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Martial Peak – Chapter 5947, Shadow

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“No need for formalities,” Mu raised her hand as she looked at Yang Kai’s chest and smiled, “We haven’t met for ages, Little Eighth.”


It seemed that not only could she see through Yang Kai’s disguise, but she could also detect Wu Kuang’s thread of consciousness in the jade pendant.


Wu Kuang’s voice sounded in Yang Kai’s mind just then, “Tell her I’m not Shi.”


Before Yang Kai could even say anything, Mu nodded, “I know. I already expected this kind of outcome the moment you made that decision back then. If I was present, I would have dissuaded you from doing that; but now, it seems that the outcome isn’t too terrible.”


In the past, to break through the Open Heaven Realm and explore a higher Martial Dao, Shi was willing to sacrifice himself to strengthen the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. He only left behind a trace of his Soul so that he could escape from the restriction and be reborn. After so many years, Yang Kai brought him back to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction to protect the place.


Fortunately, his reincarnation was successful. He was now Wu Kuang, but sadly, he still hadn’t achieved the goal that he had set in his previous life.


“Can you hear my voice?” Wu Kuang was astounded. Now, he was just a thread of consciousness that stayed in the jade pendant. Apart from talking to Yang Kai, he couldn’t do much of anything else; therefore, it surprised him that Mu could hear his voice.


“Yes,” Mu replied with a smile, “By the way, I’m Mu, but I’m also not Mu.”


A puzzled Yang Kai said, “I don’t understand, Senior.”


Mu took a seat and motioned for Yang Kai to sit down as well.


After giving it some thought, she said, “I know you have many questions. Let me think where I should begin.”


Yang Kai suggested, “Senior, why don’t you start with this World and yourself?”


Mu glanced at him and said with a smile, “It seems like you’ve noticed something.”


“Hey, what have you found?” Wu Kuang asked.


Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s just some unfounded speculation.”


Hearing that, Wu Kuang fell silent.


After a moment of silence, Mu said, “Since you’re able to enter this place, it shows that you’ve condensed your Space-Time River. I call it the Space-Time River, but I’m not sure about you.”


Yang Kai replied, “Just like you, I call it the Space-Time River too. It seems that you’ve also been inspired by the Infinite River in the Universe Furnace, Senior.”


“En,” Mu nodded, “The Infinite River in the Universe Furnace has many secrets. I had the chance to explore it back then. Fortunately, I managed to condense all the necessary Dao Strengths and nurture my own Space-Time River.”


“Before arriving at this place, I was stopped by an invisible barrier, but I was allowed to pass very soon. Was it a test you had left behind?”


“Yes. Only when a person who has condensed their Space-Time River appears will they have the right to enter this place. Otherwise, it’ll be pointless.”


Only now did Yang Kai realise what happened. Previously, he was stopped by the invisible barrier, but he was soon allowed to pass. He initially thought that the barrier had acknowledged his identity as a Human; but now, it seemed that it had nothing to do with his Race. Instead, it was because of his Space-Time River.


After all, even though he was born to be a Human, he was now a Pureblood Dragon.


“When Heaven and Earth split apart, Chaos was divided into Yin and Yang, which transformed into Five Elements, which then gave rise to 10,000 Grand Daos. Eventually, everything returns to Chaos. That is the Grand Daos’ greatest truth, but also its biggest secret. It is where everything belongs. Chaos is eternal,” Mu explained gently.


Several kids ran past the house just then, and someone was heard bawling his eyes out. It seemed that he had been bullied.


“I used all my cultivation and left behind my Space-Time River in the deepest part of the Grand Restriction to protect the Universe Worlds here, so that they could live their lives peacefully. Many years have passed since then.”


Yang Kai’s expression changed, “Senior, do you mean that the Primordial World and all the living creatures in here are real?”


“Of course,” Mu nodded. “This world was born when Heaven and Earth split apart. It took many years for this World to become what it is today; however, due to the weak World Principles, the cultivators here are not very powerful.”


“Why is this World inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction? Moreover, there seems to be a deeper meaning behind this World’s name,” Yang Kai asked, perplexedly.


Mu looked at him and smiled, “It’s called the Primordial World because it was the first Universe World to appear when Heaven and Earth split apart. This is also where Mo was born.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai was astonished.


Just then, Wu Kuang said, “Oh, I finally recall it now. The reason they set up the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction in this place back then was because the Primordial World was here. The core of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction is the Primordial World!”


“Because a powerful existence like Mo was born here, all the resources were used up. As a result, the Martial Dao in this World became very weak,” Mu explained, “In fact, when Heaven and Earth split apart, Mo wasn’t the only one who was born here.”


Yang Kai said, “Both the Primordial Darkness and Light appeared together.”


“Did Little Eighth tell you this?” Mu glanced at him.


Yang Kai replied, “I met Senior Cang before. When your trump card was activated back then, you must’ve seen him as well.”


