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Martial Peak – Chapter 5930, Prophecy

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Translator: Silavin & June

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Saying so, they lifted Yang Kai and ran away, without caring about whether he was willing or not.


“Holy Son?” Yang Kai’s confusion grew.


Although the cultivation of these two people was not as good as the scar-faced man, their strength and movement skills were still impressive for their Realm. As arrows rained down from behind, the two of them cooperated seamlessly, blocking attacks while carrying Yang Kai as they fled into the distance.


Soon, a furious roar came from behind them, “Zuo Wu You, you court death!”


“You all came for me, didn’t you? Well then, let’s fight to the death here!”


“I’ll hold him off, you guys run!”


“No one is leaving!” The scar-faced youth, Zuo Wu You, roared.


Immediately, a fierce battle broke out behind them.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow, looking at the situation with confusion. He wanted to inquire about it, but this was clearly not a good time.


The title of ‘Holy Son’ also caught his attention.


He had only come to this mysterious and unknowable place to investigate the hidden hand left by Mu, but he never expected to be swept into Mu’s Space-Time River and end up in this independent World, where his strength was greatly suppressed.


As a Ninth-Order Master, he was not easily suppressed by the laws of any unfamiliar World; however, in this place, he could only exert the strength of a cultivator in the True Element Boundary.


This meant that a stronger force was acting in this place, surpassing his Ninth-Order power.


[This must be Mu’s doing!]


Swift as the wind, Yang Kai was dragged along by the two young men as they moved forward quickly. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he checked the item in his palm that Wu Kuang had given him before entering this mysterious place.


He hadn’t had a chance to look at it before, but now he noticed that it was a jade pendant, carved in the shape of a person that vaguely resembled Wu Kuang and carried a wisp of his aura.


[This is…] Yang Kai had a rough idea of what this item was for.


Then, he suddenly spoke up, “You two can put me down. I can walk on my own.” 


Although he didn’t know where they were or what had happened, being chased was definitely not a pleasant experience. The two young men should be on his side as they were carrying him and running as fast as they could from the pursuers. Though their speed was somewhat affected, running faster would certainly help them shake off their pursuers.


As he spoke, Yang Kai shook lightly and broke free from their grasp. 


The two youths were clearly surprised and pleased to see that Yang Kai had such strength. 


Then, the youth on the left apologised, “We acted hastily and didn’t handle things appropriately. Please forgive us, Holy Son.”


“Uh…” Yang Kai waved his hand nonchalantly, “It’s fine.”


Later, the young man on the right said, “I didn’t expect Holy Son to be so powerful. It seems we can get away from them now.”


As they spoke, they continued to rush forward. 


“What about the guy, Zuo… Wu You, should we not worry about him?” Yang Kai remembered the scar-faced young man who remained behind.  


“Big Brother Zuo is very strong, and he has a divine sword bestowed by the Saintess. Without an Immortal Ascension Realm Master, those wastes can’t do anything to him.”




Yang Kai wondered what her role in all of this was.


But with just a few words, he confirmed that the Martial Dao of this World was not much different from what he knew, even the names were the same. Moreover, this World had Immortal Ascension Realm Masters! The only difference was that there were three Stages instead of nine. 


As they fled for their lives, it was not convenient to say much. The two young men were initially worried that Yang Kai could not keep up with their speed, so they did not use their full strength at first. However, as time passed and they tested him, they found that no matter how profound their Movement Skills were, this Holy Son, who had descended from the sky, could keep up with them effortlessly.


So, they let loose and ran at full speed. After about an hour, they reached a mountain wall, where one of them took out a jade ornament and pressed it against the wall, which opened a kind of portal.


It seemed that this was their hiding place.


The three of them entered one after another, and the portal closed again.


There was a space that was just the right size inside the mountain, and the space had clearly been lived in before. 


After everything was settled, the two young men who led Yang Kai here breathed a sigh of relief.


There was no need to worry about anything now that they were here.


Yang Kai stood with his hands behind his back, surveying his surroundings. Suddenly, the two young men fell to one knee and bowed, “Greetings, Holy Son!”


“En…” Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before reaching out to help the two young men up, “I still haven’t figured out what’s going on here, and I have no idea who this ‘Holy Son’ is that you speak of. Are you sure you haven’t mistaken me for someone else?”


The thin youth replied, “We have not made a mistake. You are indeed the Holy Son of the Spirit Religion; of course, the final determination will be made by the Saintess herself.”


Yang Kai was confused, “But we’ve never met before today. How can you be so sure?”


The two exchanged a glance before the thin one explained, “It is said that one day, a crack will appear in the sky and a man will fall from it. He will spark the light and rip apart the shackles of darkness to defeat the ultimate enemy.”


“And that person will be the one who leads the Spirit Religion into the light.”


“That person is the Holy Son of the Spirit Religion.”


