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Martial Peak – Chapter 5986, The Might of a Creator

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Amidst the churning waves, Yang Kai’s figure appeared as the Dao Strengths surged around him.


Based on strength alone, he was stronger than both Mo and Zhang Ruo Xi after their earlier fight. This was a result of his heightened mastery of Grand Daos.


The clearest evidence of this was the size of his Space-Time River.


Yang Kai’s Space-Time River was comparable to the one Mu left behind and it had grown colossal beyond imagination.


A baby Dragon was bound to become a Divine Dragon someday. Although Yang Kai’s cultivation did not increase by much, his strength was leaps and bounds above what it once was.


A piercing gaze shot over at him.


Yang Kai immediately spotted Mo, who was standing in the distance. The abhorrence and murderous intent in its eyes were plainly visible.


Mo looked a lot like Little Eleventh whom Yang Kai met inside the Primordial World. If Little Eleventh grew up as a normal Human, he would resemble Mo’s current appearance.


Ruo Xi stood between Yang Kai and Mo with a grim and vigilant expression.


Yang Kai had been busy refining Mu’s final gift and knew nothing of what was happening outside the river all this while. Upon sensing Mo and Ruo Xi’s present states though, he realised that they had engaged in a fight earlier. Both seemed to have walked away injured as neither one of them felt as powerful as he expected them to be.


His Divine Sense tingled as it spread out like a gush of water. Soon, he picked up on the situation out on the battlefield in the distance.


Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly.


Compared to the situation over here, the Human Race Army and the Small Stone Race Army were in a bleak situation. If things continued as they were, they would certainly be defeated.


“Ruo Xi!” Yang Kai called out at once.


“I’m here, Sir,” Zhang Ruo Xi swiftly replied.


“Head to the battlefield and help them.”


Zhang Ruo Xi was startled.


She figured that since Yang Kai had emerged, they could work together to take on Mo now.


While she could not face off against Mo alone, if she and Yang Kai worked together, they had a good chance of winning this fight.


Mo was a lot weaker now thanks to both Yang Kai’s deed of suppressing and sealing his Source as well as the earlier fight with Zhang Ruo Xi. Light and darkness had clashed and worn each other down.


If they got rid of Mo, they would completely eradicate the threat against the 3,000 Worlds.


Yang Kai seemed to have deduced Zhang Ruo Xi’s thoughts as he said, “The Human Race Army is the only remaining strength we have now. A victory against Mo is meaningless if they get wiped out. Go and help them at once, Ruo Xi. Leave things here to me.”


Zhang Ruo Xi knew that Yang Kai was right. If the Human Race Army was entirely vanquished, then even if she and Yang Kai managed to defeat Mo, it was a pointless victory.


The goal of this battle was to ensure the survival of the Human Race, and victory hinged on bringing the entire Army to victory.


She clenched her jaw and said, “Be careful, Sir! I’ll come back as soon as possible!”


After glaring viciously at Mo one last time, her wings fluttered and she turned into a streak of light before shooting off towards the battlefield.


Once she left, Mo and Yang Kai were left alone in the void.


“A wise decision!” Mo remarked.


Yang Kai quirked his eyebrows, “How so?”


“She’s in a poor state right now,” Mo commented with a faint smile, “You asked her to leave to save her life, right?”


Yang Kai’s brow was tightly knitted, “I thought I was going up against an evil being who has lost all its rationality. I didn’t expect to be facing off against an intelligent opponent. This makes things a lot more challenging.”


With just one look, Yang Kai noticed Zhang Ruo Xi’s condition. Although he did not know what would happen when the Heaven’s Order Bloodline harmonized the powers of Yin and Yang, he could tell that the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters behind Ruo Xi were on the verge of crumbling apart.


As the Core of the Nine Palaces Formation, she was undoubtedly shouldering the heaviest burden.


If she stayed here and partook in the fight against Mo, once the eight fell apart, Ruo Xi would be doomed once Mo found the chance to strike her down.


Naturally, protecting Ruo Xi was not the only reason why Yang Kai told her to leave. The Human Race and the Small Stone Race were in dire need of help too. They were bound to lose if they did not receive any outside intervention on the battlefield.


Now that Zhang Ruo Xi had gone back to the battlefield, it was unlikely for her to be involved in any fight as taxing as the one against Mo earlier. As long as she was careful and ensured that her eight Personal Guards did not die, she would not be in any grave danger.


That being said, Yang Kai was taken aback by the current Mo.


As Yang Kai said, he thought he would be facing an evil being without any sense of rationality; however, Mo was evidently able to think and act calmly…


Yang Kai would much rather go up against a senseless killing machine as it was easier to deal with an opponent like that.


“I’m surprised you didn’t stop me from devouring and refining Mu’s Space-Time River,” Yang Kai spoke up.


While refining the gift from Mu, he was vigilant against the possibility of Mo interfering, but the latter did not do anything else after his initial attempt was interrupted.


Although Zhang Ruo Xi had come over in time to occupy Mo, what Yang Kai saw when he came out was simply a silent standoff between Mo and Ruo Xi.


