Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 604, Bringing About One’s Own End

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


Seeing the Spider Mother really send out her own Soul without any fear, Yang Kai could not help but curl his lips into a weird smile. 


Muttering in a low voice, “Spider Mother, you should give up any thoughts you might have of causing trouble in my Knowledge Sea.  Although my realm is not as high as yours, but my Spiritual Energy is far stronger than an average Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator.”


Listening to his warning, the Spider Mother’s last trace of worry quickly disappeared, conveying back to him, “Don’t worry. If you want, I’m more than happy to blend Souls with you, but if you’re prefer not to, I won’t try to force you.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly and put down the last of his Knowledge Sea’s defences.


The next moment, the Spider Mother’s Soul broke into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.


Above an endless sea, the Spider Mother’s Soul phantom gradually appeared, but unlike her physical body, her current appearance was completely human, her upper body fascinating and enchanting, while her lower body was no less wonderful.  Two slender legs that seemed to be carved from the purest, softest jade while between them lay a completely smooth flower petal, from top to bottom, her bare skin completely exposed to the air.


Floating above Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, she glanced around gracefully without revealing the slightest bit of nervousness.


She was a Seventh-Order Monster Beast, the equivalent of a Human Transcendent Realm master, while Yang Kai was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage cultivator.  With such a massive gap in strength, she was absolutely fearless.


Yang Kai’s Soul phantom also quickly appeared in front of her and after sweeping his eyes over her, his brow wrinkled slightly as he let out a snort, “Is this the form you want to evolve into?”


“That’s right,” The Spider Mother nodded gently, twirling in place slowly as she showed off her delicate body, emphasizing her smooth round bottom and her full milk white chest, “What do you think?  Interested?”


“Slut!” Yang Kai spat.


“Hehe…” The Spider Mother smiled and didn’t care, “Is that Beguiling Demon Queen with the Poison Widow Body’s physique not lewd as well?  Good good, let’s not talk nonsense, quickly show me the secrets of the Beast Transformation Pond.”


 Yang Kai nodded gently, “Indeed, I don’t want to speak any more nonsense with you.”


As he spoke, he suddenly wore a cunning grin.


The Spider Mother’s expression gradually became dignified as she stared towards Yang Kai deeply.  His strange performance here made the Spider Mother quickly realize what he was up to, doing her best to calm herself down as she muttered, “So it was a trap all along.”


“Good,” Now that things had reached this point, Yang Kai no longer needed to pretend.


“Hmph,” The Spider Mother sneered, “Your acting skills are quite good, putting on such a grand performance just to temp my Soul into your Knowledge Sea.”


“Even if you know that now, it’s already too late.”


“With your current cultivation, do you really think you can trap me here?  If I want to leave, you won’t be able to stop me!”


“That’s where you’re wrong, I already told you, without enough confidence I wouldn’t be here in the first place. Since you’ve come in, there’s no way I’ll just let you leave.”


“Hmph, just a brat who doesn’t know how high the Heavens are!”  The Spider Mother cursed, her Soul phantom transforming into a stream of light as she shot out, trying to exit Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.


But the instant she moved, the endless sea beneath her suddenly became turbulent and great waves soared into the sky, covering both the sky and earth, cutting off all possible paths of escape.


The Spider Mother’s Soul phantom soared about and crashed into this wall of water multiple times but was completely unable to break through it, eventually coming to a halt and turning to stare at Yang Kai in shock, “How can your Spiritual Energy be so powerful?”


This little brat’s Spiritual Energy was actually not weaker than her own, she even suspected it might be stronger, for it that was not the case; she would not be incapable of escaping.


“Tell me how to resolve the poison in Shan Qing Luo, and I’ll let you leave, otherwise this will be your burial place!”  Yang Kai declared firmly.


“In your dreams!  Try saying that again after I swallow your Soul!”  The Spider Mother’s eyes became ice cold as she screamed hysterically and rushed towards Yang Kai, trying to forcefully blend their Souls together, hoping to disturb his concentration, allowing her to escape.


But she had not travelled more than a few meters before a majestic and awe inspiring pressure suddenly emerged from within Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea and descended upon her.  Upon feeling this aura, the Spider Mother immediately froze up and involuntarily stared towards this pressure’s source; what she saw caused her to tremble violently. Floating high in the sky a fair distance away was a giant eye that gave off a dazzling golden radiance.  This golden eye appeared akin to a divine presence to the Spider Mother and gave her the urge to fall to her knees and worship it.




A beam of golden light suddenly shot out from the golden eye and brushed past the Spider Mother Soul spirit.




When the golden light made contact with the Spider Mother’s Soul phantom, it was as if a beam of hot summer sun had hit a patch of snow, causing a part of her Soul to be instantly melted and purified.


A pain filled scream leaked from the Spider Mother’s mouth, her pair of beautiful eyes staring towards the golden eye in utter terror.


“What… what is that?”  The Spider Mother asked haltingly.


“The key to restraining you,” Yang Kai replied calmly and said, “If that golden light hits you directly, you’ll instantly die, your consciousness wiped from existence.  What you experience just now was just a warning, I have no time to waste with you so tell me what I want to know, otherwise don’t blame me for being ruthless.”


The Spider Mother glanced back and forth between Yang Kai and the slowly opening Solitary Golden Eye, a look of pure hatred flashing across her face.


Panting heavily, her proud chest heaving up and down, the Spider Mother was obviously completely enraged.


“I’ll give you until the count of three, if within three breaths you don’t tell me what I want to know, you’ll die,” Yang Kai said flatly, issuing an ultimatum, raising his fingers as he slowly began counting, “One… two…”


“Wait!”  The Spider Mother exclaimed, “I’ll tell you, but you have to promise me, after you get what you want, you’ll let me go!”


