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Martial Peak – Chapter 5989, Zhang Ruo Xi’s Persistence

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Zhang Ruo Xi persistently swung her sword, and every swing of her sword brought about significant results. Ever since her return, no fewer than 300 Royal Lords had died at her hands in just two days! That was an extremely terrifying number.


It had to be said that there were only a few dozen Ninth-Order Masters among the Human Race at present. The number of Royal Lords was many times more than the number of Ninth-Order Masters.


Furthermore, the inheritance accumulated in the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction over millions of years could not be underestimated. Even though Zhang Ruo Xi had slaughtered so many Royal Lords, many more Royal Lords were surrounding Zhang Ruo Xi and the two Giant Spirit Gods still.


Zhang Ruo Xi relentlessly slaughtered her enemies, and the movement of drawing her sword had almost become an instinctive reaction by now.


The Black Ink Clan had shifted the focus of the battle around her, which certainly resolved the crisis that had been looming over the Human Race Army. At this moment, the allied Armies of the Human Race and the Small Stone Race finally regained their ability to hold their own against the Black Ink Clan even though they continued to face some pressure on the main battlefield. The situation was no longer as hopeless as before, where their defeat had been imminent and there was no hope for victory.


The Black Ink Clouds condensed from the dissipated Black Ink Strength had reached extreme concentration. Even the Ninth-Order Masters felt apprehensive when they saw the dense Black Ink Clouds that encompassed the huge void. Aside from Zhang Ruo Xi and the two Giant Spirit Gods, nobody could easily venture into the depths of the Black Ink Clouds to fight against the Black Ink Clan.


Meanwhile, the immaculate white wings behind Zhang Ruo Xi’s back began to glow with a faint yellow and blue hue. The subtle change resembled an omen of something to come.


At a certain moment, one of the Royal Lords fearlessly charged towards a Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Master. He gathered all his strength in his fist and punched the Personal Guard with all his might.


The Personal Guard staggered from the blow, then it immediately followed up with a violent counterattack that immediately killed the Royal Lord.


Although the Small Stone Race Personal Guard was equivalent to Ninth-Order Masters, these were currently joined in a Nine Palaces Formation with Zhang Ruo Xi as its Core. Any one of them could borrow the power of the Battle Formation at any time, so their current strength could no longer be judged by their mere cultivation alone.


It could be said that Zhang Ruo Xi and her eight Personal Guards were one. The attacks unleashed by any party in the Battle Formation carried the culmination of their combined powers. Even if the Royal Lords were strong, they could not withstand such attacks; therefore, many Royal Lords had died at the hands of the Personal Guard over the last two days.


The Personal Guard who slaughtered the Royal Lord earlier prepared to make its next move, but just as it raised its fist to attack, its hand shattered to dust. It was immediately followed by its arm, which then spread to its body… In the blink of an eye, the powerful Personal Guard was reduced to a pile of rubble.


The surrounding Royal Lords and Territory Lords besieging it froze in surprise.


When Zhang Ruo Xi returned, her Personal Guard had all been covered in deep cracks. It was only natural for the surrounding Royal Lords and Territory Lords to notice such an obvious thing. They initially thought that the Personal Guards wouldn’t last for long which is why they targeted them while simultaneously attacking Zhang Ruo Xi.


It was not until they paid a horrendous price that they realised one thing. These Personal Guards might look like they were about to fall apart at any moment, but they remained capable of unleashing a despairing amount of power with every blow.


That was until this moment!


In the end, the Personal Guard could not withstand the pressure of the drawn-out battle and shattered to pieces. At the same time, the yellow and blue hue of the wings behind Zhang Ruo Xi’s back increased significantly when the Personal Guard crumbled to dust.


Fortunately, Zhang Ruo Xi seemed to have anticipated the situation and immediately switched the Battle Formation to the Eight Trigrams Formation!


An increasingly violent barrage of attacks ensued. After the first Personal Guard shattered to pieces, the Black Ink Clan suddenly saw hope in regard to their struggle to defeat Zhang Ruo Xi. Their assault only became more and more aggressive as a result.


