My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms

My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms – Chapter 7, Liu Xin Yue’s Matter of the Heart

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Translator: Silavin


On the way back, Liu Xin Yue tried to open her mouth to speak but no words could come out.


“Why, do you have something to say?” Lin Hai asked.


“I…nothing.” Liu Xin Yue bleakly replied.


[I’ve only known him for a day… how can I possibly borrow money from him?] Liu Xin Yue bit her lips and tried to convince herself to stop


“Oh yeah! For the 100,000 yuan that we’ve won, let’s split it between us! 50,000 yuan for each.” Lin Hai knocked on his head and continued, as though in regret. “I almost forgot about it.”


“What?!” Liu Xin Yue turned her head and stared with a gaping mouth at the man beside her.


“Lin Hai, I am so sorry, but I don’t think I can hide it from you. I really ca I am really desperate for money right now. Can you pass me the 50,000 and treat it as me taking a loan from you?” Liu Xin Yue said in a painful voice.


“Can you tell me why?”


After one day of contact, Lin Hai had already felt that Liu Xin Yue was a girl with traditional values. If she was desperate for money, she would never have gone to the bar to sing.


Because he already knew this, he took the initiative to propose that he should divide the 100,000 yuan with Liu Xin Yue.


“I am short of money because…”


Just as she was speaking, Liu Xin Yue’s phone rang.


“Yue’er, where are you?  They want to drive your father out of the hospital.” A woman’s crying, heart-broken; a voice came out of the phone.


“What?! Mom, don’t worry! I’ll be there in a minute!” Liu Xin Yue, anxious, ran to the roadside to stop the car.


“I’ll accompany you.” Although Lin Hai didn’t know what was happening, he knew something was wrong and hurried to get on the bus with Liu Xin Yue.


Jiang Nan City First People’s Hospital, in the ward of the Neurology Department,


“Doctor Wang, I beg you. Give me another two days! We’ll pay for everything.” Zhao Fang pulled a middle-aged doctor’s sleeve and begged bitterly.


“Two more days? You have owed more than 10,000 yuan to the hospital! If it weren’t for me, you would have been driven out by now! There is nothing more to say. Either your family pay the fee now, or this ward will make space for another paying patient!” Wang Yong pushed Zhao Fang away.


“Mom!” The door of the ward was pushed open and Liu Xin Yue rushed in.


“Yun’er! Please help me beg for Dr. Wang to not chase us out of the hospital. If we stop your father’s treatment now, he will not be able to survive.” Zhao Fang burst into tears when she saw Liu Xin Yue.


“Yun’er, I am not ruthless, but you owe too much. I can no longer help you prevent the other doctors from chasing your father away.” Wang Yong said with when his two beady eyes focused on Liu Xin Yue’s plentiful assets.


“I’ll pay it back.” Liu Xin Yue frowned with disgust.


“Are you still saying that? Do you know how much you need to pay? In recent months, you have borrowed from all the relatives and friends you can borrow. Even I know that you and your family is at its rope’s end. Yet, you still want us to wait?” Wang Yongzui said in disdain but then changed his tone. “But I have a generous heart. I can’t stand your father just dying like this. I also wish to help you but I cannot disobey the hospital. Why you don’t come to my room tonight, and maybe we can discuss a good solution to this problem. “


“Do you take me for dead?!” Lin Hai could no longer listen to this doctor any longer and scolded.


[This beast in clothes.] Lin Hai cursed.


Liu Xin Yue has promised to be his woman. What man would be able to just stand there and allow his girl to be exploited like this?


Wang Yong also noticed Lin Hai walked in with Liu Xin Yue. However, dressed as a student, he just presumed that the boy was Liu Xin Yue’s classmates, so he chose to ignore the boy.


However, out of his expectations, the kid dared to openly curse at him like this.


“Boy, have your mother never taught you manners?” Wang Tong reprimanded.


“Fuck your mother!” Lin Hai snorted.


Want Tong: “To be born with such a mouth. I have no time for people like you. Get out of here!”


Lin Hai: “Get out of your mother! You Bitch!”


Wang Tong could not stand this boy any longer and gave the last warning. “Little Boy, continue on some more and I cannot guarantee your life any longer.”


“Then, I’ll guarantee your mother will not be lonely tonight!” Lin Hai cursed.


Wang Tong, unable to take it anymore, shouted, “Enough! Security! Security!”


“And they say doctors were supposed to help people!”


Wang Yong, unable to contain his anger, bit his lips and was about to turn away. However, before he did, he felt something thin slap his face.


‘Pah!’ Lin Hai threw the bank card directly onto Wang Yong’s face.


“There is 100,000 yuan inside. The password is six 0s, make sure you handle it with care. If I find any fraud or mistaken calculation, I will make sure you will not be able to rest in peace.”


