Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 65, Wei Zhuan

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Apart from these two groups of people, there were quite a few High Heaven Pavilion Disciples encircling the fighters to view the theatrics. The number of these unrelated bystanders was not little, as they pointed with their fingers at the ongoing duel.

Bringing with him a few doubts, Yang Kai broke through the crowd to slowly walk over to Li Yun Tian.

He saw that Su Mu had a bloody nose and swollen face; he was cutting quite the sorry figure as he was facing a youngster who couldn’t be much older than him. The youngster was very calm and composed, without a single sign of injury on his body as he smiled at Su Mu with a contemptuous look. He effortlessly blocked Su Mu’s attacks; while also provoking him. Su Mu yelled loudly as he jumped forward but his attack was easily countered.

After watching for a while, Yang Kai’s eyebrows creased because he saw that it wasn’t because Su Mu’s attacks didn’t hit that youngster, but rather Su Mu’s attack had no effect even when they hit. When Su Mu’s fist landed, that youngster didn’t even bat an eyelid, while Su Mu, on the other hand, received some light injuries.

Between the two, the difference in Yuan Qi fluctuations was quite small, in other words, their strengths were about equal. How could there be such a large disparity when they battled?

“What’s going on?” Yang Kai patted Li Yun Tian’s shoulder as he asked.

Turning around, Li Yun Tian’s face turned joyous as he replied, “Senior Brother Yang!”

Hearing this shout, Zhou Hu and the others saw Yang Kai and went to greet him before turning around to re-face the people facing them.

“How come Su Mu is not his opponent?” Yang Kai voiced his puzzlement, “Their strengths should be about the same?”

Li Yun Tian immediately nodded his head, however his expression fell. “*En,* Young Master Su is currently at the Initial Element Second Stage while that person is at Initial Element Third Stage. If you really wanted this to be fair, then you would have to say Young Master Su is not exactly his opponent, so he would not have an easy time. But this person is despicable to the extreme. As fellow Disciples when we are exchanging notes and during our duels, we do not use any treasures or artefacts, however, he actually dared to wear a Defensive Artefact. How can Su Mu’s attacks show their might?”

When he heard this, Yang Kai expression showed his contemplation. “A Defensive Artefact?”

“Right.” Li Yun Tian clenched his teeth. “He is the Grand Elder’s flesh and blood grandson, he is called Wei Zhuan. His Defensive Artefact was given to him personally by the Grand Elder.”

“Another second generation master?” Slowly things became clear. Behind Su Mu, there was an Elder and this Wei Zhuan was the grandson of the Grand Elder. Both had powerful backings, their positions were about the same, so if others didn’t dare to fight Su Mu, that did not mean that Wei Zhuan didn’t dare. But wearing a Defensive Artefact was a bit unfair.

“The Grand Elder and the Second Elder were never on good terms, so much so that even Su Mu and this Wei Zhuan held unfavourable impressions of each other. Now that he has this opportunity, he definitely plans on teaching Su Mu a ruthless lesson.” Li Yun Tian was secretly worried.

“So, it was just some boring and senseless internal strife.”

“Senior Brother Yang, please think of a way to save Young Master Su. You know his character! If he continues like this, then he will receive heavy injuries. ”

Yang Kai remained calm. “This is an exchange of notes between Disciples, so what if you are not up to par with them, and end up being beaten up? Are you saying that High Heaven Pavilion Disciples are afraid of this?”

“But this duel wasn’t fair from the start, and Wei Zhuan is hiding behind the might of his Defensive Artefact.”

Yang Kai coolly laughed, “This world was never fair! The strong prey on the weak, the strong are respected. You guys should already know all of this.”

(Erza: GG, Yang Kai giving us valuable life lessons. Listen well to Shi-fu Yang.)

Li Yun Tian became speechless, left at a loss for words.

In the exchange of notes between High Heaven Pavilion Disciples, they weren’t able to intervene. Although Yang Kai’s actions were fierce in the past, even he couldn’t disobey school rules, so how could they expect him to go and save Su Mu like last time?

On the battleground, Su Mu was already on the verge of collapse and his attacks no longer had much strength behind them. Meanwhile, Wei Zhuan was laughing out loud, exceptionally pleased with this outcome. Hitting his chest proudly while he spoke, “Su Mu don’t be polite, please come over. This young master is feeling very generous today, for I will not move from this spot at all. And if you are able to hurt me, then it will be my loss.”

