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Martial Peak – Chapter 5932, Mist

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Yang Kai pondered for a moment before nodding, “That makes sense!”


Yan Peng scrutinised Yang Kai and asked, “Are you the legendary Holy Son?”


“I’m not sure,” Yang Kai replied as he agilely manoeuvred through the rubble, quickly arriving before Zuo Wu You and looking down at him.


Zuo Wu You’s lips moved, and he appeared to be mouthing the word ‘run.’


Flashing a smile, Yang Kai reached out to grab the long sword in his hand, “Let me borrow this.”


Yan Peng didn’t stop him, but curiously asked, “What are you going to do?”


Yang Kai paid him no attention as he examined the sword in his hand. On their escape route, Zheng Hai mentioned that this sword was a Divine Weapon bestowed upon the Saintess, but in Yang Kai’s eyes, it was an ordinary weapon that didn’t even qualify to be called a proper artifact. This wasn’t surprising though as this was a World with a relatively low Martial Dao, so there were no truly powerful artifacts.


“I just asked what you were doing!” Yan Peng was starting to get annoyed by Yang Kai’s dismissive attitude.


Yang Kai flicked the sword with his finger to hear its clear and melodious cry. Only then did he turn his head to look at Yan Peng and smiled, “I’m getting ready to fight. With so many of you, I obviously need to find a suitable weapon.”


They were already surrounded by enemies in all directions. It was evident that Yan Peng took this matter seriously since he had brought over 30 people with him.


Yan Peng narrowed his eyes, “We don’t necessarily have to fight.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrow, “Are you willing to let us go?”


“You can’t go, but they can.”


“Because I’m the Holy Son?”


“Yes. The prophecy of the Light Spirit Religion has been circulating for many years. Everyone thinks it’s an unrealistic fantasy. Whether you are the real Holy Son or not, you still have to come with me. Rest assured, our Master may not necessarily take your life. Who knows, you might even benefit from this misfortune.”


Yang Kai looked at him curiously and asked, “If I’m not mistaken, you should be in the Immortal Ascension Boundary, right? An elite like you actually has a Master?”


Upon hearing that, Yan Peng’s eyes were suddenly filled with fanaticism, “Of course, the divine might of our Master is not something that you ordinary mortals can imagine. I am not even one-tenth of his greatness!”


Watching the fervent expression on Yan Peng’s face, Yang Kai suddenly felt a sense of familiarity…


Yang Kai still wanted to say more, but Yan Peng had already lost his patience. The fanaticism in his eyes subsided, replaced by coldness and cruelty, “Boy, you better come with me obediently to avoid suffering!”


“That’s not going to happen,” Yang Kai shook his head like a rattle drum, “I’m curious about that prophecy, so I intend to meet their Saintess and ask about it.”


Yan Peng coldly snorted, “Foolish obstinance!”


With a wave of his hand, he shouted, “Take him down!”


Yang Kai lifted the sword up as he muttered, “It’s a pity it’s not a spear, but oh well, it’s all the same!” 


With those words, he flicked his wrist, and blood spurted forth as one of the Masters who charged towards him was inexplicably pierced, clutching his throat while he stumbled backwards.


Yang Kai thrust his sword again, and another person was killed with one swift blow.


Masters came from all directions, but Yang Kai moved like a graceful butterfly amid their dense attacks.


Within just a few breaths, the ground was covered with corpses, and more than half of Yan Peng’s men were dead.


The remaining people were filled with horror and no longer dared to approach.


Zuo Wu You, who had collapsed on a pile of rubble, stared straight ahead, momentarily forgetting to breathe. On the other side, Liu Ji also widened his eyes and almost thought that he was dreaming.


Yan Peng was equally astonished and asked, “What kind of Sword Secret Technique is this?”


Under his observation, this Holy Son of the Light Spirit Religion did not even use any kind of great force. The sword in his hand seemed to have a mind of its own, piercing with precision every time and always hitting its target. 


After just a dozen or so strikes, half of his men were already dead.


However, the sword remained unsullied by blood!


“Sword Secret Technique?” Yang Kai shook his sword and said, “No, no, no, this is not a Secret Technique.”


“Not a Secret Technique? Then what is it?”


“It’s just an application of the Sword Dao.”


Although Yang Kai mainly cultivated the Dao of Space, Time, and Spear, he had delved into the Sword Dao before. In his earlier years, when he wasn’t powerful enough, he roamed around with only a sword; however, since the war in the Star Boundary, after receiving the Azure Dragon Spear from Ah Da, he had switched to Spear Dao.


Now, with the gains he had obtained from the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon and Infinite River, compared to ordinary Masters, Yang Kai was still much stronger, despite his Mastery over the Sword Dao being lower than the three Grand Daos he primarily cultivated.


In Yang Kai’s Small Universe, many people benefited from his unusual accumulation and embarked on the Sword Dao, making it among the most popular Grand Daos in the entire Void World. Although his power was severely suppressed in this independent World, which made it difficult to use his Dao Strengths, his Mastery of the Sword Dao remained. With just a flick of his wrist, he could perform an extremely exquisite move with any kind of sword.


Yan Peng and Zuo Wu You found this all hard to comprehend.


“Now, who wants to die next?” Yang Kai looked around at the Masters who were now at a loss.


No one dared to step forward!


