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Martial Peak – Chapter 5939, Greetings, Chapter Master

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Translator: Silavin & June

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The intruder was none other than the Night Chapter Master of the Black Ink Cult, Xue Ji, who had crossed paths with them twice before. 


Zuo Wu You’s eyes scanned back and forth between Xue Ji and Yang Kai. His mind was in disarray, feeling as though the situation had taken a sudden turn and the truth was shrouded in a fog that made it impossible to see clearly.


He couldn’t decide whether Yang Kai, the person sitting beside him, was a member of the Black Ink Cult or not. If he wasn’t, then why did Xue Ji suddenly appear in the middle of a life-or-death crisis and break the Array to save them? 


But if he was, then many things couldn’t be explained.


At this point, Zuo Wu You had completely lost his ability to think and felt that there was no one trustworthy in this world. 


While he was on high alert, Yang Kai and Xue Ji ignored him completely. The two of them locked eyes, one full of interest and the other filled with longing.


“You dare to show up in front of me?” Yang Kai sat casually on the stone pillar, arms folded, not at all flustered by the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary Master standing in front of him. He didn’t even show any signs of guarding himself as he spoke, leaning forward with an oppressive aura, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you?”


Xue Ji giggled, “Are you willing to?”


Yang Kai snorted coldly, “I’ve already done it before, I just didn’t finish the job.”


Xue Ji’s expression froze for a moment before she huffed, “What a boring man.” 


She then tossed the shrivelled body in her hand to the ground and continued, “This person wanted to kill you, but I left him with a thread of vitality. It’s up to you how to deal with him.”


Laying on the ground was Chu An He who was gasping for air, his Blood Essence having already disappeared. He looked like a dried-up corpse, not dead but not much different from being dead. When he heard Xue Ji’s words, his dry eyes turned to Yang Kai, filled with pleading.


However, Yang Kai ignored him and chuckled lightly, “You suddenly show up to save me and flatter me so much. What do you want?”


“I want you!” Xue Ji’s seductive eyes gleamed as a burst of blood mist suddenly enveloped Zuo Wu You. Despite Zuo Wu You’s constant vigilance since Xue Ji’s appearance, he was unable to dodge the mist. The huge gap in their strength made his vigilance seem like a joke.


At the same time, Xue Ji’s eyes turned icy, and a powerful surge of Spiritual Energy burst forth, transforming into a sharp attack that surged into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.


Yang Kai’s expression turned extremely strange in an instant…


He suddenly realised how wonderful a trap appearing to be in the True Element Boundary was. These Immortal Ascension Boundary Masters would come to suppress him with their Divine Sense at the slightest provocation, even using their Soul Avatars to determine victory or defeat.


He then turned to Zuo Wu You, only to see him stiff as a board and covered in a thin layer of blood mist that flowed around him like water.


“Don’t move,” Yang Kai told him. Xue Ji’s Secret Technique clearly did not intend to take Zuo Wu You’s life, but if he made any unusual movements, he would surely be devoured by that blood mist.


Zuo Wu You’s forehead began dripping with sweat as he spoke hoarsely, “Brother Yang, what’s going on?”


When Xue Ji appeared to rescue them, he almost believed that Yang Kai was a spy for the Black Ink Cult, but then Xue Ji clearly used her Soul Secret Technique on Yang Kai, sending her Soul Avatar to enter his Knowledge Sea. This meant that Yang Kai could not possibly be on the same side as Xue Ji!


Zuo Wu You was now completely confused.


“It’s probably because she has taken a liking to me and wants to capture me. As you know, her Blood Secret Technique requires her to devour Blood Essence from others, so my body is a great supplement for her.”


“But, what about her now?”


“What happened to Yan Peng, will happen to her.”


Zuo Wu You suddenly felt relieved…


Before this, Yan Peng had also used his Soul Avatar on Yang Kai, but he died without a word. He never thought that Xue Ji would be so foolish to do the same.


No, to be exact, it was not foolish; rather. it was because there had never been such a being like Yang Kai in this World.


In the battle with the Earth Chapter Master, Xue Ji had hidden nearby and used Soul attacks on Yang Kai, but they had no effect.


Xue Ji probably thought that Yang Kai had some special method of resisting those Soul attacks, so this time she decided to use her Soul Avatar to go all out!


She achieved her goal of rushing into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea and swiftly landed on the seven-coloured island. Immediately afterwards, she witnessed a scene that she would never forget.


“Greetings, Chapter Master Xue Ji!” A figure stepped forward and bowed respectfully.


Xue Ji looked at the figure in surprise, confirming that it was also a Soul Avatar and one that she knew. She couldn’t help but ask, “Yan Peng? What are you doing here? Aren’t you dead?”


“Am I already dead?” Yan Peng asked with a heavy heart.


“You were beheaded by a sword…” Xue Ji responded with a dazed look.


“So, I am already dead…” Yan Peng’s face was now filled with sorrow and grief. Although he had anticipated that he wouldn’t end up well, it was still hard to accept the truth. He had been a brilliant leader, cultivating hard to reach the Immortal Ascension Boundary, and subsequently held a high status in the Black Ink Cult. Yet, he died in such an unclear and meaningless way.


