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Martial Peak – Chapter 5993, The Mighty Current of the Dragon Pool

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On the main battlefield, the difficult situation faced by the allied Army had been greatly eased, all thanks to Zhang Ruo Xi.


The Black Ink Clan had paid an exorbitant price to take down Zhang Ruo Xi, resulting in the loss of hundreds of Royal Lords and yielding less-than-desirable results.


If the Human Race Army had not desperately escorted the eight Divine Spirits to aid her at the last moment, the Black Ink Clan’s plans to kill Zhang Ruo Xi would most likely have succeeded, and once she was dead, there would no longer be anybody on the battlefield with sufficient strength to pose a threat to the Black Ink Clan.


At that moment, the two Giant Spirit Gods were trapped by over 100 Royal Lords. They were too busy fending for themselves to spare any energy to rescue the Human Race Army.


Fortunately, Zhang Ruo Xi eventually won the battle. The price of her victory was the lives of five Divine Spirits, but all the Royal Lords surrounding and besieging her had been eliminated in exchange. Furthermore, Su Yan had successfully been crowned as the Phoenix Empress. The enormous figure of the Ice Phoenix radiated with a bone-chilling cold that froze everything in its wake. Even space itself was no exception.


Be that as it may, the situation remained bleak.


The Black Ink Clan had twice as many troops as the allied Army, which gave them a numerical advantage that was difficult to overcome. Furthermore, not all of the Royal Lords had been eliminated in the skirmish with Zhang Ruo Xi. The enemy had preserved enough Royal Lords to maintain the situation on the main battlefield despite their attempt to kill Zhang Ruo Xi.


At this moment, the difference in strength between the two sides had not shrunk, but instead increased significantly. The main cause for this was that the Small Stone Race died at a much faster rate than the Black Ink Clan.


Su Yan’s Rebirth had only managed to help stabilize the situation by a small margin. The Human Race Army would need an even greater injection of strength to prevent things from deteriorating, much less win the battle.


A continuous wave of Dragon Roars reverberated throughout the void. When the power of Yang Xiao’s Dragon Vein reached a certain limit, the aura of the Divine Dragon erupted. Then, the body of a 100,000-metre-long White Dragon emerged, its enormous Dragon Head rising high above, overlooking all living creatures from a lofty height. Yang Xiao had succeeded in ascending to the realm of Divine Dragon!


At the same time, the aura of a ‘Ninth-Order Divine Spirit’ radiated from Pi Xiu.


Eight Divine Spirits had stepped forward to help Zhang Ruo Xi, and though five had died in battle, the remaining three had successfully overcome their respective shackles and risen to greater heights.


It was important to note that the difference in impact a Ninth-Order Divine Spirit like Pi Xiu could play on the battlefield compared to a newly advanced Ninth-Order Human Master was enormous. That was because the Divine Spirits were inherently stronger than Ninth-Order Humans by a large margin.


As soon as Yang Xiao and Pi Xiu joined forces and charged into the battlefield, a large swath was cut into the ranks of the Black Ink Clan Army. The overwhelming aura of the Divine Spirits flooded the void, causing countless Black Ink Clan Soldiers to perish.


In the distant void, another silver Divine Dragon was rampaging across the battlefield. His entire body was drenched in blood, and many of his tough Dragon Scales had been torn or blasted off. This silver Divine Dragon was none other than Fu Guang. Regardless of his immense strength, he was bound to sustain injuries in such a chaotic and intense battlefield.


When Fu Guang saw Yang Xiao charging into the battlefield after becoming a Divine Dragon, he immediately rushed over towards him. At the same time, a series of Dragon Roars were exchanged between them, as though they were communicating with each other. It did not take long before Yang Xiao seemed to understand the situation, and he quickly sliced a bloody path through his enemies to approach Fu Guang.


A short while later, the two Divine Dragons gathered at the same place. In terms of size alone, Fu Guang was undoubtedly larger than Yang Xiao. This was only natural as Fu Guang had been a Divine Dragon for a much longer time.


The two behemoths began to draw upon the power of their Dragon Veins, causing their vitality to surge and boil within them. That was not all. They also began to spin in circles at a high speed, with their bodies connected together from end to end. In the beginning, their figures could still be seen; however, they soon blurred into a rapidly rotating blur.


Something could vaguely be seen amidst the rapidly spinning circle of light, as though being summoned into existence.


