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Martial Peak – Chapter 5990, The Divine Spirits

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When the Human Race Army first departed from the No-Return Pass on their second crusade, there were over 20 million Masters! Unfortunately, their numbers had dwindled by more than half at this moment.


What’s more, their current numbers were only possible because the Small Stone Race Army had withstood the brunt of the pressure from their enemies. If not for the Small Stone Race Army, the Human Race Army would have been defeated in battle long ago.


Countless heroes fell on this vast battlefield. The severed limbs and dismembered corpses of the Black Ink Clan littering the void were basically a manifestation of their Military Merits.


The period when Zhang Ruo Xi had penetrated the depths of the void and fought with Mo had been the most difficult for the Human Race Army. Countless Black Ink Clansmen had besieged and intercepted the Humans, leading to the deaths of many brave soldiers. Even the Ninth-Order Masters had suffered several casualties, with their deaths hitting morale particularly harshly.


However, the pressure faced by the Human Race Army decreased substantially when Zhang Ruo Xi returned with her Battle Formation of Personal Guard. She was the reason why so many Masters from the Black Ink Clan were killed!


In such a fierce and chaotic battlefield, the slightest negligence could be fatal. Most of the Human Race Masters on the battlefield were unaware of Zhang Ruo Xi’s dire state. Be that as it may, how could Mi Jing Lun, who had been keeping an eye on the overall situation on the battlefield, be oblivious to her circumstances?


The Black Ink Clan had shifted the focus of the battle to Zhang Ruo Xi. During this period, Mi Jing Lun could only watch anxiously as the Personal Guard around her were destroyed one by one until she fell into a critical condition.


Zhang Ruo Xi was undoubtedly one of the keys to winning this war. If she were defeated and killed, then the Human Race Army would lose their only hope at victory; therefore, she had to be protected no matter the cost!


Even though that was the case… what strength did the Human Race Army have to help her right now? Mi Jing Lung racked his brains for an answer but could not think up a good plan. Recklessly charging forward with what remained of the Human Race Army without a suitable plan would not help her. In fact, his actions would only place the Humans in greater danger instead.


At this moment, the Human Race Army could borrow the strength of the Small Stone Race Army to offset the pressure from their enemies; however, that was only possible thanks to the cooperation between the Human Race Army and the Small Stone Race Army. If they charged out, they would be separated from the Small Stone Race Army. Under such circumstances, the pressure that the Humans would have to withstand on their own was unfathomable.


At the critical moment, a blood-drenched Yang Xiao suddenly rushed towards Mi Jing Lun, and after a brief conversation, the latter made up his mind. Under his command, the Human Race Army instantly condensed their forces into an attack formation, broke through the Black Ink Clan’s heavy encirclement, and charged towards Zhang Ruo Xi like a violent storm.


At this moment, many top Masters from the Black Ink Clan had been slaughtered by Zhang Ruo Xi, and out of those that remained, more than 100 Royal Lords were working together to restrain Ah Da and Ah Er while nearly 200 surrounded Zhang Ruo Xi.


Therefore, the Human Race Army was not facing much pressure at the moment. It could even be said that the Black Ink Clan no longer considered the Human Army a worthy opponent. As long as the Royal Lords defeated Zhang Ruo Xi, the Humans would be helpless to resist when they finally turned around to deal with them. The Black Ink Clan’s underestimation was the reason the Human Race Army successfully broke out of the encirclement.


The strange movements of the Human Race Army naturally caught the attention of many Masters from the Black Ink Clan. They might not know what the Human Race Army was planning, but they had finally pushed Zhang Ruo Xi to the brink of desperation after sacrificing so many of their Masters. How could they allow for any external interference at this time?


Dozens of Royal Lords immediately turned around and charged towards the Human Race Army while a massive number of Black Ink Clan Soldiers pursued the Humans from the rear.


Under these circumstances, the Human Race Army would be facing enemies from the front and back if they did not quickly escape the besiegement of the Royal Lords. Only an extremely disastrous ending awaited them if they were engulfed by the enemy in their current state.


