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Martial Peak – Chapter 896, Observing and Emulating

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


Shui Ling had broken through to the Transcendent Realm only four months ago, so she was still needed to consolidate her cultivation.


If she didn’t want to spend a long time meditating to comprehend the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao, her only option was to use pills.


“En,” Yang Kai nodded, sinking into thought for a moment before saying, “If you want to solidify your cultivation, one Azure Sky Pill should suffice. As for the rest of the herbs in your Universe Bag, they can be used to refine a couple of Soul Nourishing Pills to help enhance your Spiritual Energy, the materials for the two pills are similar.”


“Have you also studied the Alchemy Way?”  Shui Ling was shocked.


“A little… I’ve been spending a great deal of time around the Grandmaster, so I’ve picked up a thing or two.”


“Then I’ll leave it up to you. In any case, I know you won’t mistreat me,” Shui Ling said, waving her hand casually towards Yang Kai as if him treating her was only to be expected, causing Yang Kai to go speechless.


“Why you… ” Yang Kai slowly shook his head before turning to Yun Xuan, his tone softening noticeably as he asked, “What about you?”


Yun Xuan seemed to be lost in thought so when she was suddenly called out to her tender body couldn’t help trembling slightly, immediately focusing herself and replying, “It’s my father who wants to refine a Heaven Spying Pill!”


“Heaven Spying Pill?” Yang Kai raised his brow before glancing over at Yun Cheng, a smile soon forming on his face, “So Senior Yun is going to break through to the Saint Realm?”


Yun Cheng smiled awkwardly and said, “I’ve caught a glimpse of those mysteries but am unable to fully comprehend them, so I wanted to come here and ask for a Heaven Spying Pill to see if it could assist me with that last step.”


“Good,” Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Because it is related to Senior Yun’s breakthrough to the Saint Realm, I will personally ask the Grandmaster to put in his best to refine the highest quality Heaven Spying Pill!”


Hearing this, Yun Cheng’s eyes shivered as a look of joy filled his face, “Then I must thank Holy Master Yang in advance.”


Saying so, he quickly shot a meaningful glance towards Yun Xuan.


Yun Xuan obviously understood and elegantly bowed, “Many thanks, Yang… Holy Master!”


Yang Kai faintly nodded, his expression becoming a bit complicated.


The others in the hall all seemed to notice the subtle atmosphere between these two and immediately became thoughtful.


Yun Cheng gave a forced cough before quickly handing over the required herbs.


Yang Kai received them before calling out, “An Ling’er, please keep these friends of mine company for a while. I’ll deliver these materials first.”


“En,” An Ling’er nodded smartly.


“Several Grandmasters, please come with me,” Yang Kai beckoned to Du Wan and the others.


Inside a separate building, a pill furnace was placed in the centre of a large room with various herbs laid out nearby, waiting to be refined.


After coming here, Yang Kai said, “Several Grandmasters feel free to sit where you like, Junior usually only engages in Alchemy here so there is nothing I can entertain you with.”


“No problem, you focus on your Alchemy, there’s no need to mind us, we just wish to observe your process. However much we can learn will depend on our own skills, there’s no need for you to intentionally teach!”  Chang Bao quickly found a good spot and plunked himself down.


“Good, we all discussed on the way here that so long as you agree to our request, we would only observe and emulate!”  Du Wan nodded lightly.


“Very well,” Yang Kai nodded. Performing Alchemy required all of his attention, so he really couldn’t spare any time to explain anything to the others.  On top of that, Yang Kai had no experience lecturing others and had no qualifications to teach. Each of these five people was a powerful master who had been immersed in the Alchemic Way for over a hundred years and possessed their own unique knowledge and understanding of Alchemy.  Rather than clumsily trying to explain the technical aspects of his Alchemy process, Yang Kai might as well just let them observe.


“Kid, do you have a history with that girl named Yun Xuan?  Why did it look like she was staring at you so awkwardly?” Chang Bao suddenly asked with a grin, his eyes narrowing into thin slits.


