Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 79, The Price for Looking

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Currently, Su Yan was only wearing her underwear; revealing her curvaceous back with snow white skin along. Her perfectly rounded bottom and long slender legs were completely free for Yang Kai to admire.

Even though it was at night, Yang Kai still saw everything quite clearly.

That back was so perfectly curved, while her glossy shoulders emitted a scent of seduction. That exquisitely balanced waistline rested on a pair of perfectly round buttocks, not too big and not too small, the overall picture caused ones blood vessels to expand and one’s heart rate to skyrocket. The underwear that clung to her bottom a bit obscenely, only served to make his heart pound even more fiercely.

Because her skin was so fair and white, and because her undergarments were both white in colour, it seemed as if her entire body was on display.

Maybe it was because she heard the movements behind her; she immediately used her hand to cover her chest and turned her body halfway towards the door. In her other hand was a white nightgown; it seemed that she was just in the middle of changing.

(Erza: Nah genius, and does Su Yan love white or something?)


The two people’s gazes met in mid-air, Yang Kai looked startled but couldn’t help that his gaze travelled downwards to her white and full chest. Su Yan, on the other hand, was quivering with anger and a flash of killing intent could be seen in her eyes

That was because she saw a pair of blood red eyes! These blood red eyes were like those of a hungry wolf, with hints of gluttony, unbridled as it swept its gaze across her irreproachably. Not only this, the male was breathing coarsely, as something in his pants was rising.

*Ka cha cha…* With Su Yan as the centre, a sheet of ice quickly spread across the room in all four directions. Her dark red lips pursed with coldness within her eyes.

Yang Kai finally realised something wasn’t right so he quickly turned his body around and sprinted away from the room with his top speed.

His speed was so fast that within three breaths time, he had already run out of the room. But before he could choose a clear direction to head in, from behind him he heard a loud cracking sound. A large hole had appeared in the middle of the house and a white figure flew out from within the hole, quickly making her way towards Yang Kai.

He could see traces of fury on that cold face.

Yang Kai immediately retreated a few steps and took up a defensive stance as he thought of a way to explain everything. But thinking it over, no matter what he said, it would make no difference.

Any girl who had her back seen like that, wouldn’t let the culprit off easily!

Su Yan had already dressed herself, while she stood there looking at Yang Kai frostily. Although she knew that Yang Kai probably didn’t do it on purpose, because he wouldn’t have known he would wake in Black Wind Trade and stayed in the house opposite to her, she still could not forgive him.

You could only say it was a big misunderstanding! But even though it was just a misunderstanding, Su Yan could not just let the matter slide like this!

She was waiting for an explanation, an explanation that would calm her fury.

Unfortunately, that male who was standing directly opposite to her didn’t say a single word. His eyes were still that blood red colour and he let out a heavy aura of bloodthirstiness, without the slightest bit of cowardice or shame.

[Good, then I don’t want your explanation; rather I only want to beat you up to relieve this lump in my throat!]

An ice crystal slowly formed on Su Yan’s fingertips. Then she flung her fingertips forward and that ice crystal flew out towards Yang Kai.

As it flew out, It rapidly grew in size whilst also rotating at high speeds. By the time it reached Yang Kai, it was the size of a washbasin.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to be negligent in the slightest. Activating his True Yuan Secret Art, his fist collided with the ice crystal.

His fist aching, the Yin attributed ice crystal and Yang attributed True Yuan Secret Art collided, cancelling each other out. When the punch connected with the wash basin sized ice crystal, it quickly shattered into pieces.

*Sou, sou, sou…* the shattered ice crystal became sharp ice shards that bombard Yang Kai.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai couldn’t react in time, so more than ten wounds appeared on his body, causing blood to flow freely. His already battered body became even more battered and seemed on the verge of collapse.

Yang Kai yelled in a low voice and the Golden Skeleton once again showed its might. As the warm feeling spread, he felt his body’s strength slowly increase bit by bit.

The shock could be seen in Su Yan’s eyes. She thought that her move would be more than enough to knock Yang Kai unconscious; she would never have thought that her move would be countered.

Her body swaying, like an immortal fairy that descended amongst mortals, she flew towards Yang Kai. In an instant, she was at Yang Kai’s shoulder.

An ice-cold feeling immediately spread from his shoulder and he hurriedly retreated a few more steps. Turning to see it, Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he saw a layer of ice on his shoulder, which was quickly forming ice crystals.

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai tore off the clothing around his shoulder and called out a drop of Yang Liquid to smear on his shoulder.

*Hiss hiss…* the ice hissed, Yang Kai’s shoulder burned like a burning piece of iron, momentarily becoming bright red. The coldness that had been spreading, was burned away by that Yang Liquid drop, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Su Yan became even more stunned, she had never imagined that Yang Kai would be about to use such freakish methods to melt her Ice Qi. Frost appearing in her eyes, Su Yan called upon the Thousand Layered Snow Waves which swarmed around her, hiding her body within the layers of snow, as they rotated towards Yang Kai.

The Thousand Layered Snow Waves were not only majestic like a snowstorm but also extremely powerful, in an instant, Yang Kai was swallowed up by the waves of snow.

The bone-piercing cold froze his heart. Even though he cultivated the True Yang Secret Art, Yang Kai felt that he would soon freeze and become an ice sculpture.

He knew that this Senior Sister Su Yan was outraged. Although there was no killing intent in her attacks, it was clear that she wanted to severely teach him a lesson.

However, this situation gave Yang Kai an idea. Although his opponent was much higher levelled than him, and he couldn’t resist in the slightest, he could still use it to test his findings.

This opponent was a thousand times better than Su Mu.

Within the snowstorm, Su Yan continuously attacked and Yang Kai was completely unable to defend himself, groaning with each blow. A trail of blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth, while his body was shivering from the cold, bitterly fighting the invasion of the cold air.

In the midst of this predicament, Yang Kai’s thoughts became clearer and clearer and he actually gave up all forms of resistance and began to openly receive the entirety of Su Yan’s attacks.

“What’s the matter, what’s the matter?” The ruckus had woken several others, with the Second Elder Su Xuan Wu being the first to arrive at the scene, followed by Su Mu leading Li Yun Tian and the rest over.

Seeing the scene before them, the arriving people couldn’t help but unconsciously take a deep breath.

Snow was flying wildly all over the place, Yang Kai’s whole upper body was visible as he stood still with his eyes closed, and he was currently enduring all of Su Yan’s attacks. His body looked like a very shredded rag sack, repeatedly being hit by Su Yan. As he was being hit, his body flew all over the place from the impacts but never seemed to touch the ground.

*Hhuu…* Su Mu exhaled a breath of air, “How did Senior Brother Yang provoke Elder Sister?”

“It could be that Senior Sister is extracting revenge for the things that happened a few days ago.” Li Yun Tian suggested with great fear.

“It must be so, otherwise with Senior Sister’s temper, why would she beat Senior Brother Yang for no reason?”

“Our pitiful Senior Brother Yang. His injuries have yet to fully heal, yet he has already invited such a great calamity. Senior Sister’s attack is simply too ruthless.”

All of the whisperings from the group of people were heard by Su Yan, they only served to anger her more. Today, it was Yang Kai who had seen her body, causing her to act out. But from their mouths, it seemed like she was the villain with a narrow mind, extracting her revenge. Therefore, Su Yan’s became even more ruthless.

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