“I promise you!”  Yang Kai nodded without hesitation.


The Spider Mother stared at him deeply, hesitating for a moment before waving her hand, sending out a small ball of light from her Soul phantom towards Yang Kai.


This ball of white light was formed from the Spider Mother’s own Soul and Spiritual Energy, so separating it from herself meant she would lose that part of her memory.


Doing this would obviously damage her Soul.


Yang Kai smiled happily and reached out his hand to accept this ball of light, but before he could grasp it, the Spider Mother suddenly leapt towards him.


Wrapping herself around him, she laughed wildly, “I’m going to swallow your Soul!  Your Spiritual Energy is so powerful, it will be enough for me to enjoy for quite a while.  Hahaha, with us being so close now, do you still dare use that golden light against me?”


The Spider Mother felt that as long as she was entangled with Yang Kai’s Soul phantom, he would have no way of killing her without killing himself as well.


At the same time, she could use her own Divine Sense to harass Yang Kai’s Soul phantom, allowing her to wear down his defences and slowly consume him.


However, Yang Kai just stared at her coldly, his face completely indifferent as he sneered, “That thing is mine, naturally it’s impossible for it to hurt me, you’re too naive.”


The Spider Mother’s smile instantly stiffened on her face as she desperately stared into Yang Kai’s eyes one last time.




A beam of golden light shot towards the two Soul phantoms, instantly engulfing the Spider Mother’s seductive form.


Without even enough time to scream, the Spider Mother’s consciousness was disintegrated, only leaving behind a mass of pure energy.


“Hmph, bringing about one’s own end.”  Yang Kai slowly shook his head. If the Spider Mother had obediently cooperated, Yang Kai didn’t mind letting her go; after all, he had no deep animosity towards her.


But after inspecting the memories that were given to him by the Spider Mother a moment ago, Yang Kai’s expression became awkward.


The Spider Mother hadn’t cheated him, the small ball of light indeed contained the method to solve the flaw in Shan Qing Luo’s physique, but this method… actually still required the Spider Mother to die!


Yang Kai needed to let Shan Qing Luo swallow the Spider Mother’s blood essence and monster core, essentially using poison to attack the poison, in order to relieve the toxic backlash in her body.


It really was a case of reaping what one sowed.


Yang Kai shook his head helplessly.


Temporarily putting aside the Spiritual Energy mass the Spider Mother left behind after her death, Yang Kai quickly opened his eyes.


The giant spiders gathered around Yang Kai seeming felt the death of the Spider Mother and immediately began fiercely attacking him, seeking revenge.


Coldly snorting, Yang Kai’s pushed his True Qi violently and sent out a pulse of energy which killed or severely wounded all of the nearby spiders.


These Sixth-Order spiders were only equivalent to low level Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators and were clearly no match for the current Yang Kai.


After only a few breaths, a large number of giant spiders had died and those who could still move began fleeing in all directions.  Yang Kai didn’t bother pursing these fugitives and instead directly flew towards the giant spider statue and landed beside the Spider Mother’s corpse.


Plunging his hand into her chest near where her heart should be, Yang Kai quickly extracted a seven coloured monster core.  This monster core contained a massive amount of energy and as Yang Kai started at it, his hand gradually became numb and quickly turned black.


[Such strong toxin!]  Yang Kai’s face instantly changed as he hastily threw this monster core into the Black Book space, hurriedly circulating his Secret Art in order to dispel the toxins that had invaded his body.


After expelling all of the poison from his arm, Yang Kai quickly extracted the Spider Mother’s blood essence and then turned to leave.


Two days later, inside Fragrance City.


The moment Yang Kai came back, he heard the sounds of weeping from inside Shan Qing Luo’s room.


His expression sinking sharply, he quickly pushed open the door.


Inside the room, Bi Luo was kneeling beside Shan Qing Luo’s bed, shedding giant tears, Yun Li, Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing were present as well, also weeping sorrowfully.


The inside of the room was stiflingly hot, almost like an oven.


The source of this blistering heat was actually Shan Qing Luo’s body.


Her breathing was very rapid and her body was a shade of red more similar to molten iron than human flesh.  Her thoughts were also quite blurred as she drifted in and out of consciousness.


When she noticed Yang Kai had returned, Yun Li was immediately overjoyed and hurriedly shouted, “Young Master Yang, you’re back.”


Hearing this, Bi Luo was stunned and quickly turned her head towards him, her eyes red and swollen as she stared nervously at Yang Kai, her lips quivering as if she wanted to say something but was unable to form her words.


“How is her condition?”  Yang Kai asked eagerly.


Bi Luo slowly shook her head, tears once again welling up in her eyes, obvious the situation was not optimistic.


“Stand aside,” Yang Kai reached out and gently pulled Bi Luo away from the bed, replacing her at Shan Qing Luo’s side before quickly taking out the Spider Mother’s monster core and blood essence and feeding them to the Beguiling Demon Queen.  


“What do you give Mistress?”  Bi Luo hurriedly asked.


Yang Kai briefly explained.


Bi Luo was dumbfounded, “Did you kill the Spider Mother?”


“En, the only way to solve the poison in Shan Qing Luo’s body is with poison,” Yang Kai sighed deeply, “I just hope this method is successful.”


“It has to work!  If it doesn’t then… then you must commit suicide together with Mistress to apologize!”  Bi Luo shouted at Yang Kai, her voice filled with grief.


Yang Kai glanced back at Bi Luo once and then didn’t bother paying attention to her anymore, turning back to Shan Qing Luo’s bed, placing his hands on her fiery shoulders and injecting his True Qi into her body in order to help circulate the energy from the Spider Mother’s monster core and blood essence.


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