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Martial Peak – Chapter 5934, Why Did You Try to Kill Me

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As the three of them passed through a small town, Zuo Wu You and Yang Kai waited outside in concealment while Liu Ji entered and drove out in a carriage moments later.


All three of them were in the True Element Boundary and were technically capable of flying; however, doing so would consume too much energy and be unsustainable for long periods. Besides, with Zuo Wu You and Liu Ji still recovering from their injuries, the natural choice was to use a carriage as transportation.


Once they regrouped, Liu Ji nodded lightly to Zuo Wu You, “It’s arranged, Big Brother Zuo.”


Zuo Wu You nodded in response before turning to Yang Kai, “Please get on, Holy Son.”


Yang Kai went along with them and got on the carriage with Zuo Wu You while Liu Ji continued to drive, the carriage rattling away from the small town.


Inside the carriage, Yang Kai asked, “Where are we going now?”


“Dawn City!” Zuo Wu You replied.


Yang Kai understood why they were going there. According to Yan Peng’s information, Dawn City was the foundation of the Light Spirit Religion, with countless Masters and high-ranking officials of the Light Spirit Religion gathered there.


Now that the Holy Son had appeared, it was imperative to send him to Dawn City as soon as possible.


However, the name of the city brought a sense of familiarity to Yang Kai, reminding him of the days when he fought side by side with his Squad members on the Black Ink Battlefield.


Today, many of those familiar names and figures had vanished into the river of history…


They were still quite far away from Dawn City, and judging by their current pace, it would take them five or six days to arrive even if they travelled day and night without rest. 


What’s more, this long journey was highly unlikely to be peaceful.


Zuo Wu You clearly knew this, so he quickly focused on healing his injuries.


Shortly after the three of them left the small town, a blood light arrived. Moments later, the blood light rushed out and turned into the figure of the red-robed woman. She stood in the void, gazing in the direction of the departing carriage as she coldly snorted, “I wonder what the legendary Holy Son tastes like?”


With those murmured words, she turned into a bloody beam of light again and chased after Yang Kai and the others.


Behind them, the small town lay eerily silent…


Half a day later, Yang Kai in the carriage suddenly heard a commotion. Zuo Wu You, who was meditating, was also alarmed and quickly opened his eyes, lifting the carriage curtain to ask, “What’s going on?”


When he looked out, he clearly saw that someone was being assaulted by a strong man on the side of the road ahead; a burly man was pressing a woman underneath him, emitting a lewd laugh as he tore the woman’s clothes.


A large expanse of snow-white skin was exposed, causing the woman to scream and shout in distress, which only further fuelled the man’s savagery.


“Big Brother Zuo…” Liu Ji, who was driving the carriage, couldn’t bear to watch. Due to his naturally kind personality, coupled with the Light Spirit Religion’s teachings to help the weak, he couldn’t just ignore such a wicked act.


However, Zuo Wu You’s face flashed a look of vigilance as he said in a low tone, “Carry on!”


Upon hearing the command, Liu Ji gritted his teeth and quickly drove the carriage past them.


Under normal circumstances, the two of them would not sit idly by in the face of such an incident, but now there was only one priority, which was to escort the Holy Son to Dawn City. Everything else was unimportant.


When the carriage approached, the burly man had already stopped his actions and looked warily at Liu Ji. It was only after the carriage passed that he breathed a sigh of relief.


The woman who was pinned down by him screamed, “Help! Help me!”


Aggravated, the burly man slapped her and sneered, “No one will come to save you. Give up!”


But just as he finished speaking, his body suddenly shook, and he looked down to see a spear piercing through his chest.


The burly man’s eyes widened as his strength quickly ebbed away.


Yang Kai flicked his spear and tossed the burly man to the side. He then smiled and reached out to the beautiful but pale-faced woman, “Miss, you’re safe now.”


The woman clearly hadn’t fully realised what had happened until she saw the corpse of the burly man next to her, which caused her to completely break down and throw herself into Yang Kai’s arms, crying bitterly.


A little while later, Yang Kai sat in the carriage, holding a warm and soft woman in his arms. She seemed to be so frightened that she held onto his neck with all her might, like an octopus clinging to him.


On the other hand, Zuo Wu You didn’t know where to look, mainly because the woman’s clothes were torn and her snow-white skin was a little too dazzling.


“Sir, you…” Zuo Wu You didn’t know what to say. He never expected that the Holy Son would suddenly jump off the carriage and play the hero to save the damsel in distress.


But he had to admit that the woman was quite attractive. Even with her hair dishevelled and her face covered in dirt, it couldn’t conceal her charm. On the contrary, it accentuated her pitiful appearance, causing people to sympathise with her at a glance.


Such looks easily attracted unwanted attention in these troubled times.


With outsiders present, Zuo Wu You couldn’t address Yang Kai as ‘Holy Son’, so he simply referred to him as ‘Sir’.


Yang Kai chuckled, “It’s our duty to lend a helping hand when we see injustice. If we ignore something that we can easily help with just because it is inconvenient, then why bother cultivating at all? Besides, this carriage has plenty of space. Having one more person won’t make a difference.”


Zuo Wu You could only nod and say, “As Sir says.”