“A mere True Element Boundary Junior dares to act insolent in front of this Old Master? Even if your Sword Secret Techniques are exquisite, you are not my match!” Yan Peng bellowed with rage as his Divine Sense surged, sending his Spiritual Energy charging towards Yang Kai.


Zuo Wu You’s expression changed drastically as he shouted, “Holy Son, be careful!”


While the Holy Son’s Sword Secret Techniques were truly transcendent, his cultivation realm was still a fatal weakness! There was an insurmountable gap between the True Element Boundary and the Immortal Ascension Boundary – one’s Divine Sense and Knowledge Sea. The latter had given birth to a Divine Sense and opened their Knowledge Sea, but the former had not.


Therefore, an Immortal Ascension Masters who wanted to make a move against a True Element cultivator were basically unstoppable, unless they wore some artifact that protected their Soul!


After Yan Peng witnessed Yang Kai’s skills and realized he could not understand his Sword Secret Techniques, he understood that if he wanted to take him down, he could only use Soul Secret Techniques.


In an instant, Yan Peng’s Spiritual Energy rushed into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea and manifested as a Soul Avatar.


He stood proudly above the ocean, his arrogance and disdain quickly turning to shock and doubt.


[This is a Knowledge Sea!]


How could a True Element Boundary cultivator have a Knowledge Sea? Moreover, the vast power hidden within this Knowledge Sea was beyond his ability to comprehend. The Soul of the Immortal Ascension Master was like a firefly under the bright moonlight in front of such power!


[What was going on?]


The prophecy predicting the Holy Son’s existence did not seem to be unfounded. Putting aside his bizarre Sword Secret Techniques, this vast and boundless Knowledge Sea was even more astonishing.


Yan Peng quickly discovered a seven-colour island, which stood out among the vast and misty multicoloured lights of the Knowledge Sea.


Yan Peng could feel his Soul Avatar trembling just from looking at it!


He instinctively knew that the seven-coloured island was an incredible treasure. Just being bathed by the seven-coloured glow gave his Soul Avatar an extremely pleasant feeling.


[I must obtain this seven-coloured island!]


With greed in his heart, Yan Peng flew towards the island and landed on it easily as there was no hindrance on the way. In an instant, Yan Peng felt an indescribable surge of power nourishing his Soul, giving him a feeling of returning to the womb. He wished he could stay here forever.


Suddenly, a voice rang out, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone so weak.” 


Yan Peng was startled. 


[Someone’s here?]


He spun around to see a young man standing beside a leopard that had lightning dancing around it. 


[Was it the leopard who spoke earlier?]


The young man commented, “We all start weak and work our way up through cultivation.”


The leopard just sneered, “This old man’s aptitude is so poor that even if he were placed in the wider World, he would only be able to reach the First Order at best.”


“Fair enough. In any case, let’s get this over with.”


“What do you think, Second Brother?”


“Hm, instead of just killing him, we should probably try to gather some more information.”


“Good, then you do it. I’m not good at delicate work so I’m afraid I might kill him by accident.”


“En,” the young man nodded and turned to Yan Peng, smiling, “Old man, if you don’t want to suffer, you’d better tell us everything you know. The Heavens reward those who are kind, so I might spare you if you cooperate.”


Yan Peng’s expression turned grave.



Meanwhile, amidst the rubble, Zuo Wu You yelled out in worry, but in the next instant, the Holy Son’s sword flickered again as he began killing all the enemies who surrounded them. 


Blood splattered, and screams filled the air.


No one expected that after Yan Peng attacked, Yang Kai could still fight. Normally, at this point, Yang Kai’s Soul should have been crushed by Yan Peng, leaving him either dead or severely limited. But in reality, Yang Kai remained unfazed.


A moment of carelessness resulted in even greater casualties.


It wasn’t until only a few people were left alive that they realised what was happening.


“Kill him!”


“Kill him now!”


The few people exclaimed in shock as a layer of faint mist suddenly filled their bodies. As the mist spread, their strength noticeably improved.


Yang Kai, who was in the midst of wielding his sword and killing, suddenly raised his brow, revealing a look of astonishment.


The sword in his hand continued to deliver death, and within moments, only the last Master remained gasping for breath while the rest lay dead on the ground.


By the time Yang Kai cut the tendons in the last Master’s shoulders with his sword and captured him with one hand, the several dozen people brought by Yan Peng were already all dead.


“Be careful, Holy Son, don’t touch that mist!” Zuo Wu You’s worried voice rang out once again.


Yang Kai, however, seemed not to have heard him. He continued to pressure the Master he had captured, forcing him to activate the power of the mist.


After a while, Yang Kai finally stopped, and the captive Master’s aura extinguished at the same time.


Standing in place, Yang Kai showed a pensive expression.


[That mist… was Black Ink Strength. Though incredibly faint and weak, unlike those outside, it was still undoubtedly Black Ink Strength.]


Recalling Yan Peng’s previously fanatical expression, Yang Kai suddenly realised why it seemed familiar.


“Do all of these people possess this power?” Yang Kai turned to Zuo Wu You and asked.


Zuo Wu You replied, “Those in the Black Ink Cult all possess it. It’s called Black Ink Strength.”


Yang Kai nodded, finally obtaining a few answers after experiencing this series of inexplicable events.



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