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Martial Peak – Chapter 63, You Look Like My Senior Sister

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Since she had already decided to help him, Xia Ning Chang didn’t want to expose herself and show any flaws. Only once she helped, by fighting Yang Kai, would he be finally able to breakthrough.

That’s why her first strike was infused with killing intent.

Yang Kai’s strength was only at the Tempered Body Ninth Stage, so Xia Ning Chang only used the strength that was around the Initial Element Second-Third Realm.

Yang Kai who was at a critical juncture sensed something was amiss and felt a cold pressure around him. Without ample time to react, he felt that he was in a life or death situation.

Just as he was in doubt about this sense, the sound of a palm came from the side of his body.

[Someone is launching a sneak attack against me!] Yang Kai immediately woke up, he wasn’t scared, but rather he was happy as he lept to the side. Creasing his eyebrows, he swiftly threw out a fist.

His fighting spirit had been woken when he was trying to break through, and just as he was pondering how to discharge the energy in his body, who would have imagined that somebody would come and present themselves like that! As to who had come to mount this sneak attack on him, Yang Kai no longer cared because he only wanted to fight, to fight a fulfilling battle!

Hearing the enemy’s sounds and the beating of their Yuan Qi, Yang Kai hastily retreated a few steps. Xia Ning Chang’s attack hit empty space so she calmly slowed her pace, while a flash of surprise went through her eyes.

Even though she had only used strength at about the Initial Element Third Stage, it wasn’t enough to match him.

Retreating back a bit, Yang Kai used the moonlight to view his opponent’s build. It was a female, but her face was covered with a black veil so he was unable to see her face.

“How could it be a girl!” Yang Kai eyebrows wrinkled as he mumbled discontentedly.

As soon as Xia Ning Chang heard those words, she was trembling with rage! Clenching her teeth, her body lightly flew over while Yuan Qi gathered in the palm of her hand and covered with sky with images of her palm directed towards Yang Kai’s head.

Those words had angered her too much!

Yang Kai howled out and released all of his strength along with his boiling hot Yuan Qi, matching up against Xia Ning Chang. Although the opponent was a female, Yang Kai wasn’t lenient. Their strength was clearly higher than his by a level, whilst also containing killing intent, so he didn’t dare to be careless.

Lightning and fire intercrossed, both Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang were tightly locked in battle, but it was clear that it was unfavourable for Yang Kai. His style of combat was bursts of heavy strength, and although his killing power was ferocious, it couldn’t match up with Xia Ning Chang’s nimbleness. If he attacked twice, Xia Ning Chang would attack trice, coupled with Xia Ning Chang’s agile movements that allowed her to move in all directions it was like a monkey was playing tricks on Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was beaten all over, making him furious! He could sense that this opponent’s strength was higher than his by quite a bit, but he would have never guessed that his opponent was hiding her true power while fighting him. Fighting these types of opponents, to manage to land a hit on them would actually be a miracle.

Face blackened, Xia Ning Chang who was seething with rage was suddenly smiling. She thought. [Who told you to spout nonsense. You deserve to be beaten black and blue!]

(Erza: Women be Scaryyyyy)

It was just in a few moments, the aches and sores that Yang Kai had received, awoke his blood’s excitement. Energy surging like a gushing river, he listened carefully; he could even hear the waves crashing down, as the familiar warmth spread throughout his body while his strength gradually returned.

Xia Ning Chang repeatedly showed signs of shock, because she sensed that this Junior Brother’s Yuan Qi undulations were getting bigger and bigger as his strength gradually started to breakthrough from the Tempered Body Stage to arrive at the Initial Element Stage. Not mention that it had yet to stop and was slowly but steadily still increasing.

The fist carried with it a hot Yuan Qi became bigger and stronger, bigger and heavier. Xia Ning Chang started to feel that she could not hold on, so she increased her strength a bit more and clenched her teeth whilst enduring.

