Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 962, Secrets Of The Starry Sky

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


In the blink of an eye, the four Demon General and Meng Wu Ya had arrived in front of the massive broken ship, but just as they were about to set foot on its deck, a potent Demonic Qi suddenly burst out from a certain place inside it.


The four Demon Generals couldn’t react in time and simply felt a great force slam into them, sending all of them flying backwards. Even Meng Wu Ya was sent tumbling through the air and fell beside Yang Kai, a look of dread flashing across his face as he turned back to stare at the broken ship.


In the direction he was staring, a pitch-black cloud of energy floated midair, constantly churning and folding over itself.


“The aura of Great Demon God!” Yang Kai muttered as a strong look of wariness appeared on his face.


“Is this the aura of Sir Great Demon God?” Zhang Yuan called out in alarm, a frantic light flashing across his eyes as he let out a riotous laugh, “This Senior knew there was more here than just a broken ship.”


Saying so, he began sweeping his eyes over this mass of energy, hoping to discover something; he figured that anything he could find would be invaluable.


Feeling the pressure coming from this aura cloud, everyone was on high alert.


After a while, the mass of dark energy took the shape of a figure, and although it was very vague, Yang Kai could still see the image of Great Demon God from the outline.


This figure only paused midair for a moment before it rushed towards the crowd.


As it approached, everyone suddenly seemed to be imprisoned by a mysterious force, unable to move, staring forward as the black figure exploded into a fine mist that enveloped them for a moment before disappearing.


At that moment, everyone feels that there was something extra that had been deposited in their minds and they couldn’t help closing their eyes.


Inside the white space, the group of people stood still, each of them examining whatever it was the black energy figure had left behind in their minds, their expressions gradually becoming serious.


Yang Kai was no exception, when he focused his consciousness inward, it was as if his Knowledge Sea had disappeared and had been replaced by the vast Starry Sky.


All around there was emptiness, with only distant stars providing light. A golden glowing man flew rapidly through the Starry Sky, his eyes firm and resolute, his body strong, and his expression indifferent; he was not using any kind of artifact, nor was he circulating his strength to shield himself, using only his flesh and blood body to resist the pressure of the Starry Sky as he roamed freely.


Naturally, this man was Great Demon God!


Yang Kai’s spirit shook, suddenly understanding what the black shadow had instilled into his Knowledge Sea.


This was clearly the experiences of Great Demon God while he was exploring the Starry Sky!


The legendary figure had left behind his memories of the Starry Sky here to enlighten future generations.


Yang Kai was now just an observer, only capable of silently watching what Great Demon God encounter, unable to intervene at all.


Yang Kai believed everyone else was also experiencing this!


Immediately, Yang Kai became focused, refusing to miss even the slightest of details.


The scene before him was the continuation of the murals from the before. Great Demon God, after enduring many years of loneliness, finally embarked on the road to the Starry Sky.


He had no goal in mind and was just like a fallen leaf, fluttering around the vast Starry Sky.


He encountered a Starry Sky Storm but, with his intrepid physique and tyrannical strength, he came out unscathed.


He found an asteroid sea, and sat down cross-legged on one of them, allowing the asteroid to take him through the Starry Sky.


After an unknown period of time, as he sat amongst the asteroid sea, Great Demon God suddenly opened his eyes and gazed towards a certain direction.


Following his gaze, Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed.


He saw a huge ship sailing through the Starry Sky, and the ship was exactly the same as the broken ship he had just seen.


Great Demon God’s eyes flashed with excitement, and after the big ship departed, he trailed behind it without saying a word.


His intention was to follow this ship to a more profound world, one where he could pursue greater heights in the Martial Dao.


However, what surprised Great Demon God was that this Starry Sky ship seemed to have also lost its way among the Starry Sky.


Great Demon God followed it for a few years without any gains, just aimlessly roaming about the Starry Sky.


Until one day, the Starry Sky ship seemed to have discovered something and hurriedly changed course, heading for a certain planet.


Great Demon God celebrated!


But after the Starry Sky ship arrived at the planet, Great Demon God discovered it was actually Tong Xuan Realm, the homeland he had left!


After wandering about the Starry Sky for an unknowable number of years, following behind this Starry Sky ship, Great Demon God had actually returned to where his journey began.


The big ship landed at a certain place in the Demon Land, and from the ship, many visitors from the stars emerged. Some of them had glowing green eyes, some of them had a single horn sticking out their forehead, some of them even had long drooping ears, but in general, they all had human like figures.


Each of these visitors was extremely powerful though, the weakest of whom had at least reached the Transcendent Realm.


Several of their leaders had even surpassed the Saint Realm.


As soon as they appeared, the entire Demon Land became engulfed in the flames of war. A Demon General came forward to block them, but the Third-Order Saint Demon General was no different than an ant in front of these visitors from the stars. He was struck dead by a single strike from one of the cultivators with green eyes, even his bones shattering as a result!


Atop a great mountain peak, the masters of these alien invaders stood around overlooking Tong Xuan Realm, pointing to the various mountains and rivers with interest, feeling like they could easily enslave this small world with their strength!


