Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 967, May The Fortunes Of War Be With You

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


The three Monster Race Great Seniors had already finished their preparations a month ago, but seeing how the Demon Race had not yet come, they decided to wait a day longer till they felt the approaching auras of the Demon Race.


Inside the nine peaks, the Human Race masters all turned their attention to the approaching Demon and Monster Race forces, many people showing looks of disgust and revulsion.


Facing those of different races, they naturally felt distrust. The grudges and hatred between the three races could not be resolved overnight.


A short time later, Zhang Yuan led the four Demon Generals and a large number of Demon Race Saints into the nine peaks, the three Monster Race Great Seniors also arriving at the same time.


Letting out a clear and resonant laugh, Zhang Yuan faintly swept his eyes over the crowd and calmly said, “There’s certainly a lot of people gathered here. If I had known so many would come, this Senior would not have bothered running all the way over from the Demon Land and just let you handle this yourselves.  This Senior had actually thought most of you humans wouldn’t even show up.”


Thunder Dragon nodded in agreement, “En, this King also thought so.”


The way they addressed themselves as ‘This Senior’ and ‘This King’ caused many of the Human Race masters to glare as bitterness filled their hearts, their expressions becoming ugly.


“Do you two want to say anything else?”  Yang Kai crossed the crowd and stared up at them, “Do you want to provoke hatred amongst our three clans even at this juncture?  After coming this far, do you really want to just turn around and go home?”


Zhang Yuan chuckled as a look of vigilance appeared on his face, “This Senior had no such intentions, but I do need a guarantee from your Human Race’s powerhouses that after we finish dealing with the Bone Race, they won’t take advantage of the opportunity to attack my Demon Race.  You Humans are famous for your insidious and deceitful nature. If you cannot provide such assurances, this Senior will immediately leave!”


“My Monster Race also needs such a guarantee!” Thunder Dragon concurred.


Vaguely, the Demon and Monster Race consolidated into one camp.


The Demon and Monster Race leaders had not anticipated that the Human Race would turn out in such force, they had thought that the various human forces would show their usual disunity and if even a dozen or so forces had assembled, it would have been quite good already, but upon arriving at the nine peaks, they discovered that almost every Human Race master had actually made an appearance.


There were even five or six Third Order Saint Realm masters here, and that was not counting Yang Kai’s people.


Once the Bone Race crisis had been settled, if these people decided to act against them, Zhang Yuan and Thunder Dragon weren’t sure the forces they had brought would be able to safely retreat.


At this moment, the two leaders felt an urge to withdraw and were secretly regretting agreeing to help Yang Kai so easily.


“If I promise you this, would you believe it?” Yang Kai looked up at them faintly.


Zhang Yuan and Thunder Dragon both decisively shook their heads.  Although Yang Kai’s aptitude and influence were both outstanding, he was only able to directly command the forces of the Nine Heavens Holy Land. There was no way he could control so many other Human Race masters.


From the crowd down below, some of the Human Race masters began calling out, “Aren’t you two acting a bit paranoid?  We didn’t have such ideas before. However, now that you mention it, some of us may be having some strange thoughts.”


Saying so, a number of sly grins began appearing.


Zhang Yuan and Thunder Dragon’s expression instantly became cold.


“How about if this old man makes the guarantee?”  An elderly yet stable voice spoke out.


Zhang Yuan and Thunder Dragon followed the sound of the voice to its source and were met with the lightly smiling face of an old man who was slowly walking towards them.  Upon seeing this man, both Zhang Yuan and Thunder Dragon respectfully cupped their fists, “Greetings, Old Man Li!”


Old Man Li stepped forward calmly and clearly stated, “You two are too polite.  En, on behalf of the entire Human Race, this old man can guarantee that after this matter is settled, your two races will be able to withdraw without anyone acting against you.  Are the two of you willing to trust this old man?”


Thunder Dragon and Zhang Yuan exchanged a quick glance before they both nodded sincerely.


Thunder Dragon’s expression relaxed as he said, “Among the Human Race, the only ones who I can believe in without question are Old Man Li and Holy Master Yang.”


“I agree,” Zhang Yuan expressed his support.


Old Man Li nodded lightly, “The specific situation I have learned from Little Friend Yang. The threat the recovery of the Bone Race poses must not be underestimated, this catastrophe really requires the cooperation of Human, Demon, and Monster races alike to resist, so this old man hopes that all of us can temporarily abandon the hatred between our races and unite against these Starry Sky invaders!”


“It is as Old Man Li says!”


“Old Man Li is correct!”


“We will do our utmost!”


Among the crowd, many Human Race masters openly expressed their support, none dared refute Old Man Li’s words.


Yang Kai was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.  He has been worried that, when Zhang Yuan and Thunder Dragon arrived, conflict with the Human Race masters would erupt.  If that were to happen, before they even fought with the Bone Race, their backyard would be on fire, a laughable predicament.


The sudden appearance of Old Man Li had solved this potential crisis though.


At the very least, he had allowed the Three Clans to temporarily unify.


“There is still an issue this Senior needs to clarify,” Zhang Yuan suddenly shouted, “With our three races teaming up, who is going to be in command?”


When these words came out, everyone fell quiet, each of them pondering over who would be the right candidate for this role, many of them soon turning their eyes towards Old Man Li.


Besides Old Man Li, there really was no one else who was respected by all three races.


Old Man Li, however, shook his head and chuckled, “Do you want this old man to stand on the battlefield too?  This old man’s bones are brittle from age, going there would be tantamount to seeking death.”


