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Martial Peak – Chapter 5921, Broaden Your Horizons

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When the two Giant Spirits Gods appeared, an intense battle broke out at the Black Ink Clan base.


Though initially flustered and caught off-guard, the Black Ink Clan reinforcement Army slowly regained composure and began working together to suppress the Giant Spirit Gods.


It was immensely difficult, but at least they did not become victims of an outright massacre.


The Giant Spirit Gods were beginning to show signs of injury as well. Large boulder-like objects fell from their bodies as the Black Ink Clan Army kept up a continuous bombardment of attacks.


The fact that the reinforcement Army was able to come up with a response in such a short amount of time made it clear they were indeed elites of the Black Ink Clan.


Alas, the two Giant Spirit Gods were not what the Black Ink Clan felt most challenged by. No matter how powerful the Giant Spirits Gods were, they were out in the open and they could deal with them accordingly.


The biggest threat, however, was the Human killing star, who was hiding in the dark and could strike out with extreme lethality at any given moment!


Yang Kai, the killing star, was able to move around essentially undetectable. Even the Pseudo-Royal Lords could not track him down, and each time he appeared, at least one Pseudo-Royal Lord would die!


It was their first time clashing against an opponent like Yang Kai, but despite only a short time passing, he was already akin to a looming shadow of death that hung over all their heads!


He did not attack anyone other than the Pseudo-Royal Lords, but in just a short span, 20 such Masters had died, with the surviving ones helpless to deal with him.


Had it been possible, the Pseudo-Royal Lords’ best option would have been to hide among the rest of the Army, but due to the drawbacks of the Source Fusion Technique, they couldn’t restrain their auras. They were like bright lights in a dark tunnel, their presence glaringly obvious to anyone despite being in a sea of over 10 million other Black Ink Clansmen.


They could neither defeat Yang Kai nor find him. It felt as if they had no way of overcoming this crisis.


“I want to know what the situation is at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. I will spare the life of the one who tells me what I wish to know!”


All of a sudden, the Human’s voice rang out on the battlefield for all the Black Ink Clan Army to hear.


One of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had an abrupt change of expression as his eyes glinted and he threw his fist towards a certain part of the void, “He’s here!”


He punched with all his strength and the void shattered like a mirror, but there was nothing there.


Then, the Pseudo-Royal Lord heard Yang Kai’s voice sounding tauntingly next to his ear.


“Wrong answer!”


There was a flash of light as the local space solidified. The Pseudo-Royal Lord was still in the same pose, his clenched fist extended out, but his head had been separated from his body and black blood was now gushing out of his neck, dyeing the void black.


“Does anyone else wish to speak?” Yang Kai’s voice rang out again. Two Pseudo-Royal Lords confidently unleashed attacks towards the spot where the voice came from, but as soon as they did so, Yang Kai appeared behind them and thrust his spear through their backs.


Before the rest of the Pseudo-Royal Lords could rush over, Yang Kai’s silhouette disappeared once more.


“Maybe my previous question was a little too broad, so I’ll be more specific. Has Mo woken up yet? What’s the situation like with the Human Race Army based outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction?”


A hot-tempered Pseudo-Royal Lord immediately hollered, “You want to know what happened to the Army over there? They’re all dead, and you’re next!”


As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Kai appeared in front of him.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord had been secretly searching for Yang Kai’s location all along, but he did not expect the Human to be arrogant enough to show up in this manner, so he was caught off-guard.


By the time he was able to react, Yang Kai’s hand had flashed out and tightly gripped his forehead.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord was entirely shocked by what happened next. All at once, he felt as if his entire body was mysteriously suppressed and sealed by a strange force. Despite merely being held by the forehead, he could not fight back at all and Yang Kai ended up whisking him off just like that.


All the Masters from the Black Ink Clan nearby gasped in shock and fury as they sent forth a torrent of Secret Techniques aimed at Yang Kai.


Nevertheless, their attacks hit nothing as Yang Kai’s silhouette flickered across the battlefield without ever truly solidifying in one spot.


Yang Kai flitted around to avoid the Black Ink Clan’s attacks, all the while holding onto the Pseudo-Royal Lord by the latter’s forehead. He eyed the Pseudo-Royal Lord and stated matter-of-factly, “The Humans have a saying, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. You’ll have to pay the price for not watching your tongue!”


Alas, the Pseudo-Royal Lord was a rebellious fellow, so despite being subjugated, he had no intention of compromising. He sneered and screeched, “What price would you make me pay, huh? It’s just death! So what if you kill me? You’ll never be able to stand against the Supreme One! Black Ink is Eternal!”


“Who said I’m going to kill you?” Yang Kai eyed him coolly.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord abruptly felt a thick malice engulf him, one so intense that even though he was fully prepared to die, he could not help shuddering in response. 


“You just came out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, so I’m assuming you’ve never experienced Purifying Light before. Well, I’m in a generous mood today, so I’ll help you broaden your horizons!” Having said that, the two marks on Yang Kai’s hand became visible, and in the very next moment, yellow and blue light flowed out and wrapped around the Pseudo-Royal Lord.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord immediately had a look of horror on his face.


