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Martial Peak – Chapter 5924, Go On Ahead First

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There was no suspense in this battle. The Human Race spent over a decade retaking the No-Return Pass, but the outcome of this fight against the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcement Army had been determined right from the start.


The portion of the Black Ink Clan Army that stayed back to keep the two Giant Spirit Gods occupied was the first to crumble. After all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had been killed, there was no point in continuing a hopeless fight.


Many of the surviving Masters wanted to flee.


Alas, the surrounding space had been sealed up and they could not escape. They were doomed to meet their end here.


On the main battlefield, the 12 Armies successfully surrounded the Black Ink Clan and were now slowly but steadily eliminating them.


It was ironic that the Black Ink Clan Army’s plan was being carried out by the Humans instead.


Once the equilibrium between the two sides was broken, death was the only fate awaiting the Black Ink Clan.


One by one, the Pseudo-Royal Lords died, and once they were all gone, the Territory Lords were next. Then, the Feudal Lords…


The battle lasted for a dozen days before it finally came to a close.


Now that it was over, the Humans began focusing on their recuperation as they counted the casualties.


The Purple Feather Army had suffered catastrophic losses!


This was the biggest loss for the Human Race in this battle.


Most of the casualties occurred when the Purple Feather Army was holding down the Black Ink Clan Army before the other Armies arrived.


A heavy price had to be paid for an Army to hold out against an enemy 10 times its size.


Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile price to pay.


Due to the various setups and arrangements made prior to the battle, the Humans were able to kill every single one of the reinforcement Army that came out of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. They had completely wiped out the threat that this reinforcement Army could have posed.


Once the battle ended, Yang Kai released the Grand Array that suppressed and sealed the local space, and at the same time, the 12 Universe Fragments that had been turned into Array Nodes shattered into dust as well. It was the backlash from the strength of the Spirit Array, and even Yang Kai could not stop that from happening.


The Ninth-Order Masters gathered back at Pure Yang Pass. Many of them were injured, especially the three from Purple Feather Army.


Mi Jing Lun, who was seated at the helm, had a worried expression, “You wish to go on ahead first, Junior Brother?”


Yang Kai had just announced to the group that he intended to leave first and head for the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


He nodded and said, “Something must’ve happened at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, so I want to go and take a look. Furthermore, we don’t know what’s happening with the Suppressing Black Ink Army either.”


The Humans had too little intel on their hands. The only thing Yang Kai could be sure of was that the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction had not been broken yet as true Royal Lords would have appeared as well if it did.


However, he was worried about the Suppressing Black Ink Army’s predicament. They were a team of elite Masters who were in charge of dealing with the Black Ink Clan who escaped from the Grand Restriction to ease the pressure on Wu Kuang.


The Army of over 10 million that had escaped was too much for the Suppressing Black Ink Army alone to have stopped, so it was inevitable that some terrible fate had befallen them.


Mi Jing Lun and the others knew that many of Yang Kai’s family and Disciples were part of the Suppressing Black Ink Army, so they understood what he was feeling right now.


As it was, Yang Kai had already shown a great deal of righteousness when he chose to remain here and fight with the rest of the Human Race Army despite knowing that the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcement Army had escaped from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


Mi Jing Lun thus spoke up, “Since their reinforcement Army escaped from the Grand Restriction, things would not be peaceful there. I’m sure there would be enemy forces outside the Grand Restriction as well. How can you go up against them alone, Junior Brother? Why don’t you wait a few days and head out with the rest of the Army? It won’t be long… Just 10 days will do!”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Everyone has just been through an arduous battle, and though it was not the most intense we’ve experienced, everyone is exhausted. 10 days won’t be enough to recover; they’ll need to rest and recuperate for longer than that. Also, if I head over alone, I can hide my tracks and act according to the situation.”


Seeing as how Mi Jing Lun wanted to continue talking him out of it, Yang Kai added, “I’ll take some of the Void Guard with me and finish setting up the Space Arrays along the way. We’re only a few years distance away from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, so once the Space Arrays have finished being arranged, everyone should more or less have recovered as well and it would be just in time for them to proceed. This is the best arrangement, Senior Brother.”


Mi Jing Lun had more to say, but in the end, he nodded in agreement, “You’re right, but it will be hard on you, Junior Brother.”


“I’m just doing what I must!” Yang Kai got to his feet, “I’ll go and make the preparations.”


In reality, there was not much he needed to prepare. He simply got Li Wu Yi to select a group of Void Guards who would be leaving with him before sealing up Pure Yang Pass and the two Giant Spirit Gods.


Both Pure Yang Pass and the Giant Spirit Gods were massive and could not be sent through the Space Arrays in their original forms. Yang Kai had to seal them inside a World Bead to accomplish that.


The 12 Universe Fragments he used earlier had turned to dust, but thankfully, there was no lack of Universe Fragments in the void. As such, Yang Kai randomly moved one over and placed Pure Yang Pass as well as the two Giant Spirit Gods on it.


Then, with the use of Space Principles, he refined it into a World Bead and passed it to Mi Jing Lun for safekeeping.


