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Martial Peak – Chapter 5936, What Kind of Monster Are You

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Translator: Silavin & June

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The seven swordsmen in the Formation had no idea their target would be so weak, easily slain with just one sword strike; however, the severed body that lay before them didn’t spill fresh blood and instead quickly faded into nothingness. 


It was merely an afterimage!


The seven of them were shocked and were about to launch another sword attack when they heard a voice in their ears, “A good sword, but it still lacks a certain substance.”


In the next instant, a single spear shadow filled their vision before blood burst forth. The Sword Formation was instantly broken, and the seven swordsmen who comprised it either died or became seriously wounded.


Zuo Wu You flew over, using his Secret Techniques to kill any survivors. He then turned to Yang Kai, “Holy Son!”


He was filled with disbelief. For a moment, he thought the Holy Son had been killed, but it turned out to be just an afterimage. He hadn’t even seen how the Holy Son moved, which meant his Movement Skill was beyond his comprehension.


“Quick, let’s go,” Zuo Wu You said in a low voice. He had a sense of unease in his heart as if a great danger was approaching.


Before he could do anything though, a strange voice sounded, “Do you think you can kill so many of us and just walk away?”


“He’s here!” Zuo Wu You’s face changed drastically, apparently realising what was happening.


Yang Kai’s expression also became serious as he sensed a powerful aura rapidly approaching them. He looked in that direction and saw a figure quickly running towards them like lightning. 


He immediately pushed Zuo Wu You aside and lifted his spear and thrust it out. 


The figure quickly approached, revealing a towering man with a fierce and evil expression, giving off a genuine Immortal Ascension Boundary aura.


Not only was this man a Master from the Black Ink Cult’s Earth Chapter, but he was also one of the strongest among the Eight Chapter Masters.


Facing Yang Kai’s spear strike, he didn’t dodge or evade; instead, he smirked and met the strike with a punch.


The long spear shattered as the punch’s force swept forward, causing Yang Kai to grunt and retreat a dozen steps before stabilising his footing. Suddenly, his clothes burst apart at the back, pierced by the force of the punch.


The long spear was now turned to dust because it was only a common item that couldn’t withstand a full-force attack from an Immortal Ascension Realm Master.


“Oh?” The Earth Chapter Master threw only one punch and didn’t pursue further, looking surprised when he saw Yang Kai’s state, “You’re not dead yet?”


He could sense that the young man before him was only in the True Element Boundary, yet he could withstand his punch without dying, which was quite strange.


“Forget it, it’s your misfortune that I didn’t kill you with one punch. The next one will do the job.” Saying so, the Earth Chapter Master strode towards Yang Kai till he was close enough, and then, he struck again.


With a loud boom, a violent shockwave swept out as the ground cracked open.


The Earth Chapter Master’s eyes narrowed with amazement, for his surefire punch had been blocked by the other party’s fist.


To the side, Zuo Wu You had just regained his footing and witnessed a scene he would never forget.


He saw the Holy Son slightly hunched over, raising his fist to meet the Earth Chapter Master’s punch. Under the intense collision, the scene froze.


Looking up at the Earth Chapter Master, Yang Kai snickered, “With such a soft punch, who are you trying to kill?”


Both Zuo Wu You and Earth Chapter Master were taken aback!


Of the Eight Chapter Masters of the Black Ink Cult, each of them had their own unique skills, except for the Earth Chapter Master who wasn’t specialised in Secret Techniques or used any kind of weapon. Despite having no defining trait, the Earth Chapter Master was still ranked among the top three strongest Chapter Masters for his physical strength alone, having refined his body to the point of being as strong as an artifact, with fists that could destroy anything in the World.


In terms of physical strength and power alone, the Earth Chapter Master was undoubtedly the best in the entire Primordial World.


Even Masters in the same realm as him couldn’t withstand his punches. Once, a Master of the Spirit Religion who was also in the Immortal Ascension Boundary fought him in close combat relying on a protective artifact, but he was killed with a single punch, and even the protective artifact was shattered by that punch.


Zuo Wu You could not conceive of anyone who could directly withstand such a terrifying Master and his fists alone, not until he witnessed this scene with his own eyes!


Despite the Holy Son’s physique not being as robust as the Earth Chapter Master’s, with his build being at best half as bulky, the difference between them only highlighted the incredible nature of this frozen moment.


The Earth Chapter Master was clearly angered by Yang Kai’s words and let out a low growl, “I haven’t seen such a bold person in a long time. I hope your fists will be as strong as your mouth!”


He swung his fist and attacked again.


Yang Kai faced the incoming fist with casual indifference and replied, “I was just about to say the same thing!”


*Hong Hong Hong…*


The violent impact of their fists created deafening noise, and the visible shockwaves rippled outwards from where their fists met.


The disdain on Earth Chapter Master’s face gradually dissipated, replaced by a look of seriousness and confusion. He couldn’t fathom how such a frail body could contain such immense power. He even had a vague suspicion that Yang Kai wasn’t even using his full strength yet!


This thought frightened him, which he dared not dwell on any further.


