Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 674, What Kind Of Background Does He Have?

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


A Pill that developed Pill Veins had twice the medicinal efficacy as one that did not.  Even if it was the big man who was a Spirit Grade Top-Rank Alchemist, he could only occasionally refine a single pill that possessed Pill Veins, and that was only under extremely good conditions while he was particularly lucky.


As for the legendary Pill Cloud, he had never even seen such a thing.


Holding this pill, the big man was rendered speechless for quite a long time.


After an hour or so had passed, Yang Kai had finished his Alchemy.


Out of the five sets of ingredients, a total of four pills had been successfully refined, but the last attempt had been a failure, something Yang Kai did deliberately.


By now, both the big man and the young woman were staring dumbfounded at Yang Kai, shocked beyond words.


“Master, did this guy use some kind of face rejuvenating technique? How else could he appear only twenty years old?”


“Unlikely. This should be his real age, yet how can he be so fierce?”  Saying so, he turned to stare at the young woman, his expression a somewhat forlorn look upon his face.


“Master, why are you staring at me like that?  I’ve been working very hard.” Mi Na felt aggrieved.


Her Alchemy aptitude was also quite outstanding, and she had acquired quite a bit of fame in the surrounding thousand kilometer range.  All of the nearby forces were trying to invite her to be an Honoured Guest. Because of her talent, Mi Na had always been a bit conceited, but her pride had been thoroughly broken by the four Saint Grade pills lying in front of her.


While this master and disciple pair whispered to one another, Yang Kai did not deliberately eavesdrop, waiting until they seemed to have finished before asking, “Have I passed this test?”


Hearing Yang Kai’s question, the big man came back to his senses and let out a big laugh, smiling sincerely as he nodded, “Indeed, completely passed.”


“Then my Jade Token…”


“Rest assured, we will definitely issue you your Jade Token will, but before that, there’s someone you should meet. Wait a moment, I’ll call him now!”  Saying so, the big man dashed out.


Now, inside the room, there was only Yang Kai and the young woman left.


Yang Kai was once again speechless.


“You’re really impressive!”  The young woman said in heartfelt admiration, extending her hand without any of her previous contempt and solemnly said, “Let me re-introduce myself, my name is Mi Na, Mysterious Grade Top-Rank Alchemist and a member of Grand Boulder City’s Alchemist Guild branch.”


“Yang Kai,” Yang Kai laughed and gently shook her hand.


“Where do you come from?”  Mi Na asked curiously.


“The west.”


Mi Na stared at him and pursed her lips, saying with a smile, “You’re quite vigilant aren’t you?  Forget it, just pretend I didn’t ask.”


West of here was the Snow Mountain Range, Yang Kai saying he came from the west was obviously an arbitrary answer.


“Right, why did you change the configuration of those materials?”


“Wasn’t that part of the test?” Yang Kai was stunned.


Mi Na slowly shook her head, “They were arranged in what I thought was the best possible configuration, but after you changed it, it seemed that the refining process became smoother.  Who taught you that?”


“It was just intuition…” Yang Kai replied somewhat nervously.  He hadn’t thought much about it at the time and had just assumed that they had deliberately misplaced some of the herbs to examine his skill, but apparently that was not the case.


“Why did you arrange it like that?  That pill recipe was taught to me by my master. Does that mean my master’s pill recipe was mistaken?”  Mi Na knit her brows.


Yang Kai thought about it for a moment but decided not to conceal anything, carefully explaining why he had made those changes.  Mi Na listened to him with sparkling eyes, suddenly feeling like she had greatly benefited.


The two of them soon entered into a discussion about the pill recipe in question.   Meanwhile, outside the room, the big man and another old man lingered and listened. The more they listened though, the more surprised they became.


They had believed that pill recipe had been fully optimized, but after listening to and adopting the changes Yang Kai proposed, they discovered that it was indeed much better than the original one.


At the very least, if you they used Yang Kai’s method to refine that pill, it was possible to reduce the possibility of failure and increase the quality slightly while more fully utilizing the medicinal efficacies of the herbs.


“Where did you find this boy?” The old man asked as he stroked his beard, looking at the big man.


“He came here on his own,” The big man shrugged his shoulders, “Have we picked up a treasure?”


Not bothering to answer, the old man simply pushed the door open and walked in.


Upon hearing the movement of the door, Yang Kai quickly glanced over and saw the big man from earlier, as well as another sage-like old man enter.


Mi Na quickly introduced them to Yang Kai, “This is Old Man Du, Old Man Du is the manager of this branch and a Saint Grade Low-Rank Alchemist.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help drawing a quick breath and hastily paying his respects.


Du Wan smiled and nodded, “Little friend does not need to be so polite, everyone here will be one family from now on.”


“This is my master, you’ve already met him, he’s a Spirit Grade Top-Rank Alchemist.”


Ye Xiong grinned towards Yang Kai.


“Please sit down,” Old Man Du gestured.


After taking their seats, from who knows where, Mi Na pulled out a few cups of fragrantly scented tea and offered them to everyone.  After taking a sip, Old Man Du smiled warmly and said, “I am already aware of why little friend has visited our Alchemist Guild branch today. Already capable of refining Spirit Grade pills, you are certainly eligible to have your own Jade Token.  This old master will later officially send you a Jade Token on behalf of the Alchemist Guild.”


“Many thanks,” Yang Kai nodded.


“May this old master ask, which great master did you study under?”


As he asked this question, Du Wan’s gaze towards Yang Kai became brilliant.


