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Martial Peak – Chapter 5929, Mu’s Space-Time River

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A Space-Time River was hidden deep inside that mysterious unknown land within the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction!


Yang Kai could not believe his eyes and was on the verge of thinking he was hallucinating; however, after studying it carefully, he concluded it was indeed a Space-Time River.


Amid his shock, a question popped into his mind.


[Whose Space-Time River is this?]


In a flash, he got his answer.


[Since this place is part of the hidden hand Mu left behind, the Space-Time River has to be hers.]


Was Mu able to create a Space-Time River too? Does that mean she mastered the use of all 10,000 Grand Daos?


Judging by the size of this Space-Time River, Mu’s mastery of the 10,000 Grand Daos far exceeded his own.


After a brief moment of shock, Yang Kai’s heart filled with awe.


Mu was indeed the strongest out of the 10 Martial Ancestors!


Yang Kai did not think much of it when he saw the respect Cang and Wu Kuang had for Mu, but after witnessing this Space-Time River, he finally realised just how incredible she was.


Initially, he thought that his Space-Time River was the only one of its kind, but now, he knew that he was not the first in history to achieve this feat.


Soon, Yang Kai grew puzzled again though.


He was able to form his Space-Time River from 10,000 Dao Strengths because he had been inspired by the Infinite River inside the Universe Furnace.


If Mu did likewise, did it mean she had once entered the Universe Furnace and saw the Infinite River as well?


Either way, Yang Kai felt a kind of joy at knowing that he walked the same path a Martial Ancestor once had despite being separated by millions of years.


Ever since Yang Kai heard about the mysteries of the Creation Realm from Cang, he had been pondering about it.


There were nine Orders to the Open Heaven Realm, but even if one became a Ninth-Order Master, what were they to do next? Mo came into existence alongside the Universe, so it was powerful beyond imagination. Being a Ninth-Order Master was not enough to kill Mo and remove its threat for good. To do that, one had to break past the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


But, how? How was one supposed to break through the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm? No one could provide any insight into this task.


It could be said that the Humans were reaching the end of the Martial Dao which the Martial Ancestors had left for them.


If they wanted to go even further, they had to clear the obstacles themselves to carve a new path starting from the end of what their Ancestors had paved before them.


Yang Kai did not have any ideas on how to do that until he created his Space-Time River inside the Universe Furnace. He had a vague feeling that the mysterious river created from 10,000 Dao Strengths was the key to the way forward.


However, there was no other Human he could discuss this with right now.


The discovery of another Space-Time River inside this mysterious unknown land changed everything!


This was the Space-Time River that Mu left behind. She was the strongest of the Martial Ancestors, and despite having died millions of years ago, the mere hidden hand she left behind was able to make Mo fall into a deep slumber. Her presence thus lingered on in this manner.


When she lived, Mu would have been trying to discover the mysteries of the realm above the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


If Yang Kai was only 10% certain that the Space-Time River was the key to breaking past the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, then he was about 30% certain now!


He had inadvertently trod down the same path Mu had.


That being said, before arriving at his intended destination, Yang Kai did not know whether this path would take him to an even higher pinnacle of Martial Dao or turn out to be a dead end instead.


Many thoughts raced through Yang Kai’s mind, but he soon had his attention focused as he sensed that this Space-Time River differed from his not just in size, but in other ways too.


Strange images flickered each time the waves crashed. The images flew by at rapid speeds in such a bizarre fashion that even Yang Kai had a hard time picking them out.


He was about to use his Divine Sense to take a closer look when a huge wave burst out of the Space-Time River and came crashing down on him.


Yang Kai’s instinctive reaction was to back off, but a thought suddenly occurred to him and he stood his ground.


The wave swallowed Yang Kai up, and once it calmed down again, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.



Yang Kai felt everything turning upside down. He felt both weightless and as if he was falling off a cliff.


He quickly used his power to steady himself.


Immediately, his expression changed.


In a flash, he had suddenly become impossibly weak. Although his Small Universe was still there, he seemed to have lost contact with it and could not use his World Force.


There was also only a bit of Qi left in him.


Yang Kai had to scramble around before he could somewhat slow down the rate of his fall, but he could not steady himself at all.


He looked down and saw a lush, verdant forest below him, one that was quickly getting closer.


A melancholic thought flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, [Am I going to be the first Ninth-Order Master to die by falling to his death?]


He had been too careless; initially, he thought that Mu’s Space-Time River had to possess some kind of secret, so he did not try to dodge the wave that came at him. He wanted to enter the river and scout it out from the inside; however, he never thought he would end up in such a strange place after being swallowed up by the wave.


Soon, he fell into the forest. Numerous branches cushioned his fall and slowed him down a little, but they could not break his fall entirely.


