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Martial Peak – Chapter 5994, Final Burst of Strength

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The Black Ink Clan’s plans to use the Royal Lords to keep the two Giant Spirit Gods under control failed as soon as Zhang Ruo Xi came to the latter’s aid.


With a flash of her sword, several Royal Lords perished on the spot.


Upon receiving Zhang Ruo Xi’s assistance, Ah Er immediately struck out at the same time. He reached out his hand and smacked at a Royal Lord who was hovering around him. Thanks to Ah Er’s Heaven-destroying, Earth-shattering strength, the Royal Lord struck by his blow was instantly smashed to pieces.


However, Ah Er paid a heavy price for his actions. The other Royal Lords immediately took the opportunity to leave numerous wounds on his body, causing blood and flesh to splatter everywhere. Nevertheless, Ah Er did not back down. Abandoning all defences, he switched to a violent offensive instead.


As time passed, the Royal Lords steadily perished. When the number of Royal Lords besieging Ah Er dropped to half their original number, the restraints and shackles holding him down could no longer be sustained.


Ah Er was freed!


Afterwards, his offensive became increasingly violent and vicious. He worked together with Zhang Ruo Xi to quickly slaughter a few more Royal Lords around him, and as a result, the remaining Royal Lords could no longer withstand the pressure of the assault and scattered in various directions. Zhang Ruo Xi and Ah Er did not give chase but instead took the opportunity to rush towards Ah Da.


A feeling of doom washed over the Royal Lords at this sight. Zhang Ruo Xi had resolved Ah Er’s predicament by killing off many of the Royal Lords in the encirclement with her strength alone. And now, she was joining forces with Ah Er to attack the remaining Royal Lords. How were they supposed to survive this onslaught?


Seeing that the situation was not looking good for them, the Royal Lords besieging Ah Da hastily abandoned their opponent and fled in all directions. Ah Da naturally flew into a rage and chased after the fleeing Royal Lords, but his movements were slow and clumsy due to his enormous size, so how could he catch up to them? In the end, he was stopped by Ah Er.


At this point, Ah Da had practically lost his ability to think rationally and was acting purely on his instincts. Thus, he immediately turned around and punched out. The punch caused Ah Er to stagger and lose his balance. Fortunately, Ah Da realised that he had attacked the wrong person after the first strike and his anger immediately vanished. He then stood there awkwardly scratching his head.


Among the two Giant Spirit Gods, Ah Da had always been the most simple-minded. In comparison, there was no doubt that Ah Er was the smarter one. That was also why Zhang Ruo Xi had decided to rescue Ah Er first when she had the opportunity to help them.


“Come with me, we’ll beat them up together!” Ah Er told Ah Da, then he turned around and charged towards the main battlefield.


Ah Da obediently followed after his brother, quickly forgetting about how he was bullied by the Royal Lords earlier.


On the main battlefield, the appearance of the three Ninth-Order Divine Spirits and the mighty current of the Dragon Pool had long since levelled the gap in military strength between the two sides. These changes allowed the allied Army to gain the upper hand in the battle over time. Moreover, their advantage swiftly widened when the two Giant Spirit Gods came forward to provide support.


Everything had gotten better, and the situation was bound to improve even more.


On the other side, Zhang Ruo Xi was relentlessly chasing down the fleeing Royal Lords. Her speed was extraordinary. With the slightest flap of her wings, she could ignore the barriers of space and appear before any one of the Royal Lords in an instant.


None survived the slash of the Heavens Order Sword. 


One… Two… Five… Ten…


The Royal Lords who scattered and fled in all directions had no hope of surviving. On the contrary, their actions simply accelerated the arrival of their demise. When the Royal Lords finally realised their mistake, they hastily gathered together once more.


Unfortunately, there were only some 40 Royal Lords remaining at this point.


These Royal Lords were originally responsible for surrounding and besieging the Giant Spirit Gods. There had been more than 100 of them in the beginning, but more than half had perished in such a short span of time.