Many of the Royal Lords in the Black Ink Clan Army couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable at the sight. Although they did not know what the two Divine Dragons were attempting, they knew that their actions would undoubtedly be detrimental to the Black Ink Clan. They had to stop the Divine Dragons at all costs; hence, more than a dozen Royal Lords immediately rushed towards the two Divine Dragons from various directions.


Despite their efforts though, another shocking scene entered their eyes before they could approach the Divine Dragons.


Under the joint efforts of the two Divine Dragons, a large amount of turbid liquid suddenly gushed out from the dazzling circle of light. The unknown liquid splattered across the void like a spray of mist from a mountain spring, covering everything around them. Then, a torrent of water emerged and swept out in all directions.


Many of the Divine Spirits who knew what was happening couldn’t help feeling moved by the scene before them. They knew that the Dragon Clan had brought out their strongest trump card in order to obtain victory in this war. The torrent gushing into the void without restraint was clearly the waters from the Dragon Pool!


The Phoenix Clan had the Phoenix Nest, while the Dragon Clan had the Dragon Pool. These were the foundations of their respective Clans.


When the Phoenix Clan mobilised the power of the Phoenix Nest against their enemies, the Dragon Clan had not unleashed the power of the Dragon Pool. It was not that the Dragon Clan did not want to bring out their trump card, but rather that they lacked the ability to perform such a feat.


Under normal circumstances, the act of summoning the Dragon Pool would have required various complicated rituals in addition to the concerted efforts of many Dragon Clan members. Unfortunately, the Dragon Clan simply could not afford the time and energy to perform such intricate rites on such a crisis-ridden battlefield.


That was the case until Yang Xiao became a Divine Dragon. With Fu Guang’s cooperation, the two Divine Dragons joined hands and forcibly summoned the Dragon Pool to the battlefield.


The Dragon Pool was the foundation of the Dragon Clan; after all, the existence of the Dragon Pool was the prerequisite for the Dragon Clan to produce endless descendants. Not to mention, the power of the Dragon Pool was diligently accumulated over countless generations of the Dragon Clan.


Regardless of whether the war would end in victory or defeat today, the Dragon Clan would inevitably suffer unimaginable losses by summoning the Dragon Pool on such a chaotic battlefield. It would be impossible to restore the lost energy without several hundreds of thousands of years of recuperation. Nevertheless, there was no denying that the effects of summoning the Dragon Pool were remarkable.


The waters of the Dragon Pool turned into a raging torrent that swept out in all directions, and the Black Ink Clan Soldiers caught within this flood instantly perished. The power of the Dragon Pool was an unstoppable force. If a Dragon bearing the Dragon Clan Bloodline came into contact with the Dragon Pool’s waters, they would be able to enhance their Bloodline and increase their strength. On the contrary, the waters of the Dragon Pool were a lethal poison to living creatures without the power of a Dragon Vein in their bodies.


Everywhere the mighty current flowed, death followed. Even one of the Royal Lords rushing towards the two Divine Dragons who accidentally got caught in the current only managed to struggle for a few breaths before he dissolved into the rampaging waters. It was a grand display of the terrifying power within the mighty current of the Dragon Pool.


Needless to say, the current did not pose any threat to beings like the Royal Lords and the Territory Lords as long as they remained on guard. The power emanating from the Dragon Pool might be impressive, but powerful Masters only needed to avoid the waters by a certain margin to remain unaffected.


However, it was never Fu Guang’s intention to target the enemy Masters when he joined forces with Yang Xiao to summon the Dragon Pool. His goal had always been the Black Ink Clan Army! The Royal Lords and the Territory Lords could easily dodge the raging currents, but the Black Ink Clan Soldiers weaker than the Territory Lords were not so capable; therefore, the troops of the Black Ink Clan Army were now perishing in droves.


Some Small Stone Race members fighting the Black Ink Clan Army were also caught in the raging torrent, but this couldn’t be helped. Although Fu Guang had done his best to summon the Dragon Pool in an area where only the Black Ink Clan was heavily concentrated, he could not exert fine control over the direction in which the mighty current of the Dragon Pool would flow; hence, accidental injuries among friendly troops was inevitable.


What shocked him though was that the Small Stone Race members caught in the raging torrent of the Dragon Pool did not lose their lives. On the contrary, they simply struggled in the current for some time before they quickly rushed out and resumed fighting.