Wang Yong, caught by surprise, could only simply mutter, “This… this…”


[How is it possible? 100,000 Yuan? Just what is this boy’s origin?] Wang Young starred in fear, lost in thought. [The hell? Liu Xin Yue, this poor cunt. How did she manage to get this Rich Second Generation shrimp fall into the palm of her hand?]

(Silavin: Rich Second Generation, better known in Chinese as 富二代, Fu Er Dai are mostly pampered brats in China who has rich parents and grew up never needing to take responsibly – even if there is a crime because papa is always there to bribe the CPC)


“Hump! One hundred thousand yuan is enough for a month at most! After one month, I will still need to come back here. If I come back, don’t blame me for being impolite!”  Wang Tong finally understood the situation he was in and gave of a warning.


Of course, he did not go any than a warning. Already frightened by Lin Hai’s potential backing, He did not wish to cause any more trouble for himself. After he said his piece, he dared not stay any longer, and slipped away with his card.


Zhao Fang relieved that her husband was able to stay here for a moment longer, let out a cautious but curious voice:


“Yue’er, this is?”

After seeing how Lin Hai dealt 100,000 yuan, she came to the same conclusion as Doctor Yong and could not help but show much restraint in her question.


“He’s… He’s my classmate, Lin Hai” Liu Xin Yue hesitated for a moment and said.


Lin Hai, lost in his downcast thoughts: [Hold on a second. I thought you would say I was your boyfriend…]


“Xiao Lin, Aunty, must thank you. For the amount you lent to us, we’ll make sure to pay it back in full.” Zhao Fang bowed face was full of gratitude.


Lin Hai: “Don’t mention it, Aunty. My money is pretty much Xin Yue’s money.”


“Ah?” Zhao Fang exclaimed.


After they settled the matters with Liu Xin Yue’s father, they said their farewells to Lin Xin Yue’s mother and went off. On the way back to school, Liu Xin Yue and Lin Hai decided not to take the taxi and strolled back to school.


“Xin Yue, what’s wrong?” Lin Hai asked, a little worried after seeing Liu Xin Yue lowering her head and with breads flowing down her cheeks.


“I grew up in a loving and joyous family ever since I was a child. My parents doted on me and I grew up always happy. But, last year, everything changed…” Liu Xin Yue said, in a slow but heavy voice, as though she was lifting a great burden off her chest.


“I was participating in the city’s Green Song Competition last year. My father, who had just finished his night shift, could not bear to let me go on stage alone and took it upon himself to ride his bicycle all the way to the stadium in order to cheer for me.”


“But… an accident occurred… It was said to be caused by excessive fatigue but my father lost control and got into a car accident. Now, he has become a vegetable. Even till this day, I cannot hear him mutter a single word and the only hope of maintaining his life is to put him on life support…” Liu Xin Yue paused in silence for a moment before deciding to continue.


“Over the course of past year, all our earnings and family savings have been spent, and all the relatives who could help support us have exhausted themselves…”


“Even for me, I had to go to the bar to work to earn his father’s medical expenses. But, even with the wages they provide, I could never afford that 10,000 yuan…”


“Whenever my father is awake, he would only respond when I sing something to him…” Liu Xin Yue said in a soft, breaking voice. ”His greatest wish is that I can win the championship of the Green Song Contest… To think he would go so far for me…”


Lin Hai handed Liu Xin Yue a paper towel. “Xin Yue, don’t worry. With me helping you, the championship of the Green Song Contest is yours.”


“Thank you, Lin Hai, for my father, I must win the championship!” Liu Xin Yue said without a trace of weakness.


However, the mood changed once again.


“But even if I win the championship, what’s the use? Father can’t see it at all.” Liu Xin Yue face suddenly fell on Lin Hai’s chest as her tears once again floods out.


“Haa…” Lin Hai reached out and patted Liu Xin Yue on the back.


[To think you were carrying all of this weight on your own… ] Lin Hai sighed


“Maybe I can wake your father up.” Lin Hai suddenly opened his mouth and mentioned this thought.


“What?” Liu Xin Yue was shocked and grabbed Lin Hai’s hand. “Do you have a way? Do you really have a way?”


“I’m not sure. Give me some time and let me do a little digging.”


“Lin Hai, as long as my father wakes up, I will do anything…” Liu Xin Yue suddenly bowed her head and hummed like a mosquito in a low voice.


“What are you talking about you silly girl? Just focus on practicing your vocal skills and win the Green Song Contest.” Lin Hai endearing caressed Liu Xin Yue’s head.


“En, I will.” Liu Xin Yue, said with a sense of hope.


Once Liu Xin Yue got back to her dormitory, Lin Hai rushed back to his and hastily opened up his Wechat.


[To think whether or not Liu Xin Yue’s father can be saved depends on these jokers…]


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