Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 61, I Owe You a Favour

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[Why would Long Zai Tian go against her?] Yang Kai took a glance at the forlorn and ashamed Hu Mei Er, the reason became clear.

[I guess some things were better left unsaid…]

Hu Mei Er was also a bright and intelligent girl, and although Yang Kai only glanced at her, she still understood the reason for his gaze.

“Grandpa forbade you from entering the mine, and I am unable to not give him face. How about this, I will go and buy those seeds in your place. So, could you wait for me here?” Hu Mei Er suggested.

“Okay.” Yang Kai knew this was the only way, and immediately went to give all of his valuable possessions to her before telling her the names of the Disciple who possessed the seeds. That time in the Black Wind Trade area, he had gotten all the relevant information from the booth owner.

Hu Mei Er entered the underground mine, while Yang Kai’s eyes swept over the holes in the ground. When Long Zai Tian had left, he had entered one of the houses, and Yang Kai could sense that within that house a pair of eyes was staring at him intently, on Yang Kai’s position.

The stare had watched when Long Zai Tian had struck out at Yang Kai earlier; the source of that stare was a boy about the same age as Yang Kai, Long Zai Tian’s grandson, Long Hui!

Long Hui was currently looking at Yang Kai coldly and was discontent. “Grandpa, why didn’t you kill him back then?”

Long Zai Tian coldly laughed. “With Mei Er’s protection, how do you expect me to kill him?”

“All the more reason to kill him! I have never seen little sister, Hu Mei Er spend so much effort for any man and that youngster’s relationship with Mei Er isn’t shallow. To allow him to live, will only cause problems!”

“*En,* we have never seen Hu Mei Er protect someone like that. And for him, she actually dared to go against me, which is very unusual.” Long Zai Tian’s eyebrows creased.

Long Hui was extremely jealous. “Now that Mei Er has entered the mine, how about grandpa attacks again?”

Long Zai Tian looked at Long Hui resentfully, he wanted to comply but knew of the consequences. “Killing him is no hard task. But, if he died, it will cause Mei Er to harbor resentment towards you. Do you think that it’s worth it?”

Long Hui looked on blankly before shaking his head. “It’s not worth it, but are we really going to allow him to continue his relationship with Hu Mei Er? I can’t bear it.”

“You!” Long Zai Tian couldn’t help but let out a breath, “Learn more from your older brother and watch how he treats the women that he likes. If you want Mei Er, you must use more of your mind. Grandpa can help you kill people, but I can’t possibly help you acquire a female’s heart right? Hu Man does not have any sons, only his two daughters, Jiao Er and Mei Er, so if you and your older brother able to obtain these two, then in the future, the Blood Battle Gang would belong to my Long family! In all three generations of my Long family, we have put decades of work into helping Blood Battle Gang so we deserve the taste of being the Sect Master!”

Hearing this caused Long Hui to become hot-blooded as he nodded his head. “It should be time for my Long family to become the Master Family! Relax grandpa, Mei Er won’t be able to escape and over on big brother’s side, Hu Jiao Er will definitely be captured.”

(Silavin: Dream on bitches!)

*En* “It’s good to see that you have Some, resolve” Long Zai Tian smiled at him.

Long Hui was full of venom; he blamed things on the distant Yang Kai. With a bit of restlessness, he tried to speak his worries. “Grandpa, that person…….”

“You go find the opportunity yourself. His strength isn’t high, so you should be able to cope.”

“Yes!” Long Hui laughed sinisterly.

Although he couldn’t do anything now since Hu Mei Er would return shortly, Yang Kai was still a High Heaven Pavilion Disciple, so he wouldn’t be able to run far.

Yang Kai waited outside for a short while before Hu Mei Er came out, sweating all over. Her face filled with smiles as she stuffed four seeds into Yang Kai’s hands. “Fortunately, it wasn’t life threatening.”

The young lady of the Blood Battle Gang wanted to purchase some things, so which Disciple dared to not sell?

“Many thanks!” Yang Kai very carefully placed the four seeds within his chest area pocket.

After standing in his original position for a while, Yang Kai struggled before speaking. “You have helped me this time, so I owe you a favour.”

Hu Mei Er held a strange look as she stared at Yang Kai. “What do you mean?”

Waving his hand, Yang Kai explained. “Why don’t you follow me!?”

Although Hu Mei Er didn’t know what he wanted to do, she obediently followed him over.

After walking about thirty feet, Yang Kai unexpectedly stopped and stomped his foot. “I want you to remember this place. About 35 meters below here, there should be some unusual objects.”

Hu Mei Er eyes widened in doubt. “How do you know?”

Yang Kai muttered a bit indistinctly. “The martial skill that I am practicing, within a certain distance, I can sense all Yang attributed things. Underneath here there should be a Yang attributed treasure and its Yang energy fluctuations are many times purer than the Bright Yang Stones.”

Before coming here, Yang Kai had already sensed that in this area was a bit unusual and after considering it, he decided to tell Hu Mei Er. One reason was, due to this area belonging to the Blood Battle Gang, even if Yang Kai wanted these treasures, he couldn’t obtain them. Secondly, he still owed Hu Mei Er a favour and Yang Kai saw everything she did as she helped him today.

“Ah?” Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Hu Mei Er became frightened.

“Do you believe me?”

“I believe!” Hu Mei Er replied very frankly, making Yang Kai feel a bit moved.

“That’s good then.” Yang Kai lightly smiled. “Even though I do not know what is below, its value definitely isn’t low. Also, apart from that, there seems to be something else too, for the specifics, I can’t sense it. But from my guesses, the secret hidden below should be the peculiar mystery that your Blood Battle Gang has been trying solve regarding the mine. It’s extremely possible, that because of its existence, this ore vein exists.”

Hu Mei Er couldn’t help but be moved. If what Yang Kai said was true, then the secret hidden underneath was extremely important.

“You are an intelligent girl, so you should know what to do.” Yang Kai solemnly urged her.

“I understand.” Hu Mei Er kept on nodding her head.

“Okay then, let’s go.” He smiled began moving off.

*En.* Walking through the forest, Hu Mei Er and Yang Kai didn’t speak but instead enjoyed the warmth of the forest together.

Hu Mei Er was extremely joyful because Yang Kai had told her such important information. It was evident that his impression of her had changed greatly, unlike last time when he had simply disregarded her and ordered her around.

This time was different, he was much gentler and softer with her.

“We shall part here.” Abruptly, Yang Kai stopped his steps, while Hu Mei Er looked distracted, showing her unwillingness. In the blink of an eye, the two people had arrived at the four-way intersection; [time passed by so quickly!] Hu Mei Er was slightly grieving.

“Goodbye.” Yang Kai hurriedly said this and rushed back to High Heaven Pavilion.

[He really isn’t an easily swayed man!] Hu Mei Er laughed out bitterly, trying to cope.


Erza: Happy New Years guys, since today is officially 1/01/2016 for me, not to mention this is the first chapter release of the year. Last year I release 60, this I definitely will release at least twice the amount, probably more. Also, I took a sneak peek at the next chapter title and decided it a good spoiler~ Chapter 62 – Xia Ning Chang’s decision. Hmm??? I wonder decision our beloved Xia Ning is going to make next chapter? Possibly regarding Yang Kai? XD

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