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Martial Peak – Chapter 5919, Without Warning

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Around half a day later, Yang Kai returned to the Universe Temple and the Ninth-Order Masters gathered around him to get an update.


Once Yang Kai filled them in on everything he witnessed, Mi Jing Lun nodded, “It’s fairly similar to what we expected.”


“In that case, should we proceed according to plan?” Xiang Shan asked.


Mi Jing Lun turned to Yang Kai, “What do you think, Junior Brother?”


“It won’t be a problem,” Yang Kai answered.


Mi Jing Lun’s expression was serious as he declared, “Let’s stick to the plan then.”


Soon, everyone left the Universe Temple, save for two Void Guards who remained behind to stand guard there.


After a day’s worth of travelling, they arrived in a part of the void that was neither too far nor too near the base of the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements. Yang Kai held his hand out to Xiang Shan who brought out the World Bead he had been keeping with him the whole time.


Space Principles surged as Yang Kai’s hands moved swiftly. He gently patted the World Bead before tossing it into the void.


Once the tiny World Bead left Yang Kai’s grasp, it started expanding at great speed. It looked as if a stone had been tossed into a calm lake, causing ripples to spread out in all directions.


In just a few moments, the World Bead had been restored to its original form, and on the lifeless Universe Fragment, the Blood Flame Army was busy preparing themselves.


“Senior Brother Xiang, I’ll leave things here to you and Junior Brother Sun,” Yang Kai said.


Xiang Shan nodded in response, as did Sun Ke, one of the new Ninth-Order Masters.


“You all will remain here as well and cooperate with me later when we strike,” Yang Kai spoke to a few members of the Void Guard accompanying them. 


“Yes, Sir!” They quickly replied.


“Let’s go to the next spot,” Yang Kai called out as he led the rest of the Ninth-Order Masters and Void Guard onwards.


Yang Kai kept releasing World Beads at specific spots and leaving each of the Human Race Armies there.


This carried on for a couple of days until everything was in place.


They were done with all their preparations!


The last Army to be released was the Profound Nether Army, which presently had three Ninth-Order Masters among their ranks. One was Ou Yang Lie, a more seasoned Ninth-Order Master, while the other two were newly promoted with a lot of room for growth.


The atmosphere was tense as the Army stood ready for battle.


Ou Yang Lie was in the lead, his eyes closed.


Approximately a quarter hour later, the time that had been agreed upon earlier arrived. Ou Yang Lie whipped his eyes open, raised his hand, and shot off. The Profound Nether Army that had been waiting eagerly for this moment heard him roar, “Charge!”


This scene played out in 12 different areas of the void as the 12 Armies marched on the enemy from 12 different directions at the same time, heading straight towards the Black Ink Clan reinforcements’ base.


No sound was made, but their steely resolve and murderous intent permeated the void, causing space itself to shudder in their presence.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was hovering above the base with his eyes closed as he quietly counted down…


The base was made up of over 100 Universe Fragments and Worlds that had been gathered together. The Black Ink Clan had gone through painstaking efforts to drag all of these over from the neighbouring areas of the void to use as a defence line.


Some of the Pseudo-Royal Lords were gathered in a corner of the base, communicating via Divine Sense, their expressions grim as they were worried about the future.


This could not be helped. Six months ago, they suddenly received word from the No-Return Pass that the Humans had launched a frenzied, all-out attack. Not only did they lose one of the Supreme One’s Soul Clones in the battle, but the entire Black Ink Clan Army there had been routed and was at risk of being annihilated.


They had no way of knowing the outcome of the battle as they stopped receiving updates from the No-Return Pass after the Royal Lord named Mo Na Ye transmitted some final information to them.


Nevertheless, they could hazard a guess that the Black Ink Clan at the No-Return Pass must have met their doom and all the Black Ink Nests were destroyed. If that was not the case, it was impossible for them to not get any further news.


Initially, they stormed out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction to help the Black Ink Clan Army at the No-Return Pass, but now that the Humans had captured it, was there any point in heading over as reinforcements?


In the end, they chose to follow Mo Na Ye’s directions. They remained in place to await the arrival of the Human Race Army with the intent to block their path.


The Human Race Army was so powerful that they could even slaughter a Soul Clone of the Supreme One; thus, the reinforcements knew they would surely lose any war they fought against them, but they had no choice.


Fortunately, they were quite a distance away from the No-Return Pass and thus had sufficient time to prepare for the confrontation.


Just as the Pseudo-Royal Lords were in the middle of their discussion though, a Feudal Lord flew over and stood by the side as he greeted them.


“What is it?” A Pseudo-Royal Lord that looked like a giant spider turned to him and asked. It was an extremely peculiar sight as the spider-like Pseudo-Royal Lord had a Human face.


However, the Black Ink Clan came in all manner of strange and peculiar forms, so he was not unique by any means.


“I have something to report, Sirs,” the Feudal Lord respectfully said.


“Go on.” It was a Pseudo-Royal Lord who looked like a small giant with four arms who spoke this time.