[Descend from the sky…]


Yang Kai realised that they were probably talking about him; after all, he had indeed fallen from a crack in the sky in a rather undignified manner. It was surprising to find that their prophecy matched up with his own experience.


[To not only descend from the sky but also do so while the sky is split open.]


“Who made this prophecy?” He asked.


The other young man replied solemnly, “It is the guidance of the Saintess herself, passed down since the founding of the Spirit Religion.”


Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, intrigued, “Oh? Can I meet this Saintess of yours?”


“Of course,” the thin youth said, “We’ll wait here for a while until Big Brother Zuo returns, and then we’ll take you to see the Saintess.”




Then, they rested in silence for a while. 


The two youths had been running non-stop, which had taken a toll on them, but Yang Kai, on the other hand, was still full of energy. Despite being suppressed to the True Element Boundary, he still had the heritage of the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so running didn’t tire him out.


Taking advantage of the moment, he gripped the jade pendant in his hand, intending to activate his Divine Sense, but he quickly remembered that he couldn’t do that right now.


As a last resort, he could only call out softly, “Wu Kuang…”


The jade pendant had been given to him by Wu Kuang before he entered this place, and it was even carved in Wu Kuang’s image and carried his aura. Obviously, it was meant for communication.


Yang Kai also sensed that Wu Kuang had left a thread of his consciousness in this jade pendant. 


Wu Kuang seemed extremely curious about this mysterious and unknowable land, but because he was guarding the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction and had no energy to spare, he could only send a thread of consciousness to see what was going on.


The jade pendant shook slightly in response…


Yang Kai became speechless. Even Wu Kuang’s thread of consciousness seemed to be heavily suppressed here.


He had originally wanted to communicate with him and see if he could find any useful clues, but now he had to give up. Moreover, just this shake caused the spirituality of the jade pendant to dim a bit.


[Hmm… I’ll have to nourish Wu Kuang’s thread of consciousness; otherwise, it will soon dissipate.]


Yang Kai reached out, only to remember another unfortunate truth. His Small Universe was currently sealed, causing him to not be able to take anything out. Now, he was practically empty-handed except for the clothes he was wearing.


It was quite an awkward situation.


“Do either of you have some thread?” Yang Kai asked, looking at them.


“Yes,” one of them responded quickly and handed him a carefully braided thread.


Then, Yang Kai tied Wu Kuang’s jade pendant into a kind of necklace, so he could nurture it with his own Spiritual Energy and communicate with Wu Kuang at any time.


After that, he began to familiarise himself with his current powers.


[True Element Boundary… how weak.] His great power had been stripped away, making him somewhat uncomfortable. But in the end, he had experienced this realm before, so he just needed to familiarise himself with it a little bit.


About an hour later, there was a sudden commotion.


The three of them were alerted, and when Yang Kai looked, he saw one of the two youths using a jade to investigate and then exclaimed with joy, “Big Brother Zuo is back!”


Saying so, he activated his power of the jade, and a light flashed by, opening the sealed portal.


In the next moment, Zuo Wu You, covered in blood, hurried in. He had clearly experienced a fierce battle, with many wounds on his body and a somewhat weakened aura, but his murderous intent remained extremely strong.


The figure that entered this place was like an ancient ominous beast entering a cave, chilling the atmosphere to the bone.


“Big Brother Zuo!” The two youths exclaimed and greeted him.


As Zuo Wu You glanced over and fixed his gaze on Yang Kai, he breathed a sigh of relief. Only then did he wave his hand to his two companions, and went straight to Yang Kai, kneeling on one knee, “Zuo Wu You pays his respects to the Holy Son!”


[Here we go again…]


Yang Kai, a majestic Ninth-Order Master with the body of a Divine Dragon, didn’t mind being bowed to by a mere True Element Boundary cultivator; however, this Holy Son identity was somewhat strange to him.


He had only come to investigate what Mu’s hidden hand was, never expecting to get involved in the petty disputes of this inexplicable World.


Reaching out to help him up, Yang Kai spoke, “Let me greet your Saintess before we discuss this matter of the Holy Son.”


Upon hearing this, Zuo Wu You knew that the person before him had already heard of the Saintess’ prophecy, so he immediately spoke up, “The Saintess has never made a mistake. When the Holy Son appears, it is no doubt per her guidance; therefore, you must be the Holy Son of Spirit Religion!”


Yang Kai didn’t bother to argue and simply said, “You’re injured. You should focus on healing first. This time, I owe you a debt of gratitude.”


Even without Zuo Wu You and his companions, nothing would have happened to Yang Kai in the face of that group of attackers that hadn’t even reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary; however, they had still protected him and provided cover, so he should show his gratitude.


Zuo Wu You shook his head with a bitter smile, “This matter was aimed at me, but I have dragged the Holy Son into it. I am ashamed.” 


Silavin: ‘The only difference was that there were three Stages instead of nine.’ I added this to make it fit what the author wrote later. 



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