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Martial Peak – Chapter 5920, In Full Force

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Secret Techniques shot out at the two Giant Spirit Gods from all directions as the Black Ink Clan reacted instinctively while in panic.


Thus, Ah Da and Ah Er had only just resumed their original forms, but they were already under fierce attack.


Ah Da roared as fury coloured his simple, honest face.


[Ah Da didn’t do anything. Ah Da just showed up here, but everyone is attacking Ah Da! Ah Da knew the Black Ink Clan was bad!]


His roar seemed to form an invisible wall that blocked all the Secret Techniques from the Black Ink Clan, and in the very next moment, he stepped towards them.


Though his massive size made his movement seem rather clumsy, one step was all it took for him to reach the nearest Universe Fragment where he threw out his fist.


Ah Da was much bigger than Pure Yang Pass, almost the same size as the Universe Fragment in front of him, so when his fist struck, the Black Ink Clansmen who were hit directly instantly vaporized, regardless of how powerful they were. There had even been a Pseudo-Royal Lord present, yet he did not manage to escape this fate.


Pseudo-Royal Lords were undeniably strong, but they were still ants compared to a Giant Spirit God’s fist!


Countless others died as well.


Ah Da’s blow created a huge crater initially, and as the force of his punch reverberated out, the entire Universe Fragment soon exploded into dust.


The Black Ink Clansmen cried out as they tried to escape, but they were still affected by the shockwave of Ah Da’s punch and were now either heavily injured or at least dazed, making their struggles almost futile.


An Eighth-Order Master could destroy a Universe Fragment with a single punch, but there was still an enormous difference in destructive force when compared to a Giant Spirit God.


This was the strength of a Giant Spirit God! Right now, apart from Mo, whose power remained enigmatic to all, the Giant Spirit God Clan were the most powerful beings fighting in this war.


Although they were not proficient in the use of Secret Techniques or Divine Abilities, and seemed to be of lower sentience in some ways, they had immense strength.


While Ah Da was busy destroying that Universe Fragment, Ah Er did not stand around idle either. He charged at the defensive barrier the Black Ink Clan had worked so hard to create, and with each kick or punch he landed, lands were destroyed and countless Black Ink Clan soldiers died.


In just a few breaths of time, the void was littered with broken Universe Fragments and Black Ink Strength that had leaked out of the dead Black Ink Clan soldiers.


It was only then that the Pseudo-Royal Lords managed to recover themselves and take action, ordering their Armies to try and stop the two Giant Spirit Gods.


Soon, their attacks started taking effect. Although Giant Spirit Gods were terrifyingly powerful, there were only two of them and their enormous size made them easy targets. The Black Ink Clan reinforcements numbered over 10 million, and as long as they properly coordinated, their combined strength could not be underestimated.


The attacks poured in from all directions. Ah Da and Ah Er’s silhouettes began to look a little unsteady and they could not move as freely either, but that only served to infuriate them even more.


When the Human Race Army attacked the No-Return Pass, they were able to kill the second Black Ink Giant Spirit God by gathering all their strength together. The Black Ink Clan would probably be able to accomplish the same feat if they could group up and arrange themselves the way the Humans had.


Though it had to be said that the Black Ink Giant Spirit God the Humans killed had already been through an intense battle with Ah Da and Ah Er, and thus was already seriously injured. Furthermore, its movement had been restricted as well and it could not dodge the combined assault from the Human Race Army. Even a Black Ink Giant Spirit God could not withstand that level of bombardment.


Ah Da and Ah Er’s situation was a lot better than that Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s. Though the Black Ink Clan kept attacking from all directions, the two Giant Spirit Gods would not be in any mortal danger if the Black Ink Clan failed to unleash a combined assault that was strong enough to overpower them in one blow.


However, considering the heritage of the Black Ink Clan reinforcements, it was within their means to force Ah Da and Ah Er to retreat if they were willing to make some sacrifices.


That would only be possible if nothing unexpected happened, however, and alas, it soon did.


All of a sudden, those on the battlefield detected the fall of a Pseudo-Royal Lord!


An intense fight had broken out on the battlefield and the death of a Pseudo-Royal Lord was not something surprising. The unluckiest of them all had died from the Giant Spirit God’s first strike.


However, what caught the Black Ink Clan’s attention was the fact that the Pseudo-Royal Lord who just died did so a great distance away from the Giant Spirit Gods at a place that did not seem to be under attack.


Furthermore, even if the fallout from the Giant Spirit Gods’ blows had managed to travel that far, how was it possible for a Pseudo-Royal Lord to not be able to block that level of attack?


Before the Black Ink Clan managed to figure out what had just happened, the aura of yet another Pseudo-Royal Lord vanished.


A third and a fourth soon followed…


At last, the Pseudo-Royal Lords realized the situation they had on their hands.


Apart from the two Giant Spirit Gods, there was also a third Master they did not know about who was lurking on the battlefield and assassinating the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords were alarmed.


“It’s Yang Kai! He’s here!” One of the smarter Pseudo-Royal Lords roared.