When the Royal Lords took action, Zhang Ruo Xi also made her move. She attempted to slash her way through the heavy blockade and join the Human Race Army; however, numerous Masters from the Black Ink Clan fearlessly threw themselves at her to obstruct her path. They did not seem to hesitate even though their lives were on the line. Hence, she was successfully prevented from escaping for some time.


By this time, Zhang Ruo Xi was exhausted beyond her limits. After she departed from the Chaotic Dead Territory, she rushed to the battlefield without delay. Once she arrived, she not only fought countless Royal Lords, but she also expended her strength to open the Void Corridor that connected to the Chaotic Dead Territory. Afterwards, she delved into the depths of the opening in the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction and wreaked havoc there for some time before she engaged Mo in an intense battle…


It could be said that she had not rested at all since she stepped foot on the battlefield. She had simply been moving from battle to battle without any breaks in between; therefore, she could only bring out 70% of her full strength. The most obvious change was her combat effectiveness. She used to be able to kill a Royal Lord in one blow, but now it took her multiple strikes to kill one. It would not be easy for her to join up with the Human Race Army when she was being besieged by so many Masters from all directions.


At this moment, a figure abruptly soared into the sky. Raising both hands high, he clenched his fists and roared furiously, “Burn!”


The two Marks on his clenched fists flashed with a blinding light!


Seven figures rushed into the sky behind him. Every one of them also had mysterious Marks shining brightly on the backs of their hands. These Marks indicated that these people were blessed by the Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer. Yang Kai had brought these Marks from the Chaotic Dead Territory and bestowed them to 10 Divine Spirits many years ago.


These Divine Spirits had been scattered throughout the various battlefields. Thanks to the Great Sun and Moon Marks in their possession, they could mobilise and transform the power of the Yellow and Blue Crystals into Purifying Light. Consequently, they were essential to the logistical support of the Human Race Army. It was precisely thanks to this method that the threat of the Black Ink Strength to the Human Race was greatly reduced. The Purifying Black Ink Pills alone would not have been enough otherwise.


Even before this incident, these Divine Spirits had been mobilising the power of the Great Sun and Moon Marks constantly during the war. So many Small Stone Race Soldiers had died on the battlefield that they could easily summon a large burst of the Purifying Light without much effort. In this way, they could not only purify the battlefield, but they could also cause great damage to the Black Ink Clan, killing two birds with one stone.


When the Human Race Army charged in Zhang Ruo Xi’s direction, the Divine Spirits with the Great Sun and Moon Marks quickly activated the marks on the backs of their hands under Yang Xiao’s leadership.


Zhang Ruo Xi, who was besieged by countless Royal Lords, saw the scene from a distance and immediately understood their plan. A smile appeared on her exhausted face. Feeling the strength of the people around her, she knew she was not fighting alone! It was just that she had never even contemplated what they were about to attempt, much less tested it, so she did not know if she would succeed!


“Seniors, please assist me!” Closing her eyes, she gripped the Heaven’s Order Sword tightly with both hands and pleaded.


The sighs of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan sounded in unison, but they did not refuse her.


In the next moment, the wings behind Zhang Ruo Xi’s back glowed in two-coloured light. When she opened her eyes, the colour of her eyes had also changed. One eye was yellow and the other eye was blue. It was a strange sight to behold!


At the same time, with Yang Xiao in the lead, the two Marks on the backs of the hands of the Divine Spirits abruptly burst forth and transformed into a two-coloured light that enveloped their bodies as a powerful Divine Sense simultaneously penetrated their Knowledge Seas.


It was the Divine Senses of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer.


Under normal circumstances, they would never allow any external Divine Sense to encroach on their minds; however, they abandoned all defences at this moment and allowed the Divine Sense to link with their own. 


One by one, the eyes of the Divine Spirits went blank as though they had lost themselves…


“Link!” Zhang Ruo Xi cried out.


With herself as the source point, various rays of aura instantly connected with each other across the distance and became closely intertwined. Her aura, which had initially begun to dwindle, suddenly surged and shook the surrounding void.


The Royal Lords paled at the sight!


