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Martial Peak – Chapter 5985, Perseverance

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Alas, the one who had the right to kill Mo was no longer around and nothing mattered to him anymore. Everything and everyone in existence was meaningless and he could kill them off as he desired without feeling any hesitance.


Zhang Ruo Xi and Mo stood opposite each other outside the Space-Time River. She remained vigilant at all times, but Mo did not do anything, he simply stared at the Space-Time River that cut through the void and watched as it churned.


Meanwhile, the Human Race Army was snaking its way through the large battlefield as it constantly attacked the Black Ink Clan Army’s frontlines to weaken them.


The Humans were actually able to make good progress.


Furthermore, the Small Stone Race Army was fearlessly confronting the Black Ink Clan. Many lives came to an end with every breath.


A battle of this scale had never been seen before. The three parties out on the battlefield numbered into the billions when combined.


The Small Stone Race Army consisted of hundreds of millions while the Black Ink Clan Army was twice as large. On the other hand, there were less than 20 million Human Race Masters left, which was not even a tenth of either of the other two.


Despite being much lower in numbers, the Humans came out on top when it came to the average power. Only Fourth-Order Masters and above could directly join in the crusade, and after many millennia of cultivation, the Human Race now had a large number of Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Masters.


In this respect, neither the Small Stone Race nor the Black Ink Clan could compare to the Humans. Even though they had massive numbers, weak soldiers who could not contribute much made up most of their ranks. This was especially true of the Black Ink Clan. Whenever the Human Race Army crossed paths with large groups of the Black Ink Clan’s cannon fodder, all of the latter would be exterminated in great sweeping waves of death.


Nevertheless, being so few was still an undeniable disadvantage. Although the Human Race Army was able to attack the Black Ink Clan and wipe them out in large groups, they could not persist for long.


The Humans started this battle, but it was the Small Stone Race Army that enabled them to keep going. If Zhang Ruo Xi had not brought the Small Stone Race reinforcements over, the Humans would have been defeated the moment the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction broke. These were sorrowful times.


Many of the Small Stone Race Soldiers died and turned into rocks and pebbles that littered the battlefield. The Divine Spirits who had the Great Sun and Great Moon Marks kept using the power of the marks to draw out the power of Yin and Yang inside the remains of the Small Stone Race who had been ‘sacrificed’. These powers were then transformed into Purifying Light which not only killed many Black Ink Clansmen, but also purified the environment of the battlefield.


It was thanks to this that the Humans and the Small Stone Race could still put up a fight against the Black Ink Clan.


Initially, Ah Da and Ah Er, the two Giant Spirit Gods, were able to move about with impunity. Without enough Royal Lords to keep them pinned down, they were completely invincible and seas of blood formed wherever they went.


However, as more and more of the Royal Lords joined forces to besiege Ah Da and Ah Er, the latter pair slowly lost their ability to act freely.


The fierce battle continued.


Every few days, the Human Race Army would retreat behind the Small Stone Race’s lines to rest and regroup before charging out again.


Pure Yang Pass, which led the Human Race Army into battle, was now a wreck. It did not look like it could hold out much longer, and the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress was in a similar state. The extreme intensity of the battle was a taxing trial for all the Humans, with even the Ninth-Order Masters having a hard time, let alone those of lower Orders.


Nevertheless, the Humans could not stop. This was the final confrontation, and if they backed down, total extermination was the only fate that awaited them; therefore, all of them grit their teeth and persevered.


A month after the start of the battle, the situation on the battlefield grew clearer.


Mi Jing Lun was fatigued and ashen-faced as he stood atop the worn Pure Yang Pass, his forehead covered in a layer of sweat.


He had overexerted himself. As the Supreme Commander of the Human Race Army, he faced the most pressure. Not only did he have to keep an eye on the situation on the battlefield to promptly make the right strategic decisions, but as a Ninth-Order Master, he was also in charge of controlling Pure Yang Pass to attack the enemy.


At this point, he had expended so much energy that his foundation had suffered heavy damage.


