Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 653, Escape

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


Facing such an attack, Han Fei’s expression became tensed, immediately gathering all of her strength and concentrating it on the weak point of Chu Jian’s strike.


Yang Kai, who was being guarded by her, couldn’t help feeling like he was suffocating, as if he couldn’t even muster the will the resist.


Although he didn’t know what Order Saint Chu Jian was, Yang Kai fully realized just how massive the gap in their strengths was; even though he was not the one being targeted, the residual momentum from this attack alone was enough to fully suppress him.


As this rain of fists fell, Han Fei brought Yang Kai with her as she dodged, every step she took containing a kind of mysterious sentiment. Amidst this onslaught, the two were like a small boat floating within a hurricane, at risk of capsizing at any moment.


“Han Fei, you’re not my opponent. Surrender without a fight and I’ll grant you a quick death!” Chu Jian continued attacking while trying to disrupt Han Fei’s concentration by taunting her.


Both of them were Saint Realm masters, so even though there was some gap in their strengths, it would take a great deal of effort for Chu Jian to defeat Han Fei. On top of that, he had to carefully control his power so as not to accidentally kill Yang Kai, giving him an extra layer of shackles.


Han Fei remained silent, her teeth clenched tight as her delicate body swayed back and forth through the storm.


When the barrage finally ended, Han Fei’s unexpectedly didn’t have a single scratch on her, even her clothes weren’t ruffled. Seeing this, Chu Jian was infuriated and his eyes became red. He felt like he had lost a lot of face in front of his subordinates so he no longer planned on holding back, calling out in annoyance, “You brought this upon yourself, Demon God Transformation!”


Shouting angrily, his face quickly filling with complex black Demon Crests and his strength and Blood Force significantly increased.


Han Fei also didn’t dare hold back, quickly using her Demon God Transformation as well, a set of red Demon Crests decorating her face. In an instant, the world around her seemed to flood with a vague floral fragrance.


A storm of petals condensed from her Demonic Qi suddenly appeared and shot towards Chu Jian.


But Chu Jian didn’t evade at all, simply smashing his fist forward and shattering these petals into dust.


“Second Order Saint?” Han Fei exclaimed, “So you were hiding your real cultivation all along!”


Chu Jian let out an arrogant laugh, “It’s not too late to know the truth before you die!”


With a great shout, Chu Jian condensed a black spear completely out of Demonic Qi and threw it with unstoppable momentum towards Han Fei’s lower abdomen, running her through. Han Fei coughed out a mouthful of blood and her momentum quickly dropped, her beautiful ice cold face suddenly becoming pale as she fell towards the mouth of the volcano.


Suddenly unleashing his full strength, Chu Jian’s single blow had caused heavy losses to Han Fei.


The gap in strength between the two Great Commanders was too large. It was obvious that Chu Jian’s courage to rebel was not him simply acting recklessly.


“Escape…” As Han Fei fell, she whispered into Yang Kai’s ear and used the last of her strength to throw him out.


Under imposing auras of two Saints, Yang Kai found it difficult to even control his own body, so although he heard Han Fei urge him to go, he was simply not capable of following through.


Chu Jian wouldn’t kill him because like Li Rong, he needed something from him, but it was obvious from the first glance that Chu Jian was the type of person to burn bridges after crossing them, working with him would be much less safe than working with Li Rong.


Yang Kai understood all this but his body simply couldn’t muster any strength and was only able to fly out with Han Fei’s assistance.


“Take him!” Chu Jian didn’t spare Han Fei another glance and immediately ordered his henchmen to seize Yang Kai.


The one closest to Yang Kai, a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator, jumped in front of Yang Kai and stretched out his arm towards the latter’s neck, a cold sneer appearing on his face, “Human, from now on, you serve Sir Chu Jian!”


Yang Kai’s expression was sullen as he gasped for breath, his bones creaking under the pressure.


Under this crushing pressure, Yang Kai’s Unyielding Golden Skeleton seemed to have some unusual reactions.


The greater the pressure, the stronger the Unyielding Golden Skeleton resisted.


Yang Kai suddenly recalled that he was able to obtain the Unyielding Golden Skeleton in the past precisely because he did not give in to despair.


After that, through countless desperate battles, he had slowly realized the mysteries of the Unyielding Golden Skeleton.


At that moment, in Yang Kai’s mind, it was as if an explosion suddenly went off and his mouth slowly curled into a provocative grin as he let out a ferocious roar, “Unyielding Will!”


The shackles formed by the immense surrounding pressure that had weighed down his body shattered in an instant and Yang Kai regained his freedom.


The pressure and momentum of Chu Jian, a Second Order Saint, had not disappeared and was still as weighty as a mountain, but Yang Kai no longer seemed to be affected by it any more.


“I will submit to no one!” Yang Kai roared at the Demon Race cultivator in front of him as a drop of Yang Liquid appeared in the palm of his hand and instantly transformed into a sharp blade.




The Yang Liquid blade pierced the chest of this Demon Race cultivator who stared back at Yang Kai wide eyes, obviously not comprehending what had just happened.




The incredibly pure True Yang Yuan Qi violently reacted with the Demonic Qi in this man’s body and began burning it away.


A pitiful scream rang out as the True Yang Yuan Qi which had invaded his body caused an excruciating pain, completely suppressing his Demonic Qi to the point where he could not gather any strength at all, resulting in him plunging towards the volcano in the next instant.


“How is this possible?” Chu Jian was also stunned, not having imagined that even under the pressure he was emitting this human brat was still able to fight back!