Great Demon God did not remain aloof and quickly rallied the entire Demon Race to resist.


The scene changed and became an earth-shaking battle, Great Demon God’s golden figure was bathed in blood as he killed one enemy after another, shredding their corpses and pulverising their bones.


Atop this battlefield, blood flowed like rivers and corpses piled up into mountains.


With Demon Crests covering their faces, the Ancient Demon Clan who had sworn to forever follow Great Demon God used their very bodies and lives to prevent attacks which were aimed at Great Demon God over and over again.


The Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress from Dragon Phoenix Palace collaborated to resist a powerful Bone Race master.


There were also many masters from Ice Sect who worked together to create a domain of ice and snow, freezing many enemies all at once.


The two Sect Masters from Twin Spirit Pavilion used their Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art to combine their strength and challenge the alien invaders.


There were also several Monster Race Great Seniors who flew through the sky in their Beast Forms, spewing Monster Qi as they thrashed back and forth.


The world itself shook.


In this war, the alien invaders suffered a total defeat, none of them managing to survive.


Broken corpses littered the ground. The Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress had disappeared, as had the two brothers of the Twin Spirit Pavilion. Several Monster Race Great Seniors lay dead. The entire Demon Race had suffered heavy casualties, and even Great Demon God was barely clinging to life!


Over the next few decades, Great Demon God dragged his broken and battered body across the entire length and breadth of Tong Xuan Realm, arranging a massive Spirit Array using the strength of the Void Corridors scattered around the world.


He sealed off the entire Tong Xuan Realm from the outside world, allowing it to fade out of the Starry Sky’s sight, preventing any foreign visitors from ever discovering it.


He then left behind his Soul Clone at the centre of this grand formation, which guarded it for thousands of years without letting a single person approach.


Finally, he sealed away the Ancient Demon Clan.


After that, he faded from history!


Inside the white space, everyone slowly opened their eyes, each of them wearing an astonished look, somewhat unable to believe what they had just witnessed.


The atmosphere became heavy.


*Xiu xiu xiu…*


As they awoke, the dark energy that had poured into them suddenly overflowed and rushed towards Yang Kai, disappearing into his body in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai’s body shivered and his face contorted, seeming to suffer from severe pain, sweat pouring down his forehead, soaking his clothes in an instant.


“Master!” Li Rong didn’t give a thought to digesting the shocking information she had just obtained and instead hurried towards Yang Kai.


The rest of them had fully woken up, but Yang Kai’s eyes remained closed; moreover, the movement of the pitch-black energy just now concerned Li Rong, she didn’t know why only Yang Kai’s experience was different.


“Don’t disturb him!” Meng Wu Ya suddenly called out to stop her, his expression turning pensive as he muttered, “He seems to have obtained some additional benefits.”


“In the end, he is Great Demon God’s successor, Great Demon God favouring him slightly is unavoidable,” Zhang Yuan stared at Yang Kai enviously. The dark energy that had poured into the crowd just now, besides carrying the memories of Great Demon God, also contained a massive amount of energy.


If he could have absorbed and refined that energy, Zhang Yuan was confident that his strength would increase noticeably.


Unfortunately for him, that energy had flowed away and all been given to Yang Kai.


Zhang Yuan felt some discomfort.


“You move away from him!” Meng Wu Ya glared towards Zhang Yuan, worried that he would try to disturb Yang Kai at this critical juncture.


Zhang Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “Brother Meng, after everything we just saw a moment ago, do you really think I’d try to act against him now?”


“I don’t know, but I don’t trust you,” Meng Wu Ya remained intractable.


“Fine, fine, this Senior will keep his distance!” Zhang Yuan said helplessly, moving away with the four Demon General to investigate the rest of this space.


The pain Yang Kai was experiencing seemed to grow stronger with time, his tough body shuddering as his muscles clenched tightly, causing both Li Rong and Han Fei much anxiety.


“When did he start undergoing True Qi Sanctification?” Meng Wu Ya suddenly asked. With Yang Kai’s True Qi spilling over, he had noticed the subtle change.


“A few months ago, when we went to High Heaven Pavilion,” Li Rong replied.


“Only a few months? How could it be so fast?” Meng Wu Ya frowned slightly.


Yang Kai’s current appearance was showing some signs of a breakthrough, but ordinarily, when a cultivator experienced True Qi Sanctification, it would be at least a few years before they could spy on the mysteries of the Saint Realm.


Even if Yang Kai possessed incredible natural talent, it didn’t seem possible to shorten this process to only a few months.


That was simply unthinkable.


Just as he was growing suspicious, Yang Kai’s close left eye suddenly began leaking blood. The red tear he cried containing a faint golden light.


“What’s happening?” Meng Wu Ya was shocked.


“Is Young Master in any danger?” Old Demon also expressed concern.


Meng Wu Ya didn’t say a word, instead focusing all his attention on Yang Kai’s situation, but the more he observed him, the less confident he became.


He had never encountered a situation like the one Yang Kai was currently experiencing.


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