However, his sense of helplessness stemmed not from his exhaustion, but from the fact that the situation was not in the Human Race’s favour.


There were far too many of the Black Ink Clansmen inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, twice as many as there were Small Stone Race Soldiers, and after a month-long battle, the Black Ink Clan was beginning to show signs of suppressing the former.


If this continued, in less than two weeks, the Small Stone Race Army would be defeated.


Once the Small Stone Race Army was vanquished, the Humans would not be able to survive. They were bound to follow the Small Stone Race Army to their deaths.


Mi Jing Lun could not be resigned to this. The fight between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan began towards the end of the Late Ancient Era and had carried on for millions of years since then. Was it going to end in tragedy for the Human Race?


Still, there was not much he could do to change things now. In a massive battle like this, there was not a single strategy that could lead to a decisive outcome. Victory hinged on the strength of both parties.


Mi Jing Lun could not stop himself from casting a glance into the depths of the void.


Over a month ago, Zhang Ruo Xi had abruptly left the battlefield and the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters followed soon after. Nothing had been heard from them ever since.


Initially, great aftershocks of an intense battle reverberated out from that part of the void, but soon, everything went silent.


Even now, Mi Jing Lun did not know what was happening over there.


All he knew was that Zhang Ruo Xi and her eight Personal Guards were there. Yang Kai was there too, along with… Mo!


If anything could turn the tides of this battle, it had to come from that part of the void!


[Stay strong! We must persist!]


As long as the worst did not happen, they still had a shred of hope of survival.




The churning of the Space-Time River became even more ferocious. After a month of devouring and refining Mu’s Space-Time River, Yang Kai’s Space-Time River had grown unimaginably large, while Mu’s river, which was outside his, was turning into an empty shell.


Thanks to this final gift, Yang Kai’s Space-Time River had enlarged to the point where it could rival that of Mu’s.


Outside the river, Zhang Ruo Xi and her eight Personal Guards were still in a Battle Formation. They were intrinsically connected and kept their guards up the whole time.


Thankfully, throughout this whole time, Mo did not move, he merely stood quietly and waited.


At last, a resounding splash sounded and the Space-Time River which had meandered across the void for countless eons was completely destroyed.


It was replaced by another river that was comparable to it, but the new one was churning even more ferociously and its water seemed even more forceful.


This was not a sign that Yang Kai had surpassed Mu in strength; instead, it was a result of his inability to fully control this sudden growth in strength.


If Yang Kai had full control over the power of his river, it would be completely still and silent, not causing such a huge commotion like now.


Zhang Ruo Xi had to fight the urge to turn around and look, her expression grim.


Just a moment ago, she clearly sensed a flash of murderous intent coming from Mo.


Mo did not bother to hide it at all. Apart from the clear murderous intent, Zhang Ruo Xi also picked up a sense of hatred and regret.


As she sensed the churning of the Dao Strengths behind her, she knew that Yang Kai had succeeded.


Though, she had no idea what he did…



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  1. Author really wrote himself into a corner so hard that he had to make the main villain wait for YK to power up. normally excusable if the villain is very arrogant, but in this case literally no reason for Mo to do this

    1. I’d like to disagree. If MoMo wanted Mo to keep fighting – there are a dozen methods to achieve that, including the most basic of solutions like Mo not regaining clarity until YK emerges from his Space-Time chrysalis, or using freshly unlocked supreme mastery of Time Dao to fast forward YK’s cultivation.
      This pause is in fact very deliberate. The villain is a depressed child, who just entered their chuuni stage AND realized their loss of parent figure, along with the causes of that loss.
      If anything – the setup was a bit contrived just to set this scene.

    2. Even if YK powered up from Mu’s space time river, Im not sure he will still be on par with Mo. Since YK hasnt stabilized Mu’s space time river and all of grand daos

    3. Mo is still arrogant but conflicted about harming the final memories of Mu. Overall it makes sense once he becomes rational that this is a path he might take.

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