After pondering on it for a moment though, Fu Guang realized what had happened. These Small Stone Race Soldiers might be simple-minded, but their bodies contained a significant amount of power from the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer.


Even if the power of the Dragon Pool was both ancient and pure, it was still incomparable to the original powers of Yin and Yang born alongside the Universe. The realization completely relieved Fu Guang of his worries. With hindsight, he had to admit that summoning the Dragon Pool at such a perilous juncture had been a stroke of genius.


Following the raging torrent that swept out in all directions, the Black Ink Clan Army suffered enormous losses, completely eliminating the numerical advantage they originally held.


On the other hand, the Human Race Army was small in number and extremely agile in their movements; hence, it was not difficult for them to avoid the mighty current under Mi Jing Lun’s command. As for the Small Stone Race… only their formations were scattered by the impact while they did not suffer any actual casualties.


After a while, the Dragon Pool vanished without a trace. The release of the waters that the Dragon Pool had accumulated over countless aeons instantly changed the entire situation on the battlefield. It was finally time for a counterattack of the allied Army of the Human and the Small Stone Races!


Among the remaining Black Ink Clan Army, all the Royal Lords wore solemn expressions on their faces. They simply could not understand this sudden turn of events. How did the Black Ink Clan, who should have had an absolute numerical advantage, end up in such dire condition all of a sudden?


Without sufficient numerical advantage, it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to be a match for the allied Army of the Human Race and the Small Stone Race. To make matters worse, that terrifying woman was also beginning to take action again.


After the three Divine Spirits advanced to the Ninth Order in quick succession, they immediately charged into the battlefield to resolve the most critical crises. Zhang Ruo Xi finally had the chance to catch her breath as a result. She had watched the entire chain of events unfolding before her, beginning with the Dragon Pool’s summoning, the raging current sweeping out across the battlefield, and finally, the Black Ink Clan Soldiers being washed away and vanishing from existence.


Tightening her grip around the Heavens Order Sword, she murmured under her breath, “Seniors, I’m heading into battle!”


Big Brother Huang sighed softly, like he wanted to make a comment, but in the end, he said nothing and silently cooperated with Big Sister Lan to help Zhang Ruo Xi maintain the balance of power in her body.


The Heavens Order Bloodline burned once more, and the wings behind Zhang Ruo Xi’s back glowed with a blue and yellow hue. She charged into the battlefield without hesitation, aiming directly at the Royal Lords besieging Ah Da and Ah Er.


At this moment, the pressure faced by the allied Army on the main battlefield was not that serious; in fact, they were beginning to gain the upper hand. That was why Zhang Ruo Xi did not head for the main battlefield.


She would not last much longer in battle, so there was no point in slaughtering some miscellaneous Black Ink Clan troops with what little time she had left. It was undoubtedly more cost-efficient to spend her limited strength slaughtering some Royal Lords instead.


Besides, Ah Da and Ah Er would be freed as long as she killed enough Royal Lords. The allied Army of the Human Race and the Small Stone Race would also receive the support of the two Giant Spirit Gods if she succeeded, which might be more effective than providing support by herself.


In a flash of yellow and blue, Zhang Ruo Xi entered the range of the battle where Ah Da and Ah Er were located.


At this moment, the Royal Lords besieging the two Giant Spirit Gods were forced to suffer in silence.


The Royal Lords besieging Zhang Ruo Xi had been completely eradicated, and the numerical advantage of the Black Ink Clan Army on the main battlefield was quickly being overturned. At this point, the Human Race Army had gained the upper hand in this battle.


Even if the Royal Lords fighting the two Giant Spirit Gods wanted to help their comrades, they did not dare to leave their positions easily. They were only able to keep the two Giant Spirit Gods in check by relying on sufficient numbers to harass them. If any of them stepped away from their position, there was a risk that the delicate balance would be broken.


Once the two Giant Spirit Gods broke free of their restraints, it would be impossible to pin them down again. However, it was evident that Zhang Ruo Xi was coming to help the two Giant Spirit Gods.


The Royal Lords would only be waiting for their imminent deaths if they continued to confront the two Giant Spirit Gods, but showing their backs to these three terrifying enemies would likely just result in them dying faster… At this point, they were stuck in a situation with no hope of escape. Any choice they made would result in a tragic end; thus, every one of them felt aggrieved and hopeless.



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