Mu shook her head, “Like I said, Mu and I are different.”


She repeated what she had said before, but Yang Kai still didn’t understand her.


“The Primordial World gave birth to the Primordial Light as well as the Primordial Darkness. The Primordial Light was the very first light as well as the congregation of all things wonderful, but it left this Universe World as soon as it was born, and no one knows where it went. Nevertheless, the Darkness remained in this place and bore the loneliness and coldness over the years. Eventually, Mo was born; therefore, we had thought about looking for the Primordial Light to destroy its dark power. Unfortunately, by all accounts, it is simply a light, so how are we supposed to find it? Left with no choice, we decided to build the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction here to suppress Mo.”


In truth, the original Primordial Light no longer existed.


After it left the Primordial World, it split off the Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer; then, it crashed into a primitive Universe World and turned into countless Divine Spirits. That was how the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land was born.


As for the essence of the Primordial Light’s true body, it transformed into a Human woman, and her Bloodline was then passed down over the generations.


Regardless of how powerful these descendants became though, they could never truly restore the Primordial Light.


Mu went on to say, “However, the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction can’t resolve the problem. Mo’s Black Ink Strength is growing stronger by the breath. There will come a day when the restriction will no longer be able to suppress it; therefore, Mu left behind some trump cards in the restriction, and I am one of them.”


After a pause, she continued, “The fact that I’ve awakened shows that Mu’s hidden hand has been activated, and things have reached the most critical point. As such, I founded Light Spirit Religion in this Universe World and left behind a prophecy.”


Yang Kai realised something, “I see, you’re the first-generation Saintess of the Light Spirit Religion.”


Previously, he speculated that Light Spirit Religion must have something to do with Mu’s trump card; therefore, he followed Zuo Wu You to Dawn City, and when he saw the Saintess, he requested to see her face. Although he knew that it was unlikely to be the case, he had to verify it. Much to his surprise, instead of agreeing to his request, the Saintess asked him to go through a test.


As such, the whole thing had been put off.


In the end, Yang Kai came across Mu in the outskirts of the city.


Since the Martial Dao in this World was weak, the cultivators didn’t enjoy a long life; therefore, it was impossible for Mu to remain the Saintess forever. She had to step down from her position and ‘disappear’.


Countless years had passed, and there were many Saintesses before the current one.


Yang Kai said, “Senior, you keep saying that you’re not Mu. Who are you, then? There’s nothing wrong with your aura, vitality, or sentience, nor do you look like a Soul Avatar or a Soul Clone. You appear to be a real Human.”


Mu replied with a smile, “I’m certainly a Human, but I’m just a shadow of a part of Mu’s life.”


“A shadow?” Yang Kai asked puzzledly.


Mu looked seriously at him and nodded, “It seems that even though you’ve condensed your Space-Time River, you haven’t discovered the river’s true secrets.”


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai said, “Please enlighten me, Senior.”


The person before his eyes had condensed her Space-Time River much earlier than Yang Kai did, and her mastery over the Grand Daos was also significantly better. Moreover, her Space-Time River was colossal. If their Space-Time Rivers were put together, it was like the difference between a strand of grass and a tree.


Mu continued, “Although the Space-Time River is condensed from Dao Strengths, it’s mainly composed of the Time and Space Dao Strengths. Time and Space are the biggest secrets of the Universe and govern over everything. Everyone has their own Space-Time River, but rarely can anyone condense it.”


Following a pause, she continued, “The moment a person is born, their Space-Time River begins to flow and continues to do so until the end of their life. In the end, the river returns to Chaos. Their strength and duration of their life is determined by their Space-Time River, and therefore, everyone’s Space-Time River is different. This is Mu’s Space-Time River!”


Saying so, she gently waved her hand. Even though she didn’t have any cultivation, a mini version of Mu’s Space-Time River appeared following her movements, swirling around in the air like a water snake.


Then, she lifted her hand and grabbed something from the river, after which she spread her palm and said, “This is a particular part of her life.”


There was a vague figure that resembled Mu standing on her palm.


A flabbergasted Yang Kai looked at Mu in disbelief, “Is this what you meant when you said you are a shadow of Mu?”


Mu nodded, “It seems that you understand now.” She waved her hand as the figure and the Space-Time River disappeared at the same time.


“Therefore, I am not Mu. I am just the shadow of a part of her life.”


At that moment, Yang Kai was too stunned to speak. What he had just witnessed was beyond his imagination, and he wasn’t able to come to his senses for a long time.


If Mu had not demonstrated it before his eyes, Yang Kai would never have expected this to be the Space-Time River’s real secret.


Although he was astounded, his gaze was filled with excitement as he asked, “Senior, are Space and Time the river’s biggest secrets?”


Mu nodded with a smile, “Given your aptitude, you’d have figured it out sooner or later; however, since Mu’s hidden hand has been activated, there’s no time for you to sit and contemplate it.”



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