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Martial Peak – Chapter 5914, Human Race Great Victory

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Around 4,000 years ago, the Black Ink Clan Army swept through and captured the No-Return Pass, then the fight moved to the Barren Territory, which they used as a springboard to invade the 3,000 Worlds. 


This was the prelude to the fall.


Since then, the original inhabitants of the 3,000 Worlds, the Human Race, had been trapped in a corner. Enveloped in despair and darkness, the only Human Race’s dogged determination allowed them to survive and develop over the past several thousand years. Countless had fallen in the unceasing battles until today when they finally reclaimed the No-Return Pass.


In this battle, practically all the Black Ink Clansmen in the No-Return Pass were ruthlessly killed!


This battle also signified that the Human Race had regained the ability to fight back against the Black Ink Clan.


It was a battle worthy of being recorded in history to be admired by all future generations!


The humiliation and oppression of many years had been fermenting in the hearts of every member of the Human Race, so when the final Black Ink Clansman fell, the warriors could no longer suppress the joy in their hearts, tearing the void apart with the sounds of their cheers.


However, the fight was not completely over yet.


One last Black Ink Giant Spirit God was still stubbornly resisting.


But anyone could see that it was on its last legs.


With Ah Da and Ah Er of the Giant Spirit God Clan to restrain it, this Black Ink Giant Spirit God couldn’t escape. After this, the Humans need only cooperate with the Giant Spirit Gods to take down the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


The Human Race Army, despite having just achieved a great victory, did not delay for long. They did not even have time to tally their losses before their soldiers marched on with their weary bodies under orders from the Supreme Headquarters.


The 12 Armies of the Human Race were like 12 unstoppable torrents, blockading the void in all directions around the battlefield of the two Giant Spirit Gods and the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


The remaining Warships of each Army were woven into one large fleet, and the power of the various arrays and artifacts on them began silently accumulating power. Their target was the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


Under this situation, even a being as strong as the Black Ink Giant Spirit God would not be able to help itself from feeling depressed as if it had come to the end of its life.


It knew that nothing it could do would help it survive today.


In fact, it had already felt the urge to run away immediately after Yang Kai and Ah Da killed the first Black Ink Giant Spirit God together. However, Ah Er kept on getting in its way and it couldn’t get away in time. In the short window Ah Er bought, Ah Da rushed over to provide support, sealing its fate. 


Currently, the Human Race Army has formed a siege with tens of millions of soldiers. This was the entire military strength that they could mobilize at present. If this was still not enough to deal with a single, cornered Black Ink Giant Spirit God, then what was the point of even talking about a grander crusade?


On Pure Yang Pass, Mi Jing Lun and the other Ninth-Order Masters were waiting silently. Ripples suddenly emerged in the Void, and Yang Kai’s figure appeared.


Everyone turned over and nodded lightly at him, and not one person was looking at him without eyes filled with admiration.


When it came to both age and experience, Yang Kai may not be able to compare with many of his peers here. Other than Shi Da Zhuang and Tang Tao who had only recently broken through to the Ninth Order, all the others had lived thousands, if not tens of thousands of years longer than he had.


However, in terms of ability, he undoubtedly stood as the strongest among them all!


If Mi Jing Lun was to be called the wisest strategist of the Human Race Army, then Yang Kai was undoubtedly its sharpest blade. Yang Kai’s merits accounted for at least 70% of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s death, while the remaining 30% was made up by Ah Da.


“Are we ready?” Yang Kai asked.


Mi Jing Lun nodded, “We were just waiting for you.”


Yang Kai gazed deeply at the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, “Then, let’s begin.”


Mi Jing Lun immediately made a gesture, and when the messenger behind him, covered in blood, saw the sign, he immediately conveyed the order in all directions.


At the same time, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged and he transmitted a few words over.


On the battlefield sealed by the Human Race Army, three giant beings were fighting unceasingly, world shattering shockwaves spreading out with each of their clashes. Ah Da and Ah Er held the advantage fighting two against one, leaving the Black Ink Giant Spirit God into a sorry state, covered in wounds all over its body. One of its legs even looked twisted, most likely from a broken bone.


The Giant Spirit Gods and Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods hardly differed in strength, so in a one-on-one fight, it was basically impossible for either side to gain an advantage over the other. This was evident from all the clashes these Supreme Masters had fought in the past. Ah Er and his opponent had literally fought non-stop for thousands of years in the Barren Territory, but let alone deciding a victor, even who had the upper hand was never determined.


However, in such an even conflict, if another Master of the same level was to join in, it would form an absolute advantage for the side with greater numbers.


Even so, wanting to kill their opponent wouldn’t be easy. Even Ah Da and Ah Er had to be cautious when facing the final struggle of such a powerful opponent.


Fortunately, they had reinforcements from the Human Race to help them.


Ah Da was slightly taken aback for a moment when Yang Kai’s voice was transmitted over, but Ah Er reacted immediately and shouted at his Brother, “Go!”


Saying so, he kicked the Black Ink Giant Spirit God in the chest.


That kick sent the Black Ink Giant Spirit God tumbling, and Ah Er used the momentum of the kick to back away. Even though Ah Da was a bit slower to react, he had two good things going for him.


Firstly, he listened to his Brother.


