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Martial Peak – Chapter 5923, Surrounded

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Wu Qing made a show of strength by channelling everything he had into the attack. A Pseudo-Royal Lord who was caught off-guard would never have been able to defend himself against it.


[Off to a good start!]


However, in the very next breath, Wu Qing was surrounded by numerous Masters from the Black Ink Clan. After being momentarily stunned, they swiftly rushed over to gang up on him. Wu Qing showed no fear as he slashed out around him. As Dao Strength rippled through the void, his formidable power burst out and turned his enemies into rivers of blood.


The other Human Race Masters followed in Wu Qing’s footsteps as they rushed into the enemy lines, including the two new Ninth-Order Masters.


Their figures lunged forth as two flashes of light as they headed straight for the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


The Junior Sister’s expression was grim as her hands swiftly moved to unleash a mysterious strength that filled the void, causing the Pseudo-Royal Lords to instantly feel as though their Souls were becoming unstable. They saw stars circling their heads as if they had been hit by an invisible hammer.


The Senior Brother seized this chance to close in with his sword. Sword light shrouded his body as he cut through the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


Black blood splattered as one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords was relieved of his head, while the others were heavily injured. This was all accomplished with a single strike.


By the time the Pseudo-Royal Lords who were lucky enough to survive could finally react, the Senior Brother’s sword light was slashing down on them.


Agonising screams echoed across the battlefield.


Of this Senior Brother and Junior Sister pair, one excelled in the Soul Dao while the other excelled in the Sword Dao. Furthermore, they were able to act as one as they fought on the battlefield, which meant they could kill their enemies even more efficiently than Wu Qing, the veteran Ninth-Order Master.


Meanwhile, the Eighth-Order Masters quickly got into their Battle Formations and challenged the remaining Pseudo-Royal Lords, causing intense fights to break out in all directions.


The battle was joined in an instant as the two Armies fought with dogged fervour.


In this battle, the Human Race were both advantaged and disadvantaged at the same time.


One of the things working in their favour was that these Pseudo-Royal Lords had a critical difference from the Pseudo-Royal Lords from the No-Return Pass. While they were all similarly powerful, they differed when it came to experience.


The Pseudo-Royal Lords from the No-Return Pass had fought against the Human Race for hundreds of years at least, and with the help of the information they gleaned from Black Ink Disciples, they were able to mimic the Humans and even learn to form Battle Formations.


Although they could only form a simple Three Fortunes Formation, it would still require 20 to 30 Eighth-Order Masters in Five Elements or Six Paths Formations to contain them.


That was the reason why the Humans had such a hard time during the battles at the No-Return Pass. Even a simple Three Fortunes Formation had given the Pseudo-Royal Lords a huge boost in combat efficiency and allowed them to occupy many more Human Masters.


However, that was not the case for the Pseudo-Royal Lords who just came out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


They did not know how to form Battle Formations and their combat experience was quite lacking, so even though they worked together in certain situations, each of them basically acted independently, oftentimes getting in each other’s way rather than providing support to one another.


As soon as the clashing started, the Eighth-Order Masters keenly picked up on this and were thrilled.


If the Eighth-Order Masters formed a Five Elements Formation, they were just barely able to put up a fight against a Pseudo-Royal Lord. A Six Paths Formation would mean that they would stand on equal footing, while a Seven Stars Formation made them even more powerful than their opponent.


As of now, the Humans had quite several Eighth-Order Masters. This was thanks to their steady accumulation all these years, as well as the Ordinary Grade Innate Open Heaven Pills from the Universe Furnace. Each Army had at least 2,000 Eighth-Order Masters, some even had 3,000.


With so many Eighth-Order Masters, it was easy enough to form Battle Formations and contain the Pseudo-Royal Lords.


Nevertheless, when it came to sheer numbers, the Purple Feather Army paled in comparison to the Black Ink Clan Army as the latter had nearly ten times as many Masters.


Therefore, even though the Purple Feather Army was able to put up a fight for now, they could not keep it up for long.


Fortunately, they did not need to. The other Human Armies were closing in from all directions, so all they had to do was hold out for a little longer, and their reinforcements would be able to surround the Black Ink Clan completely. When the time came, the Black Ink Clan would be trapped.


The difference in numbers meant that the Purple Feather Army suffered increasing injuries and casualties, but in comparison to them, the Black Ink Clan suffered the same in far greater numbers.


The three Ninth-Order Masters weaved through the enemy as they killed Pseudo-Royal Lords again and again. Wu Qing was covered in wounds and the Senior Brother and Junior Sister duo had also turned pale from overexertion.


The wreckage of the broken Warships floated everywhere as blood and torn limbs scattered all over.


Nevertheless, the Purple Feather Army did not retreat. They maintained their lines and held fast to keep the enemy rooted in place.


The other Human Armies were rushing over to provide aid from all directions with the Ninth-Order Masters in the lead and would soon arrive.


The Black Ink Clan Army was slowly weakening. Initially, the Pseudo-Royal Lords figured that their numerical advantage would be enough for them to triumph over the Purple Feather Army, with a high chance of them being able to wipe this Human Army out entirely.