When he saw that one of his subordinates had inexplicably suffered heavy losses he couldn’t help feeling angered, “Damn you!”


His momentum bursting out, Chu Jian opened his hand and grabbed towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai’s hair all stood up; killing that Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator wasn’t surprising because his enemy hadn’t been on guard against him at all, but facing the direct attack of a Saint Realm master, he instinctively felt a huge sense of crisis.


As the hand approached, Yang Kai quickly released more than a dozen drops of Yang Liquid from his fingertip and condensed them into a radiant golden spear that he shot out towards Chu Jian’s palm.


*Pu pu pu…*……


Chu Jian’s offensive was blocked for a moment. Such a large amount of pure True Yang Yuan Qi was something even he couldn’t ignore. The Demonic Qi protecting his palm was quickly purified and his skin even received some minor burns.


A drop of Yang Liquid was the crystallization of all the True Qi in Yang Kai’s meridians, so a dozen drops of Yang Liquid was equal to a dozen times Yang Kai’s full strength. Yang Kai using more than a dozen Yang Liquid drops all at once was equivalent to him using a strike more than a dozen times more powerful than his cultivation base would suggest he could, obviously this was a very frightening attack.


After sending out this Yang Liquid spear, Yang Kai didn’t stick around to see the result, ignoring Chu Jian’s fury as he turned around and rushed downward.


Before Han Fei hit the magma below, Yang Kai managed to catch up and grab her, hold her under his arm, and wrap her in his True Qi before diving into the volcano’s caldera.




The two figures instantly disappeared into the orange molten rock


“Follow them!” Chu Jian was enraged and quickly ordered his men to pursue them.


Chu Jian’s subordinates all exchanged a reluctant glance before gritting their teeth and diving down as well. Even though all of them were normally brutal and fearless, this environment which heavily restrained their strength still gave them pause.


Beneath the magma, Yang Kai was like a fish in water, easily descending at a rapid pace while protecting the injured Han Fei.


Being held tightly by Yang Kai, Han Fei’s expression was quite complicated, a mix of shame and misery flashing across her eyes.


Never had she dreamed that in this situation this human would be the one saving her.


If not for Yang Kai suddenly breaking free of Chu Jian’s suppression and unleashing that oddly formidable strike, it was likely she would have fallen here today. Chu Jian really planned on killing her. In order to unify Demon God Citadel, he had to remove all dissidents; he would never have shown her any mercy.


But this boy… how did he do it?


Under such immense pressure, he had actually regained his freedom of movement, the very idea was ridiculous. In fact, the moment she had thrown him out, even Han Fei had not expected this result.


Staring at Yang Kai at close range, Han Fei could see that although his expression was incredibly serious, there were no signs of fear. If anything, deep within his eyes, there even seemed to be a trace of excitement.


Even now, he seemed to be enjoying this thrilling life or death crisis.


[Freak!] Han Fei thought to herself before her expression darkened once again, calling out in alarm, “Hurry up, Chu Jian’s still pursing!”


From above them, Han Fei could clearly feel Chu Jian’s cruel and angry aura approaching.


If this human boy managed to escape from his hands, Han Fei reckoned Chu Jian would go insane with rage.


“I know,” Yang Kai nodded faintly and asked, “Is your limit at the position where you left me to cultivate?”


“Almost, I could probably dive only a bit further,” Han Fei replied weakly.


“What do you think Chu Jian’s limit is?”


“Even though he’s now a Second Order Saint, he can probably dive at most another 1,000 meters! After all, the Yang Qi here is too rich and restrains my Ancient Demon Clan too severely.”


“Then he can’t catch us, haha,” Yang Kai grinned confidently.


Han Fei’s beautiful pupils lit up, suddenly remembering that this boy seemed to have been exploring the depths of the volcano before she had come to pick him up. Although she didn’t know just how deep he could dive, listening to his tone and seeing his currently relaxed performance, he should be able to descend quite a distance.


Suddenly, she had a sense of anticipation.


Hesitating for a moment, he finally decided to ask, “Can you withstand it?”


“I don’t know, but I have to try. Either way it’s better than being caught by him.”


“Actually… he won’t kill you. If you are caught by him, there won’t be any danger to your life, why do you want to take such a big risk?”


“Because I believe in Li Rong more. If my guess is right, if I was to be caught by Chu Jian, he would kill me after he’s done using me.”


“Seems you still have some self-awareness!” Han Fei nodded lightly.


“Don’t you and Hua Mo also have that idea?” Yang Kai suddenly smiled at her coldly.


Han Fei’s heart jumped as she stared back at Yang Kai with amazement.


“Sure enough!” Yang Kai let out a sigh, his expression quite gloomy.


“We truly had such thoughts, but we hadn’t made a decision yet. Because our Ancient Demon Clan doesn’t need to owe a mere human a favour!” Han Fei replied in a cold voice, even in this situation, she did not have any intention of backing down, freely admitting everything.


“You having such thoughts is enough of a reason for me to kill you now to avoid future troubles,” Yang Kai sneered.


“Feel free!” Han Fei turned her gaze away.


“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, even if you are injured, killing you now would still be somewhat difficult.”


“You really have some self-awareness!” Han Fei snorted.


“However, after today’s events, I think you’ll reconsider whether you want to repaying kindness with enmity. If you still dare to have such thoughts though, I won’t show any mercy. I’m letting you live not because I’m being naive but simply because right now I am the one under the eaves.”


Han Fei spat disdainfully and no longer answered back. She found that when she spoke with this human, she could never occupy the initiative and was instead seen through by him, like he could read all of her thoughts and ideas.


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