Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 77, Release Them

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“Sacrificing Yang Kai in order to save Su Yan, do you think your choice is correct?” Treasurer Meng asked before lightly chuckling.

Su Xuan Wu became greatly embarrassed and thought he had come to criticise him.

Meng Wu Ya continued. “If so, and you do this, managing to save Su Yan from her predicament, what would she think when she realises the reason for her safety?”

Su Xuan Wu stared ahead blankly before beads of perspiration fell from his forehead as he realised the severity of the situation.

“If you go through with this, then you will only create inner demons/guilt in her heart! She trains in the Ice Heart Secrets, so if this demons/guilt really appeared; you, more than anyone else, should know of the consequences.” Meng Wu Ya whispered into Su Xuan Wu’s ears, while he felt like he had been struck by lightning, a feeling of great remorse arose within him.

He had only thought about the short term benefits, and failed to see the disastrous long term effects it would have brought about for Su Yan. True, that by sacrificing Yang Kai he would save Su Yan, but as long as she lived every day she would think about how she was saved and how it was all from Yang Kai’s hard work. After thinking about it for a long time, she would become tormented by guilt, so how would her cultivation rise?

“Many thanks to Treasurer Meng for his pointers!” Su Xuan Wu respectfully responded.

*Ha ha.* Meng Wu Ya chuckled lightly, “Even if I didn’t say it, you would still have realised it. It’s only by then, it would have already been too late!”

The Grand Elder stood to the side, with an unreadable expression; after all this time, with great difficulty he had finally managed to find an advantage over his Second Brother, but just as things were about to come his way, Treasurer Meng appeared. With just a few words from him, how could his Second Brother willingly continue to raise his white flag? For Su Yan’s future prospects, he definitely wouldn’t concede this time.

Realising this, Wei Xi Tong’s face fell. “Treasurer Meng, this the Elder Hall of High Heaven Pavilion, no one, even elders, without a permit cannot enter here. I suggest you return from whence you came. ”

Meng Wu Ya merely glanced at him, backing away quietly, and then his figure suddenly flashed and reappeared on the highest place in the Elder Hall.

“Audacious!” Wei Xi Tong shouted out vigorously while the other couple of elder’s faces were all sharp with anger, they were all looking at Meng Wu Ya with rage.

Their issue wasn’t with him personally, but was due to the fact that seat belonged to the Head of High Heaven Pavilion and apart from the Head, no one else held the qualifications to be there. Even though these fellow elders had been struggling with each other over the years, not even the Grand Elder dared to occupy that position.

But now, a mere treasurer of the Contribution Hall of unknown origins dared to go to that place. How could these fellow elders not be angry? This was a complete insult to the entire sect!

“He he, everyone, please don’t get angry.” Meng Wu Ya laughed indifferently, and while stroking his beard he spoke, “I am here representing your Head and am only here to pass on a message!”

“Representing the Head?” The five elders shouted at the same time.

In recent years, even if it were the five elders who wanted to meet him, it was equivalent to reaching for the skies; they wouldn’t have thought that Treasurer Meng would have been able to meet him. And by his tone, it seemed that because of today’s events, he had some things he wanted to say.

[What is this all about? On an ordinary day, even if things flipped upside down, the Head wouldn’t intervene. So why did he intervene when it was just a small dispute been the younger generations?]

“What is this, you should all recognise this right?” Within Meng Wu Ya’s hand, was a purple coloured jade pendant.

“The pendant of the Head!”

This jade pendant was the symbol of High Heaven Pavilion and was absolutely impossible to be counterfeited.

“Since you know, that’s good.” Meng Wu Ya smiled softly.

Wei Xi Tong asked in a pondering tone. “I’d like to ask, just what instructions did the Head want you to pass on?”

Even though it had been ten years since the Head had managed any of the affairs relating to High Heaven Pavilion, the prestige and power of his position hadn’t weakened a bit.

