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Martial Peak – Chapter 5912, Dead End

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To have killed a Black Ink Giant Spirit God while hardly sustaining any injuries was a feat that nobody could achieve, not just for the people of today, but even their Ancestors of the past eras.


It had to be known that when a single Black Ink Giant Spirit God invaded the Divine Spirit’s Ancestral Land in the Early Ancient Era, countless powerful Divine Spirits had inhabited those lands, but even then, the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress of the time still had to use the 16 Sacred Treasures of the strongest Clans and sacrifice themselves to lay a Grand Array just to suppress and seal it. It was only after hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years of erosion from the Ancestral Land’s Ancestral Strength that the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s vitality was finally ground down.


Such a huge price was paid, yet they were only able to trap their foe, not directly kill them.


In comparison to that, today’s fight was an astonishing feat unequalled before in history.


Of course, it was mainly thanks to the two explosions of Purifying Light that greatly damaged the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s foundation. Even though the Ancestral Strength in the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land provided some suppressive power against Black Ink Strength, it was far less potent than Purifying Light.


Even though he did not sustain much damage, Yang Kai expended a lot of his strength, especially when he summoned his Dragon Bead at the end, so he was basically a dry oil lamp right now!


The Dragon Bead was the culmination of a Dragon’s cultivation. Just like a Monster Beast’s Monster Core, one would never summon it unless it was absolutely necessary, for once it was brought out, either one’s enemy died or the owner perished. It was a desperate final move.


Since he became a Grand Dragon and obtained his own Dragon Bead, Yang Kai had summoned this final weapon a few times in the past, and it was exhausting each time he did; this time was no different. It was hard for Yang Kai to even maintain his Dragon Form after using his Dragon Bead to attack, so he quickly transformed back into his Human Form. Not only was his face extremely pale, he looked completely deflated.


That was especially true for his Dragon Vein. Usually, he could circulate the might in his Dragon Vein without issue even in his Human Form; but now, the power in his Dragon Vein was almost still. Looking inside himself, Yang Kai could see that even his Dragon Bead was dim and grey, not bright and golden as before.


It seemed like he would need to recuperate for a long time before his Dragon Vein and Bead could be restored. Before then, it would be difficult to even use any techniques related to the Dragon Clan.


After directing Ah Da to help Ah Er, Yang Kai stuffed some recovery pills into his mouth and swallowed them before turning back and rushing over to the No-Return Pass.


The defence line of the Black Ink Clan had long been riddled with holes, and Humans had the advantage in most of the positions across the battlefield. As they were enveloped by the dazzling lights of both Secret Techniques and artifacts, the Black Ink Clansmen were being wiped out in great numbers every breath.


The Human Race’s victory here was set, all that was lacking to resolve this war now was time.


In an instant, Yang Kai had passed over the defence line where the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan Armies were fighting and went straight into the No-Return Pass. As Space Principles surged, his figure swiftly passed through each area of the No-Return Pass.


Everywhere he went, large numbers of Black Ink Nests were destroyed.


When Ah Da and Ah Er were first rushing over from the Barren Territory, they had already caused significant damage to the Black Ink Nests in the No-Return Pass, but due to how many Black Ink Nests there were to begin with, many still remained.


With Yang Kai to clean up the rest, all the surviving Black Ink Nests would soon be destroyed.


If the Pseudo-Royal Lords were still guarding this place, they might have been able to hinder him somewhat, but all of them had left of the inner region of the No-Return Pass to fight under Mo Na Ye’s order, so how could there be any Masters left to stop Yang Kai?


Within an incense stick of time, the No-Return Pass became a chaotic mess. All of the Black Ink Nests, whether they were High-Rank, Mid-Rank, or Low-Rank, were all destroyed without exception. Even the Black Ink Clansmen that had escaped back to the pass for shelter, suffered heavy casualties.


Without pause, Yang Kai disappeared in a flash.


Somewhere in the battlefield, Mo Na Ye and Mi Jing Lun’s fight was still going on with the situation being extremely disadvantageous for the former. It was reasonable to say that since Mo Na Ye had become a Royal Lord a few hundred years earlier than Mi Jing Lun had advanced to the Ninth Order, he should have a stronger heritage, yet in reality, he was completely suppressed by Mi Jing Lun.


Naturally, such a situation arose because of the various changes that happened on the battlefield, causing Mo Na Ye’s thoughts to be disrupted. This was especially so with Yang Kai’s sudden surge in strength and the death of a Black Ink Giant Spirit God, which had an immense impact on him. The shrewd and cunning Mi Jing Lun naturally seized this opportunity to expand his advantage bit by bit until they reached the current state of affairs.


Of course, with Mi Jing Lun’s current cultivation, killing Mo Na Ye would be difficult even with such an advantage as he had to be extremely cautious against a final counterattack. In a fight between Masters like them, the slightest carelessness could drastically change the outcome.


That was why Mi Jing Lun did not dare to be careless in the slightest and kept a steady hand from the beginning, never taking risks in a rush for success!


But at a certain point, his attacks grew more violent. At the same time, Mo Na Ye keenly caught onto an opening in his defence and, after a moment of hesitation, his originally retreating figure suddenly rushed forward, taking advantage of the gap in Mi Jing Lun’s Secret Techniques to throw a punch-out.


Mi Jing Lun’s face immediately showed an expression of panic, and he instinctively tried to block it, but it was too late.