As long as they did so, they would be able to create a gap in the encirclement and gain a better position to battle against the other Human Race Armies.


Alas, they did not expect the Purple Feather Army to be able to keep the battlefield fixed in this area despite being outnumbered nearly 10 times.


[Are Humans really so resilient?]


The Pseudo-Royal Lords were somewhat dazed, [No wonder the ones who first left the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction couldn’t exterminate the Humans and were soundly defeated after years of battle.]


As the stalemate continued, the Black Ink Clan Army soon began to despair.


The other Human Race Armies had arrived, swarming over from all directions and surrounding the Black Ink Clan Army.


An even more intense battle broke out then as both parties numbered over 10 million now as they fought viciously.


The Black Ink Clan Army was already weakened by the previous battle but the Humans remained spirited, so the outcome was clear.


Furthermore, the Humans had 29 Ninth-Order Masters while the Black Ink Clan did not even have a single true Royal Lord. Their Pseudo-Royal Lords did not know how to form Battle Formations either.


Thus, the clash soon became a one-sided massacre for the Black Ink Clan.


Meanwhile, back at the Black Ink Clan’s base where the fight first broke out, Ah Da and Ah Er were stomping about, slaughtering the Black Ink Clan Army in droves.


Though a large number of Masters from the Black Ink Clan remained here to keep them occupied, they were only 30% of the whole reinforcement Army and it was hard for them to put up a fight against two Giant Spirit Gods.


Moreover, Yang Kai was still weaving about undetected among them as he snuck up on their Masters and assassinated them.


Soon, Yang Kai killed off the last of the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had stayed behind, and without them, the Black Ink Clan’s attacks became little more than tickles and scratches to Ah Da and Ah Er.


Since the battle had been decided, Yang Kai returned to Pure Yang Pass.


The Great Pass had been floating along on the battlefield without anyone paying any attention to it after Yang Kai first let it out and sent it crashing into a Universe Fragment.


Until now.


Instantly, somewhere on the Pure Yang Pass, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged like gushing water, and soon, he took in the situation across the void.


[It’s the perfect time.]


A torrent of World Force was unleashed and a huge Array lit up on the spot where Yang Kai stood. A mysterious energy burst forth in all directions.


12 Universe Fragments were scattered across the void outside the battlefield.


These 12 Universe Fragments were the ones that Yang Kai brought from the No-Return Pass after turning them into World Beads. He restored them to their original size once they arrived in this area.


The 12 Universe Fragments were not simply tools to transport the Armies, they were also a crucial part of the plan to surround the enemy.


The Human Race Army had planned all of this before they left the No-Return Pass.


Just as Yang Kai activated the Grand Array on Pure Yang Pass, the Void Guard that remained on the 12 Universe Fragments did the same to the arrays that had been set up there too.


All at once, the 12 Universe Fragments lit up brightly as they connected with Pure Yang Pass.


It was incredibly difficult to harness the strength of such a huge Array. Just creating it had cost an enormous amount of resources, while powering it was also not cheap, but it was all worth it for the sake of eliminating the enemy once and for all.


The connection between the Universe Fragments and Pure Yang Pass kept growing stronger, and once Yang Kai felt it reach a certain critical limit, he surged his Space Principles.


The Void Guard picked up on this signal and instantly followed suit.


All at once, there was a visible ripple that started from Pure Yang Pass and rapidly spread out over several millions of kilometres, sweeping past the two clashing Armies as it filled every corner of the void.


This ripple was not deadly in any way, nor did it disrupt the two Armies either; however, after it spread out, something seemed to change on the battlefield.


The 12 Universe Fragments scattered across the void had been linked together with Pure Yang Pass to seal the entire battlefield. A massive section of the void had become a cage, and as long as the Array held strong, nothing could escape.


This was a massive battle involving millions of soldiers on each side. No matter who had the upper hand, it was still going to be hard to completely annihilate the other side. There were bound to be those who managed to escape.


To prevent that from happening, the Humans came up with a plan beforehand.


If some of the Black Ink Clansmen did manage to flee, they would surely be a threat to the ones left behind at the No-Return Pass as only a few tens of thousands of Masters had stayed back. What’s more, those Masters were all heavily wounded and not as powerful as they once were.


The Humans were determined to slaughter every single Black Ink Clansman here in one battle!


Thus, Yang Kai was personally standing guard at the Array Core, and as long as he did not die, there was no way of lifting the sealing Array.


Furthermore, even as he stood guard in the middle of Pure Yang Pass, he was still able to take part in the battle.


Thanks to the power of the Array, Yang Kai could monitor the entire situation out on the battlefield. It was a mysterious feeling for him as it felt as though he was observing the battle from a different dimension.


Since he could see what was happening, it meant that he could partake in the battle as well.


Thus, out on the battlefield, there were frequent attacks that seemed to come from out of nowhere. These attacks would smash the Masters from the Black Ink Clan into pieces and many of the Humans who had been caught in a perilous situation were saved, to the confusion of everyone.



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