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Martial Peak – Chapter 5922, The Purple Feather Army Charges

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The order to withdraw went out at once, and despite the chaos of the situation, the Black Ink Clan Army was able to maintain some semblance of order as they prepared to retreat.


According to their estimates, they had to leave at least 30% of their forces behind to keep the two Giant Spirit Gods and the killing star occupied. That was the only way they could carve out enough room for the rest of the Army to leave safely and carry out their mission.


This decision pained the majority of them, but they had no choice.


The Pseudo-Royal Lord who served as the Commander was standing atop a Universe Fragment and surveying the bloody battlefield with an icy glare. Though he knew he would never get to seek vengeance himself, he still wanted to sear the killing star’s image into the recesses of his mind.


“Sir!” Suddenly, a Feudal Lord flew over and landed in front of the Pseudo-Royal Lords to frantically report, “Sirs, we have found signs of a Human Race Army!”


The Pseudo-Royal Lords were startled.


“Which direction?” The commanding Pseudo-Royal Lord quickly asked.


“That direction,” The Feudal Lord pointed it out.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords all turned to look, and sure enough, they spotted hazy figures far off in the depths of the void.


It was a great distance away, so they could not see clearly, but it was undoubtedly a Human Race Army, a very large one.


“Excellent!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord cheered thunderously. He did not seem panicked by the sudden report; instead, he looked pleased.


Regardless of how the Human Race Army managed to arrive in such a short amount of time when it should have taken them over a decade to reach this place, it was precisely what the Black Ink Clan hoped to see.


When they left the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, their initial mission was to aid the Black Ink Clan Army at the No-Return Pass by attacking the Humans from the rear. They wanted to sneak up on the enemy, catch the Humans off-guard, and slaughter them all.


However, when the No-Return Pass was lost, their mission changed. All they needed to do now was to fight the Humans who were heading for Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, and to stop at nothing whilst doing so. Neither the outcome nor their survival mattered.


The sudden appearance of Yang Kai and the two Giant Spirit Gods threw their initial plans into disarray, and they were forced to split their troops in two. They had to leave some behind to keep the three menaces occupied while the others headed for the No-Return Pass to confront the Human Race Army as soon as possible.


No one expected the Human Race Army would be here already!


The enemy was delivering themselves up, so after being startled for a moment, the Black Ink Clansmen were filled up with a thirst for battle.


The Humans used the strength of their killing star and the two Giant Spirit Gods to disrupt their position and deployments before sending in their Army to launch a surprise attack. It looked as if the Humans had planned all this from the start. It was perilous to face such an enemy on their terms.


Still, what was there for them to fear?


The Black Ink Clan existed solely to sacrifice everything for the sake of the Supreme One.


“Sir!” Yet another voice called out from the distance, and a second Feudal Lord joined them as he quickly reported, “Sirs, we have sighted a Human Race Army!”


The Pseudo-Royal Lord Commander nodded, “I know.”


The Feudal Lord who just came was completely taken aback. He rushed over as soon as he received the news, so how did the Pseudo-Royal Lords find out about it beforehand?


Nevertheless, he dared not make any comments. He stood aside and glanced at the first Feudal Lord, but when their gazes met, they seemed to realize something.


“Sir!” Once again, a Feudal Lord rushed over from a different direction.


At last, the Pseudo-Royal Lords also realised that the situation was not as simple as they thought it was.


The Human Race Army was not coming from just one direction.


Armies were rushing towards their base from all directions!


They were completely surrounded.


It was hard to imagine how the Humans managed to achieve this. The Black Ink Clan Army numbered over 10 million elites so it should have been impossible to box them in without someone noticing something earlier on.


Finally, some of the Pseudo-Royal Lords recalled the reports they had dismissed the past few days, ones about scouts and resource-gathering teams failing to return on time.


From the looks of it now, the missing Black Ink Clansmen must have been discovered by the Humans and eliminated.


They never thought that the Humans could arrive here so soon, so they had been preparing for a battle to break out a decade later, that was why they were not more vigilant and failed to realize the Humans were closing in on them.


“Those deplorable Humans!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord Commander exploded in rage. Even though he wanted to take on the Human Race Armies as soon as possible, he did not welcome being plotted against this way. After thinking in silence for a moment though, he shouted, “Pass down the order, we launch a full-scale attack in that direction!”


He pointed in the direction of the No-Return Pass, which was also the direction the first Feudal Lord pointed out in his report.


Although the Black Ink Clan was being besieged from all directions, the one silver lining of the situation was that the Human Race’s strength was scattered as they had split themselves up into over 10 different forces. Even though this allowed them to surround the Black Ink Clan, it also meant that the Black Ink Clan could target these smaller Armies individually!


As long as they moved quickly enough, they had enough heritage to wipe out a few of the Human Race’s Armies. That would be enough to deal a crushing blow to the Humans and force them to cut their crusade short!


The Black Ink Clan were already making preparations to withdraw, so after receiving the latest order from the commanding Pseudo-Royal Lord, they instantly split into two. 30% stayed behind to keep Yang Kai and the Giant Spirit Orders occupied while the rest charged at the Human Race Army that was approaching from the direction of the No-Return Pass.