Half a day later, the second Personal Guard shattered to pieces and the Eight Trigrams Formation subsequently changed to the Seven Stars Formation. Another half day passed, and the third one broke apart…


When Zhang Ruo Xi led her Personal Guard against Mo, they sustained indelible damage during the battle. If there had been enough time, she would have allowed them to rest and recover. Unfortunately, they were in the middle of a large-scale battle. There was no time for them to even catch their breaths, much less recuperate from their wounds.


They only managed to persist until now because the intensity of the current battle paled in comparison to her solo battle against Mo. Even so, her Personal Guard had finally reached their limits.


One after another, they crumbled to pieces. Their destruction also signified that the Battle Formation was steadily weakening. As the Battle Formation weakened, the power they could exert was also considerably reduced.


At the same time, the yellow and blue hue of the wings behind her back became extremely obvious.


When the sixth Personal Guard shattered, Zhang Ruo Xi forcefully changed the Battle Formation to the most basic Three Fortunes Formation. At that moment, the Black Ink Clan finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It would not take much longer to defeat her.


A voice abruptly sounded in Zhang Ruo Xi’s mind, “Silly girl, you can’t carry on in such a reckless manner! At this rate, you will soon struggle to maintain the balance between Yin and Yang. You will die if that happens!”


In the Chaotic Dead Territory, Zhang Ruo Xi spent 2,000 years harmonizing the power of Yin and Yang using her Heavens Order Bloodline. By doing so, her strength surged to unprecedented heights. She rapidly grew from an Eighth-Order Master to a mighty existence who could fight against Mo alone.


Nevertheless, she was still just a Master at the peak of the Ninth Order without the power she was granted by the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer.


Previously, she had maintained a balance between the powers of Yin and Yang with her Bloodline and both Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had remained sleeping deep within her body. However, they were beginning to regain consciousness as a result of her continuous fights and the deaths of her Personal Guard.


That was not a good thing for her. The situation indicated that her Bloodline was starting to have trouble maintaining a balance between the power of Yin and Yang. Just as Big Brother Huang said, if she were to lose control now, a Master at the peak of the Ninth Order like her would not be able to withstand the pressure of their rampaging power and would instantly perish!


Zhang Ruo Xi remained silent. Forming the Three Fortunes Formation with her two remaining Personal Guards, she persisted in her slaughter.


At this moment, the number of Black Ink Clansmen gathered around her had reduced significantly. Their numbers were far less than their initial numbers due to her desperate slaughter of her enemies. No matter how many there were, there was bound to be a time when they were completely obliterated.


At this juncture, the Masters from the Black Ink Clan were no longer as desperate as they were before though; instead, they constantly wandered around her and forced her to expend her energy while keeping themselves safe from harm. They were evidently waiting for the destruction of her two remaining Personal Guards. Once she lost the support of the Battle Formation, the threat she posed towards the Black Ink Clan would be greatly reduced.


Realising that, Big Brother Huang sighed and said no more. He knew that Zhang Ruo Xi couldn’t stop fighting at this time; after all, this battle was related to the survival of the entire Human Race. The slightest wavering would lead to their eternal doom.


There was only one thing he could do for her at this moment. He attempted to cooperate with Big Sister Lan, trying to coordinate the power of the Yin and Yang in her body and prevent the balance between their respective strengths from being broken. Unfortunately, what they could do was extremely limited…


The situation gradually developed in the direction that the Black Ink Clan were hoping for. When the seventh Personal Guard shattered to pieces, it became impossible for Zhang Ruo Xi to form a Battle Formation with just her last Personal Guard!


The Black Ink Clan had been waiting a long time for this very moment and they immediately swarmed forward and tore the last Personal Guard apart.


In an instant, Zhang Ruo Xi sunk into the dire situation of fighting a solo battle. Meanwhile, Ah Da and Ah Er were also being restrained by many Masters from the Black Ink Clan. They could not break free to help her.


Death slowly approached her… Just as she was at her most vulnerable, something resembling a violent torrent suddenly tore through the dense layers of the Black Ink Clan Army and swiftly approached the battlefield where she was located. It was none other than the Human Race Army that had been fighting fiercely this whole time!



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