Everyone couldn’t help revealing a look of disappointment, but considering Old Man Li’s situation, no one really dared let him fight with the Bone Race.


If he really suffered misfortune in the coming conflict, no one could afford the responsibility.


Old Man Li caressed his white beard and said solemnly, “This old man cannot go, but I do have a candidate in mind for the role, perhaps everyone can consider it.”


“Who?” Many people suddenly looked towards Old Man Li.


“Why not Little Friend Yang take the lead?  This matter was originally coordinated by him. If he had not taken steps to inform the world, I’m afraid all of us would have died in ignorance.  On top of that, he knows more about the situation than any of us. What’s most important though, is that this old man has heard Little Friend Yang has no prejudices in his heart.  He was able to befriend both the Monster Race and Demon Race while himself being human. I don’t believe there is a more suitable candidate than him.”


Among the gathered Human Race masters, many whispers could be heard, some people began nodding while others shook their heads.


Yang Kai was also stunned and shook his head, “Old Man Li, I’m afraid this is not appropriate. I am not suited to ordering others around, and I am far younger and weaker than most of the Seniors here. How could I be the one commanding them?”


Old Man Li sternly replied, “Don’t belittle yourself so, although your present strength may not be great, having such achievements at your age is more than enough to qualify you as this world’s greatest talent.  Besides the Great Demon God thousands of years ago, I am afraid no one can compare to your aptitude. Your achievements will certainly not be inferior to any of the Seniors present today. On top of that, you are the master of Nine Heavens Holy Land. Your status is no lower than anyone’s here.”


“But in the end…” Yang Kai frowned, not wanting to pick up this hot potato.


Old Man Li lifted his hand to interrupt him, “The Three Clans indeed need someone to oversee the whole situation, weigh the pros and cons, and give rational orders. If you don’t accept this role, then the Three Clans will be unable to collaborate effectively.”


Zhang Yuan nodded, “This Senior has no objections!”


Thunder Dragon shrugged his shoulders, “My Monster Race also agrees!”


Compared to anyone else here, they felt more comfortable following Yang Kai; after all, they had no friendship with any of the other Human Race masters, nor had they had any prior dealings with them.  The only thing they shared was common hatred, so if they allowed someone else to issue orders, they may very well end up in a disadvantageous situation.


“My Soaring Heaven Sect agrees,” Chu Ling Xiao added his support.


“Little Yang Kai, if you are capable, you should not refuse,” Meng Wu Ya also advised.


With these two speaking, many human masters began pondering.


Whether it was Chu Ling Xiao or Meng Wu Ya, both were top powerhouses of the Human Race, so naturally their words carried weight.


Soon, the expression on the hesitant masters became stern as they discovered that although the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land was neither old nor strong, his connections were actually broader than anyone else here.


He had a large number of Saint Realm master subordinates, originated from Soaring Heaven Sect, was closely related to the Human Race’s strongest master Meng Wu Ya, and was favoured by Old Man Li.  He was even friends with the likes of Zhang Yuan and the Monster Race Great Seniors.


Invisibly, Yang Kai’s position in these peoples’ minds had risen sharply, making them realize that this young man was fully able to command a part of the world.


Bearing this thought in mind, none dared to despise Yang Kai again.


Immediately, everyone expressed their agreement to Old Man Li’s proposal.


Yang Kai’s brow became flat, not only lacking any joy but instead wishing he could find a way to reject.


Everyone’s vision silently gathered on him, waiting for his reply.


Facing this situation, rejection was not an option.


If Yang Kai were to reject, just as Old Man Li said, the combined forces of the Three Clans would be nothing more than loose sand.


After hesitating for a moment, Yang Kai braced himself and nodded, “Then this Junior will not be polite and will instead just ask the many Seniors present to assist me!”


Old Man Li smiled and nodded with satisfaction, “Don’t carry any psychological burden, just act in accordance with your best judgement!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly before sweeping his eyes over the crowd and loudly declaring, “Since everyone had gathered, we should not delay, let’s go!”


“May the fortunes of war be with you!” Old Man Li cupped his fists solemnly.


“We will take advantage of Old Man Li’s auspicious words!” Yang Kai took a deep breath and flew out of the nine peaks, Li Rong and Han Fei following close behind.


Many Human Race masters also pushed their Saint Qi and True Qi and swarmed after him, like a departing flock of birds.


Zhang Yuan and Thunder Dragon looked at each other with a slight grin before they too quickly kept up.


In an instant, the sound of rushing wind resounded across the nine peaks as various colourful rays of light flashed through the air.  


In order to increase their speed, many masters had summoned their flight type artifacts.


Carriages, flying swords, boats, all sorts of artifacts of various shapes and sizes appeared, dazzling the crowds down below.


Behind the Human Race masters, the Demon Race’s were wrapped in a thick black cloud, obscuring their figures as they quickly flew forward.


Further behind then, the Monster Race masters followed, some in human form, some in beast form, a number of giant Monster Beasts actually dashing along the ground, their speed in no way inferior to those who were flying, a cloud of dust being kicked up wherever they passed.


Old Man Li stood at the edge of the nine peaks and watched as this gathering of the world’s top masters flew of and disappeared before turning to the Saint Grade Alchemists standing behind him and saying, “We should also handle the matters we are capable of and refine a number of Saint Pills.  When they return home, there will no doubt be many in need of healing and restorative pills.”



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