As for Yang Kai, he was also equally frustrated. The suppression from this independent World was too great; not only had his strength fallen from the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm to the True Element Boundary, but even his Dragon Vein couldn’t be fully accessed. To paint a clearer picture, if the power from his Dragon Vein were to be described as a lake, the amount of power he could currently access would only be equivalent to a mere drop of water.


If not for this, he could easily crush an Immortal Ascension Master with just one finger.


At present, his strength was slightly greater than Earth Chapter Master’s, but not by much.


Their fists collided again and again, gradually covering them in bloody wounds with fresh blood splattering every time they clashed.


Suddenly, Yang Kai taunted the Earth Chapter Master by tilting his chin up, “You and your Black Ink Cult’s endless pursuit. I wonder, if I kill you, will the rest of our path become peaceful?”


The Earth Chapter Master felt insulted and roared, “If you can kill me, then you’ll get what you want!” His expression then turned ferocious, “But are you capable?”


As he spoke, a pitch-black mist enveloped him, and his body swelled up, his muscles bulging as an even greater power erupted from within. Following this, he unleashed a punch that was far more powerful than his previous ones.


This punch was almost equal to Yang Kai’s current limit.


However, facing this attack, Yang Kai remained calm as he used his fist to meet the punch head-on!


A loud explosion resounded.


Yang Kai’s body shook slightly while the Earth Chapter Master stumbled. His previously determined expression became uncertain.


Without giving him a chance to catch his breath, Yang Kai’s attacks suddenly became even more intense.


The Earth Chapter Master also roared continuously, shifting from offence to defence as he tried to fend off Yang Kai’s relentless assault.


After a moment, his eyes trembled violently as he shouted, “What kind of monster are you?!”


He had always been the one to overwhelm others with his physique and strength, dominating the entire Primordial World without anyone in this domain surpassing him. Yet today, even with the help of his Black Ink Strength, he found himself falling behind.


It was simply unbearable.


What made it worse was the strange power of his opponent’s punches, each strike penetrating through his physical defence and hammering his body from the inside out, causing damage to his five viscera and six organs.


Amidst his roar of anger, a sharp Divine Sense suddenly erupted towards Yang Kai’s mind, followed by the voice of a woman saying, “I told you this guy was not easy to deal with, but you had to be careless. Now you’re in trouble.”


Xue Ji!


She had also arrived, and she had been concealing herself nearby. A crimson blood mist suddenly manifested and rushed straight at Yang Kai, wrapping him up completely. 


Xue Ji’s insidious voice rang out from within the blood mist, “Bastard, it’s your honour to die under the combined efforts of us two mighty Chapter Masters! Now, offer up your physical essence. With a vigorous man like you, the taste would certainly be heavenly!”


As she spoke, fresh blood gushed out of the wounds on Yang Kai’s fists, seemingly drawn out by some unknown force, and merged into the blood mist.


When Yang Kai saw this, he just smirked mockingly and said, “You want to eat me? Be careful not to burst your stomach!”


A faint Dragon Roar was then heard.


The blood mist surrounding Yang Kai writhed and twisted as if struck by lightning.


“What is this!?” Xue Ji’s voice became frantic as she seemed to encounter something she couldn’t understand. During her speech, Xue Ji screamed again and hurriedly withdrew from Yang Kai’s body, transforming back into her own body in mid-air.


However, it was difficult for her to maintain her body’s stability, like a storm was rampaging inside her, causing her flesh to suddenly expand like a ball and then twist like a rope.


Xue Ji let out a mournful cry, her entire body bursting into a ball of blood mist.


Even though Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein had been suppressed, it was still fundamentally powered by a Divine Dragon. Xue Ji, unaware of the truth, had swallowed and tried to refine the blood of the Divine Dragon. Even if it was just a tiny drop, it was not something that a cultivator of her calibre could endure.


The burst blood mist once again gathered into Xue Ji’s figure, only to burst again in her agonising screams.


This endless cycle of torment seemed as if it would carry on forever.


On the other hand, the Earth Chapter Master, who was fighting Yang Kai, couldn’t help but shudder with fear.


Yang Kai was already beyond him in terms of physicality and strength, a fact that he struggled to accept. But now, Xue Ji’s mere act of devouring a bit of his blood had left her in such agony that he couldn’t fathom what trick Yang Kai had played on her.


At that moment, he finally understood the fear and unease that his enemies must have felt before they died at his hand.


And to make matters worse… the Holy Son of the Light Spirit Religion before him seemed to be immune to Spiritual Energy attacks.


Moments ago, Xue Ji had used her Divine Sense to strike him, yet her opponent seemed completely unfazed, as if nothing had happened.


He wasn’t even wearing any Soul-type artifacts, so how could he withstand Soul Attacks?


*Kacha…* With a loud cracking sound, the Earth Chapter Master was horrified to discover that his arm had been broken.


After exchanging so many punches, it seemed his physical body had exceeded its limits.


Yang Kai landed another blow and mocked, “So much for your strength!”


The Earth Chapter Master desperately blocked the incoming punch and retreated backwards, but quickly changed direction and fled as fast as he could. Along the way, he took several more punches from Yang Kai, spewing fresh blood from his mouth and looking pathetic.



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