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Dawn City was the holy city of the Light Spirit Religion, and every street was wide and spacious; however, these thoroughfares, which could normally allow four to five carriages to pass by simultaneously, were filled with people today.


Two horses entered the city through one of the eastern gates, followed by many Masters from the Spirit Religion, but all eyes were on a particular young man on horseback.


Their gazes were filled with sincerity and admiration.


Meanwhile, Ma Cheng Ze and Yang Kai chatted while riding side-by-side.


“Whose idea was it?” Asked Yang Kai all of a sudden.


“What do you mean?” Ma Cheng Ze didn’t understand the other man.


Yang Kai pointed at the people on both sides.


Only then did Ma Cheng Ze realise what Yang Kai meant. He looked around and leaned close to him before whispering, “They’re the Order Lord’s disciples from the Fire Order. Please be patient, Little Friend. They just want to know what you look like. Everything will be fine after this.”


“Alright,” Yang Kai nodded.


He could feel that these people were looking expectantly at him.


Although it had been several days since he arrived in this World, he had only been wandering around the wilderness with Zuo Wu You. He had heard about the current affairs, but he hadn’t had a chance to see much for himself.


It wasn’t until he looked at these gazes that he realised what Zuo Wu You meant by the people in this World having suffered a long time because of the Black Ink Cult.


After the news of the Holy Son entering the city spread, all the disciples in Dawn City came over to take a look at him. To prevent any turmoil, Li Fei Yu had planned a route so that Ma Cheng Ze could lead Yang Kai to head straight to the Holy Temple.


The disciples who wanted to have a look at the Holy Son could wait patiently on both sides of the road; that way, not only could they prevent any potential danger, but they could also fulfil the disciples’ wishes. It was like killing two birds with one stone.


Ma Cheng Ze stayed by Yang Kai’s side so that he could escort the man to the Holy Temple and find out more about his background; however, he didn’t want to ask any questions at that moment. Regardless of whether the Holy Son beside him was fake, the fervent gazes around him were real.


“Please save us, Holy Son…” someone all of a sudden said.


It was nothing more than a murmur at first, but the words spread like wildfire among the crowd.


In just several breaths of time, all of them started shouting, “Please save us, Holy Son!”


Wherever Yang Kai went, all the disciples fell to their knees and pressed their heads against the ground.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling sorrowful, for the sight before his eyes reminded him of the situation the Human Race was facing.


The first-generation Saintess had left behind a prophecy that a Holy Son would save all of them one day, but who knows how long they would have to wait? After all, none of the Humans from the 3,000 Worlds was able to save them.


Ma Cheng Ze turned to look at Yang Kai. For some reason, he seemed to detect a form of invisible power descending upon this young man.


As he recalled some ancient rumours, his expression changed.


Li Fei Yu let the Holy Son enter the city on horseback so that the disciples could take a look at him, but it seemed to have caused some unexpected consequences.


At the thought of this, Ma Cheng Ze quickly fished out a communication bead and sent a message to the Holy Temple.


Meanwhile, the Order Lords of the Spirit Religion were waiting in the Holy Temple. The Order Lord of the Heaven Order fished out his communication bead and had a look, his expression soon turning solemn.


“What happened?” Asked the Saintess upon noticing his anomaly.


The Heaven Order Lord stepped forward and narrated to her about Li Fei Yu’s arrangements and the disciples gathering around the eastern ward.


Upon hearing this, the Saintess nodded, “Order Lord Li has done a good job. Is there anything wrong?”


The Heaven Order Lord then explained, “We seem to have underestimated the influence of the first Saintess’ prophecy on the disciples. Now, the fake Holy Son has gathered popular support among the people, and he seems to have acquired the blessing of the World’s Will.”


Upon hearing that, everyone in the room was shocked.


“Are you sure about that?”


“Where did you get the news from?”


“Does it even need explaining? Since Fatty Ma is by his side, he’s certainly the one who sent me the message.”


“What should we do, then?”


All of them descended into chaos, not knowing how to proceed.


The Order Lords were naturally not sincere about welcoming the fake Holy Son to the city. They planned to find out the purpose of his visit and look into his background after they secured him in the Grand Hall.


They didn’t need to make a fuss just because someone pretended to be the Holy Son.


However, none of them had expected that they were lifting a rock only to drop it on their foot. If the fake Holy Son gained popular support and the blessing of the World’s Will, that would be problematic, for that honour belonged to the real Holy Son.


Some of them didn’t believe the Heaven Order Lord, so they released their Divine Senses and looked into the matter. Upon closer inspection though, they realised it was indeed the case. For some reason, the fake Holy Son was shrouded in a layer of invisible and mysterious power, which seemed to be a manifestation of the World itself.


Many of them started sweating, thinking that the incident was preposterous.


“Our plan isn’t working,” announced the Heaven Order Lord with a solemn expression. Since this person had obtained the blessing of the World’s Will, regardless of whether he was a fake Holy Son, those from the Spirit Religion could no longer handle him as they pleased.


“We can only play it by ear and find out his background first,” suggested an Order Lord.


