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Martial Peak – Chapter 5935, The Earth Chapter Appears

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As the bloody mist condensed and converged, it surged towards the two of them.


Yang Kai’s face changed slightly as he grabbed Zuo Wu You and jumped back onto the carriage.


In the sky, the blood mist seemed to possess a sense of spirituality, quickly fleeing into the distance as Xue Ji’s voice echoed, “I will rip your corpse into 10,000 sooner or later!”


The infamous Night Chapter Master escaped in such a pathetic state just like that.


Watching her depart, Yang Kai wore a troubled expression as he muttered, “So difficult to deal with!”


Ordinary people would have died from such a surprise attack, or from the follow-up assault, but Xue Ji was able to keep her life intact. Her skills were truly remarkable, making Yang Kai feel a sense of admiration for her talent.


Through their brief exchange just now, Yang Kai noticed something. Xue Ji’s Mastery over the Blood Dao was indeed extremely high, leaving her with no fatal weakness. Even if her heart was pierced through, she would still be alive, only suffering some damage to her foundation.


But since she was severely injured just now, it would surely cause serious damage to her foundation and she probably would not dare to come again in a short time.


“No wonder so many experts from the Spirit Religion can’t deal with her. It turns out that her methods are so insidious!” Zuo Wu You’s face was filled with fear as he recalled what happened earlier. If the Holy Son hadn’t noticed anything, they might have already died without even realising how.


Turning to look at Yang Kai, Zuo Wu You became even more respectful of this Holy Son.


On the other hand, Liu Ji was still driving the carriage without its roof while desperately fleeing forward, leaving a trail of dust in their wake.


“I’m afraid this journey won’t be peaceful,” Yang Kai muttered casually.


Zuo Wu You replied, “Rest assured, Holy Son, I have already sent out a coded message. The Spirit Religion will soon send experts to assist us.”


“That’s good,” Yang Kai nodded. Zuo Wu You was also a thorough person, and it seemed that he had made arrangements when they picked up the carriage at that small town earlier.


Suddenly, a piercing scream sounded, and the horses pulling the carriage fell down. The carriage, hurtling forward at full speed, crashed into the horses and flew into the air.


As soon as they sensed that something was wrong, Yang Kai, Zuo Wu You, and Liu Ji jumped off the carriage.


The three of them stood in mid-air and looked closely. The horses were surrounded by a red light, and in a mournful fit, they turned into a pool of blood, leaving only white skeletons behind.


“Ah–” Zuo Wu You paled slightly as he had no idea at all when Xue Ji attacked the horse.


Even Yang Kai had not noticed it this time. Looking back now, it was likely that it happened when Xue Ji was stabbed by himself and turned into a blood mist while breaking free from him.


“Big Brother Zuo!” Liu Ji suddenly panicked.


Yang Kai and Zuo Wu You turned their heads to look, and the both of them paled in shock upon the sight.


Liu Ji was now emitting a bloody red light, and within that light, his power became chaotic to the extreme, his physique melting away like a candle in high heat.


“Liu Ji!” Zuo Wu You cried out.


Liu Ji clearly knew what was about to happen too, so after a brief moment of panic, his expression suddenly became resolute as he shouted, “Brother Zuo, you must send Holy Son back!” 


As soon as he finished the sentence, he flew away, with pieces of his body dissolving into blood, leaving behind only scattered bones that fell from the sky in a matter of moments.


Staring blankly at the scene, Zuo Wu You went silent for a long time, his anger and grief beyond words.


Yang Kai’s expression turned grave too. Xue Ji’s methods were truly insidious and unpredictable. When he noticed something wrong with Liu Ji earlier, he had wanted to help, but it was already too late. In just a few breaths, Liu Ji had been killed.


He turned his head to look at Zuo Wu You, confirming that he was unharmed and that he himself had not fallen prey to Xue Ji’s attack without him realising. If he had, it would have been impossible to remain oblivious.


It seemed that Xue Ji did not intend to kill him; otherwise, she would have used such means from the start.


Finally, Zuo Wu You regained his composure, despite his red eyes and throbbing veins on his forehead. He longed to fight Xue Ji, but his priority was to escort the Holy Son back to Dawn City.


“Holy Son, let’s go,” Zuo Wu You called out, leading the way.


Since the carriage was gone, the two of them could only fly; however, not having a means of transportation was inconvenient, especially since Zuo Wu You was still injured and had to push himself to keep going.


When night fell, they found a place to rest in the wilderness. Zuo Wu You meditated and adjusted his breathing while Yang Kai stood guard beside him.


The cold moonlight poured down, and Yang Kai looked up at the full moon with many thoughts flooding his mind.


From the information he had gathered, he determined that the Primitive World was a real World, where all living beings, including the three members of the Light Spirit Religion and the Black Ink Cult members they encountered, were truly alive!


This was quite different from what Yang Kai had originally thought. He initially believed that everything here was an illusion in Mu’s Space-Time River, but it seemed that he had greatly underestimated her.