“What are you saying?  Do you have no shame at all you old fatty?”  Kong Ruo Yu immediately shot him a stern glance.


“Heh heh, I was just asking…” Chang Bao teased.


Yang Kai just wore a bitter smile and nodded, “There was a little something… No, let’s not discuss this, I’m beginning.”


Saying so, Yang Kai took out the herbs brought by Shui Ling and prepared to refine the Azure Sky Pill and Soul Nourishing Pill she needed.


These two pills weren’t high in terms of level, only Spirit Grade Top-Rank, so Yang Kai was preparing to use them as a warm-up in preparation to refine the Heaven Spying Pill.


The five Grandmasters immediately stopped chatting and wore bright expressions as they began fixedly staring at Yang Kai’s movements, afraid if they blinked they might miss something.


Time passed by slowly.


Back inside the Holy Master Court’s hall, An Ling’er continued to chat with Shui Ling and Yun Xuan, the three of them emitting a harmonious atmosphere.


Just before the sun went down, Yang Kai returned.


The nervous Yun Cheng quickly got up and turned a stepped forward, his body trembling slightly as he was unable to hide his anxiety.


When he arrived in front of Yang Kai, the latter handed him a jade bottle and said, “This is the Heaven Spying Pill that Senior Yun requested.”


Yang Kai then tossed a jade bottle over to Shui Ling, “And this is your Azure Sky Pill and Soul Nourishing Pill.”


Shui Ling caught the bottle with a smile and opened it to look inside, crying out in surprise a moment later, “There really are Pill Veins!  I thought the rumors outside were just wild exaggerations but it turns out they’re actually true!”


Among the three pills inside the bottle, the Azure Sky Pill which was used to stabilize one’s cultivation foundation had formed Pill Veins, making it far more potent and valuable than an average pill.


Shui Ling’s eyes lit up, full of excitement, obviously quite happy.


“The next time you need any kind of pill just come here directly, you’re always welcome,” Yang Kai said with a smile.


“Then I won’t be polite with you,” Shui Ling grinned, carefully placing the jade bottle into her Universe Bag before turning to look at Yun Cheng and asking, “What’s wrong?  Why does Senior Yun look of out of sorts?”


At that moment, Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu also turned to look at Yun Cheng only to see his hands shaking as his voice seemed caught in his throat.   He wasn’t speaking and his face was constantly changing colour so it was understandable for everyone to be concerned.


“Pill… Pill Veins!” After a long time, Yun Cheng finally managed to squeeze out those two words, “A Saint Pill that formed Pill Veins!”


“Seriously?” Shui Ling was also stunned and quickly rushed over to have a look, soon laying her eyes upon the Saint Grade Low-Rank pill with tiny human-like meridians running across its surface.


Shui Ling was immediately dumbstruck.


The value of a Saint Pill which had formed Pill Veins was immeasurable.


For a moment she couldn’t help directing a look of envy towards Yun Cheng, thinking to herself she should have also brought along some materials to refine a Saint Pill.


In any case, she didn’t need to pay Yang Kai anything for these refinements and her father was also in need for Saint Pills.


“Congratulations Senior Yun, it seems your wish is within reach!”  Shui Ling composed herself and said.


“Congratulations Union Master, on reaching the Saint Realm,” Ruan Xin Yu also quickly added.


“That’s not a certainty yet. Although such a pill is a rare and powerful boost, breaking through to the Saint Realm will still depend on this Yun’s efforts and luck… but regardless of what the end result may be, Holy Master Yang has my sincerest thanks.”


“Senior Yun is too polite,” Yang Kai smiled slightly, his eyes glancing over to Yun Xuan unconsciously, the latter nodding to him gratefully.


In her heart she was clear that Yang Kai must have put in a personal request for the Grandmaster to go all out, otherwise, how could it be so coincidental to refine a Saint Pill with Pill Veins?