Secondly, he listened to Yang Kai.


At this moment, he naturally followed suit and quickly retreated while the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was staggering.


After the two Giant Spirit Gods had created enough distance between them, the void suddenly trembled and countless powerful auras rose up.


In the next instant, tens of millions of streams of light swept over from all directions, covering the massive body of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God like a storm, their multi-coloured lights interweaving to form a blinding tapestry.


At this moment, the power of the Arrays and artifacts on the Warships was activated, and the Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities of the Masters were also being fully unleashed. They continuously bombard the Black Ink Giant Spirit God without end.


At the centre where their attacks were focused, the angry roar of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God rang out.


For a powerful being like a Black Ink Giant Spirit God, ordinary attacks had little to no effect on it. Even the Divine Abilities of the Ninth-Order Masters wouldn’t deal much damage to it.


However, when the number of these attacks reached a certain threshold and all struck at the same time, the accumulated power was something that no living being could ignore.


With numbers, even ants could kill an elephant, let alone the elite soldiers of the Human Race who have survived countless life-and-death battles.


The burst of light lasted for a long time, and before it even faded, a second volley arrived.


The roars of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God stopped abruptly, and at the same time, everyone felt a strong aura suddenly flare up in the centre of the interwoven lights before it faded away.


On Pure Yang Pass, all the Ninth-Order Masters had looks of astonishment on their faces. Even Yang Kai was surprised.


After being taken aback for a moment, Mi Jing Lun raised his hand.


With the signal given, the attacks of the Human Race Army quickly subsided.


Even though the attacks stopped, the dazzling lights persisted for several dozen breaths before gradually dissipating.


All eyes were locked on the space in front of them, and what they saw was not the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s figure, but only large and dense Black Ink Clouds and remnants of a broken corpse.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but raise his brow.


[This second one died just like that? Just two rounds of concentrated attacks from the Army were enough to kill it?]


After a moment of silence, Mi Jing Lun said, “It seems we overestimated its strength.”


The plan was originally to weaken the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s power first before slowly grinding it down; after all, the 12 Armies had already tightly sealed the entire region of the void while the two Giant Spirit Gods and the Ninth-Order Masters were also standing by. There was no escaping for the Black Ink Giant Spirit God here.


Death was the only fate awaiting it!


Who would have thought that before all their follow-up arrangements could come into play, the second Black Ink Giant Spirit God would be smashed to pieces? It made it seem as if they had made a big fuss over nothing.


The pale-faced Xiang Shan commented from the side, “There’s nothing wrong with being careful.”


It was not that the Human Race had overestimated the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s strength, just that such a good opportunity to set up and concentrate their attacks on it had never existed before.


This was an attack powered by every Master below the Ninth Order in the entire Human Race; the fact that the Black Ink Giant Spirit God could withstand the first volley without dying alone was enough to show its astonishing strength.


The battlefield fell into an eerie silence once again…


This sudden change left everyone feeling incredulous.


Until Mi Jing Lun’s voice rang through the entire battlefield


“Today, we have won a great victory for the Human Race!”


After a few breaths of silence, cheers that were even louder than before spread out like waves.


Slaughtering the Black Ink Clan and taking back the No-Return Pass essentially secured their victory, but there was still the last Black Ink Giant Spirit God to be dealt with, so the battle hadn’t ended at that point.


It wasn’t until this moment when the second Black Ink Giant Spirit God was defeated that victory truly belonged to the Human Race.


From this moment on, the Humans had fully regained control of the No-Return Pass and once again secured the 3,000 Worlds. No longer would they have to worry about the Black Ink Clan invading.


Feelings of joy and exhilaration were transmitted among all the soldiers. Many of the survivors wept, not because they were happy to survive, but because they had to mourn those who died in battle and could not see the glory of the Human Race’s victory.


The soldiers expressed their emotions freely…


“Hm?” Yang Kai suddenly turned in a certain direction with joy in his eyes.


In that direction, among the soldiers cheering in excitement, one person’s aura was fluctuating violently. As his aura shook, his momentum soared rapidly.


That person clearly realized what was about to happen and looked up towards Pure Yang Pass.


Beside him, all the soldiers noticed the situation, and many showed envy in their eyes.


Ou Yang Lie laughed heartily, “That’s Zheng Wu You of my Profound Nether Army. I’ll go and give him some pointers.”


Saying so, he flew over to that side with a big smile on his face without any care for his tired and battered body.


This couldn’t be helped. The person named Zheng Wu You was showing signs of breaking through his peak Eighth-Order bottleneck, which meant that he was about to advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm!


It was exciting news for everyone.


Since about 30 years ago, when Shi Da Zhuang and Tang Tao successively broke through into the Ninth Order, there had been no new Ninth-Order Masters among their people.


But, everyone knew that Shi Da Zhuang and Tang Tao’s breakthroughs were just the beginning. After them, more Ninth-Order Masters were sure to be born, and it was bound to be an endless process because the World Tree clone’s feedback in the Open Heaven Realm Cradles was just about to demonstrate its greatest effect. 


There had been a continuous stream of promising seedlings that had advanced directly to the Seventh Order over the past few thousand years; thus, it was only a matter of time before these seedlings reached their final destination, the Ninth Order!



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