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Martial Peak – Chapter 5928, The Mysterious Unknown Land

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Zhao Ye Bai was frozen stiff in a corner of the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress, his sweat-drenched clothes clinging to his skin.


For a brief moment, he felt the aura of death deep within his bones and thought he had already tread upon the gates of Hell.


He was even more horrified by the fact that he could not move. He could not do anything to stop or block his Honoured Master’s sudden attack.


In other words, if his Honoured Master wanted to kill him, a single attack from his spear would suffice!


It was an awe-inspiring strength.


Zhao Ye Bai was at the peak of the Eighth Order, and once Yang Xue became a Ninth Order Master, Zhao Ye Bai sought her out for a friendly exchange. Even though neither one of them used their full strength in the battle, and Zhao Ye Bai had not been Yang Xue’s equal by any means, he had still been able to put up a fight for a few dozen blows.


He was also proficient in the Dao of Space, so if he wanted to escape, Yang Xue would not be able to stop him.


Out of all the current Eighth-Order Masters, he was one of the strongest.


Even so, his strength seemed inconsequential when he was up against his Honoured Master.


At the last moment, someone blocked the spear from striking Zhao Ye Bai. Zhao Ya stood in front of Zhao Ye Bai with her spear held horizontally in front of her to block the Azure Dragon Spear. The Heaven-destroying, Earth-shattering dominance disappeared once the spears made contact.


Zhao Ya was still in the throes of lingering fear and shock, though she felt a little dazed as well. She did not know how she managed to unleash such formidable strength to protect her Eldest Senior Brother from her Honoured Master’s attack.


The Black Ink Strength surrounding Yang Kai vanished as he returned to normal. He eyed Zhao Ya, who looked terrified, and asked, “Do you understand now?”


Zhao Ya pursed her lips and hoarsely replied, “Disciple understands.”


Yang Kai nodded. Out of his three Disciples, Zhao Ye Bai’s aptitude was the poorest while Zhao Ya’s was the highest. In fact, her aptitude was stronger than anyone else Yang Kai had ever met.


Throughout the last few millennia, there were many fine young talents from the Star Boundary, Void World, and Myriad Monsters World. Many were able to ascend directly to Seventh Order, but when it came to their natural aptitude for cultivating, no one surpassed Zhao Ya.


She had strong comprehension, and though she had taken a few wrong turns in her cultivation of the Spear Dao, Yang Kai was certain this experience would be enough for her to have a decisive breakthrough in her mastery of this Grand Dao.


As Yang Kai withdrew the Azure Dragon Spear, Zhao Ya felt as if she had used up every bit of strength she had in her and crumpled weakly into Zhao Ye Bai’s arms.


Yang Kai turned to Xu Yi.


Xu Yi gulped and stepped forward, “Please teach me, Honoured Master.”


After seeing what his Second Senior Sister went through, he did not know what kind of guidance he would be receiving from his Honoured Master.


Thankfully, Yang Kai simply raised his hand and condensed Time Principles above it. The Time Principles solidified as Yang Kai demonstrated the mysteries of the Dao of Time the same way he did when he taught Zhao Ye Bai earlier.


Xu Yi was fully attentive and was able to learn a lot.


A half cup of tea’s time later, Xu Yi respectfully bowed and said, “Honoured Master, this Disciple has been enlightened.”


Yang Kai nodded.


He looked at his three Disciples and a thought occurred to him, “I once comprehended a Divine Ability that requires a combination of both the Dao of Space and the Dao of Time to work, and it is incredibly strong. Ye Bai, Xu Yi, when you’re free, you can try to comprehend it as well. Perhaps you will gain something from it.”


Yang Kai lifted his hand once more.


As Space Principles burst forth, a Great Sun rose and the Full Moon hung in the air. The Sun and Moon shone together.


He then made another flick with his hand and Time Principles began flowing.


The two Principles swirled and combined. Mysterious changes began occurring as the two vastly different Principles intertwined, causing the Sun and Moon to begin spinning about, forming a kind of spiral that severely warped both Space and Time.


Zhao Ye Bai and Xu Yi were engrossed in what they saw.


“This is the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel. If you wish to produce it, you two will need to join forces and work together to have even a shred of possibility of creating this effect.”


The Sun and Moon Divine Seal was the enhanced version of this Divine Ability, but Zhao Ye Bai and Xu Yi could not produce it at their current strength. In fact, Yang Kai was not even certain whether they could produce the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.


Yang Kai was proficient in both Grand Daos, so it was easy enough for him to wield this Divine Ability. He did not know whether it was possible to achieve it if two Masters were to work together instead.


Nevertheless, there was no harm in trying. If Zhao Ye Bai and Xu Yi were able to produce the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel together, they would have an additional trump card whenever they joined forces.


After all, they were stuck in this place and could not cultivate or work towards their breakthroughs, so it was better for them to spend their time cultivating their Grand Daos. At least, they could still make some progress.


Zhao Ye Bai and Xu Yi both nodded, “We have taken your teachings to heart, Honoured Master. We won’t let you down.”


“En, I still have other matters to attend to,” Yang Kai declared, “Once the Human Race Army arrives, Wu Kuang will find the chance to send all of you out of here.”


As he spoke, his Divine Sense flashed.


Fu Guang appeared the next moment.


“I must go, Senior, so I’ll leave the Suppressing Black Ink Army in your care.”


“You’re heading over there?” Evidently, Fu Guang had picked up on something.