It was true that the reinforcement Army had only just recently left the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction and had never encountered Purifying Light before, but they had heard of it and how it could be used to counter Black Ink Strength.


Black Ink Strength was able to corrupt anything and everything it touched, but the Heavens were fair in all things, so no matter how strong a particular energy was, there was always something that countered it.


Primordial Light and Darkness were both born at the dawn of the Universe. Neither could exist without the other, but both also perfectly suppressed one another!


The yellow and blue lights swirled together and quickly condensed into a pure white light.


A sizzling sound was heard and all at once, the Pseudo-Royal Lord felt as if he had been tossed into a boiling pot of oil as Black Ink Strength gushed out of his body and evaporated as it came into contact with the Purifying Light.


Throughout this process, the Pseudo-Royal Lord underwent such overwhelming pain that he could not stop screaming in agony.


His tormented cries echoed across the battlefield and struck fear into the hearts of all the Black Ink Clansmen.


The attacks on Yang Kai did not cease as the Black Ink Clan continued their attempts to track him down, unleashing all their most powerful attacks wherever they suspected he might be.


However, it made no difference. While Yang Kai could not hide himself while torturing the Pseudo-Royal Lord, his masterful use of Space Principles allowed him to freely weave around the Black Ink Clan’s attacks.


In fact, thanks to Yang Kai’s sneak manoeuvring, a sizable number of Masters from the Black Ink Clan ended up getting caught in friendly fire instead.


As for the Pseudo-Royal Lord that Yang Kai captured, he had nearly screamed himself hoarse as his aura continuously weakened.


In the end, he could not take it anymore and growled hoarsely, “Kill me! Kill me!”


He finally realised that there were fates worse than death.


Yang Kai carefully adjusted the strength of Purifying Light and brought the Pseudo-Royal Lord before him, “Killing you is no problem at all,” he quietly said, “Just tell me what’s happening at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction and you won’t have to suffer this torment any longer.”


The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s lips quivered as he howled through his pain, “The Human Race Army has been wiped out and the Supreme One has woken up!”


Yang Kai’s gaze turned cold.


“Kill me! I told you what you wanted to know,” the Pseudo-Royal Lord roared hoarsely.


“But, what you told me differs from what I know.”


“I’m telling you the truth! It’s all true!”


Yang Kai did not answer. Regardless of whether or not the Suppressing Black Ink Army was still alive, there was no doubt that Mo had not awakened yet. If Mo was fully awake, the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction would have been shattered and the reinforcements sent out would have been many times larger and had true Royal Lords leading them.


[Even at a time like this, this Pseudo-Royal Lord still wants to try and trick me, huh? Either he doesn’t know what’s happening over there, or he doesn’t wish to tell me.]


Yang Kai sighed. He knew there was no hope of him extracting any useful information about the situation over there out of the Black Ink Clan now.


The reinforcements had chosen to remain in this place to put up a fight against the Human Race Army after hearing about the situation at the No-Return Pass. Thus, it was most likely that they were already prepared to die, so it was unrealistic to think he could dig out any information from them.


That Pseudo-Royal Lord was still bathing in Purifying Light and his aura had now dropped precipitously. Even the aura of a High-Rank Black Ink Clan was stronger than his now, so Yang Kai tossed him at the group of Pseudo-Royal Lords who were swarming over as a barrage of attacks shot out at him.


As the attacks exploded, the Pseudo-Royal Lord turned into dust.


Once Yang Kai’s hand was free, he immediately turned around and summoned the Space-Time River which came crashing down on those who were chasing after him.


The long river was like a beast that devoured everything in its path as it swallowed up a group of Pseudo-Royal Lords. Dao Strengths then surged and wiped out their vitality.


Meanwhile, a group of Pseudo-Royal Lords were standing on a certain Universe Fragment. They did not join the hunt against Yang Kai and instead gathered in the distance to observe the situation.


After seeing the way a single Human and two Giant Spirit Gods sent their entire Army into upheaval, the Pseudo-Royal Lord in command let out a long sigh before saying, “We can’t lose all our forces here. Our mission is to cripple the Human Race Army. There’s no point trying to put up a fight against these three.”


Based on the current strength of the Black Ink Clan Army, it was impossible for them to kill the two Giant Spirit Gods. Certainly they could injure these two Giant Spirit Gods, but once the latter felt threatened, they would simply run away and the Black Ink Clan had absolutely no way to stop them.


The same applied to Yang Kai, the killing star.


Since the Black Ink Clan had no way of stopping their three opponents from escaping, and no way of killing them, this was an entirely futile fight that would only result in casualties on their side.


The other Pseudo-Royal Lords nodded in agreement.


“Give the order for some to stay behind and keep these three occupied, as for the others… evacuate at once!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord quickly came to a decision.


“Where should we go?” A Pseudo-Royal Lord asked.


The one who first spoke stayed silent for a moment before looking in the direction of the No-Return Pass, “We’ll go out and meet the Human Race Army ourselves!”


At first, the rest were confused, but they soon came to a realization.


This was probably their only option now. They had to clash with the Human Race Army as soon as possible; that way, even if they all died, they would still manage to fulfil their mission!



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