“What is this place? Who are these… Divine Beings?” Xue Ji looked at the young man and the panther next to him.


Yan Peng sighed, “It’s a long story.”


“Enough nonsense!” The panther suddenly spoke, “Big Brother said you aren’t being obedient and asked me to educate you on how to show proper respect.”


Saying so, the leopard’s body flickered with lightning as it pounced towards Xue Ji.


“Wait!” Xue Ji hurriedly stepped back, but the lightning came so fast that it immediately wrapped her up. On the small, seven-coloured island, her screams echoed.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai still sat on the stone pillar, while Zuo Wu You remained motionless in a stiff posture, with beads of sweat dripping down his face.


Opposite Yang Kai, Xue Ji also stood like a statue.


After about a cup of tea’s worth of time, Yang Kai’s brow rose slightly. At the same time, Zuo Wu You also sensed a burst of Spiritual Energy emerge.


The next moment, Xue Ji gasped for breath and fell to the ground, her body drenched in sweat.


Yang Kai propped up his cheeks and looked down at her.


As if sensing Yang Kai’s gaze, Xue Ji struggled and crawled on the ground, her tender body trembling while she begged, “This Servant was overconfident and offended Master’s dignity! I beg Master to spare my life!”


She, who was once one of the greatest Masters in this World, now looked like a whipped dog, begging for mercy.


Zuo Wu You glanced at this scene from the corner of his eye, feeling like the World had gone crazy.


Yang Kai replied calmly, “First, retract your Secret Technique to avoid accidentally injuring Brother Zuo.”


“Yes!” Xue Ji quickly responded and gestured at the direction of Zuo Wu You. Then, the blood mist surrounding him immediately flew back into her body like it had a life of its own.


Once she was done, she prostrated herself on the ground again.


Zuo Wu You was finally free, but the bizarre events of the day had left him dazed, so he didn’t know what to do next.


Yang Kai spoke in a calm tone, “It seems that you understand your situation now.”


Xue Ji hurriedly responded, “Master, your words are the Heavens’ command which this Servant will never disobey!”


“Good!” Yang Kai jumped off the stone stool and walked leisurely towards Xue Ji as he commanded, “Stand up.”


Xue Ji slowly rose to her feet, with her head down and hands clasped at her side. She looked like a noble lady, not at all like the arrogant and wanton woman he had met twice before.


“You’re quite lucky to be alive. I thought you were doomed to die,” Yang Kai suddenly said something that Zuo Wu You couldn’t understand.


Xue Ji responded with her head still down, “This Servant indeed had a close brush with death. It was pure coincidence that I survived.”


“And afterwards, you came to me to try and control me?” Yang Kai joked.


Xue Ji’s expression froze, and she almost fell to her knees again, “This Servant wouldn’t dare to dream of such a thing! This Servant understands your greatness and will not dare to overstep her bounds!”


Yang Kai snorted lightly in response.


Having been dealt with by Thunder Shadow naturally caused a huge change in Xue Ji’s mentality; after all, the power possessed by him and Fang Tian Ci was far beyond that of this World.


“Well, relax for now,” Yang Kai patted Xue Ji’s shoulder lightly, “I am not a vicious person, nor do I like to kill the innocent, but when you came looking for trouble, I couldn’t just sit and wait for death. Just think of it as having bad luck today.”


“Yes, Master,” Xue Ji replied, “I now understand that the World is so much bigger than I thought.”


Yang Kai felt a connection to Chu An He’s last words and said, “This World isn’t as simple as you think.”


Xue Ji didn’t understand.


“You are the Chapter Master of the Black Ink Cult’s Night Chapter, aren’t you?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.


“Yes, Master. Do you need me to do something?” Xue Ji looked up at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai waved his hand, “No need to do anything special. Just do what you need to do.” He had never intended to subdue this woman, but when she suddenly used her Soul Secret Technique on him, he casually accepted it as a move in his game.


As they travelled along the way here, he had a sense that their journey to the Spirit Religion would not be smooth sailing. No matter what the future held, the Black Ink Cult’s Chapter Masters could still play a role.


Xue Ji was taken aback but quickly responded, “Understood, this Servant will comply.”


“Then go ahead.” Yang Kai waved his hand to dismiss her.


However, Xue Ji remained motionless, looking hesitant.


“Is there anything else?” Yang Kai asked.


Xue Ji suddenly knelt down again, pleading, “This Servant asks for a little bit of Blood from Master.” Worried that Yang Kai might refuse, she added, “Just a little bit, please.”


“Are you not afraid of being overwhelmed?” Yang Kai asked.


Xue Ji lifted her head, a charming smile on her face, “As a woman who has made it this far in life, I don’t know how many times I have passed through the gates of Hell.”


Yang Kai looked at her momentarily, until her expression became anxious before he snorted lightly, “As you wish, but don’t blame me if you die!” 


With a flick of his finger, he drew a small wound on his own hand, “You can’t handle too much of my blood, so this should be enough for you… Hey, what are you doing?”


Yang Kai was shocked as the woman in front of him suddenly pounced on him and sucked hard on his finger.


Zuo Wu You, who was standing nearby, couldn’t help but frown at the sight, not sure where to look.



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