The Feudal Lord swiftly reported his findings. It did not count as anything serious. A few of the teams who had been sent out to collect resources should have returned as early as two weeks ago, but had failed to show up, and now even the scouts sent out to check on them could not be contacted anymore.


After hearing the reports, the spider-like Pseudo-Royal Lord frowned and snapped, “You don’t need to interrupt us with such inconsequential matters. Just send out a few more scouts to investigate.”


They were on the Late Ancient Era battlefield where there were a myriad of powerful traps in the form of barriers, seals, and restrictions left in the void. Many of their mining teams and scouts had already gone missing as well prior to this news, so the Pseudo-Royal Lords did not pay much attention to these things.


Therefore, they ignored the Feudal Lord’s concerns.


The Feudal Lord had more to say, but in the end, he feared the Pseudo-Royal Lords too much to continue, so he respectfully took his leave.


He could only do as the Pseudo-Royal Lord had commanded, so once he got back, he sent out a few more scouts and instructed them to investigate the places where the previous teams had gone missing, though he still felt uneasy.


Even though there had been instances where their scouts or teams in charge of collecting resources went missing in the past, it happened far less frequently than it did recently.


At the same time, Yang Kai, who was hidden above the base, slowly opened his eyes.


[It’s time!]


Yang Kai looked down at the base and the Universe Fragments filled with the resting Black Ink Clan Army; then, he opened his palm.


The Space-Time River was circling atop his palm like a snake biting its tail, and in the middle of it was a piece of the Void that had been cut out.


A tiny Great Pass was sealed up inside that piece of the Void, and two figures sat cross-legged inside of it. They looked quite adorable in their miniature state.


As Yang Kai looked at them, the two figures noticed his gaze and looked up at him before rising to their feet.


Yang Kai nodded lightly at them before flicking his hand, causing the Space-Time River to fly out.


In a similar fashion to what had happened when Yang Kai released the World Beads, the Space-Time River began rapidly expanding the moment it left Yang Kai’s grip.


The sudden commotion instantly drew the attention of all from the Black Ink Clansmen.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords, Territory Lords, and Feudal Lords, all sensed that something was happening and quickly looked up.


The sight they saw shocked them to no end.


A large river appeared out of nowhere and rapidly expanded until a massive Great Pass appeared before their eyes. A Pseudo-Royal Lord saw the characters etched into the Great Pass and had to rub his eyes before taking another look to ensure he was not hallucinating.


[Pure Yang Pass!]


They had never seen Pure Yang Pass before, but the intelligence Mo Na Ye sent them before he died mentioned the existence of such a Great Pass.


It was the only Great Pass the Humans had right now and had greatly contributed to their invasion of the No-Return Pass.


[Why would Pure Yang Pass be here? And, why does that strange river that cuts across the void look so familiar?]


After giving it some thought, [Isn’t that great river the exclusive Divine Ability of Yang Kai, the killing star from the Human Race!?]


They were gobsmacked by the sudden turn of events and had not figured out what was happening, but there were always going to be smarter ones in their midst. As such, a voice soon roared so loudly that it echoed in the void.


“The Humans have come! We’re under attack!”


That was enough to shock all from the Black Ink Clan into action.


Although they did not know how the Humans managed to arrive so soon, now was not the time for them to dwell on this conundrum; however, before they could do anything, the massive Pure Yang Pass came crashing down on the Universe Fragments in the centre of their base.


Technically, Pure Yang Pass was many times smaller than even a single Universe Fragment, but when the two met, it was the Universe Fragments that exploded into pieces.


It looked as if someone used a hammer on a watermelon.


The sudden, forceful attack turned the first Universe Fragment into shattered pieces, and the Black Ink Clansmen atop it were thrown into chaos. The unlucky ones were killed upon impact, but most of them were stumbling around and coughing up blood as they had been heavily injured in the collision.


Only those who were at least a Feudal Lord could survive the fallout of such a collision.


At least 100,000 High-Rank Black Ink Clan soldiers died from just this attack alone, and it was only the beginning. 


Without the Humans to wield the strength of Pure Yang Pass to its maximum, it was simply an inanimate object that could not do much; however, just as Pure Yang Pass smashed that Universe Fragment to pieces, two figures shot up and swiftly expanded. They instantly turned into giant silhouettes that flanked the Great Pass on either side.


The immense pressure that emanated from the enormous figures made the Black Ink Clan feel as if their souls were shaking and chills ran down their spines.


“Giant Spirit Gods!”


Terror-stricken screams rang out from all directions.


None of them expected to see a Giant Spirit God suddenly appear amidst their ranks, let alone two!


Pure Yang Pass, which was supposed to be back at the No-Return Pass, had shown up here, and two Giant Spirit Gods came with it. The Pseudo-Royal Lords could not fathom how the Humans managed to cross such a vast distance in such a short amount of time, or how they managed to ensure that the Black Ink Clan was completely blindsided by this sudden, fearsome attack.



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