Yang Kai ignored Zuo Wu You and instead lowered his head to look at the woman in his arms, speaking in a gentle and soothing voice, “Little Beauty, what’s your name? Where are you from? Are you married?”


Zuo Wu You couldn’t help but feel speechless at what he was witnessing. He never imagined that the Holy Son had such an interest in beauties. Of course, it was natural for men to appreciate beautiful women, but there was a time and place for everything.


Originally, Zuo Wu You admired the Holy Son’s ability to dispatch Yan Peng and his dozens of followers with a single sword, and he believed that the Spirit Religion had a bright future. But now, those expectations had taken a hit.


Could such a Holy Son really achieve great things? Zuo Wu You couldn’t help but worry about the future of the Spirit Religion.


As the woman in Yang Kai’s arms slowly calmed down and seemed to realise that their position was not appropriate, she blushed, burying her head in Yang Kai’s chest instead of answering his questions.


Yang Kai laughed heartily at her response, feeling quite pleased with himself; however, the woman suddenly raised her head and looked at him with a bewildered expression.


Yang Kai hugged her tightly and looked down at her, “What’s wrong?”


“Why did you try and kill me?” The woman’s coquettishness and shyness disappeared out of nowhere, replaced by an expression of disbelief.


“Hmmm, you’re not dead?”


The woman cursed loudly, “Are you even Human?”


Their conversation made no sense, leaving not only the driver Liu Ji puzzled but also Zuo Wu You, who was in the same carriage.


However, the odd atmosphere made him feel a great sense of danger, and he quickly tightened his grip on his long sword… only to find that it was gone!


Zuo Wu You was shocked. He didn’t even know when he had lost his sword.


Next, the carriage became filled with a strong, metallic smell. The woman in Yang Kai’s arms started bleeding fresh blood, whereas Zuo Wu You’s lost sword was pierced through her, the hilt gripped in Yang Kai’s hand.


With a loud bang, violent waves of energy swept through the carriage, lifting the roof off. The woman, who had been in Yang Kai’s embrace, suddenly turned into a blood mist, breaking free from his grasp.


The sudden turn of events frightened the horses pulling the carriage, resulting in them neighing in panic. Liu Ji had to quickly calm them down or they would have bolted.


Zuo Wu You was also thrown off balance by the shockwave, almost being blown away, but luckily was grabbed by Yang Kai just in time.


The carriage continued forward, and in the shabby compartment, Yang Kai and Zuo Wu You looked behind together. In the half-empty air, a twisting, writhing mass of blood gradually transformed into the alluring figure of a red-robed woman. She clutched her chest, her face twisted with hatred and resentment, her beautiful eyes fixated on Yang Kai, overflowing with intense malice, as if she wished to devour his flesh and drink his blood right then.


“Night Chapter Master, Xue Ji!” Zuo Wu You was shocked and terrified. 


Though they knew that the Black Ink Cult would soon have pursuers on their heels, he never expected it to be her. They were in trouble now.


Yang Kai’s brow raised slightly as he thought to himself, [As I suspected!]


Thanks to the information he had gleaned from Yan Peng, Yang Kai was no longer completely ignorant about the Primordial World.


The Black Ink Cult, under the command of Mo, was divided into the Eight Chapters, each with their own structure and hierarchy. The Night Chapter, though the smallest in number, was made up entirely of elite assassins. 


Everyone in the Night Chapter of the Black Ink Cult was a Master of their craft, especially Night Chapter Master, Xue Ji, who was said to possess the ability to transform into thousands of different forms, making her an almost invincible opponent.


Throughout the history of the Light Spirit Religion, countless high-ranking members had died under the Night Chapter’s assassinations, including several Saintesses.


Among the Black Ink Cult’s Eight Chapters, the Light Spirit Religion was most wary of the Night Chapter, as nobody knew where they hid or when they would strike a deadly blow. Zuo Wu You shivered at the thought of facing the Night Chapter Master himself, realising that he and his companions were in grave danger.


But this only made him admire the Holy Son even more. Though he had been cautious before, Zuo Wu You had failed to notice any flaws. Little did he know, the seemingly lustful and carefree Holy Son was already aware and prepared to strike, displaying a level of cunning and decisiveness that left others in awe. 


“You shouldn’t be alive,” Yang Kai looked at Xue Ji in confusion.


He could sense that Xue Ji was an Immortal Ascension Boundary Master, but even so, there was no way she should have survived being stabbed through the heart with his sword. However, she only seemed to have suffered some damage to her foundation, with no threat to her life.


All his actions really accomplished was making her angry. Her mastery over blood was unlike any he had seen before.


“How dare you wound me! I’ll devour—” Xue Ji’s face twisted with rage, but before she could finish her sentence, another figure appeared before her.


It was none other than Yang Kai, who should have been standing in the carriage. He wielded a long spear without hesitation and used his formidable Supreme Limitless Secret Art on Xue Ji.


His spear strikes rained down on her without mercy, creating countless holes in her body. Zuo Wu You wasted no time too and joined the attack, brandishing his sword with skill and unleashing a flurry of strikes upon Xue Ji.


With their combined efforts, Xue Ji was quickly reduced to a mist of blood, vanishing from sight in an instant.



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