“Success!” Relief washed over Mi Jing Lun at the sight.


This was Yang Xiao’s suggestion…


When the eight Personal Guards shattered to pieces, it became impossible for Zhang Ruo Xi to form a Battle Formation. She would never escape from the besiegement of so many Masters from the Black Ink Clan in her current condition, so it was only a matter of time before she suffered a tragic death. The Black Ink Clan would be free to attack the Human Race Army once Zhang Ruo Xi died, which would undoubtedly result in the Human Race’s defeat.


Be that as it may, the Human Race Army had no extra resources to spare in their current condition. The very idea of helping Zhang Ruo Xi was nothing more than a fool’s dream unless somebody could form a new Nine Palaces Formation with her!


Although they had enough Ninth-Order Masters to fulfil the requirements to form a Nine Palaces Formation, it was not easy for them to actually pull off such a feat. Even if eight Ninth-Order Masters were sent to help Zhang Ruo Xi, even if they trusted her wholeheartedly, it would be impossible for them to join forces and form a Nine Palaces Formation in such a short time; after all, this was not solely a matter of trust but also of compatibility.


That was why Yang Xiao had suggested attempting to form the Nine Palaces Formation with the Divine Spirits who owned the Great Sun and Moon Marks instead. He believed that they might achieve a pleasantly surprising result.


The Great Sun and Moon Marks were derived from the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer’s Sources. Since Zhang Ruo Xi had united the power of Yin and Yang with her Bloodline, her body was brimming with the Source Strength of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer. 


In other words, to her, Yang Xiao and the other Divine Spirits should not be that much different from her destroyed Small Stone Race Personal Guard.


At this point, their only option was to attempt this unprecedented feat. If they succeeded, then it would be a joyous success. If they failed, then there was nothing that could be done regardless. In any case, they would only know the result after they made the attempt.


For that reason, Mi Jing Lun ordered the entire Human Army to charge out and separate from the ranks of the Small Stone Race Army.


It was their final desperate attempt to overturn their current predicament. If this plan failed, they would not only fail to rescue Zhang Ruo Xi, but also face the imminent destruction of the Human Race Army.


Fortunately, the plan had worked.


When the power of the Nine Palaces Formation enveloped the enormous void, Mi Jing Lun smiled from the bottom of his heart.


Dozens of Royal Lords were currently on the way to intercept the Human Race Army and bombarded them with a storm of powerful Secret Techniques before they even arrived.


The defences of the Human Race Army could be said to have fallen apart at this moment, with only the Ninth-Order Masters being capable of blocking such an onslaught.


Just as the Ninth-Order Masters were confronting the Royal Lords though, the hollow-eyed Divine Spirits charged forward with Yang Xiao in the lead. Every one of these Divine Spirits was enveloped in a blue and yellow light, and the aura surrounding them was so strong that the void shuddered in their presence. 


Yang Xiao headed straight towards one of the Royal Lords, and under that Royal Lord’s astonished gaze, Yang Xiao slammed his fist forward. Half of the Royal Lord’s body instantly exploded into mist when the punch landed. Meanwhile, Yang Xiao did not stop his movements and charged towards the second Royal Lord with a blank expression on his face.


Yang Xiao was an Ancient Dragon, equivalent to a peak Eighth-Order Master; naturally, killing a Royal Lord in one blow was the result of the Battle Formation and not his own strength. It was a pity that the attack cost him a heavy price. The arm he used to punch the Royal Lord became twisted and broke, with blood pouring out of it from multiple wounds…


Most of the Divine Spirits displayed similar performances.


With no leader coordinating their movements, the Royal Lords blocking the Divine Spirits were swiftly cut down without much resistance. The remaining Royal Lords were frightened and quickly moved aside to open up a path.


Such a feat was only possible because Yang Xiao and the others were Divine Spirits. 


The physical body of each Divine Spirit was extremely powerful in comparison to any other existence. If they were ordinary Eighth-Order Human Masters who had supported Zhang Ruo Xi in this Battle Formation instead, their bodies would not have been able to withstand the backlash from launching such powerful attacks.



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