Moments later, there was a loud thud as Yang Kai dropped to the ground, creating a small crater in the process.


The commotion scared off the birds and the critters, and soon, everything fell silent.


A little while later, Yang Kai was finally able to straighten himself up. He sat on the ground and shook his head.


There was nothing much wrong with him. He did feel a little dizzy, but it was most likely because he had been plunged into this unknown space rather than because of the fall.


He belatedly realised that he was still a Divine Dragon. Even though he could not use his Dragon Vein’s power right now, his thick skin and strong flesh meant that he would not die from such a fall, even if it had been from an even greater height.


Still, he was under a lot of pressure from the sudden turn of events and was a little dazed.


[What is this place?] Yang Kai’s brow furrowed as he looked around, narrowing his eyes a moment later.


He was only certain that he was inside Mu’s Space-Time River right now, and he was astonished to find that such a World existed inside the Space-Time River.


His Space-Time River did not contain anything as profound as this.


[From the looks of it now, the images I saw in Mu’s Space-Time River when I was standing outside it earlier weren’t images at all, but reflections of this World…]


[The Infinite River… a Universe World…]


Yang Kai was beginning to get some ideas. He sorely wished he could enter retreat to digest the new information; however, now was not the time for that. The place he was in did not seem to be all that peaceful. His cultivation was being suppressed and his Divine Sense was suppressed to remain inside his Knowledge Sea, so it meant that he only possessed the barest hint of his powers right now. What’s more, after all his years of travels and experiences, Yang Kai could keenly sense that he was not alone in the forest right now!


A strange murderous intent hung thick in the air as unseen pairs of eyes were fixed on him.


Yang Kai lowered his gaze as he silently checked what strength he still had.


“One day, a crack will appear in the sky and a man will fall from it. He will spark the light and rip apart the shackles of darkness. He will defeat the ultimate enemy!”


Somewhere in the forest, a man was staring dazedly at Yang Kai. He muttered those words under his breath, and as he did so, an indescribable look of feverish passion filled his expression.


Two others beside him looked just as ecstatic when they heard what he said and saw the dishevelled Yang Kai.


“You two, get him out of here. I’ll bring up the rear!” The person who spoke first quickly came to a decision, and after giving this order, he gripped his sword and charged out of his hiding spot.


The other two people quickly followed close behind.


As the three of them started moving, the murderous intent that circled the forest grew even stronger as silhouettes fluttered in the shadows.


Yang Kai looked up and his brow rose slightly when he saw the man rushing over to him with a sword in hand.


After a quick check, Yang Kai confirmed what cultivation he had right now. He, a Ninth-Order Master, was only able to use True Element Boundary strength!


[What outrageous suppression!]


The journey of cultivation began with the Tempered Body Stage before continuing to the Initial Element, Qi Transformation, Separation and Reunion, True Element, Immortal Ascension…


Even back in the Great Han Dynasty, Yang Kai’s cultivation had surpassed the True Element Boundary; however, he was being suppressed to that exact Realm by an independent World now.


[That explains why I couldn’t use my Divine Sense. I’m not even in the Immortal Ascension Realm right now!]


Only cultivators who reached the Immortal Ascension Realm could use Divine Sense.


The young man who came charging over at Yang Kai with a sword in hand appeared to be less than 30 years old. He had a determined look on his scarred face and seemed like someone who had wrestled with death before.


His cultivation was also somewhere in the True Element Boundary, but his murderous aura was strong and he had a mysterious Movement Skill that allowed him to rush over to Yang Kai in just a few steps.


Yang Kai eyed him without moving.


He could sense that the young man’s murderous intent was not directed at him. Although he looked fierce when he came storming over, there was also a look of worry as well.


[Why’s this guy worried about me when we don’t know each other?]


Two younger men followed close behind the first one, seemingly part of the same group.


All at once, the scar-faced young man thrust his sword towards Yang Kai. The sword cry was followed by a clang as it flicked away an arrow that was aimed at Yang Kai’s back.


The scar-faced man leapt past Yang Kai and protected him from behind, his sword dancing through the air.


A series of clangs rang out as the young man blocked more arrows that were all directed at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai had no idea what was going on!


[I’ve only just arrived in this damned place. How did I get caught up in a fight? One party is trying to protect me while the other one is trying to kill me.]


[Just how did I provoke them?]


[What is going on inside Mu’s Space-Time River?]


Yang Kai was bewildered in every way possible.


“Hurry up and leave! I can’t hold them back for long!” The growl from the scar-faced man interrupted Yang Kai’s thoughts. 


Just then, the two men who rushed over with the first one hoisted Yang Kai up from the ground, and the one on his left quickly said, “Please come with us, Holy Son!”



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