A strange river had cut through the void when Pure Yang Pass and the two Giant Spirit Gods abruptly appeared, and several of the Pseudo-Royal Lords recognised what it was. According to the information Mo Na Ye provided before his death, the river was made out of Dao Strengths and belonged to Yang Kai, the killing star.


He was the most powerful Ninth-Order Master and the one that Mo Na Ye warned them to guard against, for he was an even bigger threat to the Black Ink Clan than the Giant Spirit Gods!


When the Pseudo-Royal Lords in the reinforcement army heard this report, they found it hard to believe that a lone Human, no matter how strong, would pose an even bigger threat to the Black Ink Clan than the Giant Spirit Gods.


Nevertheless, Mo Na Ye was a true Royal Lord and they had to pay serious attention to the last warning he gave them just before he died.


It was only now that the Pseudo-Royal Lords realised Mo Na Ye could have been right.


Though the Giant Spirit Gods were powerful, they were extremely overt in the way they did things. It was much easier to guard against a spear in the light than an arrow in the dark.


As soon as that Pseudo-Royal Lord’s roar rang out, it was followed by an agonising shriek.


The Black Ink Clan were drawn by his cries and quickly looked over, only to find a silhouette fading away behind the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was now sporting a large hole in his chest. Dao Strengths surged from his wound and ate away at his vitality.


“Don’t let him escape!” A Pseudo-Royal Lord yelled as he unleashed his aura and smashed it towards that part of the void.


Many Pseudo-Royal Lords jumped into action and followed suit.


Space rippled and a silhouette which was about to completely fade away reappeared once more. It was a Human who had a long spear in his hand. He looked perfectly at ease despite being surrounded by his enemies.


“You’ve got pretty quick reflexes,” the Human coolly remarked, but the Pseudo-Royal Lords did not hear any semblance of a complimentary tone in his voice.


“Quick! Keep him occupied!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord who shouted earlier was smarter than the others and knew that this was a rare opportunity for them. If they allowed Yang Kai to hide once more, even more of their Masters would meet their doom. Their best option now was to pin him down and stop him from finding a chance to sneak up on any other Pseudo-Royal Lords.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords nearest to Yang Kai swiftly lunged at him from their respective directions, trying to gang up on him.


They attacked as speedily as they could in an impressive display of cooperation for the frantic state they were in.


If it had been any other Ninth-Order Master, they would have been caught in a difficult battle.


However, Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent as he made a grabbing motion and Dao Strengths rippled in the air as the sound of water echoed.


He summoned his Space-Time River, and it snaked around him like a whip.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords who were charging at him were taken by surprise and ended up plunging into the river, just like children who drowned by a sudden surge of water. They struggled on the surface of the river for a few moments before sinking in and disappearing.


The river grew fierce as Dao Strengths surged. A few figures could vaguely be seen inside the river, clearly fighting for their lives.


Soon, the commotion died down.


Yang Kai flicked his wrist and a few figures flew out of the river.


When the Black Ink Clan saw this, their hearts sank and their expressions hardened.


The figures that fell out were the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been swept up just now, but they were all now covered in mortal wounds and their auras had vanished.


All it took was a few moments and all those Pseudo-Royal Lords had been killed!


It was an unbelievable display of power!


The Pseudo-Royal Lords who were still charging towards Yang Kai immediately halted, thanking the Supreme One for being further away as they had not been dragged into the strange river. Otherwise, they would have numbered among the dead Pseudo-Royal Lords as well.


All of the Pseudo-Royal Lords began to hesitate.


Although all the information from Mo Na Ye about Yang Kai had warned them not to underestimate him, none of them had imagined he would be this terrifying.


“Good, good!” The Pseudo-Royal Lords were terrified and uncertain, but Yang Kai felt spirited.


He had been hiding his true strength all these years, which meant he could not unleash his full power whenever he joined the attacks on the No-Return Pass, and he hated every moment of it.


Even though he no longer tried to conceal his ability during the last battle, he had been facing off against a Black Ink Giant Spirit God and he did not manage to have a true face-off with it, so he did not get to experience the rush of displaying his full strength.


He killed Mo Na Ye by concealing himself with the help of Thunder Shadow’s Divine Ability, and ever since then, he had been patiently waiting…


Until today…


The death of these Pseudo-Royal Lords enabled him to see just how much stronger he had become.


In the past, whenever he used the Space-Time River, Yang Kai was able to capture multiple Pseudo-Royal Lords at once but he could not kill them off so easily. He had to enter the river personally to finish off his prey.


But he no longer had to do so. He now had complete control over the life and death of Pseudo-Royal Lords who entered the Space-Time River!


This was the change that happened when one’s heritage grew stronger. It was an intoxicating feeling.


“Kill him!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord who gave the command was retreating as he roared.


An endless stream of Secret Techniques shot out at Yang Kai, but they all hit nothing as his figure simply faded away.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords pushed their Divine Senses wildly, but they could not detect any trace of Yang Kai. The chaotic battlefield was filled with all kinds of fluctuating forces and energies, so the Pseudo-Royal Lords completely lost track of predator among them.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai soon reappeared behind the Pseudo-Royal Lord who had given the command, his long spear casually piercing through the latter’s head.



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