The Human Race Army coming from that direction was the Purple Feather Army.


Wu Qing was originally the only Ninth-Order Master in the Purple Feather Army, but ever since the battle at the No-Return Pass, the Humans had 20 new Ninth-Order Masters, two of whom were added to the Purple Feather Army. They were a man and a woman, an actual Senior Brother and Junior Sister pair. Even if one searched the entirety of the Human Race’s history, it was exceedingly rare to find a precedent of two such people growing so powerful together.


It was hard enough to become a Ninth-Order Master as few ever had the possibility of doing so. If it had not been for the benefits gained from the World Tree clone, it would usually take several thousand, if not tens of thousands of years for someone with the aptitude to become a Ninth-Order Master to appear in a Great Force. Thus, the years and generations that separated the Ninth-Order Masters made it near impossible for two to have a Senior Brother and Junior Sister relationship. That all changed with the appearance of the Star Boundary.


After several millennia of fighting together, this pair could basically read each other’s thoughts. Even when they were still Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Masters, they had already carved out a name for themselves on the battlefield as numerous Feudal and Territory Lords had died at their hands. They had even caught Mo Na Ye’s attention as he had set up traps that were targeted specifically at them.


The many years of war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan gave birth to a plethora of both celebratory and sorrowful stories, but it also led to the birth of many remarkable people, and these two were ranked among them.


Right now, they were standing atop a Purifying Black Ink Battleship together with Wu Qing, their Senior, as all three were observing the battlefield.


When Wu Qing saw that the Black Ink Clan Army had chosen to charge in their direction, his eyes flashed with displeasure.


Whether it was on purpose or not, the Purple Feather Army had been singled out by the enemy as the weak point that they could easily run over.


“Prepare for battle!” Wu Qing loudly commanded.


The Purple Feather Army that had been travelling at great speed instantly repositioned themselves.


They did not take up a defensive formation, but rather an offensive one!


Despite facing off against their opponents whose numbers were several times greater than their own, the Purple Feather Army showed no fear. Every single one of them was able to stay composed as they waited for the moment to strike.


After going through numerous battles, both large and small, throughout the past few millennia, they had built up their spirits through their continued victories and could move as one body.


The Black Ink Clan Army was not about to face the weak Army they believed it to be, but a giant beast who could swallow everything in its path.


Murderous intent flared as the distance between the two Armies rapidly shrank!


All at once, multi-coloured flashes of light shot out from the Purple Feather Army and rained down on the approaching Black Ink Clan.


At the same time, streaks of black Secret Techniques shot out from the Black Ink Clan Army towards the Purple Feather Army.


The fight had officially begun.


Scores of auras from the Black Ink Clan were extinguished by the bursts of light, and even the Pseudo-Royal Lords could not let their guard down. They were completely focused on dodging the Secret Techniques. In a situation like this, even a minor slip-up could spell their doom.


As for the Purple Feather Army, though they suffered some losses as well, it was nothing compared to what the Black Ink Clan suffered.


It was not surprising as the Human Race had the protection of Warships and Spirit Arrays, while the Black Ink Clan did not.


In a head-on battle between two Armies where Secret Techniques and artifacts were exchanged at long range, the side with stronger defences had far more of an advantage.


It was akin to a mortal battle where both Armies had archers but only one had shields. Naturally, the one with shields suffered far fewer casualties.


In this case, the Humans were the ones with the shields!


Evidently, the Black Ink Clan picked up on this as well. They had to withstand the constant decrease in their numbers as they tried to hasten their attacks. Since they lost out in terms of defence, they were forced to expend some of their energy to defend themselves in order to counter the Humans’ advantage.


After a few rounds of Secret Techniques were exchanged, the fearsome armies finally clashed in the void.


By numbers alone, the Humans were certainly at a disadvantage, but they were still able to halt the Black Ink Clan Army’s charge by force.


The Purple Feather Army seemed to turn into a massive boulder which could not be moved.


No one knew how they did it, but they did.


“Black Ink Clan bastards, suffer death!” Wu Qing’s bellow rang out. He was still standing atop the Purifying Black Ink Battleship when he first started speaking, but by the time he finished, he had already charged into the Black Ink Clan Army. His weapon flashed as he cut down a Pseudo-Royal Lord before the latter could even register what was happening.


Black blood splattered everywhere as a powerful aura flared up before disappearing.


Countless Masters from the Black Ink Clan shuddered in fear.


Though the Pseudo-Royal Lords were resolute in their determination to sacrifice everything for the Supreme One, they still felt chills down their spine when they saw how terrifying Wu Qing was.


At last, they realised that the Human Race did not only have Yang Kai as their solitary killing star. The Ninth-Order Master in front of them now was also immensely powerful!


Wu Qing was a veteran Ninth-Order Master, and out of all the current Ninth-Order Masters, Xiao Xiao was the only one who had more experience than him.


However, Xiao Xiao was proficient in the Yin-Yang Grand Dao and specialised in crowd control rather than single-combat. The same could not be said for Wu Qing.


Thus, among all the Ninth-Order Masters, Wu Qing was second only to Yang Kai in terms of individual combat strength.



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