“Who made you come and try to kill me?” In the middle of this fierce battle, Yang Kai suddenly asked her with a gloomy face, his voice was deep and tinged with dispiritedness.

Xia Ning Chang didn’t answer and instead used all her focus to repel Yang Kai’s moves.

Up until now, Yang Kai’s strength would just match up with hers without either side having the slightest bit of an advantage. As long as she was targeted by his fist, she had to use some effort to repel the pure Yang Qi that invaded her body.

Xia Ning Chang was quite fearful and was afraid she had underestimated this pure Yang Yuan Qi’s might. This level of pureness was not something an ordinary martial practitioner could reach.

Just as Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang’s hands crossed again neither of them retreated.

Narrowing his eyes at the opposing female, Yang Kai’s gaze was pulled to her forehead and on it, there was a faint imprint. Slightly startled, Yang Kai asked, “Your appearance……you appear to look just like my Senior Sister!”

Xia Ning Chang was currently defending against the invasion of Yang Kai’s Yang Yuan Qi, so when she heard those words, it startled her. She thought, [When was it exposed] She would never have imagined it was the faint imprint on her forehead that aroused Yang Kai’s suspicions.

(Silavin: It’s a goddam jewel! How could he not have noticed?)


Yang Kai remembered Xia Ning Chang’s forehead had a blue gemstone in the area of that imprint.

Xia Ning Chang’s eyes nervously blinked her eyelashes quivered nonstop. Meanwhile, Yang Kai grinned widely.

It suddenly hindered her attacks, so he firmly pulled her into his embrace and tore off her veil.

Up until that moment, Xia Ning Chang had only just recovered and wasn’t willing to reveal who she was. Firstly, she wanted to increase the pressure on Yang Kai, and secondly, she was a bit embarrassed. After all, last time’s meeting was far too awkward, so how could she possibly take off her veil?

In a moment of desperation, she failed to suppress her strength so a ferocious burst of Yuan Qi lashed out. Yang Kai cried out strangely and flew backward quite a distance. When he landed, he continued to roll some more.

When he managed to crawl up, how could that female still be there? She had long since escaped to god knows where.

“Could it really be?” Just then, he had casually asked the question, but who would have thought she would react so badly. That final Yuan Qi infused attack allowed Yang Kai to know of the great disparity in their strengths. If she truly wanted to kill him, it would be as simple as raising her hand. Was it really necessary for her to initiate a battle with him?

Whether it was the case or not was no longer important, because under that battles stimulation, the shackles that bound him were broken. He immediately sat down and carefully started to cultivate again.

In the next hour, the Yuan Qi around him started to flow violently towards Yang Kai’s direction.

Breathing in deeply, all of Yang Kai’s pores opened and gladly absorbed the world energy into his body. The pulled in Yuan Qi started to roam around Yang Kai’s body and cleansed his entire body.

This was an opportunity given to every martial practitioner that broke through to a higher Realm. As for the results of the cleansing, it depended on how much effort a practitioner put into it.

A hundred feet away, Xia Ning Chang panicked, while she hugged her chest. She didn’t think that Yang Kai would recognise her. Though she had finally helped him breakthrough, so she hadn’t wasted her efforts.

Just as she was panicking, a person’s figure appeared. A simply dressed old man suddenly appeared. This old man was completely white with a friendly appearance.

(Erza: Eleventh elder!!!)


After she saw his face, Xia Ning Chang respectfully greeted him, “Greetings to the Sect Master.”

The old man kindly smiled back. “You are not one of my High Heaven Pavilion Disciples, no need for the formalities.”

Xia Ning Chang softly explained, “But you are a close friend of my master, so naturally you are my senior.”

Erza: Hey hey hey, well then XNC is quite adorable. Personally I’m in the XNC faction, not really the Hu sister faction mainly because of some spoilers I read on Baidu, but yeah. Stay tuned for the next chapter~

Silavin: The last part is quite a big exposure XD So, she is not a disciple but recognised as a member of the Dark Hall?

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