As Mo Na Ye’s fist was about to hit Mi Jing Lun’s head though, Mo Na Ye’s body suddenly shook as if he had been hit by a binding technique, freezing in place.


His fist was less than a forearm’s length away from Mi Jing Lun, and the violent force from it caused the opponent’s clothes to flutter.


In the face of imminent death, the panic in Mi Jing Lun’s eyes disappeared and was instead replaced by an indifferent gaze.


“As expected!” Mo Na Ye laughed bitterly at Mi Jing Lun, but those words weren’t meant for him.


Behind Mo Na Ye, Yang Kai’s figure had appeared at some point, and the Azure Dragon Spear pierced through Mo Na Ye’s chest. Dao Strengths lingered on Yang Kai’s spear as Space Principles surged, solidifying the surrounding space. Even someone as strong as Mo Na Ye was unable to break free for a time.


The three Masters were arranged in a straight line in the void with Yang Kai at the back, Mo Na Ye in the centre, and Mi Jing Lun in the front. For a while, nobody spoke.


The silence went on for a time before Mi Jing Lun finally said, “You realized that I was baiting you.”


It was not a question, he was just stating a fact.


When Yang Kai rushed over from the No-Return Pass, he sent a message to Mi Jing Lun, which was why he suddenly revealed an opening. It was to lure Mo Na Ye into attacking him and creating a favourable opportunity for Yang Kai’s ambush.


Everything went smoothly and Yang Kai’s ambush was extremely successful.


“So what if I saw through it?” A bitter smile appeared at the corners of Mo Na Ye’s lips.


Mi Jing Lun’s eyes flickered, and he nodded lightly, “En, you had no choice but to take it.”


Even if he did see through the plan to lure the enemy out, Mo Na Ye could only make his move, hoping to severely injure or even kill Mi Jing Lun before being hit by Yang Kai. That way, it wouldn’t be a loss even if he died.


Of course, he could also choose to evade Yang Kai’s ambush, but all that would follow would be a joint attack from both Yang Kai and Mi Jing Lun together, which would still be difficult for him to resist.


So, he didn’t have a choice at all from the start.


Yang Kai tilted his head, his gaze passing Mo Na Ye by to look at Mi Jing Lun as he commented, “Senior Brother, that was too dangerous.”


He had communicated with Mi Jing Lun to coordinate their actions, but he never expected the latter to use such a dangerous method. Even Yang Kai’s heart was racing with fear for a moment. If he had moved just a bit slower, Mi Jing Lun would have undoubtedly suffered serious injuries.


Mi Jing Lun responded indifferently, “Fortune favours the bold.”


Yang Kai sighed, not knowing what to say in reply. He had no doubt that Mi Jing Lun trusted him, but he had no idea that Yang Kai had already exhausted too much of his strength in the previous battle. Even though he recovered some of it while destroying the Black Ink Nests, the time was too short and he couldn’t recover much of his strength. For example, Yang Kai could only use the same set of Secret Techniques he just used twice more before all his energy ran out again.


If Mo Na Ye really managed to avoid his surprise attack, things would have become difficult.


“Brother Yang, I have a question to ask before I die!” Mo Na Ye spoke to Yang Kai behind him as he stood still, showing no intention to resist.


Yang Kai raised a brow, “You may ask, but I may not necessarily answer.”


Mo Na Ye laughed bitterly, “You Humans… How did you discover reinforcements were coming?”


Mo Na Ye had speculated the reason the Humans were so eager to take down the No-Return Pass, even at the cost of greater sacrifices, was because they must have discovered reinforcements were rushing over from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t figure out how they managed to learn about them.


It had to be known that the reinforcements were still more than 10 years away at best, a distance so great that it would have been difficult for the Black Ink Clan to even contact them without the help of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s Divine Ability and the Black Ink Nests.


Mo Na Ye had thought that the reinforcements would be the No-Return Pass’ Black Ink Clan’s ticket to survival, allowing them to pincer the Humans from the front and back, catching them off guard. 


Who would have thought that it would become a death decree in the end?


“Reinforcements? What do you mean reinforcements?” Yang Kai asked in a surprised tone.


Mo Na Ye turned his head with difficulty so he could see his expression, but as he moved, the Azure Dragon Spear shook slightly, forcing him to keep still.


Yang Kai continued, “Where can your Black Ink Clan get reinforce… the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, is it? What happened over there!?” Mo Na Ye’s brow furrowed. Unable to see Yang Kai’s face, he could only stare at Mi Jing Lun, who had a look of sudden realization. 


“The thing you mentioned earlier was about the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements?”


There was a moment of confusion for Mo Na Ye…


Before the war started, he tried to probe Mi Jing Lun for clues but failed to get any answers. He had been confident that the Humans must have known about their reinforcements, which was why they launched such a decisive attack, but now, judging from Mi Jing Lun and Yang Kai’s reactions, it seemed that they actually knew nothing about it.


[Do the Humans really have no idea?]


“Speak! Are Black Ink Clan reinforcements from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction on the way here now? How is that possible!?” Yang Kai’s shout sounded from behind while at the same time, the spear that penetrated his chest pulsed with Dao Strengths, causing Mo Na Ye to groan in pain.


Even in such a critical situation, he was still closely observing Mi Jing Lun’s expression, and he could see that those eyes were full of worry and anxiety.


“Ha… haha… hahahaha!” Mo Na Ye could not help but break out in fervent laughter.


“What are you laughing at!?” Yang Kai shouted and shook his spear, interrupting Mo Na Ye’s laughter.



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