Su Mu’s eye’s blurred; both his fists had smears of red blood over them. The Defensive Artefact that Wei Zhuan wore not only had defensive properties, it could also deflect Yuan Qi imbued attacks, causing Su Mu’s every attack to rebound back on him with at least half the original strength. The injuries on his fists were caused from this.

Hearing Wei Zhuan’s arrogant words, Su Mu spat out some blood as he retorted full of contempt. “If you have the guts then take off that turtle shell you’re wearing. If this young master doesn’t beat you until you can only crawl, then you aren’t my grandson!”

(Erza: So insulting Su Mu. o.o)

(Silavin: WTF?)

(Bluerazbeary: hahaha(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧)

Wei Zhuan’s expression became frosty and sinister. Laughing evilly, he continued to mock his opponent. “That’s no small amount of courage! You actually dared to take advantage of me! You will pay for your words!”

Wei Zhuan was clearly enraged, three steps, two steps, he rushed towards Su Mu. Throwing out a punch at Su Mu’s cheek, Su Mu could only attempt to block with his hands. But his strength was already incomparable to his opponent, so he couldn’t defend against it. As the punch landed, it immediately caused his cheek to swell up, and his head to turn one hundred and eighty degrees.

Wei Zhuan was imposing like a tiger, walking forward he kicked out and kicked Su Mu to the ground before throwing both his fists down.

Su Mu used all his strength to resists but to no avail. The Defensive Artefact that Wei Zhuan wore clearly held many uses and wasn’t something Su Mu could contend against with his current strength.

“Call me grandfather and this Young Master will spare you!” After hitting him for a while, Wei Zhuan paused to say this.

Su Mu coolly looked up, smiling with disgust evident in his eyes.

Last time, Su Mu narrowly avoided Cheng Shao Feng smashing a stone into his head, but he still hadn’t yielded. How could he surrender this time?

“You make me laugh!” Wei Zhuan didn’t hesitate and resumed hitting Su Mu, Su Mu’s teeth went flying and his nose started to overflow with blood causing his appearance to be quite pitiful.

This Wei Zhuan’s hands were very fierce, even more so than Cheng Shao Feng’s had been.

“Young master Su!” Li Yun Tian and the others could no longer bear it, but as they took a step forward they realised they couldn’t do anything more because the Main Gate rules could not be violated.

Wei Zhuan didn’t continue but instead turned to sneer at Li Yun Tian and the rest, *Hee… Hee*, “You want to save him?”

Li Yun Tian and the others didn’t reply but took in deep breaths, full of resentment.

“I asked, do you want to save him?” He slapped his hand across Su Mu’s face as he asked again evilly.

Seeing Su Mu being attacked again, they nodded their heads but were afraid that he was scheming something.

“Then kneel down! Obediently kowtow a few times and if this Lord is feeling good, then I shall spare him today!” Since Wei Zhuan couldn’t deal with Su Mu completely, he turned towards Li Yun Tian and the others. Since they were Su Mu’s underlings, if they were humiliated, then it was equal to humiliating Su Mu.

Hearing this, the people there went into an uproar while Li Yun Tian and the rest became ashen faced, humiliated to the extreme.

Su Mu struggled to look towards them, and with his broken teeth he roared, “Do not listen to him!”

*Pa* it rang out as Su Mu received another slap.

Li Yun Tian and the others turned pale in fright because they knew that if they hesitated any further, Su Mu would only suffer more. Faces full of despair, they slowly knelt to the ground.

Yang Kai looked at them in astonishment, because he would never have imagined that they would go to such an extent for Su Mu. Was there gold underneath their knees, if their relationship wasn’t close, who would do this for someone?

Originally Yang Kai thought that Li Yun Tian and the others followed behind the second generation Su Mu to earn some benefits, but that was clearly not the case.

Wei Zhuan’s eyes narrowed and he suddenly laughed loudly. Towering over them, he looked down at Su Mu, “You couldn’t tell that these dogs you trained were so obedient.”

From the corners of Su Mu’s eyes, leaked out two strands of tears, tears of humiliation! Even when he was beaten by Wei Zhuan to such an extent, he had yet to shed any tears, but now when he saw Li Yun Tian and the others kneeling on the ground, he couldn’t restrain those tears.


Erza: Hey, so not anything long because it’s already 1.24am here so this is my yesterday’s regular release. Will start my today’s chapter, after I get some rest. But Wei Zhuan is a jackass and should go die and end his arc. Also, just wondering, if you guys have any good Chinese dramas to recommend like this one, then please tell me because I’m in the mood for some dramas. Now good night.

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