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Martial Peak – Chapter 5948, Its Existence Is a Sin

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The person before Yang Kai’s eyes was just the shadow of a part of Mu’s long life, hence why she repeatedly said that she was Mu, but also not her.


Yang Kai had never expected that someone in the Universe could pull off such an amazing feat. He was still trying to make sense of everything.


He felt that Mu indeed lived up to her name as the strongest Martial Ancestor. Her cultivation and mastery over the Grand Daos were probably significantly better than the rest.


At this point, Mu’s identity was clear, and the Primordial World’s secret was right before Yang Kai’s eyes. This was where Mo was born as well as the Core of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction; therefore, it was critically important.


Yang Kai suppressed the undulating emotions in his heart and asked, “Given your power, were you not able to destroy Mo in the past?”


Although Mu was powerful, she could only suppress and seal Mo in this place using the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. That was why Yang Kai was astounded.


In other words, Mo was tremendously powerful.


Without answering his question, Mu said, “In truth, Mo isn’t fundamentally evil.”


Yang Kai responded, “Yes, I know.”


Mu seemed to be walking down memory lane as she continued, “Since you’ve met Cang before, you must’ve heard him talking about Mo.”


“Senior Cang did tell me some things back then. I know that the 10 of you and Mo were friends, but you fell out at a later time.”


Mu replied with a smile, “That’s not entirely true. It’s just that we’re on opposing sides. When the Primordial Light was born, Darkness was as well, which gradually nurtured some sentience and gave birth to Mo. Although it had gone through years of loneliness, it wasn’t bitter after it was born. Its understanding was blank, just like a newborn baby. At that time, the other nine and I had long comprehended the Open Heaven Realm Method under the World Tree’s enlightenment. Following the rise of the Human Race, we defeated the Monster Race and earned our glory in that era. However, Mo’s appearance made that glory short-lived.”


She then explained, “Living beings are inherently curious. After Mo gained sentience, it had the desire to explore the unknown. When it arrived at any Universe World, the originally peaceful World would fall under its rule; after all, Black Ink Strength was irresistibly corruptive for weaker living beings, and Mo was unable to restrain its power. It didn’t even realise that it was supposed to restrain itself. When all the living creatures in any Universe World submitted to it, it no longer felt lonely and helpless. That was already a horrendous start for a child. It started spreading its power to more Universe Worlds, just like a naughty kid trying to show off its talent to gain attention and acknowledgement.”


Following a long pause, seemingly a little hesitant, she continued, “Then… it came across us one day. With the 10 of us being so powerful, we were naturally immune to Black Ink Strength. That made Mo even more curious about us, and we started coming into contact with each other. Although we knew it wasn’t fundamentally malicious, its power was a disaster to the Universe. Eventually, we decided to make a move; however, at that time, Mo was already significantly more powerful than when it had just been born. Even if the 10 of us had joined forces, we would still be unable to destroy it; as such, we could only build the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction to suppress and seal it. Mo realised our intentions, so it summoned all of its followers to counterattack at the end. That is the origin of the war that has lasted for millions of years, continuing to this day.”


Upon hearing Mu’s narration, Yang Kai was left sighing; after all, the feud between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan that had been ongoing since the Late Ancient Era was nothing more than a farce caused by a naughty child.


Unfortunately, that ‘farce’ had lasted for millions of years when everything was accounted for, and countless Humans had lost their lives fighting it.


A long time later, Yang Kai sighed again, “Its very existence is a sin.”


“Although it’s cruel to say that, it’s true,” Mu agreed with him.


“You said that Mo’s Black Ink Strength increases as time passes. Does it know how to cultivate?” Yang Kai asked.


Mu shook her head, “It was born when Heaven and Earth split apart, so it doesn’t need to cultivate. The darkness of all living beings is its source of energy; therefore, after it acquired sentience and left the Primordial World, it was able to occupy many Universe Worlds and increase its power.”


Yang Kai was shocked, “The darkness of living beings?”


“Craftiness, betrayal, bloodthirstiness, cruelty, malevolence, resentment, slaughter… All forms of negativity strengthen its power.”


“How does that work?” Yang Kai asked perplexedly.


“No one can explain it,” Mu replied grimly, “The Primordial Light left immediately after it was born, leaving the darkness to bear the loneliness and coldness on its own. People love the light and loathe the dark; however, darkness is born because there is light. Therefore, the darkness can derive energy from the people’s dark side and grow.”


All this was giving Yang Kai a headache. Just as he was ready to say something, he suddenly realised a problem, “Since the Primordial World is the Core of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, the people’s dark side in this independent world…”


Mu nodded, “Just like what you think, even though Mo has been suppressed and sealed, it is still growing by the breath. As such, there will come a day when the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction will shatter. In truth, if not for the fact that Mu’s trump card has been activated, the restriction would’ve been destroyed by now.”


