruthlessly here!


This was a matter concerning the life or death of both Races, a blood feud spanning so many years that no one could even say how long it was. It was impossible for them to show any mercy.


This decisive battle that had broken out hastily would eventually end in victory for the Human Race.


On the battlefield, Ah Da threw back his head and roared to the Heavens, his voice filled with joy and victory. After he was done, he looked around the battlefield with sharp eyes like an eagle or wolf filled with bloodlust.


Yang Kai saw this and shouted, “Go and help Ah Er!”


After receiving the message, Ah Da rushed over to the other side of the battlefield with the severed arm and leg still in hand. Ah Er was fighting on equal grounds with his opponent there, but when his enemy naturally saw its peer being killed and immediately tried to escape.


There was not much Ah Er could do against a Black Ink Giant Spirit God intent on escaping; nevertheless, he did his best to keep it pinned as long as possible. Fortunately, Ah Da arrived quickly, and with the united strength of two Giant Spirit Gods, they instantly trapped their opponent, making it all but impossible for it to flee.



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