Meng Wu Ya replied. “Your Head said, you have made big things become small and small things become big, all these things are because of the name of the people involved! As the older generation, are you not ashamed to intervene in the problems of the younger generations? Aren’t you being a bit too shameless?”

Wei Xi Tong was shocked and finally spoke after a long period of time “The Head… The Head really said that?”

“Oh, that last part was my words. Your Head only said the first half!” Meng Wu Ya replied indifferently.

The five elders were angered to the point that they wanted to spit blood! This scolding was simply too over bearing!

“Also, Yang Kai has already entered the Initial Element Stage, so he should be promoted to being an Ordinary Disciple. After all, continuing to have his Trial Disciple status isn’t a good thing.”

“This, these are your words, or the head’s?” Wei Xi Tong asked with quite a lot of doubt.

“This was said by your Head.” Meng Wu Ya laughed a good amount, “Since I have transmitted these words already, then I shall leave you all now.”

With these words, he began walking down from the position.

The five elders all looked at each other and signalled each other with their eyes. Since the Head had already given his words, what else is left to discuss because it wasn’t really a big issue? They all caused such a fuss because of their own motives, so not pursuing, wouldn’t it be a simple task?

Su Xuan Wu laughed coldly and waved his hands before walking out. With the Head’s commands, he no longer needed to quarrel any further and when he reached the bottom of the hall; he carried Su Mu and quickly walked away.

Soon after the Second Elder had left, the Third Elder He Bei Shui also excused himself leaving only the Grand Elder’s faction in the Elder Hall.

The Fifth Elder You Zi Zai spoke. “First Brother, something’s not right. Today’s events were not that big, yet they moved the Head. Could there be some sort of conspiracy in it?”

The Fourth Elder also nodded his head in agreement. “Could it be that the Head wanted to send us a warning that he was still watching over High Heaven Pavilion?”

This was also the hidden guess that the Grand Elder had made, but he just wasn’t willing to admit it. Now that someone else had voiced it his heart gave a loud thump.

“Not matter what, we must retreat a step and in the future, no matter what, we must be careful, more careful.” The Grand Elder said, muttering to himself, “But you could try and probe around for the Head’s intention and see what the Head is really thinking about. See if he has any ideas about leaving seclusion and taking over High Heaven Pavilion, then I would have to become an assistant, but if he only acted on the spur of the moment… then this shouldn’t continue further in High Heaven Pavilion. There should be someone who can really take charge.”

“That’s right! But, how should we probe about?” The Fourth Elder asked softly.

“Didn’t the Head say to promote that Yang Kai to an Ordinary Disciple? Maybe we could gain something from that.”

“So it seems!” Both the Fourth Elder and Fifth Elder suddenly realised.

The Forest Prison, Su Yan, Xie Hong Chen and the rest were still facing off, no one daring to move.

This situation had already persisted for an entire thirty minutes; the cold air around Su Yan had gotten much stronger. If not for the fact that the Martial Skills that Yang Kai cultivated happened to suppress her Ice Heart Secrets, he might have long since been frozen to become an ice sculpture.

Just as they continued to be in a deadlock, a Disciplinary Hall Disciple came rushing over and loudly yelled out. “The Grand Elder has sent out a command, release them!”

“What?” Xie Hong Chen was dumbfounded.

That Disciplinary Hall Disciple continued with a bitter look on his face. “Senior Brother Xie, the Elders have said already that today’s matters end here and no one is to investigate any further or you’ll be punished according to the Sect Rules!”

Xie Hong Chen looked at Yang Kai with a venomous gaze. That was because if Su Yan had started to attack, then he could have found an excuse to take out Yang Kai! But Su Yan never gave him that opportunity, and hearing the order from the Elders, he knew that there was no longer any chance for him to take Yang Kai out.

Clenching his teeth in grief, Xie Hong Chen bellowed out in rage. “Release them!”

Su Yan continued to support Yang Kai while slowly leading Li Yun Tian and the others outside. Under the complex gaze of Xie Hong Chen, they slowly walked away.

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