Yang Kai took a deep breath, “So, we mustn’t delay any further. If we want to settle Mo, we have to deal with it quickly.”


Wu Kuang’s voice sounded just then, “But it’s an extremely difficult thing to do.”


Even when the 10 Martial Ancestors were still alive, they were unable to destroy Mo. Could the Humans in present times achieve that goal? The Humans had been fighting against the Black Ink Clan for countless years and had finally regained control of the 3,000 Worlds before mounting a second crusade to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. If they failed again this time though, they would be doomed.


Yang Kai glanced at Mu and asked seriously, “What’s the hidden hand you’ve left behind? Please make it clear to me, Senior!”


The trump card wasn’t just about making Mo fall asleep; otherwise, Mu wouldn’t have left behind her Space-Time River and the shadow of herself to lead Wu Kuang and him to this place.


Perhaps Mu still had other arrangements, which were the hope for the Human Race.


She had just said that by the time she awakened in this World, Mu’s trump card must’ve been activated, and things had reached the most critical moment.


As expected, Mu went on to explain, “Back then, the 10 built the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction and suppressed and sealed Mo in this place. Only Mu then entered the deepest part of the restriction to look at what was going on before leaving behind some arrangements. This is one of them. There’s no doubt it’s hard to destroy Mo, but the existence of the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction shows that it can be sealed; therefore, when the hidden hand was activated, putting Mo to sleep, Mu cut apart its Source into 3,000 pieces and sealed them up inside her Space-Time River.”


After a moment of silence, she continued, “This World is where the suppression started. You must head to the Profound Source Gate which is where Mo’s Source piece is sealed. It is also the place where Mo was born. You just have to refine the gate and suppress the Source piece sealed there. That way, the crisis in this World will be solved, and Mo will be weakened.”


“This World?” Yang Kai sensitively detected something.


“Just like what I said, when Mo was put to sleep, Mu cut up its Source into 3,000 pieces and sealed them up in her Space-Time River. She did so by separating them among 3,000 Universe Worlds in her Space-Time River. As long as you can suppress and seal all the pieces, Mo will fall into a state of deep sleep for all eternity.”


“Such an amazing method!” Yang Kai exclaimed, “But there are too many Universe Worlds!”


Mu let out a sigh, “It can’t be helped, for no single Universe World is powerful enough to suppress Mo. Additionally, Mo has hidden the Profound Source Gates in secret locations. When the ten of us were still alive, we were not aware of it. It wasn’t until Mu looked into the Grand Restriction at the most critical moment that she realised it. With that as the foundation, she left behind some arrangements in a hurry.”


She then instructed, “Once you begin, you must act quickly. That’s because every time you suppress and seal a piece of its Source, you’ll be alerting Mo. The more times you do it, the greater the chances are of Mo waking up. Once it awakens, it will immediately retrieve all the available pieces, and Mu’s arrangements won’t be able to stop it. When that happens, you’ll have to directly deal with Mo.”


Upon hearing her explanation, Yang Kai said, “In other words, as long as I’m swift enough to seal as many pieces as possible, it will have less power to retrieve.”


“That’s right.”


“But it will awaken eventually, so it’s impossible for me to make use of the Profound Source Gates to suppress and seal Mo completely.”


“You can do that by defeating it!” Mu gave him some encouragement.


Yang Kai responded with a helpless smile. Even if he was able to seal many Source pieces and significantly weaken Mo, the latter was still a powerful being, not to mention that Mo had countless Black Ink Clan soldiers.


As such, how was he supposed to defeat Mo?


All the same, he now had a clear direction at the very least.


It was a good start; after all, even when the Humans went on their second crusade, they had no idea how to defeat Mo.


“If I’m not mistaken, the Profound Source Gate in this World must be in the Black Ink Cult’s control,” Yang Kai said.


Mu nodded, “There are countless people in this World, and their darkness has led Black Ink Strength to stream out from the Profound Source Gate. That’s how the Black Ink Cult was born. The Black Ink Cult is indeed in control of the Profound Source Gate, and it is their most important Restricted Area.”


Yang Kai said meditatively, “In other words, if I want to refine the gate, I have to deal with the Black Ink Cult first…” He looked at Mu with a frustrated expression, “Senior, since you made such impeccable arrangements, why didn’t you take control of the Profound Source Gate instead of letting other people have it?”


Mu shook her head, “Due to some reasons, I’m unable to go near the gate.”


“You could’ve asked those from Light Spirit Religion to protect the gate.”


Mu explained, “Whoever is sent to protect the gate will be corrupted by Black Ink Strength; therefore, the birth of the Black Ink Cult was inevitable. Apart from the Primordial World, all the Universe Worlds you’re going to visit will have Mo’s lackeys. If you want to suppress and seal the Source pieces, you have to deal with those lackeys first.”



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