With the pill of his dreams in hand, Yun Cheng had no intention of lingering as he could not wait to return to Bold Independent City, take this pill, and spy on the mysteries of the Saint Realm, so he immediately asked to be excused.


Yang Kai did not retain him.


“Then I’ll take my leave too, looking at you bustling about, it seems you don’t have time to accompany me so there’s no point in my hanging around,” Shui Ling thought about it and also said her goodbyes.


“I’ll see you out!” Yang Kai said.


“No no, there’s no need, this Yun cannot afford such…” Yun Cheng was shocked but before he could finish what he was saying, Ruan Xin Yu pushed him along and whispered, “What happens next is none of your business, let’s go.”


Hearing this, Yun Cheng immediately woke up, gave a big farewell to Yang Kai, and flew out of the nine peaks.


Shui Ling also shot a profound look towards Yang Kai before waving her hand casually, “If you have time, come to Water Spirit Temple and see me, don’t let another few years pass by before at least sending me a message.”


“Got it,” Yang Kai smiled and said.


In an instant, there was only Yang Kai and Yun Xuan left in the hall. Even Xu Hui and An Ling’er had at some point quietly slipped away.


“Let’s go,” Yang Kai gestured.


Yun Xuan gently nodded, walking out side by side with Yang Kai.


The entire way, no words were said.  Yang Kai was racking his brain trying to think of what to say; although he indeed had intimate contact with this woman at one point, it really was only an unavoidable accident.


However, after taking her purity, wiping his hands of the matter and pretending he had done nothing wrong would make him no better than an animal, so for the moment he could only remain silent.


“I heard from the Saintess of your Holy Land that you haven’t taken her yet,” Seeing Yang Kai not say anything, Yun Xuan decided to strike first.


“She told you that?” Yang Kai was gobsmacked.


“There are many things that are easier to discuss between women,” Yun Xuan smiled, “Why?  You are the Holy Master and she is a Saintess, isn’t it only natural for you to be together?  Could it be you can’t take a liking to her?”


“Not taking a liking…” Yang Kai shook his head, not sure how to explain himself.


“In your heart there is already another woman!”  Yun Xuan stated categorically.


Yang Kai could only admire this woman’s keen insight and made no effort to deny her charge, “Indeed.”


“Is she that splendid?” Yun Xuan asked quietly.


Images of Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang flashed across Yang Kai’s thoughts at that moment as a look of recollection appeared on his face.


Seeing this appearance, Yun Xuan smiled miserably and said, “Forget it, you don’t have to say anything… I already know the answer.  Good, the matters between you and I, you don’t need to concern yourself with. In that situation it truly was unavoidable. From now on, I’ll just consider it a wonderful memory that I can cherish in my heart.”


Yang Kai opened his mouth and tried to speak but couldn’t help hesitating.


“Can you not show that kind of expression?”  Yun Xuan muttered, the corners of her eyes becoming slightly damp as her voice trembled, “After taking me like that, did you think you had to take full responsibility?  I never cared about that… so why must you?”


“Yun Xuan…” Yang Kai’s expression dimmed greatly as he stared at her, feeling quite helpless in his heart.


Yun Xuan wiped her eyes continuously but the tears refused to stop, dripping out like a string of pearls without end.  Suddenly, after seemingly coming to some kind of resolution, she turned to the side, grabbed Yang Kai’s hand and bit it.


Her white teeth sinking into his flesh immediately caused blood to flow.


Yang Kai didn’t resist and simply staring at her silently.


Removing her teeth, Yun Xuan stared back at Yang Kai with a firm look upon her face.


“You hurt me once and I’ve hurt you once, now we’re even!”  Suddenly, Yun Xuan released Yang Kai’s hand, swallowed the blood she had taken into her mouth and wiped what was left from her face before turning and walking away.


Her tears were still gently falling.


