Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 97, Two Kills

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These two Disciples from Storm House had no enmity or grudges with Yang Kai. However, during their pursuit of him many of their brothers had died, they did not have enough power to turn against Wen Fei Chen for revenge, so they could only hold Yang Kai responsible for deaths of their brothers.

At that moment, personally meeting the enemy, naturally they would be infuriated.

Brother Xiong smiled while sizing up Yang Kai before coldly saying, “Courageous, he unexpectedly dares to challenge us, where is the female Disciple you saved?”

“If you can defeat me I will tell you.” Yang Kai’s knuckles made cracking noises as he formed them into fists, shaking his head he slowly walked towards the two.

Brother Xiong laughed, “Acting recklessly, Junior Brother, Help me to pick up the goods after I have taught him a lesson.”

While speaking he drew out the long sword hanging from his waist from its sheath, and then took a stance before attacking Yang Kai.

Brother Xiong was an Initial Element Sixth Stage practitioner; with Yang Kai’s Initial Element Fourth Stage cultivation they had a difference of two levels. In his hand was also a sharp weapon which further increased his advantage.

The move he executed was only for probing, Brother Xiong did not believe he would be able to get rid of Yang Kai with this move.

In the darkness the sword flashed before Yang Kai, Yang Kai quickly moved sideways to dodge, following this Brother Xiong raised his sword again and attacked Yang Kai several times in succession, Yang Kai dodged all of his attacks, after this exchange they both stepped back from each other.

Brother Xiong laughed, “A rice grain dares to dream of glory, Yang Kai your life is mine to take. Come!”

The previous attacks had given him get a clear understanding of Yang Kai’s strength, now that he had a basic idea about how Yang Kai fought he could easily kill him, activating his Yuan Qi, wind and lightning sounds came from Senior Brother Xiong’s blade.

“Thunder Wind Cry!” Brother Xiong swung his sword heavily, on his long sword there was lighting visible, which in turn produced an arc of lightning as he swung his sword, this arc was incomparably sharp and was moving towards Yang Kai’s chest at great speed, Yang Kai was left unable to dodge this attack.

Yang Kai really was unable to dodge this attack, but on his face there was no trace of panic, instead he simply raised his palm towards the blade.

Brother Xiong sneered, in his heart he was thinking the body of this sword is covered in lightning and you are merely an Initial Element Fourth Stage, if it touches you then you will be paralyzed and will be at my mercy.

Thinking this Brother Xiong increased the speed at which the blade was approaching Yang Kai.

Yang Kai made a low sound, his palm became incomparably red, just like a burning flame, Brother Xiong felt a heat wave coming towards him which not only removed the cold from the surrounding area but also made him feel like he was crashing into a sea of fire, this made him feel like he was actually on fire.

*Clang!* A metallic sound could be heard, Yang Kai’s palm was on top of the sword, whenever his palm came into contact with lightning, the lightning would just suddenly vanish, due to this sudden collision, the long sword was also diverted from its original path, instead it ended up merely scratching Yang Kai’s shoulder without injuring him.

Brother Xiong became startled; in this confrontation he had found that his Yuan Qi was simply not a match for his opponent’s. Could it be that he was not an Initial Element Fourth Stage practitioner after all? Could his Yuan Qi actually be more concentrated than his own?

Moreover the Yuan Qi contained in Yang Kai’s palm a moment ago was truly too pure, otherwise it would be impossible for it to extinguish the lightning on his sword.

Brother Xiong became uneasy as he thought of these things, retrieving his sword he hurriedly retreated away from Yang Kai, he was preparing to stabilize his Qi before trying again, but was Yang Kai going to give him this chance? While retreating brother Xiong became unbalanced, in his gaze there was now a trace of fear, he felt a fist impact against his stomach, then blood spurted out from his mouth.

Yang Kai knew that he needed to deal with a lot of enemies, so he was in a hurry to deal with these two, he didn’t even hesitate to consume a drop of Yang liquid, using it in his strike to kill his opponent as soon as possible.

Brother Xiong’s body stopped moving and became motionless; the only remaining sound was the howling of the Yin Qi throughout the mountain valley which also created an eerie atmosphere.

The younger Disciple from Storm House didn’t understand what had occurred and after a short while he called out in a soft voice, “Xiong… Elder…. Elder Brother Xiong!”

Before his voice had fallen, Brother Xiong’s body fell to the ground, Yang Kai grinned suddenly, straightening his body he said, “Your Elder Brother Xiong just set foot on the road to the Yellow Springs and will be waiting for you.”

The younger Disciple stared dumbfounded at Yang Kai before making a strange cry and attempting to run for it.

His strength was inferior to Brother Xiong, he was only at the Initial Element Fifth Stage. Since Yang Kai had killed his Elder Brother Xiong in one move, how could he have enough strength to cope with him?

“Running away?” Yang Kai sneered, in his hand he was holding Xiong’s long sword while he pursued.

It could be said that the Yin Qi in the mountain valley was helping Yang Kai, everyone was suffering under the corrosive effect of the Yin Qi and their strength was reduced; only Yang Kai who had practiced the True Yang Secret Art, which was a natural counter to Yin Qi, simply didn’t need to worry about it affecting him.

He just needed to consume a little of his Yang Qi to scatter the chill in his surroundings.

Although the young Disciple from Storm House was an Initial Element Fifth Stage practitioner, in this mountain valley the strength he could wield was comparatively lower.

After pursuing him for a short while, the distance between Yang Kai and him was reduced greatly, now he was merely 3 meters away, a distance that was close enough.

Yang Kai threw the long sword while he was running, the sound of the wind being cut could be heard, and the young Disciple initiated a movement martial art with the intent of dodging.

But without enough time to complete his skill, the distance of 3 meters had become zero.

Seeing no way to escape the Storm House Disciple became decisive, turning around quickly, he took out his own weapon, but he only saw a streak of bright red light coming his way, almost by instinct he crossed his long sword over his body to block the attack.

*Bang… bang*, the bright red weapon cut through his sword like a knife cutting through tofu, his weapon was instantly cut in half, in the next moment he felt his neck becoming hot, however was no longer able to distinguish between the different directions and fell down.

Yang Kai stopped; in his fingers he was holding a bright red long sword, which was dripping blood.

The Disciple from Storm House rolled over, he was staring up at Yang Kai, he was not even able to make a single sound, after a moment his head suddenly burst open and it looked like bloody rain was falling from the sky.

[Two down]

He had won this battle easily, he didn’t even need to use the Golden Skeleton and was still able to deal with them, in previous fights Yang Kai always needed to rely on that mysterious skill every time he fought with an enemy, but this time he discovered that even without using that mysterious skill he was able to fight with people at higher levels of cultivation than him.

Yang Kai thought that it was necessary to re-examine his strength.

Yang Kai was about to leave the scene, however from both sides of his current location he could hear the sound of clothes flapping due to the wind.

From left it sounded like two people were coming, while from right it only sounded like there was one person. It should be the strange sounding cry made by the young Disciple which had attracted them.

Yang Kai wanted to hide, but after thinking carefully for a moment he rapidly closed in on the sound coming from his left side instead.

It was as he had thought, these were the remaining three Disciples from Storm House.

They had thought that looking separately would be more effective, so they had separated from each other but still didn’t go too far from each other.

Now the remaining three were all coming and it was naturally what he had wished for. The strength of the Storm House Disciples was much lower than the strength of those from the Blood Battle Gang.

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