It was entirely unexpected.


He knew that Mo could have chosen to forcefully break away from Ruo Xi, though he would have to pay a price; however, from Mo’s standpoint, stopping Yang Kai from refining Mu’s river had to be the primary goal, and it would have been worth paying a price to accomplish that.


After hearing Yang Kai’s comment, Mo lowered his eyes and let out a soft sigh, “Did Mu leave something in the river to be used against me?”


Yang Kai nodded, “You noticed that, as expected.”


Mu had left her Space-Time River for someone who would succeed her, but it was impossible to refine the entire river in the blink of an eye. During that time, Mo was bound to interfere.


It was not surprising that someone with as much intelligence and foresight as Mu had considered this and left something behind inside the river to target Mo. If Mo entered her river, he would end up stumbling around the endlessness of Space-Time in a hazy daze and would not be able to find Yang Kai.


What Mo said to Zhang Ruo Xi earlier was simply for the sake of convincing her. Even if she did not try to stop him, he would not enter the river unless absolutely necessary.


But without entering the river, he would not be able to locate Yang Kai, and thus, he would not be able to stop the latter from devouring and refining it.


With all that Mu had set in place, Yang Kai had guaranteed success at refining the river.


Mu had been wise and insightful, and naturally, Mo knew her incredibly well. After spending all those years together, both she and Mo had a thorough understanding of each other. Just as Mu predicted the possibility of Mo entering the river, Mo also figured that Mu would have left behind countermeasures to deal with him as well.


It was yet another confrontation after all these years that resulted in a stalemate.


Yang Kai was the only one who benefited from the situation. He had a major leap in his mastery over the 10,000 Grand Daos and his Space-Time River had grown to an indescribable size.


“Even if you obtained the power Mu left behind, so what?” Mo’s eyes were filled with disdain, “Do you think that’s enough for you to defeat me?”


Yang Kai smirked, “Let me see what someone in the Creator Realm can do!”


As he spoke, he raised both his hands and the Space-Time River beneath him began churning violently. It was as if the river turned into a rampaging Dragon as the waves crashed in thunderous splashes while Dao Strengths surged.


All at once, scores of rope-like Water Dragons formed from Dao Strength shot out of the river and flew straight at Mo.


Mo raised his fist and punched forcefully at the void. The space in front of him shattered and the myriad of Void Cracks that formed as a result turned into a barrier that blocked the onslaught of the Water Dragons.


Then, Mo took a step forward and moved past the shattered space, arriving right in front of Yang Kai as he stared down at him with an indifferent expression, “Your ability to wield Dao Strength is less than a thousandth of what Mu was capable of!”


Black Ink Strength rippled forth and its destructive power wrapped around Mo’s fist which came crashing down.


Yang Kai’s eyes hardened. He could instinctively sense the might of this punch and knew he could not allow it to make contact with him; otherwise, death would be his only fate.


The river churned and formed a layer of Dao Strength that acted as a barrier.


However, the Dao Strength barrier only lasted for a blink of an eye before the fist shattered it apart.


Thankfully, that had given Yang Kai enough time to summon his Azure Dragon Spear. Now that he had his weapon in hand, he harnessed the Dao Strengths and sent his spear flying out at the fist.


A gust of unstoppable power came at Yang Kai from the front and he felt as if he had been struck by lightning. His body froze up for a brief moment before he went flying backwards. He stumbled into his river and nearly lost his grip on the spear.


“Weak!” Mo looked down at his fist. There was a tiny white mark left behind from the Azure Dragon Spear, but it soon vanished.


The invincible Azure Dragon Spear could not even scratch Mo despite Yang Kai landing a strike with all his strength. This was a clear sign of the power disparity between the two.


A powerful and imposing manner did not necessarily translate into true might. A real Master could easily keep his power hidden and undetectable from the outside. Yang Kai’s outward display of dominance and imposingness was in fact a sign that he could not fully control the power he had.


A figure stepped out of the river. It was Yang Kai who had been pushed back inside it earlier. His expression was grim. Even though he deduced that he was not strong enough to be Mo’s equal right now, he did not expect their disparity to be this big.


[Is this the might of someone in the Creator Realm?]


Yang Kai had suppressed and sealed over 30% of Mo’s Source, so what would Mo be able to do if that had not been the case?


[His earlier punch would’ve probably been enough to kill me.]


While Yang Kai was caught up in these thoughts, Mo was already storming over. Even though Yang Kai used the Dao Strengths of the river to form barriers and restraints, it was not enough to stop Mo.


Apart from Black Ink Strength, yet another mysterious power was swirling around Mo. It was most likely Creation Force. All of the Dao Strengths that came near Mo would instantly shatter without accomplishing anything.


As soon as Yang Kai managed to steady himself, Mo arrived in front of him, his fist flying out again, aiming to pulverize his opponent.


Yang Kai was not about to let that happen. Waves rippled out of the Azure Dragon Spear with Dao Strengths circling it as it moved forward once more.


Mo did not change his attack, but the simple blow was hiding an unfathomable strength that allowed it to easily deflect Yang Kai’s attack before closing in on its target.



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