“En,” Yang Kai nodded, “It could be an opportunity for us. Either way, I must take a look and see for myself.”


Fu Guang was concerned, “You have to be careful. I’m not sure what the exact situation is like, but Wu Kuang told me some things and I know it’s probably not safe there. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and have the situation end up backfiring on you instead.”


“I’ll play it by ear and act accordingly,” Yang Kai assured.


He then turned towards the Void and called out, “Let’s start, Wu Kuang.”


“Are you sure you want to go there?” Wu Kuang asked to confirm.


“At a time like this, I can’t back away.”


“I can take you there, but I don’t have the power to do anything more. You’ll have to rely on yourself.”


“Of course!”


“Good.” Although Wu Kuang knew that Yang Kai had already made up his mind, he still felt the need to check once more; alas, it was as Yang Kai said, they could not back down now.


A cloud of fog began enveloping Yang Kai’s figure. It was Wu Kuang who was harnessing the power of the Grand Restriction.


All at once, Yang Kai felt the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress swiftly moving away from him. The earlier scene of Wu Kuang transporting him around repeated itself as he weaved through the sea of Black Ink Strength and headed towards a mysterious unknown land. 


Wu Kuang told Yang Kai a few things about the unknown land, but he did not give many details as it was hard for him to unearth the mysteries of that place too.


As it was, if it had not been for the sudden explosion of Black Ink Strength a few years ago, Wu Kuang would not have known that such an unusual place existed inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


It was a hidden hand that Mu left behind!


Millennia ago, during the Humans’ first crusade, they suffered a devastating defeat and the Crusade Force endured catastrophic losses. Mo acted out and Cang was unable to stop it. When it looked as if the Grand Restriction was about to break open and Mo was about to escape, Mu’s silhouette appeared out of the blue.


She used some strange method to make Mo fall into a deep slumber and saved the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, which had been on the verge of collapse. In doing so, she saved the Human Race Army from the danger of being wiped out and the Humans were able to spend thousands of years building themselves back up.


Everyone thought that Mu’s hidden hand had been completely used up. Even Cang thought so as well before he died, which was why he did not hesitate to sacrifice himself and integrate with the Grand Restriction to strengthen it.


Before Cang passed on, he told Yang Kai about Shi and had him look for Shi’s reincarnation to let the latter stand guard over the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


That led to Yang Kai bringing Wu Kuang over to this place. Although he was not the same as Shi himself, he could still wield some of the strength of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


Sure enough, Wu Kuang had done a pretty good job over the past few thousand years.


However, it now seemed that during the Late Ancient Era, Mu had left another hidden hand behind.


Forcing Mo into a deep sleep was not the end of it.


There was more which was hidden inside that unknown land.


Wu Kuang could not figure out what it was precisely, but he had a vague feeling that a crucial piece to the puzzle was hidden there.


He thought about getting Fu Guang to make the trip, but the Suppressing Black Ink Army was deep within enemy territory and Fu Guang could not leave them.


Thankfully, Yang Kai came along and he was undoubtedly the best candidate to make this exploration.


When Wu Kuang filled Yang Kai in on the information regarding the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, they both knew that this trip had to be made.


No matter what Mu’s hidden hand was, someone needed to investigate; otherwise, once Mo truly woke up, the Human Race’s present heritage would not be enough to defeat it, and the entire Human Race would be exterminated.


Yang Kai kept traversing through the sea of Black Ink Strength. He had the protection of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction’s power; thus, Masters from the Black Ink Clan scattered along the way could not detect him.


“Nearly there,” At some point, Wu Kuang’s voice rang out in Yang Kai’s ear.


Yang Kai tensed up in alertness at once.


Soon, he felt his body hitting an invisible layer and sticking to it.


It happened too quickly, so Yang Kai felt sore all over.


“Wu Kuang, what’s going on?” Yang Kai took a step back and asked.


Wu Kuang innocently replied, “I don’t know. It seems to be preventing all living beings from entering.”


“How am I supposed to go in then?” Yang Kai frowned.


“Hang on. Let me take a look.”


While waiting, Yang Kai stretched his hand out and touched the barrier that was holding him back. It felt like a seal or restriction of some sort, but not quite either. Yang Kai got a very strange feeling from it.


He was about to take a closer look when he felt his palm warming up slightly. A strange kind of energy seemed to come off that invisible layer and washed over him.


Following that, Yang Kai’s palm went through the barrier.


Yang Kai was shocked and puzzled. He took a step forward and half his body went through.


“Huh? How did you do that?” Wu Kuang exclaimed.


“Some sort of power seemed to check my identity before allowing me to enter,” Yang Kai explained as he recalled what he experienced earlier.


“It checked your identity…” Wu Kuang repeated thoughtfully, “It’s probably Mu’s doing. This place is hidden inside the Grand Restriction, so she must’ve guarded it against the Black Ink Clan and made sure that only Humans can enter.”


Though they had no way of ascertaining whether this was indeed the case, it was the only plausible explanation they could think of right now.


“I’m going in,” Yang Kai announced.


“Take this.” As Wu Kuang’s voice rang out, an object suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s hand, but before he could see what it was, he fell into the unknown land.


All at once, Yang Kai froze in place.


He saw a great river cutting through the void, with neither its beginning nor end in sight.


The great river was longer and deeper than fathomable and waves full of Dao Strengths which kept ebbing and flowing; however, the auras of the Time Dao Strength and Space Dao Strength were the strongest.


[A Space-Time River!]



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