The Black Ink Cult and Light Spirit Religion were opposed to each other. The Black Ink Cult members could use Black Ink Strength, while the first Saintess of Light Spirit Religion left a prophecy.


Everything was still vague and unclear, so Yang Kai could not fathom what the hidden hand Mu left in this World was. It would only be after he greeted the Saintess that he would be able to know everything.


The journey ahead was slow, difficult, and obstructed.


Under the moonlight, Yang Kai saw a shadow twist and writhe slightly.


Flicking his wrist, Yang Kai sent out a crescent-shaped black strike, hitting the shadow. Then, blood started flowing from the shadow, filling the air with a metallic tinge.


Despite being suppressed by this independent World, his foundation was still intact, and he could still invoke some of his Space Secret Techniques. Moreover, Yang Kai could sense that the suppression of his strength in this World was not absolute. His strength could still be improved, and given time, he could at least restore his cultivation to the Immortal Ascension Boundary.


However, this was probably the limit that this World could accommodate.


Although Yang Kai could only increase his cultivation by a Major Realm, the power he could exert by then would increase by a lot.


As dawn broke over the horizon, Zuo Wu You finally awoke from his meditative state, having spent the night adjusting his breathing and restoring his energy. But what he saw upon opening his eyes left him startled – a field of corpses strewn haphazardly across the ground, their blood painting the earth a deep shade of red. These bodies showed no signs of resistance, having been cleanly sliced in two by some incredibly sharp weapon.


Zuo Wu You couldn’t even begin to guess when these people had come or how they died, but one thing was clear;they were all assassins from the Black Ink Cult’s Night Chapter. Feeling ashamed, he rose to his feet and addressed his companion, “Holy Son…”


Yang Kai merely glanced at him and nodded in response, “Prepare for a breakout.” 


“Oh?” Zuo Wu You was taken aback by this sudden directive, but he soon understood what Yang Kai meant. Though he was only in the True Element Boundary and lacked a Divine Sense, his regular senses were sharp enough to detect the danger around them. 


This realization left him pale, but Yang Kai remained unperturbed, dusting himself off and pointing in the direction they had been travelling, “Yesterday, we were heading towards Dawn City in that direction, right?”


“Yes!” Zuo Wu You nodded.


“Then, let’s go,” Yang Kai declared, lifting his long spear.


“We’re just going off like this…?” Zuo Wu You was taken aback once again. The Black Ink Cult surely knew that they were heading towards Dawn City, and the interception in this direction would definitely be the strongest. The safest course of action would be to test the enemy’s strength and choose a weaker defensive position to break through. 


But, Yang Kai replied confidently, “We’re going to Dawn City, and it’s closest in this direction. We’ll go this way.” Saying so, he strode forward.


Zuo Wu You had no choice but to follow.




Suddenly, a loud clanging sound echoed in all directions as a barrage of arrows flew towards them. 


Zuo Wu You quickly raised his sword to deflect them, all the while shouting a warning to Yang Kai, “Holy Son, be careful!” But when he turned his head, he only saw Yang Kai strolling leisurely through the rain of arrows, with no effort to dodge or resist them, yet the dense barrage of arrows couldn’t even touch his clothes.


[How is that possible!?] Zuo Wu You couldn’t wrap his head around it.


Before he could fully comprehend what was happening, he witnessed Yang Kai flicking his fingers and launching a barrage of black Moon Blades in all directions. These blades seemed to cut through space itself, effortlessly breaking through the blockade.


In the next instant, screams echoed throughout the area. 


Zuo Wu You couldn’t help but remember the gruesome scene of the corpses from before, realising how Yang Kai had managed to defeat the enemies last night.


The two figures continued to fly forward, killing their opponents without mercy.


It was only a moment later when the rain of arrows from the shadows became sparse, eventually stopping completely. Perhaps the enemy had realised that this tactic was futile against Yang Kai, though the temporary pause didn’t mean they had given up their siege, but rather prepared for an even stronger attack.


After flying forward for a while longer, several figures suddenly flew towards them from the front. Each of these people was a peak True Element Boundary Master, radiating a strong aura. They also seemed to maintain a unique Battle Formation as they moved forward.


They all carried longswords, exuding a chilling Sword Intent.


Zuo Wu You’s expression turned grave, “They’re from the Earth Chapter of the Black Ink Cult. They usually handle small-scale battles. I didn’t expect them to show up this time.”


What worried Zuo Wu You more was the possibility that the Earth Chapter Master might also be among them. If that were the case, it would be a bigger problem.


That person wasn’t as sneaky as Xue Ji, and although he had an impulsive character, his strength was second to none among the Eight Chapter Masters of the Black Ink Cult.


“Be careful, Holy Son. They have the North Star Sword Formation, which can combine the strength of seven people to unleash a power far beyond their individual cultivation realm,” Zuo Wu You warned.


As soon as he finished speaking, the enemy had already made their move. Their Battle Formation was impressive, converging the strength of seven people into one. The leader of the group waved their longsword and a massive sword wave came crashing down on Yang Kai, instantly splitting him in half.


Zuo Wu You’s previous boiling blood ran cold all of a sudden.



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