When he had listened to Ye Xiong’s report earlier, Du Wan had just faintly felt that this young man was not simple, but after listening to many of his unique insights and opinions from the other side of the door, Du Wan suddenly realized just how extraordinary Yang Kai was.


Such insights were things even he was unclear about, so how could a mere boy understand them?


The only possibility was that someone of incredible skill had taught it to him.


Du Wan very much wanted to know which powerful master could teach such an outstanding disciple.


At such a young age, reaching the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary and also becoming a Spirit Grade Alchemist, his background must be incredible and his teacher was no doubt an earth-shaking figure.


Although Old Man Du was a Saint Grade Alchemist and had an honoured status, there were still some famous Alchemist who surpassed him, not to mention the old monsters who hid in the mountains and forests all year round.  These old monsters may not show up for hundreds of years but once they did, each of them had exceedingly profound methods and divine abilities that were capable of thoroughly astounding people.


Moreover, these old monsters were normally the type who would aggressively hide shortcomings and would send their disciples out from their places of seclusion at some point in order to gain life experience.  These successors would often stir up a great storm within a few years of their appearance and become famous throughout the entire realm.


The young man in front of him called Yang Kai, in this respect, was quite suspicious.


He was already a Spirit Grade Alchemist, but there was no record of him in the Alchemist Guild, he didn’t even have his own Jade Token.  This clearly meant he had only recently emerged from some very remote region.


When Old Man Du looked at Yang Kai, he could almost see the great monster hiding behind him, so naturally he would discretely try to inquire about Yang Kai’s true identity.


Ye Xiong and Mi Na also stared at him fixedly, apparently very interested in this topic.


“My master?” Yang Kai smiled and shook his head, “I don’t have a teacher, no one has formally taught me.”


“No master… hehe,” Old Man Du smiled lightly and didn’t mind. If he was able to dig up his background that easily, it would be strange.  Instead, Yang Kai saying this just reinforced Old Man Du’s previous guess that the former had some kind of extraordinary backer.


However, these kind of silver lined words were a bit too naive.


Young people really didn’t know how to hide themselves.


These kinds of mysterious successors would not always openly announce their Master’s name or the Sect they belonged to when they went out for life experience.  However, if one could establish a good relationship with such a person, it would be akin to establishing a connection with their formidable background as well, which would be hugely beneficial.


A hundred years ago, there was once a small force that had befriended such a mysterious successor.  Ten years later, this force became enemies with another more powerful force and was madly suppressed, suffering heavy casualties, but overnight, that hostile forces was completely destroyed and disappeared entirely from Tong Xuan Realm.


Old Man Du was a Saint Grade Alchemist, so no one would seek trouble with him and he had no great personal enemies; he naturally didn’t want to rely on the power of outsiders to protect himself.   What he valued was the master who had taught Yang Kai Alchemy. Such a person must be amongst the most powerful Alchemists in the world.


Old Man Du had been stuck at the Saint Grade Low-Rank for many years and his bottleneck showed no signs of loosening, but if he could get the direction of a powerful master, he might be able to gain some kind of enlightenment that would allow him to break through and become a Saint Grade Mid-Rank Alchemist.


“Where is little friend planning to settle down?” Old Man Du kindly inquired.


“I don’t know, I was planning to stay in Grand Boulder City for the time being,” Yang Kai shook his head, “I just came out from a very remote place and am not familiar with the world.  I’m not afraid to admit to Old Man Du that before recently I didn’t even know the names of the great forces in this region and I had not even heard of the Alchemist Guild before today.”


Du Wan’s old eyes flashed brilliantly as he smiled and nodded, “Good good good, there’s nothing for you to feel embarrassed about.  As long as little friend is still in Grand Boulder City, you can come to this old master to ask about anything you don’t understand.  This old man will certainly answer your doubts.”


Yang Kai expression became slightly strange, not understanding why this Saint Grade Alchemist was so good to him.


“Old Man Du, can you let him live here in the Alchemist Guild?” Mi Na suddenly proposed.


Old Man Du said with a smile, “That depends on whether he wants to or not.”


“I can live here?” Yang Kai was stunned.


Mi Na quickly explained, “As long as you are an Alchemist, you can live here.  The entire Grand Boulder City Alchemist Guild branch basically only has the three of us living here.  Everyone else has hired themselves to one of the nearby forces and there will only be some Alchemist from other regions stopping over here to rest.  Therefore, this place is relatively clean and quite, if you don’t have any particular destination, you might as well just stay here for now, en, if you stay here we can also compare notes on Alchemy techniques so all of us can benefit, how about it?”


Mi Na obviously hoped that Yang Kai would stay.  The brief conversation the two just had already allowed her to benefit greatly, naturally she wanted to compare notes with him again.


“Then I’ll thank you in advance for your hospitality.”  Facing such a warm offer and seeing Mi Na’s look filled with expectation, it was difficult for Yang Kai to turn them down.  On top of that, he also felt that Old Man Du and Ye Xiong didn’t have any malicious intentions.


“Little friend, you are too polite,” Old Man Du smiled.


“However, I probably won’t be staying here for too long,” Yang Kai added.


“Whatever little friend likes, no need to feel constrained,” Du Wan said, next pulling out a Jade Token and handing it over to Yang Kai, “This is the identify token of my Alchemist Guild.  With this, you can enjoy special benefits in any shop operated by the guild and if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, showing this Jade Token will normally allow you to turn danger into safety.”


“Many thanks, Old Man Du,” Yang Kai accepted the Jade Token and poured in his True Qi with a happy expression.  Inside this Jade Token were some mysterious energy markings that allowed a person to easily identify who its owner was and what grade of Alchemist they were.


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