“The real Holy Son has already appeared. Other than the authority figures, the rest are not aware of it. In that case, we’d better not expose him first.”


“That’s the only thing we can do.”


After a quick discussion, the Order Lords soon came up with a solution and turned to look at the Saintess, who nodded, “It’s agreed on, then.”


Meanwhile, Yang Kai and Ma Cheng Ze were moving forward on horseback through the holy city.


All of a sudden, a petite figure dashed out from the crowd. An agile Ma Cheng Ze tightened the reins and stopped the person with his other hand.


Upon closer look, he realised the person was a young kid, perhaps five or six years old.


Although the person was a young kid, he was quite bold. He ignored Ma Cheng Ze and stared fixedly at Yang Kai as he asked in a clear voice, “Are you the Holy Son?”


Seeing that the young kid was adorable, Yang Kai replied with a smile, “I don’t know if I’m the Holy Son. We will only find out after the Order Lords and the Saintess examine me.”


Ma Cheng Ze was initially worried that Yang Kai would claim to be the Holy Son, so upon hearing these words, he was relieved.


“You must not be the Holy Son, then,” said the young kid.


“Oh? Why?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


The young kid pulled a face and said, “Because I hated you the moment I saw you.”


Upon finishing his words, he dashed back into the crowd. In that direction, a woman snapped, “Smelly brat, stop causing trouble! What nonsense did you just say?”


The young kid snorted and replied, “I just hate him!”


Yang Kai traced the voice and saw a woman running after the naughty child.


Beside him, Ma Cheng Ze guffawed, “Young kids like him can be mischievous. Please don’t mind it.”


Yang Kai nodded and looked in that direction again, but the woman and the young kid were nowhere to be seen.


As they moved along the 30-kilometre street, the disciples on both sides knelt and offered their prayers. All of them in the holy city were hoping for the Holy Son to save them from their suffering.


The loud voices were the will of many thousands of people. Although the Holy Temple was protected by a Spirit Array, the Order Lords of the Spirit Religion could still hear the people clearly.


The procession soon arrived at the Holy Temple, and after they were given permission to enter, Ma Cheng Ze led Yang Kai to head to the Grand Hall that represented the Light Spirit Religion’s foundation.


Many people had gathered on both sides of the hall as they studied Yang Kai.


Without sparing them a glance, Yang Kai stepped forward and stared fixedly at the woman in front of him.


He had come to this place to meet this woman; after all.


Since the woman was veiled, he was unable to see her face, so he secretly activated the Demon Eye of Annihilation to see through all the pretence, but his attempt was actually futile.


The veil was just an ordinary accessory without any mysterious power, so the Demon Eye of Annihilation proved useless in this situation.


“I’ve brought him here, Holy Saintess.”


Ma Cheng Ze saluted the woman before proceeding to his spot.


The Saintess nodded, then frowned at Yang Kai.


She could feel that since the young man entered the hall, he had been staring fixedly at her, as though he was examining her, which made her displeased.


Since she became the Saintess, no one had ever dared to look at her like this.


Just as she parted her lips to say something, the young man spoke all of a sudden, “I have a request to ask of you, Holy Saintess. Please agree to it.”


Yang Kai stood there confidently and said those words nonchalantly, as though he had come all the way to this place for that request.


Many people in the hall furrowed their brows, thinking that even though the fake Holy Son was weak, he was quite arrogant. Not only did he not salute the Saintess, but he even had the guts to come up with a demand.


Fortunately, the Saintess was a mild-tempered person. Although she was displeased with Yang Kai’s attitude and actions, she still nodded and asked gently, “What’s the matter?”


Yang Kai replied, “Please take off your veil.”


Upon hearing that, the hall broke into a commotion.


Someone roared, “How dare you be so rude to the Saintess!”


Not just anyone could see the Saintess’ face. Only a small number of the Spirit Religion’s Order Lords had seen the Saintess’ face before, so it was inconceivable that a nobody like Yang Kai even had the audacity to make such a request.


“Are you here to humiliate us, you Brat?”


All of them started criticizing Yang Kai as they activated their Divine Senses and mounted pressure on him.


No True Element Boundary Master could ever bear such pressure; however, they were soon shocked by what was going on. The young man, who was supposed to be taught a lesson by them, just stood there in silence. The pressure of the Divine Senses didn’t seem to affect him one bit, as though it was merely a breeze that had been whisked by him.


He only stared fixedly at the Saintess.


On the other hand, the Saintess felt slightly at ease, for she didn’t see any malicious intent or promiscuity behind the young man’s gaze. She raised her hand to appease the angry crowd and asked puzzledly, “Why do you want me to take off my veil?”


Yang Kai replied seriously, “I’d like to verify a speculation I have.”


“Is the speculation very important?”


“It will affect the happiness of the people and the safety of the World.”


While the Saintess was speechless, everyone in the hall broke into laughter.


“Although you’re young, you’re pretty arrogant.”


“We’ve been trying to save the World, but there hasn’t been much progress over the years. How dare a True Element Boundary brat like you boast shamelessly?”


“Let him speak. I haven’t heard a joke that is funnier than this for a long time.”



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