Once everything was settled, Yang Kai took 20 Void Guard into his Small Universe before stepping out into the void.


He kept moving onward without stopping at all…


The emotions that Yang Kai had been suppressing for the past six months finally welled up again. He desperately wanted to hurry on over to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction as soon as possible and see what was happening for himself.


Several days later, he stopped and opened the portal to his Small Universe, bringing two Void Guards out.


“I’ll leave things here to you,” Yang Kai said before carrying on with his journey.


The two Void Guard sent him off with a bow, and once he was gone, they began setting up the Space Array.


A few days later, Yang Kai let out two more Void Guards.


This scene repeated itself all along the way as the Void Guard arranged the Space Arrays that would lead to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


In just over a month, Yang Kai traversed across the Late Ancient Era battlefield and arrived at the Spiritless Land.


It was an empty void with no trace of life. Even the strength of the Void which could literally be found anywhere in the Universe was incredibly weak here.


Yang Kai was extremely close to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction now; all he had to do was travel a little further and he would arrive at the Grand Restriction, which had been in existence for millions of years.


His Small Universe opened up and Li Wu Yi and another Void Guard stepped out. They were the last two.


“Set up the Space Array here but don’t travel any further ahead. Remember to stay hidden and not let the Black Ink Clan discover you,” Yang Kai instructed.


Li Wu Yi and the other Void Guard nodded.


“I’m heading off,” Yang Kai said before disappearing into the distance.


Pushing his Space Principles to their maximum potential, Yang Kai arrived outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction in just three days, and the sight he saw made his expression grim.


It was just as Mi Jing Lun had predicted. A large number of Masters from the Black Ink Clan were gathered outside the opening in the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, with many Pseudo-Royal Lords among them.


There seemed to be even more of them here than there had been with the reinforcement Army that had just been wiped out.


Right now, they were ceaselessly attacking the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction from the outside.


There was no telling how long they had been doing this.


The endless waves of attacks caused ripples in the Grand Restriction, and though it was not in any danger of breaking yet, it would clearly not hold out for long.


What’s more, there was no sign of the Suppressing Black Ink Army!


Yang Kai’s heart sank.


As he moved forward, he kept searching for signs of the Suppressing Black Ink Army, but he had yet to discover anything.


It was an extremely worrying situation.


The Suppressing Black Ink Army was made up of thousands of the most elite Masters of the Human Race. Not only did it include Yang Xue, a new Ninth-Order Master, but also Fu Guang who was a Divine Dragon. Furthermore, they had the help of the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress, so even if they could not defeat the Black Ink Clan, they should have been able to escape.


However, Yang Kai saw no trace of them as he made his way over, and when he arrived, he did not see any sign of them either.


He did not find any Human bodies or the wreckage of the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress in the void. It was as if the Suppressing Black Ink Army and the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress had simply up and vanished.


Yang Kai did not know what happened to the Suppressing Black Ink Army, and the only source of information available to him was Wu Kuang, who was standing guard at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


[I hope he’s still alive!]


Yang Kai silently prayed as he used Thunder Shadow’s Innate Divine Ability before approaching the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


He avoided the Black Ink Clan Army and arrived at a different part outside the Grand Restriction before using his Divine Sense.


Time seemed to stretch on as he nervously waited, but at last, the familiar voice rang out in his mind.


“You finally came!” Wu Kuang sounded weak and exhausted, “Didn’t you say you’d come over now and then to check up on things? It’s been so long since your last visit that I thought you’d died.”


“Something unexpected happened and I couldn’t use my special method to reach this place,” Yang Kai helplessly explained.


The Old Tree had fallen into a coma after bringing Yang Kai back to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary from an extraordinary distance away, so Yang Kai could not use the power of the Old Tree to shuttle through the Void.


Otherwise, he would not have waited until this day to come over.


“What happened? Where’s the Suppressing Black Ink Army?” Yang Kai frantically asked.


“It’s a bit complicated…” Wu Kuang did not know how to explain, “Take a look for yourself.”


He then transmitted a bunch of information over and after looking through everything, Yang Kai’s expression grew strange too.


[No wonder Wu Kuang said it’s complicated. It’s not at all what I expected.]


The only thing he was glad about was that the Suppressing Black Ink Army was safe, for now…


This was unexpected good news. Yang Kai figured that at best, the Suppressing Black Ink Army had been defeated by the Black Ink Clan and had to flee, but the worst-case scenario was that they had all been killed, and that was not an outcome he could accept.


However, based on what Wu Kuang shared with him now, the Suppressing Black Ink Army’s situation was far better than he had initially thought.


Furthermore, the information Yang Kai just received was something that neither he nor any of the other Humans would have thought of.


“I only discovered these things when the Black Ink Strength exploded this time. I didn’t detect any of them before. Mu was indeed the strongest of the 10 from the Late Ancient Era,” Wu Kuang declared with a tone of admiration.


The fact that someone like Wu Kuang expressed such thoughts proved just how remarkable Mu’s plans and methods had been.


Yang Kai was just as stunned by the information he received from Wu Kuang.



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