Having seen the situation on the main battlefield, they knew that the Black Ink Clan had already lost the battle, but so what? As long as they had the Supreme One, they would never be defeated. What they needed to do now was preserve their strength as much as possible. When the Supreme One finished dealing with whatever matters it had to, they would rule the Universe under the command of the Supreme One.


With these considerations in mind, the Royal Lords gathered together but did not attack Zhang Ruo Xi. They simply waited quietly and assumed a defensive posture.


Holding the Heavens Order Sword in both hands, Zhang Ruo Xi smiled slightly even though her complexion was as pale as a sheet.


Their response perfectly aligned with her desires. If they had scattered and fled in different directions, then she would not have been able to eliminate them all. On the contrary, the fact that they gathered together in one place had certainly saved her the trouble of hunting them down.


Needless to say, the situation was also a risk to her. If she failed to handle the situation properly, she would most likely suffer catastrophic consequences.


“Come!” Zhang Ruo Xi exhaled lightly and stabilised the power in her body. When she looked up, the vitality surrounding her began to boil and burn and she transformed into a stream of light that charged towards the Royal Lords.


This was her last burst of strength, so she had to act swiftly. She had to finish dealing with these Royal Lords before the situation fell out of control.


When the stream of light crashed into the Royal Lords, various howls of fury resounded. Blood splattered everywhere and dismembered limbs scattered across the void. Under the rain of sword slashes that ruthlessly came pouring down, the Royal Lords perished one after another.


The entire incident seemed to last for only a brief moment, but at the same time, there was also a feeling that hundreds of thousands of years had passed in that brief moment.


When Zhang Ruo Xi finally stopped swinging her sword, the void was littered with the dismembered remains of the Royal Lords. The few survivors opposite her looked petrified. Those short few moments had deeply instilled the true meaning of despair in their hearts. In the face of absolute might, even Royal Lords like themselves were as weak as ants!


Nevertheless, something unexpected occurred.


Under the horrified gazes of the Royal Lords, Zhang Ruo Xi’s hands suddenly fell limply to the sides. The vitality that enveloped her body also became extremely weak at this moment. On the other hand, the terrifying aura within her became increasingly intense and unstable.


“She’s at her limits!” One of the Royal Lords yelled in pleasant surprise.


The Royal Lords had extremely keen vision, so they immediately noticed the changes when Zhang Ruo Xi showed abnormal symptoms. At this moment, the few surviving Royal Lords finally glimpsed an opportunity to defeat this woman; hence, they charged forward without hesitation.


A sharp look flashed through Zhang Ruo Xi’s eyes, and she struggled to lift the Heavens Order Sword up again. Big Brother Huang’s anxious shout entered her ears at that moment, “You’ll die at this rate!”


A faint smile appeared on her face, but her hands did not loosen their grip on the sword, instead tightening even more as she answered calmly, “We all have a predestined time.”


Big Sister Lan called out anxiously, “If you die, Big Brother Huang’s and my power will surely go out of control! Are you willing to watch this place turn into another Chaotic Dead Territory?”


There was no denying that Big Sister Lan was much better at reading hearts when it came to persuading others.


Zhang Ruo Xi was not afraid of death. If her death could bring victory to the Human Race, she would sacrifice herself without a second thought. However, there would be catastrophic consequences if she lost her life here.


Without the coordination of the Heavens Order Bloodline, the power of the two ancient Supreme Beings would definitely spiral out of control. The enormous void would become another Chaotic Dead Territory in an instant. If that were to happen, the Black Ink Clan Army would surely be eradicated, but unfortunately, the Human Race Army scattered across the battlefield would also be dragged down with them.


The Human Race had been fighting for millions of years just to obtain peace… At this point, they were only one step away from the dream of so many generations. How could Zhang Ruo Xi destroy everything at such a critical moment?



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