Her voice gradually floated back from afar, “You are a man with a heart of stone, so it’s best if you maintain your aloof status so that you remain as someone I can only look up to. If one day you fall from the clouds, I won’t let you off easily!”


Yang Kai smiled bitterly.


Silavin: Haha. This is something I like about Martial Peak. He doesn’t get all the girls. He might have a bigger harem in the future but the relationship they had were not that simple.


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  1. Damn that’s one hell of a woman…“You hurt me once and I’ve hurt you once, now we’re even!” … i wish i could have that kind of balls!!

  2. He’s still an autistic little bitch when it comes to women. He raped her to survive, and has never done anything to make it up to her and just stands there like a mute. I wish these Chinese authors actually knew how to write romance and relationships.

    1. B#itch, it’s not only him that survived. You Autistic loser, he actually saved her life as well as the life of her friend that she is is so close to now. Speaking a lie for that do someone good is not a lie, and similarly, even if it might not sound good to you, it also applies to what happened between the two.

    2. They were both under the control of a charm monster. He didn’t want to do it as much as she didn’t want to.

  3. alright ill cherish the night that you raped me as a wonderful memory-said no one ever.
    od this author is dumb if he honestly believes this was the best way to handle the affair between her and Yang Kai. I know this is a FANTASY novel, but lets not be dumb and make rape into a minor issue. SHE WAS RAPED not made love to or kissed, or sexually assaulted (e.x. grabbed her boobs/butt) it was rape.
    Anyone who believes that this was a good way to handle the issue is honestly autistic.

    if Yang Kai was weaker with no backer/supporter and w and raped her, and carried the same attitude he has now someone would have killed him to exact revenge for her, or at least forced him to marry her (by novels ).because of the retarded relationship problems between men and women in these fantasy.

    1. One would think she’s talking about the time she spent with him after that? And he more like raped her to save them both, not just himself. I too think it was shitty asf, but lets not forget what the actual circumstances were. Or how they dealt with it after. He let her hit him, she let her curse him, they talked, she chose to have him pretty much serve her after that(both in bed, and in other ways), finally she came to like him(ye that’s a bit unsual, but in truth not as unheard of as some claim. People are weird), and in the end they were forcefully seperated. Only several years later did he have any realistic way of getting back to her, and to be frank: Would that have been great idea? Not for either I’d believe.

      So what she’s actually saying is: “We should treat this as a weird, but not necessraily 100% bad relationship we had in the past, and let it go(even if that is not what she actually wants to do).”

      And she thinks he has a heart of stone, as he is able to feel guilty about it, but doesn’t willingly push himself all the way into making up for it. And so he doesn’t have the compassion to fall for her, just enough to have a guilty consciousness over it(one which he partially rationalizes away).

    2. You forgot she herself came on to him aggressively in the night to ‘make those memories’ that she wants to cherish? At least know what you’re talking about before writing so much bullsh#t.

  4. “You are a man with a heart of stone”

    I very much agree. Yang Kai’s aloofness and coldness is by far the greatest flaw of the series IMO.

    1. It’s actually what makes the relationships in this series stand out. Unlike other novels, the MC don;t just collect whatever girls that appear, and there is actually a semblance of reality there. It feels real compared to almost every other novel. You’re actually making a very big mistake by considering it to be ‘the greatest flaw’. Well, if you’re a plain harem-lover (which it seems to be the case from your comments so far), I get you want him to collect and sleep around with every girl though.

    1. The blood inside of him, the one specifically with the power of the Ancient Demon God, doesn’t work like normal blood.

      It is sort of explain in the later chapters. But other than healing, this golden colored blood doesn’t do much else.

  5. Yeah fucking right. SOME weak ass Ladies teeth can bite through his skin that only gets scratched From void currents!??!!?

    1. Agreed, this had a melancholy, tender tone. Which honestly, bravo, wasn’t expecting that kind of “realistic” romantic-encounter feeling. Sometimes the heart has brief and bittersweet memories left engraved upon it

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